The Pyramid of Meidum: High Technology in Old Kingdom Egypt

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Meidum Pyramid lies about 60 miles south of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. It is said to be the second pyramid built, not long after Saqqara, either by Sneferu or Huni, his predecessor, and is a remarkable construction dating to around 2700 BC. It has only one chamber, yet there is speculation there could be more, and has a 'step pyramid' base that once had a perfect, flat limestone casing with the same ratios and angles as the Great Pyramid, only smaller. We also look at Mastaba 17 which contains a stunning, sophisticated sarcophagus with advanced machining evidence, as well as the eastern temple that has huge monoliths and possibly a false door. It is a unique site and rarely visited, but it has many mysteries that were commented on by Flinders Petrie when he excavated it in the late 1800s, including the fact its design is precisely geometric and uses the same metrology as the Great Pyramid, and has numerous underground tombs that show signs of advanced engineering. Featuring Yousef Awyan.