Another Way - Sean Collins & Simon Dolan

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Another Way (Sweden Covid Documentary)
- Sean Collins & Simon Dolan

COVID-19 stripped the UK public of what makes us human; arts, culture, social interaction. All that makes life worth living was torn apart. Art was locked up. But there was another way… Comedian Sean Collins has, like so many in performing arts, had his livelihood taken from him but he is determined it did not have to be this way. Alongside serial entrepreneur and Keep Britain Free Founder Simon Dolan, the pair embark on a voyage of discovery to Sweden, where they find out how a country dealt the same cards, played its hand differently, and in turn the effect it had on the arts. The pair look at the creative world as they discover what enlightens us, impassions and entertains us, and most importantly what brings us to life. Documenting their journey is award winning entrepreneur and filmmaker Charlotte Fantelli and her team, as the film examines and compares the Covid response of Sweden to the rest of the world You can expect exclusive interviews with key figures; from medical experts (including the architect of Sweden's Covid response - Anders Tegnell), to those in performing arts, to see what we can learn and bring back home. Join them in their journey to Sweden and back.