Evidence of a Zionist Mafia- How Israel Controls the US and Global Politics

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The US House just passed a bill that would outlaw the free speech of Americans to criticize Israel, labeling such speech as "antisemitic" and a hate crime.Show more
Well, this week for Free Speech Friday, we remind Israel that this is the United States of America. Furthermore, we dig into the extensive body of evidence that there is, in fact, a global Zionist mafia. The most expansive and successful international criminal organization the world has ever known. It controls everything from the global drug trade all the way to the White House.
I want to remind everyone that in the exact same way that not every Italian is part of the Mafia, not every Jewish person is part of the Zionist Mafia. But the Zionist Mafia has very cleverly hidden behind the cloak of "antisemitism" to prevent anyone from even realizing they exist. No more. This is an international criminal organization and it is in everyone's interest around the world, especially that of innocent Jewish people, to expose them and bring them to justice.
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