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SECRET SATANIC CULTS: The shocking truth about Teresa, from the age of two this little girl was repeatedly raped at times by 30 men, tortured, impregnated 7 times and forced to eat her own baby that was killed in front of her. Her grandmother forced this satanic life upon her.

Journalist Ian Leslie describes this as the most painful and disturbing story that he has ever reported in 27 years of journalism. It's the horrifying account of a British girl who was trapped for 12 years in a brutal satanic cult, run by her grandmother.

This is happening all over the world. The first video in this thread shows that these Satanic Cults are being controlled at the highest levels of our society. We must expose this and bring this evil to a complete end. It is the most important thing in the world that we must do. Millions of children are being raped, tortured and murdered every year. We must save them and rescue them from a life of horror. This must end now.