Geomancer Giants & the Winnemucca Connection Geomancer Giants & the Winnemucca Connection

Geomancer Giants & the Winnemucca Connection

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In the first part of this lecture Hugh Newman shares some aspects of his forthcoming book, co authored with Jim Vieira, entitled 'The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain' (to be published in 2021). One of the chapters is called 'Geomancy of the Giants', the focus of this short talk. Partly based on the work of Anthony Roberts, Hugh reveals archaic geomantic traditions that giants were involved in such as earth shaping, stone moving and striding across the landscape and how this fits with current research on earth energies, geodesy, ancient surveying and astronomy. There are also references to Enoch/Idris of the early Biblical traditions existing in Wales, and potentially even at Stonehenge. Hugh will reveal how massive skeletons were often unearthed at the locations in question. In the second part of the lecture JJ Ainsworth looks at traditions in the Boyne Valley of Ireland and how the symbolism carved in stone connects to the Winnemucca Petroglyphs in Nevada that date to between 10,500 - 14,800 years ago. She also decodes some of the messages contained within these sites, suggesting a cross cultural contact between America and Britain in prehistoric times.

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