Hugh Newman | Origins of the Giants in Britain Hugh Newman | Origins of the Giants in Britain

Hugh Newman - Origins of the Giants in Britain

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In honour of Anthony Roberts’ ground-breaking book Sowers of Thunder (1978), and a preview of his forthcoming book with Jim Vieira: 'The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain', Hugh explores the mystery of the giants of the British Isles, starting with the famous founding of Britain by Brutus of Troy, who was said to have defeated a giant called Gogmagog to claim his right to Albion. Hugh looks also at the legends surrounding the Fomorians and Fir Bolg of Ireland, the giants said to have been the mighty megalith builders of England, the ‘Cawr’ giants of Wales, as well as historical accounts of giant human skeletons. Numerous oversized skeletons are reported to have been found in graves around Stonehenge, and hundreds more appear in accounts in other parts of Britain, as do the existence of various giant-sized artefacts. Hugh looks also at the archaeological record and discusses whether a giant population did indeed once inhabit the British Isles, who were responsible for the construction of megalithic monuments. He examines also the power of the British giant myths, which reveal much about the nature of this forgotten population, including the fact that they were geomancers and surveyors and possessed powers like those of shamans, which could change the weather and gave rise to civilization.

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