Sillustani: Ancient Tech in Peru & the Gobekli Tepe Connection

Walt Photo

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Watch Part 2: On the shores of Lake Titicaca, dozens of funerary towers called ‘Chulpa’s’ are located on high bluffs, always with a steep climb up to them, made with startling engineering precision. The most famous example is Sillustani. Here, there are several relief carvings that closely resemble those at Göbekli Tepe, including serpents, lizards, foxes, puma’s and other unusual creatures. One tower that is partly intact shows a beautiful, but very weathered lizard that can only be seen at certain times of day when the sun reaches round to its location on the tower. In this video we focus on examples of relief carvings and human statues dumped and partly buried outside the onsite museum, next to an old Volkswagen Beetle and a camper van! Someone, some time ago, obviously spotted their archaeological significance and placed them outside to one day be exhibited at the museum, but they never made it inside, and are now suffering with severe weathering. However, they are still there and give a glimpse into the mindset of the megalith builders of this area, and most unusually, they are remarkably similar in style to Gobekli Tepe in SE Turkey. Featuring Hugh Newman, Andrew Collins and Brien Foerster.