Sillustani: Acoustic Towers of Peru&the Easter Island Connection

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Watch Part 1 here: In part 2 looking at Sillustani, Hugh Newman, Brien Foerster and Andrew Collins thoroughly explore the site next to Lake Titicaca in Puno, Peru. As well as relief carvings that closely resemble those at Göbekli Tepe, including serpents, lizards, foxes, puma’s and other unusual creatures, there are also similarities to Easter Island with identical polygonal construction techniques. One tower shows a beautiful, but very weathered lizard that can only be seen as the sun moves across the sky. Brien discusses the acoustic aspects of the funerary towers as well as the energetic elements that may have caused them to explode, and also looks at the possibility that a cataclysm may have affected the site. Andrew Collins discusses the strange cup-marks similar to Gobekli Tepe and Karahan Tepe and Hugh explores the quarry where the stones came from.