2021: Where from here? Freedom or Facism (David Icke)

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Conspiracy researcher David Icke explains why 2021 is a crossroads for humanity, how we arrived here, what's at stake, and what we can do about it.

This is a pivotal year, which will in so many ways decide the direction of human society, for at least a very long time to come. I presented a video in the 1990s about my research and work at that time, pointing out that the plan was to create the very society that’s been so fast emerging in 2020 and I called it “Freedom or Fascism – The Time to Choose”. And all these years later, as we survey the incoming 2021, can anyone but the absolutely fast asleep question the fact that we are indeed facing that choice this year of Freedom or Fascism ... Freedom has to be lived, you can’t be free just talking about it. You have to live it and that is what is so necessary in 2021. WE LIVE FREEDOM and we cease to co-operate with anything that seeks to take it away.