Gods of the Bible - Graham Hancock talks with Mauro Biglino

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Graham Hancock talks with Mauro Biglino about his work translating the Bible, and the absence of God in the original text. See more: https://grahamhancock.com/biglinom1/ and see Mauro's new book: https://amzn.to/40Yj4BY

Additional questions by Luke Hancock at the end. Video by Luke Hancock.

About Mauro Biglino
Translator of 19 books of the Old Testament with Edizioni San Paolo, the scholar in ancient languages Mauro Biglino stood out in the eyes of the general public from 2010 with his outstanding literal reinterpretation of the Bible, expressed in a series of best-selling essays.

His work has won over aficionados, scholars and all sorts of readers. His books take the reader by the hand and – free of any preconceptions or theological filters – accompany them through a fascinating narration of biblical verses, which are analysed in their original form in ancient Hebrew.