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"So one of the things if I were the president i do is demand the Anthony Weiner laptop and get it to the most trusted person in the military to take apart everything on it and then start using it. There's a lot that can be prosecuted. In fact, I heard that the New York Police officers who saw some of it even though they're hardened investigators, literally had to go throw up. It's bad."


 I'm fully aware this topic has been covered at nauseum, but parts of it have been covered terribly, and the aspects covered well have been deleted. But more importantly, while researching I discovered something new. that's never been reported by anyone 


"Dinner with American celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. ABCs Bob Woodruff tonight with how that meal came together."


Initially, this video was structured in a way that debunked the more exaggerated claims from pizza gaters, Q anon obsessives, while also shining a light on the facts of aristocratic pedophilia rings. If you think this only occurred in the Catholic Church. I encourage you to read the Detruoux dossiers, and the recent findings from an inquiry into former British MPs who were freely able to sexually abused children for decades. But I trashed all that as soon as I found what I found. So instead, I'm just going to show you what I discovered, while vetting the now infamous yet indecipherable man, who in 2012, was named by GQ Magazine as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington DC.


James Alefantis is an avid art collector, prolific fundraiser, owner of multiple establishments including Comet Ping Pong, and was personally thanked by Hillary Clinton for what she called his extraordinary talent during her cooking with Fratelli Podesta fundraiser. He is pictured here with Tony Podesta, who celebrates his birthday with Alefantis almost every year. His previous boyfriend was founder of media matters, David Brock, and with the federal election Commission's showing his multiple donations for Pete Butegig, it's apparent that Alefantis's his influence among the DC establishment remains strong. But why was anyone suspicious of him in the first place? More specifically, why did anyone acquaint him with something as monstrous as pedophilia? One reason surrounds the rhetoric of several bands who often performed at Comet Ping Pong. This video shows Amanda Kleinman keyboardist for a group called Heavy Breathing in a separate venue. Some in the audience appeared to insinuate the person's preference for pedophilia. 


"He likes the oral sounds." 


"And little boys."


"And children."


"Oh we all have preferences... laughs"


Another group is DC punk band, Loud Boys who we'll see again later, but for the sake of time, we'll end with Sex Stains. In a 2007 FBI bulletin. One of the symbols with which predators identified each other with was a blue spiral shaped triangle wrapping around itself clockwise. The symbol was so prominent it was etched into coins and rings. This music video is from the Sex Stains.


there are promotional posters said they were for quote "all ages". According to Alefantis, Comet Ping Pong is a family restaurant with the backroom designated for children's birthdays


"This is the kids party room, birthday parties."


Another reason some were suspicious of Alefantis surrounds his close relationship with Tony Podesta, a former super lobbyist who has had a lifetime friendship with convicted pedophile Dennis Hastert. Additionally, Tony's art collection. Now, any of these works on its own can merely be employing theatrical strategies to inspire insight, but it's when they're all collected by one person that it begins to say more about the collector than the artists intent. Among those artists who made up Tony's collection included Maria Marshall, Margie Gearlings, Patricia Piccinini, Marina Abramovic, Kim Noble.


"I'd like to tell you a story. How we, in Vulcan kill the rats"


Alefantis' previous Instagram profile picture is of Antonius, a Greek Emperor who's influenced reemerged in the early 2000s, forming a modern cult that attracted a subculture of LGBT polytheists who worshiped Antonius as a deity. Historian and author Lambert Royston writes the sculptures of Antonius remain one of the most elevated and ideal monuments to pedorastic love of the whole ancient world. defines pederasty as, quote, sexual relations between two males, especially when one of them is a minor. Whether or not these are good reasons to become suspicious is up to you. Either way, it's for those reasons and because James Alefantis has has no children, some question why he had so many kids on his Instagram. 


According to James, he took all the images of kids and infants from other Facebook pages and from family and friends from he says haven't come forward for fear of retribution. Now, I'm simply going to show you some of those images and give context when necessary. I'm not, however, going to apply sinister interpretations to hashtags which might seem out of place. If your damning case against James Alefantis includes references to the urban dictionary and arguments for why he might be using them. You failed. If there really is something here, it should reveal itself, without argument. 


Alefantis said that this is his goddaughter with her arms taped to a table. Here's a baby in an art gallery. Another baby. Now some of these are obviously the same newborn, it appears. But this is a baby doll. And in this image, there's two babies. I had to censor this because it shows a flat chested female whose age is ambiguous. Notice that it's liked by Panda-head Morgan, a name found in dozens of James posts. That was very important, and we'll get to later. Here's an image of elephant is his friend Scott Cummings holding a toddler with the hashtag #chickenlitter. In 2010, the website "Things that are Rectangles" interviewed Scott Cummings about his privately owned business in Portland, Oregon, called Portland Natural Casket company. During the interview Mr. Cummings said when I was a child, my mother taught classes on death and dying. She would often talk to me about how death is an important part of life, and how different cultures have different rituals and Burial Rites. The interviewer stated even the tattoo on his wrist is death related. He snapped a photo of it. It's a body hanging.


Alefantis uploaded this picture of a guy in a panda mask. Here are many other images of pandas with the hashtag #cumpanda. One of his tags is Panda Head magazine, which used to be run by a small team of DC bloggers who also made this video described by as a perfectly creepy panda cult film called Cult Panda but with the U spelled with a V.


Here James commented "murder", another user Working on my Night Cheese who I'll refer to as WC, commented "kill room". WC owned a workshop in the industrial complex pictured here, called the pajama factory where he similar to Mr. Cummings also built coffins, many of which were child sized. WC can be found commenting here to another Instagram user J. Blair Smith, who uploaded this image commenting "my favorite Pedo". J. Blair Smith uploaded this drawing of a woman being hanged, and what appears to be a baby statue that's been burnt. User Joshua Ryan V. posted these while at Comet Ping Pong. He also played in a low budget independent film called Kill Dolly Kill.


"Kill them Bejni. Kill them. Ahhhhh... <Laughs>"


This is Miss summer camps Instagram. James Alefantis commented "Sex?". Miss summer camp also posted this picture of a little girl holding a watermelon but the end of a tagline saying "priceless". He said "Priceless isn't the word most people use upon tasting me". 


A user below named Barrett C. responded. He posted on his Instagram a picture of a baby changing station with the C etched out saying "let's hang a baby". He also posted an apparent text message saying "I put my baby in a slow cooker. It's been burning all day". And in this image uploaded by Barrett, one of the commenters is Pizza Fucking Party I'll refer to as PSP. PSP uploaded this image of a group of young children picking up either fake or real condoms, fake gold coins, and according to PFPs comment, little vials of alcohol. He also uploaded a bull like meme on a pentagram, a pizza cut into a pentagram, and this photo of him or someone else in front of a van with a logo that says "Baby Doll Pizza". As it turns out, the logo was from an actual restaurant named Baby Doll Pizza in Portland, Oregon, the same city where a man named Michael Waylon used to live who alleges to be a witness to illegal activity there, claiming the owners of Voodoo Donuts are trafficking children.


"as to why Voodoo Donuts and why Portland Oregon? It's because my question is, why are they abusing kids. Then I see kids being brought into the back. Then I'm asking "Who are these kids? Who are their parents?" And and that immediately drew attention onto me. So when I'm asking why there are adult males and females taking children into the back. When you're confronted with these type of people, other survivors will know what I mean when I say that they flaunt this. They are proud of this. They feel protected in this and they feel untouchable in this.


"Sonic delights. A Voodoo doll."


Okay, now that we've outlined the context, here's what I found. In this image from James, he references pickles, and tags a user named Gordy's Pickle Jar. Together they seem to be enjoying a pickle related inside joke. It turns out Gordy's Pickle Jar is a real establishment in Washington DC that makes cocktail brines, Bloody Mary mixes and other related spreads. Their Instagram shows them at Comet Ping Pong. And here are both owners, Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fein.


On their Instagram is a picture of President Obama and Anthony Bourdain eating in a modest Vietnamese restaurant in 2016.


"I mean, if you have an important state function after you might not want it I want me ironically not going with this. You know. We're gonna do what's appropriate"


"Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain shooting for his TV series. It was a low key and to an historic day, for the US lifting that decades old arms embargo on Vietnam."


"Now David, the President's trip has also brought very good news to American giant Boeing, which signed an $11 billion order today to deliver 100 jet liners to Vietnam."


The red words behind them are Vietnamese for not smoking. Either way. After finding that out, I decided to type the words into Google.


This video belongs to a massive YouTube channel with almost all videos showing Vietnamese children, and a BH kids logo.


Now, I immediately contacted my brother in law, who's a lawyer, he put me in contact with someone who advise me how to legally research this where to report the findings and how to ethically present it. So upon clicking on one of these images, I discovered that the term BH or BH Kids leads to a plethora of websites showing children modeling underwear, and in several instances showing young girls posing an indecent manner with the top half of their body exposed. Surprisingly, as you just saw, some of these illicit images showing naked children were suggested to me from Google.


One of the illicit websites Google suggested was, which is arguably the biggest lingerie company in Europe. It's important to understand that Liska doesn't market to children. Their YouTube channel fashion shows and catalogs show only adults When typing Liska into Google, the images show only adults. The same goes for their website, we're not a single image of a child can be found. But if that's true, how was I suggested this image of a naked girl from The answer lies in the cryptic use of BH Kids. For example, if I simply go to by normally typing in the domain name, the illicit images are nowhere to be found. The kids and swimwear section is as it should be, meaning they only show the swimsuits and not the children modeling them. 


But when I type BH kids into Google, in the images tab, the same lysko website pulls up, but this time, it shows the naked girl. Here's the crucial point. The steps listed to find this elicit image is home outlet, kids, Kim, swimwear, but if you go to the site by typing in the domain name, the steps required to be able to see that image is missing. This step Kim doesn't exist. So as it pertains to these sites, the term BH or BH kids acts as a code for child predators serving as a kind of key which can activate hidden links that were not otherwise accessible when visiting the site normally. Therefore, the associations between BH. BH kids and pedophilic content are clear. Although it's speculation, other potential uses of the term could include Bad Baby, a sexually explicit minor, whose stage name is spelled with the BHBH.


One must be careful, however, not to apply malicious intent to every organization that happens to use the term like B&H photo, for instance, whose website functions in no way like the websites in question.


As the New York Times lose their minds over the "alt right rabbit hole", they seem to have overlooked an arguably deeper flaw within Google's algorithms. The same goes for YouTube who is owned by Google. Somehow, I was able to find this insidious code from this image, an image that was taken during an event where our country was opening up travel to and from Vietnam, an image of a man whose suicide would require another video and posted from two women intimately connected with James Alefantis. Now I also discovered something else.


"If I simply take an isolated photograph of my In-and-out burger sitting on a table, and anonymous In and Out Burger, I'll get like 50,000 likes in nine minutes."


Gordy's pickle jar uploaded this image of a girl holding an In and Out Burger and their brine for flavoring alcohol. They pinned two In-and-Out burgers, one that led to the real restaurant showing nothing but family friendly content. The other tag led to this page with only one post and just over 1,000 followers, so I checked the tags. The vast majority of images are of women from adult modeling accounts, with many being sexually explicit. One video shows intercourse, but overall it's model after model after model after model all either holding an In-and-Out Burger or posing in front of the restaurant hence the hashtag. But as seen before they aren't tagging the actual burger place. But instead #N_and_out_burger. It's apparent that hashtags like #model or #modeling are oversaturated with talent. If, however, an aspiring model can get queued into a set of specific hashtags, they can increase their chances of getting noticed by scouts who monitor those pages. For example, this models use of the hash tag enabled her to be seen by two talent scouts. This model was noticed by a fashion company, this model flat out asked, okay, who's going to sponsor me? One wonders that the term In-and-Out in this case is being used as a sexual innuendo in these women aren't simply advertising themselves to scouts but knowingly participating in prostitution. This is highly speculative. And even if it was true, what these adults do on their own time isn't the problem. The problem is, why are videos like these on here?


This organization is called Crazy Pants, a kids clothing company that also participates in kid pageants. In 2018 TechCrunch ran a story exposing WhatsApp's child abuse problem, a spokesperson claimed the abbreviation CP was a prominent indicator of these groups. stores like Crazy Pants should be fully aware, their events draw predators, and take precautions that can deter them.


If nothing else, their parents should be informed. That Crazy Pants website has a section called CP for guys, and is uploading their kids photoshoots to an Instagram page filled with explicit adult models who appear to be advertising themselves to a specific set of individuals. But most if not all of these children's pages are operated by their parents. They're the ones who respond to the comments for independent photographers and fashion shops urging to DM them saying make sure you say so-and-so sent you. Gordy's pickle jar shows multiple images of children, which doesn't mean anything other than that. But once again, some of the comments are insane. Here a user hashtags #ediblechildren, which obviously leads to a tiny page given how deviant the term is. The same user comments on this image "I want you to do a whole foodie in the beast show about edible children and various ways to prepare and eat the children in our lives". Gordy's pickle jar also has this image of a young girl eating a pickle. They tagged three people, one of whom is Panda Head Morgan. The same person found on several posts from James Alefantis as seen here in the Panda Cult film.


Her name is Morgan Hungerford West, known for her "problem solving skills" and the founder of #creativeDC, a hashtag related to events surrounding the DC area. Morgan responded to a question about the hashtag, saying "we like to think of it as a resource and also an access point". She's global brand director for line hotels for this Adele group, which are a string of boutique destinations that transform already existing infrastructure into modern hotels. The founder is Andrew Tobler, whose co founder and longtime friend before they recently sued each other was Ron Burkle. a billionaire lobbyist whose name can be found inside Jeffrey Epstein's black book. And on Epstein's private jet log. 


"I realized what I am. I'm very comfortable with who I am". 


Burkle was close friends with Michael Jackson, and counseled the pop star during his first child abuse trial. Referred to by the New York Times as Bill Clinton's bachelor buddy, both Ron Burkle and Bill Clinton accompanied each other several times on Epstein's Lolita Express.


"On almost every trip that I did go on. There were young girls around."


And according to sworn statements from New York Post columnist Jared Stern, Ron Burkle, and Bill Clinton had sex with minors. Judge Walter B. Tollip dismissed the accusations from Stern, dropping all charges against Burkle and Clinton. Judge Tollip is the same Judge who dismissed another sexual abuse case in 2008. Ruling in favor of Jeffrey Epstein. 


This is a picture of Morgan's front door 666 Pizza Coffins. Her boyfriend Mitchell West works for a company that monitors political ads, and used to be the bassist for DC punk band, Loud Boys. His Instagram shows among other things, the owners of Gordy's Pickle Jar. The whole group together, Satan, Israel, more pentagrams and three visitor passes for the neonatal intensive care unit in Washington DC, which houses premature infants who are sick or in critical condition. 


The difficulty in navigating topics like these is knowing whether I'm on to something significant or deluding myself. In the case of BH kids, however, in the exploitative images that surrounded its sinister function is clear. But are Morgan and Mitchell West cultic nods to Satan, indicative of malevolence, or something far more benign? additionally, how do you perceive James Alefantis and his friends and the models and the hashtags and the images. 


How do you see it?