TOP SECRET: The Gateway Process CIA Document Declassified - Astral Travel Proof

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TOP SECRET: The Gateway Process CIA Document Declassified | Astral Travel Proof

Remote viewing, also knows as astral projection/ astral travel or even out of body experience OBE was studied by Robert Monroe of The Monroe Institute which has proven methods about astral projection 2020, This is dating back a long time and has been used to increase consciousness, travel to physical paces, astral places and even to speak with higher life/spirit forms.

Information that was once classified is now being declassified and able for people like us to check out. The gateway process is a process that was once top secret and is a process that allows you to get out of your way and begin to manifest the life you desire.

This is a scientific approach to the law of attraction and a much more in depth explanation.

Instagram video:

Gateway process document:

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