FEMA Camps and Government Detention Conspiracy with Gary Franchi

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FEMA Camps, martial law today, and the government conspiracy to detain and imprison our own citizens is examined with Next News Network’s Gary Franchi. We look at government threat lists, the secretive MIAC police report, Aaron Russo, and the truth behind the attack on freedom being masterminded by Big Brother in this uncensored interview on Buzzsaw.

Gary is currently Executive Producer and Lead Anchor of WHDT World Television Service 6 O’Clock and 11 O’Clock News & Weather in Miami, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts. Described by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bill Dedman as a “sophisticated social media entrepreneur,” Gary has received numerous awards, including the American Freedom Hero Award from the Freedom Law School and a place in the Freedom Force International Hall of Honor.

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00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:50 Introducing Gary Franchi.
01:00 The investigation of FEMA camps and the secretive MIAC police report.
08:40 Government threat lists and detaining potential threats under martial law.
15:00 Meeting Aaron Russo and “America: Freedom to Fascism.”
25:20 The Bundy Ranch situation including the origin of the conflict and where it is leading.