Illuminati, Pope Francis and the Dark Side with Leo Zagami

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Sean Stone
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Illuminati and connections with Pope Francis, the vatican, and the dark side of the masonic temple are explored with Leo Lyon Zagami in this uncensored interview. We discuss extraterrestrials, reptilians the true meaning of heaven and much more in a conversation hosted by Sean Stone for Buzzsaw.

Leo Lyon Zagami, writer and researcher. Zagami after a brilliant career in the media and musicas a dj and a record producer known as Leo Young, in 2006 started a small blog that quickly became popular on the web concerning his direct involvement with the New World Order and Secret Societies connected to it and known to the majority of us as the "Illuminati.” Between 2009 and 2013 he became also the author of 6 books published in Japan on these subjects that sold over 50 thousand copies, two of them co-written with Princess Kaouru Nakamaru.

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00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:50 Introducing Leo Lyon Zagami.
01:50 Zagami explains the Order of the Illuminati, the dark side of the Illuminati, and the New World Order.
06:50 The spiritual driving forces, satanism, and schism within the Catholic church are discussed.
11:50 Zagami talks about the roots of freemasonry and the Grand Masters of the Knights Templar.
17:10 Zagati discusses religious hypocrisy along with what he believes to be the good and bad factions of the Illuminati.
24:30 Hidden documents, cover-ups, and corruption within the Vatican are discussed.
38:10 Zagati talks about manifesting our own reality.
51:20 Thanks and goodbye.