Nuclear Fusion Then and Now with Dr. Michael McKubre

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Nuclear fusion and alternative energy is discussed, with fission, radioactivity, and the viability of new energy through cold fusion discussed with SRI Director, Dr. Michael McKubre. Hot fusion, nuclear weapons, producing energy through reactors, and the necessity to utilize nuclear energy--plus the reasons why nuclear energy is a benevolent disruptive technology are examined. The energy industry and the truth about why nuclear power wasn’t at fault for Fukushima are covered in this Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone.

MICHAEL C.H. McKUBRE is currently principal scientist in the Materials Research Laboratory at SRI International. He began his undergraduate studies at George Washington University and completed his B.Sc., M.Sc. (with honors) and Ph.D. in Chemistry and Physics at Victoria University, Wellington New Zealand. During his Ph.D. studies he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry and Electronics for Scientists. On completing his Ph.D., Dr.McKubre was granted a two year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Southampton University, England. There he: undertook research into the electrochemical kinetic processes involved with flow-through electrochemical reactors; researched, designed, constructed and employed a novel ac impedance device to characterize flow-through reactors; assisted with the supervision of Ph.D. and M.Sc. students working on related and derivative projects.
Dr. McKubre joined SRI as an Electrochemist in 1978 and was appointed Manager of the Electrochemistry Program in 1982 and Director of the Energy Research Center in 1992.
In the last two decades as Director of the Energy Research Center, Dr. McKubre has applied himself to the discovery and application of potential new energy sources, specifically those associated with the deuterium/palladium system. He is recognized internationally in this field as an expert in the areas of PdH and PdD electrochemistry and calorimetry. Dr. McKubre has consulted for governmental agencies and private corporations on issues relating to advanced rechargeable batteries, fuel cells and stationary power generation systems on potential futures for novel energy sources.

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00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:11 Introducing Dr. Michael McKubre
00:33 Nuclear fusion and fission.
03:10 Our costly nuclear fission adventure, and cold fusion vs. hot fusion energy.
06:31 The issue of controlling fusion and sustaining it.
08:45 Breaking even with production and new energy sources.
10:30 Successful experiments with cold fusion energy production.
13:20 Questions about Rossi’s converter.
15:40 Alternatives to oil for energy.
19:00 Disruptive technology, but no enemy to the conventional power structure.
22:30 Alarm of nuclear accidents and real reason for the Fukushima catastrophe.
24:35 Particle colliders and understanding the foundation of the universe.
26:15 Nuclear power: a primitive method.
28:50 Thanks and Goodbye!