Hypnosis in Business + Spiritual Visualization with Jase Souder

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Sean Stone
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Hypnosis and success in small business is discussed in this wide reaching interview with speaker and hypnotist Jase Souder. In addition to the powers of persuasion in the market place, spirituality and the power of religious epiphanies are discussed in this interview conducted by Sean Stone for Buzzsaw.

Jase Souder is a nationally recognized public speaker and trainer, specializing in success training, influence and productivity.
Jase is the creator of the Persuasion Paradigm, an effective step-by-step influence system, the DYSALA Healing Method and is the founder of Life Tigers LLC, a leading personal development seminar company.

ADD’L LINKS: http://www.jasesouder.com
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00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
01:30 Introducing Jase Souder.
03:20 Removing the mystery of hypnosis.
05:50 Vilifying success and wealth.
10:20 Fulfilling our mission.
11:30 Negative programming and the subconscious.
16:30 Sociopaths and self sabotage.
22:30 Media hypnosis and deprogramming.
27:00 Conditioning and finding God.
36:50 Managing emotion through love and support.
40:50 Thanks and goodbye.