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The New Clinton Chronicles [HD] Extended Edition (1∶55∶16)➤

The New Clinton Chronicles [HD] Extended Edition (1∶55∶16)➤

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The New Clinton Chronicles [HD] Extended Edition (1∶55∶16)➤
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So what did Bill Clinton do, when he came to power in the White House? Just like the drug trading president before him, Freemason-Brother George Bush, he started a war against drugs(!).

The interesting part is, though, that when different people have started talking about Clinton's affairs, they have suddenly and mysteriously died. One of them was Barry Seale, the drug smuggler. He was killed in February 1987.

By that time, several murders were committed in Arkansas.

Two young boys were out walking late one night in the surroundings of Mena Airport. They were found dead on a railroad track. The examining doctor, sent by Clinton, said it was an accident. But their parents didn't agree. Later it was found that the boys had been stabbed and got their heads crushed.

Six other persons, who had talked to the police regarding the murder of the boys, were killed themselves! Some of them had said to their families they had to leave town urgently, as they knew too much about the murders, but they were all traced and shot to death. All this happened while Clinton was the governor of Arkansas and used Mena Airport for drug smuggling.

To make research on, or accuse Clinton has too often showed to be a lethal business.

Danny Casoloro, who investigated Clinton's involvement in stock frauds, was found dead in West Virginia.

A lawyer from Washington, Paul Wilcher, who had made an appointment with Casoloro's former attorney, was found dead in his apartment.

Prosecutor Charles Black wanted more money from governor Clinton to be able to continue the investigations regarding drug smuggling on Mena Airport. He got no money, but Black's mother was killed.

The director for Clinton's Finance-campaign Committee, Ed Willke, was shot with a nail-gun.

John Wilson, politician in Washington, threatened to reveal Clinton's dirty business. He was found swinging from a rope in 1993.

Kathy Furguson, police in Arkansas and Clinton's bodyguard, said that Clinton was promiscuous. She was found dead with a gun in her hand. Her husband Danny denies all sex-scandals related to Clinton. He is still alive.

Jon Parnel Walker, one of the investigators in the Whitewater affair, "fell" from a balcony in Virginia.

C. Victor Raider II had an argument with Clinton. Raider and his son Montgomery died when their sport plane crashed.

Mr. Friday, member of Raider's committee, and a known skilled pilot, died when his plane exploded.

Dentist Ronald Rogers was about to meet a journalist and give information regarding Clinton when his plane crashed in clear weather.

Luther Parks had gathered information regarding Clinton's sex habits. Clinton owed him $81.000 for security during his election campaign. He threatened Clinton to go public if he didn't get the money back. He was shot September 26th 1993.His son Gary said he had all the evidence at home and proof of Bill and Roger Clinton's drug abuse. The information was stolen shortly thereafter.

Vincent Foster was a good friend of Clinton since childhood. His "suicide" occurred during the Whitewater investigation. The "suicide" couldn't have been such. He still had the gun in his hand when found, which is impossible after the reaction from the bullet. Also, he held the gun in his right hand, though he was left-handed! At the same time employees at "Rose Law Firm" started to destroy documents.

In Arkansas there is a law saying that autopsy is not necessary if the disceased through a court-order can be classified to have committed suicide. This law was written by Bill Clinton. Almost every death around his person has been classified as suicide...
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Publishing Credit to American Patriot on May 19, 2016

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