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Murder By Mouth #DisclosureHub

Murder By Mouth #DisclosureHub

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New Film: Murder By Mouth 2021
Germ Theory - Poison Diets - Isolation of Viruses - Medical Myths

Poison Food: We eat poison daily, we are forced into a corner with the food provided at the grocery store and get addicted to fast food that’s killing us…

We shower and clean ourselves with poisons daily… and drink fluoride if not micro plastics…

Germ theory: Scientists have done studies a long time ago to prove germs were bad and they couldn’t do it. They injected mucus of a person with the flu into healthy people and they never got sick… This video contains those studies and more..

We’ve been lied to… watch this video and be enlightened…

P.S. Sorry I left out the part about Mcdonalds being caught with Human Meat - Look that up..

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