S01E02 - Debunking Evolutionary Myths

S01E02 - Debunking Evolutionary Myths S01E02 - Debunking Evolutionary Myths
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Our perceptions of the universe are starting to shift as we face a renaissance in science. New discoveries in DNA and evolution are challenging previously accepted notions of truth. Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D. guides us through a progression of evolutionary theories to help us better understand how we achieved a disempowered place in our world. As he dispels these myths of genes, we gain a better understanding of the connection we have with our environment, and the role of consciousness as the primary control mechanism for our biology.

With this level of understanding, we:

• Gain a better understanding the flow of information within the body, as it takes signals from the environment

• We look past theories of evolution to better understand the actual evolutionary process

• Learn the connection between evolution and the environment

• The role of DNA as genetic blueprint, rather than a switch that can be turned on or off