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Hi everyone, its Jana ESP, I hope you're doing well. And I just wanted to give you a quick update before the video begins.



I am currently writing three books one is an essay on occult topics that will be turned into a video series. I'm about halfway done with that. It will probably be over 12 hours long. And then I am still working on the natural law essay, which is going to be a book and then a critique on Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson and Ken Wilber. So please subscribe to my channel to be notified when those projects are done. Any donations made to my paypal account is greatly appreciated, and we'll go to help fund these projects. This is what I do full time. This is what I'm working on every day, including additional research, such as the research found in this video.



I decided to stop my projects and take this subject on because our current slavery condition is so dreadful. And still, the vast majority of people are totally asleep.



And I know so many of you are in a lot of pain from this and hope you can find some way to channel that energy for good.



The fact that global tyranny is so blatant, and people refuse to see it is utterly painful.



Because we are in the midst of mandatory vaccination laws, I had to go into the subject deeply. So expect the series to be many, many hours long.



In my attempts to convince people of the truth.



I recently discovered that Arizona Department of Health Services can declare mandatory vaccinations under a public health emergency.



This is most likely the case in your state. And if not, it is certainly moving towards it. I also found out about the mandatory vaccine laws in California for public school children where I have family so this is a message to my family. As this presentation and video compilation will show without a shadow of a doubt that these injections are nothing less than poisonous.



Addition additionally, I started to notice how difficult it is for word searches to bring up material on taboo topics. Research is becoming harder and harder with manipulated search engines and extreme censorship. My website JanaESP.com will be updated soon and we'll have most of the videos websites, books and articles mentioned here for your reference. So I hope the material I have collected here can save you some time and give you a launching pad to collect more information and determine things for yourself. This presentation will consist of a video compilation of other researchers and professionals with important information to share.



tyranny and eugenics through public health bioterrorism, vaccines, part one.









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When people reject conspiracy, they deny the existence of hierarchy in which people at the top can have power over people at the bottom. But isn't that what we see in every human institution, a power structure couldn't click be formed by individuals at the top of powerful institutions. After all, they have the same objectives to wield power over others, and they have the same elitist belief systems that they are superior to others.



In his book world order, Henry Kissinger discusses how in order for a world Porter to exist, the governing structure must be integrated and in harmony, which we can call dark unity. The connections of individuals at the top are undeniable. And the fact that all institutions implement the same things reveals that there is intelligent coordination behind things. How did the economy shut down worldwide were wearing masks and social distancing has become draconian law.



There is zero open discussion about these measures and opposing views are censored.



Even though common sense informs us that quarantining the healthy is illogical. Isolation lowers immunity and masks prohibit proper breathing.



hasn't there been a ruling class in all empires? Didn't we once call this nation the American empire in our egotistical ignorance, not realizing that Empire is synonymous with human slavery. empires may start out small and nationalistic, but their only imperative is to grow into global Empire. evil power is never satiated, as it is eternally empty. Some call corruption the deep state, but it is in every state, just differing degrees. While the beginning of empire may appear to bring order as a republic, it has only one goal, total domination, the opposite of order. There is no such thing as a state or a government without a ruling class of people who seek to enslave the rest of humanity.



We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine and other publications was directors have attended our meetings and restricted their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the publicity that the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government.






Hear Rockefeller has stated that the media is keeping quiet about their plans for World Government.



When it comes to World Government, there are many other players than the Rockefellers like the Rothschilds and the black nobility, particular families of the ancient bloodlines going back to Rome and even Babylon. But here we focus on the Rockefellers to keep things simple, as this is an introduction to conspiracy facts, and I don't want you to be overloaded with information. This is merely a place to start. JOHN D. Rockefeller, his father, William Rockefeller was known to be a liar and a cheat, who called himself a celebrated cancer specialist when he sold rock oil for $25 a bottle, which was a lot at the time, claiming it would cure all cancers. This oil was merely a mixture of laxative and petroleum were discovered to be a fraud, Rockefeller would simply travel to the next town to dupe a fresh new crowd. It appears that this is where the phrase selling snake oil came from. His son john D. Rockefeller became unimaginably wealthy from Standard Oil at the end of the 19th century. This monopoly received great criticism by those living in America. the Rockefellers were even called robber barons taking over the economy to the public's detriment. to deflect their poor reputation. the Rockefellers used a new ploy to manufacture consent to continue to gain more power over the people under the heading of philanthropy, and a well funded PR campaign.



The President of the United States of America awards this Presidential Medal of Freedom to David Rockefeller. Through his extensive humanitarian efforts to promote world peace, David Rockefeller has worked to improve lives both at home and abroad. His creation of and support for the Trilateral Commission has provided a unique forum for communication and problem solving by world leaders. The Rockefeller syndicate took over education, media, medicine and agriculture, partnering with chemical monopolies and Big Pharma, connected to the banking system and governments worldwide, through hundreds if not 1000s of foundations, trust and think tanks that supposedly act in the public good. This is a lie.



Like William Rockefellers, snake oil, the Rockefeller empire would seek to use Petro chemically derived compounds in medicine called pharmaceuticals, even though these compounds are found to be harmful. In article entitled, a look into petrochemical industry states that since petrochemicals can be absorbed through the skin or might be adjusted, they can accumulate in humans.



tissues and organs such as the brain and liver and can cause brain nerve and liver damage, birth defects, cancer, asthma, hormonal disorders and allergies. The book Rockefeller medicine men and capitalism goes into how Rockefeller and cohorts hijacked the medical system that begins with the crisis in today's healthcare system is deeply rooted in the interwoven history of modern medicine in corporate capitalism, the major groups and forces that shaped the medical system. So the seeds of the crisis we now face, the medical profession and other medical interest groups each tried to make medicine serve their own narrow economic and social interests. The conflict of interest is clear that the medical institution based on corporatism requires a flawed science to be profitable, as true science would cure and heal all things with natural remedies or technologies aligned to natural laws.



In 1910, Abraham flexner published a report called medical education in the United States and Canada, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation in the Carnegie Foundation, that called for the standardization of medical education, which led Congress to declare the American Medical Association as the only body with the right to grant medical school licenses in the United States.



Modern medicine would be solely allopathic about toxic drugs, vaccines, chemotherapy and radiation about indefinitely treating symptoms and never getting to causal factors. Nutrition, holistic medicine, natural healing and natural immunity would be considered quackery by this medical monopoly that replaces the humanitarian drive for healing with the drive for profits and control. For example, Merkin COEs arthritis drug Vioxx killed 60,000 people before it was removed from the shelf, the company only received a misdemeanor with a $321 million settlement. Notice how the produces a hermetic symbol has two snakes on the rod, which represent holistic consciousness, mental gender and the integration of the left and right brain hemisphere. This is used as a symbol for medicine. But notice how the American Medical Association only has one snake as well as the World Health Organization. This is a deliberate corruption of the original symbol, as modern medicine is left brain biased, which is what makes it very harmful.



The Rockefeller found the American Cancer Society in 1913, one of the wealthiest nonprofit institutions today, which is not about curing cancer, but about suppressing its origin, destroying holistic education, and selling expensive drugs for treatment to make big pharma rich.



Samuel Epstein professor for environmental and occupational medicine at the University of Illinois, wrote a paper on ACS. He reports that the foundation's board consists of corporate executives from the pharmaceutical investment banking and media industry, quote giant corporations, which profited handsomely while they polluted air water, the workplace and food with a wide range of carcinogens remain greatly comforted by the silence of the ACS. This silence reflected a complex of mindsets fixated on diagnosis, treatment, and basic genetic research together with ignorance, indifference, and even hostility to prevention. These mindsets are also coupled with major conflicts of interest.



He also says, not surprisingly, the incidence of cancer over the past decades has escalated approximately parallel to its increased funding, and that the verdict is unassailable. The ACS bears a major decade's long responsibility for losing the winnable war against cancer.



ac ACS has received contributions in excess of $100,000 from a wide range of x caliber donors.



Some of these companies were responsible for environmental pollution with carcinogens, while others manufactured and sold products containing toxic and carcinogenic ingredients. These include petrochemical companies, DuPont, BP, and Pennzoil, industrial waste companies, bf highway systems, Big Pharma AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and company and Novartis auto companies, Nissan and General Motors cosmetic companies Christian Dior, avian Revlon and Elizabeth Arden junk food companies, Wendy's international McDonald's, Unilever, best foods and Coca Cola biotech companies like Amgen Genentech



Epstein has written many books such as cancer gate medicine on trial and criminal indifference of the FDA to cancer prevention, like the American Cancer Association,



The FDA was also founded in 1913 and started as a chemical company but changed its name to conceal itself. This organization provides legal immunity for companies to put toxic chemicals in their products.



If you didn't know we are talking about bioterrorism, bioterrorism is defined as the deliberate release of viruses, bacteria, toxins or other harmful agents to cause illness or death in people, animals or plants. Soon we will investigate how getting sick such as getting colds and flus are actually an immune response from the body to purge itself of a buildup of these toxins. That's why we don't have cures for the cold and flu. Because these symptoms are an attempt from our bodies to return to health. But now Big Pharma wants to call a cold a disease to prescribe medicine that actually negatively suppresses our natural immune system. glyphosate is a dangerous carcinogenic pesticide in Monsanto's Roundup, that its GMO seeds are designed to resist. Since the creation of GMOs has been the increased use of pesticides. toxic pesticides have contaminated nearly all non organic foods. A growing number of studies show that certain pesticides can cause cancer, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.



Monsanto and a handful of other giant corporations have taken over the food supply with genetically modified organisms that are also bad for human health. In addition to pesticides. In the genetic engineering process, allergens and toxins are added to the food. Furthermore, there are toxic chemical substances found in these organisms that aren't naturally produced, like xenobiotics GMOs have caused gluten disorders, impaired digestion and damage to the intestinal wall. A study led by geils Eric sertraline linked GMO corn to rat tumors. The study was retracted by the publisher against the author's objections. They claim the retraction was made by a Monsanto lobbyist and was a public health scandal.



GMOs are banned in multiple countries across the world course we created genetically modified foods or we're going to ban it here. Of course not I mean, Monsanto is an American company. We're not against science or progress. We're against America pushing GMOs down our throat when most other countries have said no to this, Europe has looked at it there scientists have looked at it and they've said, we're not going to go there. You've got countries like Haiti, they were given GMO seeds, they looked at the crops and they said, this is not natural, burn it out of here. We don't even want the free seeds.



There's just so much of this problem with Monsanto officials going into government and then going back to Monsanto, and then going back into government. This is a major problem that we're having in the United States and people who think that we don't look at science, and we don't want progress. We want progress. But we don't want progress down a rabbit hole, we're never going to be able to turn back from once that genetically modified seed has infiltrated into the conventional crops, you can never take it out. I mean, in these really small amounts, does it really matter? Does it matter? for my health doesn't matter for you know, my kids health? Well, first of all, think about how small your child is, this little thing that might not be a lot to you, is a lot bigger to your child's digestive tract that isn't fully functioning at the same level that yours is yet and you need a body that can get rid of it. But unfortunately, we're not digesting these properly and they're creating wreaking havoc in our bodies is going to build up. So don't think of it as one small, little drop. Think of it as this constantly accumulating matter inside your body that is foreign.



The biotechnology industry, Monsanto and others actually have in their contracts with farmers, a technology agreement that prohibits the farmers from using any of their crop for research, other than agronomic research and yield research. So they can't partner with a physician or a medical researcher to take a look at the impact on human health. But they've really impeded our ability to understand whether GMOs are safe. And so we have a very limited amount of research happening but studies on livestock that have been done, show some pretty disturbing evidence of problems in terms of organ development. gastrointestinal flora, we now know that the pesticide genes that are inserted in Monsanto corn products is finding its way into mother's blood streams and the blood streams that are feeding our fetuses. What impacts our will have are somewhat unknown, but we feel in the organic community much more



Comfortable operating under what we call the precautionary principle. First we prove that it's safe, then we introduce it into the into the human food system. We're putting band aids on our medical system, we need to go back and take a look at our food supply. Nutrition is the basis of 85 95% of our chronic disease situation. Nancy Swanson, who is a scientist and retired physicist from the University of Washington, in what she has actually found is the scariest thing that I've seen in my entire career. In 1996, when GMO crops were first planted, it was the best thing since sliced bread, and therefore, that farmers just took to it. And it took off in an exponential manner throughout the country. She then took a whole variety of chronic diseases, she would look at either the incidence or the prevalence or, or the deaths, for instance, diabetes, the incidence prior to 1996, which is right around here, the curve is fairly flat. But as soon as the GMO crops were started to be planted, the incidence of diabetes took off. And this is what happens with all these other diseases. She's looked at obesity, diabetes, neurological diseases such as autism, Alzheimer's, senile dementia, parkinsonism, from etruria, thright, US inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn's disease, and then a variety of cancers. So here, you look at artists, here we have this problem with these younger people, we don't have a lot of explanation behind it. But again, the graph is flat, and then takes off really does doesn't prove that the GMO crops are causing this. But the correlation is so high, you've got to wonder what else is going on. I started researching and I found out that there are GMO foreign proteins in our food since 1996. They first started in the milk, and then they put them in soy, and corn, which is in everything that we eat, and was shocked that these foreign proteins were in our food without our knowledge without our permission and without labeling. There's three kinds of GMOs. The first one, it's called bt toxin. It's either in corn or soy or cottonseed. It is genetically engineered to constantly reproduce this bt toxin. When the bug eats, let's just say the corn, its stomach explodes from this constantly reproducing bt toxin. So it's a registered pesticide, with the EPA, and we're eating this corn. The second one is Roundup Ready, the plant has been genetically engineered to withstand Roundup, they can spray it with all the roundup they want, which is an herbicide at the tune of 5 billion pounds a year, and it doesn't die. So our food won't die. But everything else around it dies, the bugs, the worms in the soil, all the weeds and the bacteria and the good bacteria, it soaks into the plant, and it does not wash off. The problem with that is that there's a chemical in it called glyphosate, which destroys our gut bacteria 70% of our immune system and there without that gut bacteria, we can't produce tryptophan. Without tryptophan, our bodies don't produce serotonin. Without serotonin, we can't regulate blood sugar diabetes now, which is hugely on the rise, cost our federal government $279 billion a year. And just to put that in perspective, 514 billion is what is spent on all of our health issues combined, including cancer, the projection is that in 13 years, we will not have money for any other health care at all. Except for diabetes, we will not have a health care system. The third type of GMO is a GMO that doesn't have pesticides injected into it, it's actually just a desired trait. Let's say you want to have the lettuce to be more green or the tomato to be more red, they inject this desire trait in but the problem is, is it has two promoters on either end of it. And these promoters jobs are to wake genes up. We as moms are concerned that these promoters could be waking genes up in our children's bodies. We all have latent cancer genes or maybe even rare diseases that are just latent, right that may never wake up or anything. But with these promoters waking genes up, who knows what's happening, right? There's been no testing on that. And why is all of a sudden cancer the number one killer of our children, the FDA has led us down, they failed us their whole job is to ensure that our food supply is safe. They haven't even taken the first basic step that never required independent long term safety tests on genetically engineered food. They're relying on tests that are done by the very industry that stands to profit from both the sale of the seed and the sale of the chemicals that those seeds are genetically engineered to resist the basis by which they determine genetically engineered foods are safe is built on a laughable and unscientific policy called substantial equivalence.



If you applied substantial equivalence to be for instance, cow with mad cow disease would be substantially equivalent to a healthy cow so he would have the same protein and carbohydrates and vitamins as would healthy cows.



But it's obviously not safe, but we're using that rubric and applying it to genetically engineered food. So we're saying because genetically engineered corn has the same protein, carbohydrates and vitamin A, as its conventional counterpart, it must be safe. And that's not scientific, and it's not proof of safety. That's not proof of healthy food.



Monsanto started out as a chemical company in 1901. In 1985, Monsanto acquired the pharmaceutical company GD surly and CO, that produced the female birth control and got aspartame or nutrasweet, a neurotoxin approved by the FDA to use as an artificial sweetener. In 1999, pharmacy and Upjohn merged with Monsanto, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies Bayer bought out Monsanto in 2018. Remember Bayer, as it is one of the pharmaceutical companies behind Nazi Germany, which we will get to. But first happening this morning our first segment on this new world next week episode will be a two parter the first part some breaking news, Bayer settles round up cancer lawsuits for up to $10.9 billion dollars after more than a year of talks. They are agreed to pay as much as 10 point 9 billion with a B to settle close to 100,000 us lawsuits claiming that it's widely used weed killer roundup caused cancer resolving litigation that has pummeled the company share price. The settled cases over roundup and other glyphosate based weed killers account for about 95% of those currently set for trial. But here is I think, the sad takeaway on top of just the the sadness of all of this, Bayer did not admit liability or wrongdoing meaning roundup stays on the shelves. It doesn't have any warnings on it, and they get the added bonus of now being able to say that all those wild claims were never proven in a court of law. The deal dwarfs previous out of court product liability settlements by other fantastic groups such as Merck and companies $5 billion deal to end litigation over there with john painkiller Vioxx, and Bayer deals worth $2 billion to settle claims of harm caused by its Yasmin birth control pills James, which I haven't even actually ever heard of before, which shows how good they are is of course, sweeping a lot of this under the rug when Oh, whoops that product we warp speed to market ended up killing a bunch of people.



Big agriculture, biotech and Big Pharma had been integrated as their interests unite. The problems caused by GMOs and pesticides create the solution in symptom suppressing drugs, profiting from both sides of a dialectic problem reaction solution is the methodology of the power elites who pretend to be humanitarian, when they have actually created the problem.



In Dr. Geary nose book death by medicine 2010 he states about our modern medical system, this fully referenced book reveals a number of startling facts the number of people having in hospital adverse reactions to prescribe drugs annually, approximately 2.2 million. The number of unnecessary and or inappropriate antibiotics prescribed annually approximately 45 million per year. The number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed each year 7.5 million, the number of people unnecessarily hospitalized each year 8.9 million, with the most stunning statistic being that nearly 800,000 people per year die from conventional medicine. He concludes that quote, it is evident that the American Medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States and quote,



Chapter 10 of murder by injection discusses how big pharma chemical and drug companies are linked to the ruling class and the international bankers. the Rockefellers monopoly on medicine would become global with the implementation of the World Health Organization, a branch of the United Nations that were destroyed natural health approaches worldwide to be replaced with toxic patented drugs that would cause disease and death in genocidal proportions. One major way is through the vaccine industry.



A company was selling drugs off label to children. Part of the explanation was the word business decision. Yet Gardasil and your daughter will be one less victim. In reality she was never going to be a cervical cancer victim post told drug companies write checks to both sides of the aisle back off.



What we see today is frightening. We've gone from looking at things scientifically to looking at what's best for the industry. We've tripled the numbers of doses of vaccines we're giving our children we have seen this increase in chronic immune and brain dysfunction. The multi dose flu shot



Still have mercury in them? Why would anybody want to inject something into their system that has viruses that have been attenuated or weakened? We have a pipeline of hundreds of vaccines. It's a $30 billion a year industry, the government has said they're safe and effective for everybody. Now, the evidence doesn't suggest that the policy comes from government. And where does the government get their data from the people who make the drugs or the vaccines? That's dangerous?



Do you trust that your doctor knows what he or she is doing? And that the CDC is doing this job? all this garbage is not something we were thinking about? Just because you question something doesn't mean you're opposed to it, it means you want more evidence to support the position. genetically modified food is the next big thing for shareholders, for investors for the industry. It is one big experiment that the industry wants you to be part of. All of these diseases are matched with the use of roundup on GMO corn and soy. And the number one argument we heard was that labeling would confuse consumers, just the idea that we shouldn't label something what it is because people might not buy it. If we do. It's horrific. It's unethical. it's sickening. Without a label. There's no traceability. There's no accountability, and there's no liability. And that's the way the chemical industry likes it. The no side had such a huge tide of corporate money behind them and the measure to label genetically modified food appears to have failed in Washington. GMOs are banned in multiple countries across the world because we created a genetically modified food. So are we going abandoned here? Of course not. The FDA has let us down. They failed us their whole job is to ensure that our food supply is safe. They're relying on tests that are done by the dairy industry that stands to profit, diabetes cost our federal government $279 billion a year 514 billion is what is spent on all of our health issues combined. This is an attack on our children, where there's smoke, there's fire, there's enough smoke and all of these things to be able to say wait a minute, let's stop and reassess and re examine.



Why would the Rockefellers and other wealthy powerful families want to poison the population? The ruling class in general adheres to the ideology of eugenics, the belief that a superior class should maintain population control and reduction D population of the slave class through genocide, calling the masses and weeding out the weak. The negative impact of population growth on all of our planetary ecosystems is becoming appallingly evident. The United Nations can and shouldn't play an essential role in helping the world find a satisfactory way of stabilizing world population. Mr. Turner.



I was wondering if you think it's a good idea to reduce 90% of the population because we are being overpopulated by a lot of



80. Prince Phillip said at sir



I bought with 85



million is about right. Right, me too.



Henry Kissinger's report nssm 200 in 1974, is about the population of the Third World, saying quote, there is no single approach which will solve the population problem. The complex social and economic factors involved call for a comprehensive strategy. At the same time, actions and programs must be tailored to specific countries and groups and quote, in the 1967 government's Iron Mountain report, it calls for a comprehensive program for Applied eugenics. The report is about how perpetual war is necessary for govern society, but that new means of war will need to be used in times of peace.



Quote, the worst system not only has been essential to the existence of nations independent political entities, but has been equally indispensable to their stable internal political structure. Without it, no government has been able to have



tain acquiescence in its legitimacy or right to rule in society.



The basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its war power.



In other words, government is war.



The war system makes the stable government of societies possible. It does this essentially by providing an external necessity for society to accept political rule. In so doing, it establishes the basis for nationhood, and the authority of government to control its constituents. What other institution or combination of programs might serve these functions in its place.



The report calls for the need to create alternative enemies. Nevertheless, an effective political substitute for war would require alternate enemies, some of which might seem equally far fetched in the context of the current war system. It may be for instance, that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by nuclear weapons as the principal apparent threat to the survival of the species. poisoning of the air, and of the principal sources of food and water supply is already well advanced in at first glance would seem promising in this respect, it constitutes a threat that can be dealt with only through social organization and political power.



Another possible surrogate for the control of potential enemies of society is the reintroduction in some form consistent with modern technology and political processes of slavery. Up until now, this has been suggested only in fiction, it is entirely possible that the development of a sophisticated form of slavery may be an absolute prerequisite for social control in a world at peace.



report also calls for the creation of a war group that would determine the quote minimum and optimum levels of destruction of life, property and natural resources, prerequisite to the credibility of external threat essential to political and motivational functions. The report also states that quote, the existence of an accepted external menace then is essential to social cohesiveness, as well as to the acceptance of political authority, the menace must be believable, it must be of a magnitude consistent with the complexity of the society threatened and it must appear at least to affect the entire society.



In general, the war system provides the basic motivation for primary social organization. The most important of these is the individual's psychological rationale for allegiance to a society and its values. allegiance requires a cause, a cause requires an enemy.



Looking at history, it will become evident that the new enemy of man would not only become global warming, but viruses and bioterrorism to enable militarized social control. Today, public health asserts that micro organisms called viruses are the single cause of disease. This is based on germ theory, a theory perpetrated by politically controlled science that has been disproven by many scientists, more of which we will explore towards the end of the series, we have been told that viruses are the enemy of man. But what exactly is a virus? In this article how viruses work it states that unlike human cells, or bacteria, viruses don't contain the chemical machinery enzymes needed to carry out the chemical reactions for life. So a virus must have a host cell bacteria, plant or animal in which to live and make more viruses outside of a host cell viruses cannot function. For this reason, viruses tread the fine line that separates living things from nonliving things. Later in this article, it states because a virus is merely a set of genetic instructions surrounded by a protein coat. And because it does not carry out any biochemical reactions of its own, viruses can live for years or longer outside a host cell.



This is a contradiction.



No virus has been detected outside of cellular tissue, as it is not a living organism. incorrectly, viruses are perceived as randomly floating in the air ready to attack us. But this natural object we call a virus, having genetic instructions inside a protein Shell has never been proven to be harmful to cells infect them or cause illness. as we shall see. There's much more evidence that they are the body's response to harm.



Loved brain science cannot see holistic principles such as origin and causality. The first question should be if a virus can only exist in a cell, and where do viruses come from? And we have answered her own question. viruses can only be made by cells.



The electron microscope found particles and blood serum entering and leaving human cells and they were instantly assumed to be hijacking the cells to reproduce. Even



Viruses are a billion times smaller than the cell. Viruses have been condemned as poison as nano terrorists in our body, from fear of the invisible, we have been taught to greatly fear viruses. And yet scientists have long known that these are fundamental parts of life made by the millions by healthy cells.



There is an intelligence in nature and a virus will not spontaneously arise from within the cell for no reason. The next holistic question would be why do cells produce viruses or microbes that we call viruses. If we do not understand natural law, that we might think cells are destructive, and that they without any reason produce a product of its own demise, coming from a nihilistic worldview.



But under natural law, there would have to be some purpose in the body's creation of viruses. In the 1960s, Dr. Reich cured hammer from Germany created a holistic approach for curing cancer and demonstrated that microbes like bacteria and viruses do not harm the organism, but instead play a supportive role during the healing process from diseases.



In 1983, scientists discovered exosomes extracellular vesicles that contain protein DNA and RNA secreted by cells. This description fits viruses so much, many now consider them the same thing. James Hildreth, MD CEO of meharry Medical College and former professor at Johns Hopkins said the virus is fully an exome in every sense of the word. More on this later, by claiming that something ourselves naturally produce is the cause of illness. The real causal factors for illness perpetrated by the eugenics medical industrial complex can be hidden.



In the book, the molecular vision of life Caltech, the Rockefeller Foundation and the rise of the new biology author Lilly ek reveals how eugenics and social engineering has shaped the 20th century sciences, which are not at all about the actual scientific method, but applying pseudoscience towards the social control and domination of man.



The iron not report also discusses how all governmental science is based on warfare. Quote, the relationship before the scientific research and discovery is more explicit. War is the principal motivational force for the development of science at every level, from the abstractly conceptual to the narrowly technological. modern society places a huge value on pure science, but it is historically inescapable that all the significant discoveries that have been made about the natural world have been inspired by the real or imaginary and military necessities of their epics.



The consequences of the discoveries have indeed gone far afield, the war has always provided the basic incentive.



There are two agendas that play here. At the highest level, the multibillion dollar chemical and pharmaceutical industries create illness and non curing medicine for eugenics and population control. While at the lower levels. The agenda is capital gain and corporatism. People at any level will do destructive things against their fellow man for money. Money is how things get incentivized. But the elite families at the top of the banking system, like the Federal Reserve don't need money as they can make money out of nothing. Have you ever asked yourself where does money come from, and who makes it the reason why the power elites win our money is not because it makes them rich as money is no obstacle to them, but because it drains us and further enslaves us so that in addition to the debt slavery of our labor, much of our earnings go to medical costs, the affliction of sickness on top of a pathological work schedule. This is truly evil.



A healthy people with the time to actually research what's going on in the world is their biggest threat.



eugenics ideology was propagated in the early 20th century. And there were us laws based on this elitist pseudoscience that included compulsory sterilization of people deemed a defect to the human gene pool. Later adding sterilization agents to water and food would also be a eugenics method, as well as the propaganda of abortion, and the women's liberation movement by the Rockefeller funded Planned Parenthood and Neo feminist social engineering.



His book war against the weak eugenics and America's campaign, Edwin black discusses how the Rockefeller Foundation helped create the German eugenics movement and even funded the Nazi program under use of Mengele consisting of deadly experience



In torture on prisoners,



Rockefeller Standard Oil partnered with a German chemical giant Igy Farben, to fuel Hitler's regime. It Farben was a cartel of six chemical companies, including Bayer host and BASF, which remain today, they tested chemicals on concentration camp inmates.



In the Rockefeller file, Gary Allen wrote that the alliance between Nazi Germany and the Rockefellers is truly shocking. And, quote, as partners with Igy Farben, they created 1000s of deadly products, including the poisonous gas used in the Nazi death camps. cyclon b that killed over a million people. After the Nuremberg trials, the convicted directors of Igy Farben were quickly set free to work in the broken up ID for our big companies that are still today the pharma giants Bayer and BASF, the United States government decided not to pursue the criminal investigation of Standard Oil.



It might come as a shock to many people. But the form of government we have in this country today basically, is socialistic. We have social programs for everything. We have educational programs to bring the curriculum around to what the the national education authorities want. And basically, we have a socialist program, but instead of the benefits going to the people, the benefits go to the corporations. Okay, so I think anyone that stops and looks at it would agree that we have socialism geared to benefit the multinational corporations. Now, interestingly enough, this is pushed along by fervent nationalism, what's good for GM is good for the country. Okay, and our country right or wrong, and we're going to go take our form of freedom and democracy to some of the country if you don't like it, we'll just invasion occupation, okay. Now, what does that tell us? That tells us that the form of government that we're operating under the day is National Socialism?



And that should come as a shock to many people, particularly when you consider that national socialism in German shortened down means Nazi. So because the Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers Party National Socialist Archer or bipartite. Okay. And so they showed it to Nazis. And, by the way, that was a form of fascism. Okay, and the man who coined the term fascism was Benito Mussolini in Italy. But Benito Mussolini himself said that fascism really wasn't the proper term, that it more correctly should have been called corporatism. And that is simply when you have the corporations running the country and controlling the government. Well, history would have us all place blame on one man for Nazi Germany, the horrific acts perpetrated could not have been possible without the support of the people and without its institutions, public health campaigns and the biggest corporations of the world working in collusion. This war machine depended on the US and other countries and was an international affair.



Through the CIA's project paperclip in 1945. Over 1600 Nazi scientists, engineers and technicians were placed into key positions of the US government's secret programs, and military industrial complex. The CIA was created not to provide intelligence to government to protect American people, but to serve the interests of the bankers and power elite that would use its monopoly on violence and militarized state to control regress, coerce and harm the people to maintain power over them.



The director of the CIA Allen Dulles was also the lawyer for Standard Oil in Igy Farben, Eric trab, studied at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, and became the lab chief of the Nazis leading bio weapons facility on Rams Island working with Heinrich Himmler. He came to work at the US Naval Medical Research Institute, giving operational advice to the CIA and the US bio weapons lab tab, along with his assistance investigated over 40 strains of infectious diseases.



Dr. Kurt bloem, who had a long standing interest in the military use of carcinogenic substances and cancer causing viruses worked on Nazi bacteriological warfare projects, experimenting on concentration camp prisoners, giving them bubonic plague vaccines and sarin gas. He was recruited by the US Army chemical corpse at advise the Pentagon on biological warfare.



Essentially, Nazi Germany's bio weapons program came to America and the US government, just like the Nazis would experiment on the public, except in more stealthy ways.



Under Franklin Roosevelt, the bioweapons Lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, was created in 1941, as described in the book



Cutting Edge a history of Fort Detrick, Maryland. A lab that was cloaked in the deepest wartime secrecy matched only by the Manhattan Project for developing the atomic bomb.



It states biological, chemical and mechanical means of protection were studied. Vaccines toxoids, antibiotics, disinfectants and antiseptics were evaluated.



George W. Merck, a key member of the panel for fort Dietrich and advisor for FDR was the owner of Merck pharmaceutical, a company that would create vaccines, and that would later create the polio vaccine with a cancer causing agent called sb 40.



The book rack of the Black Sun by Joseph Farrell discusses the Nazis secret report called Rhodes house, or red house report written in 1944 and strausberg that connects mark to the plans of the Fourth Reich. Quote, in the spring of 1944 Merkin company incorporated received a large cash infusion for Martin Bormann. This at the time mercs President George W. Merck was advising President Roosevelt and initiating strategies, America's biological weapons industry director. According to CBS News correspondent Paul Manning, the lion's share of the Nazis gold went to 750 corporations, largely including Merck to secure a virtual monopoly over the world's chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This was done not only for the Germans economic recovery, but to assure the rise of the Fourth Reich. Merck then along with Rockefeller partner i G. Farben received huge sums of money from the Nazis war chest to actualize Hitler's proclaim vision of 1000 year Third Reich and world Empire. This was outlined with clarity in a document called neuro dinan or new order that was accompanied by a letter of transmittal to the Oregon lead Ministry of economics, where your treasure Hitler advice Berman, for you will need it to begin a Fourth Reich. In 2009, former CDC chief Julie Gerberding became president of mercs vaccine division, Big Pharma and the governmental agencies are in bed together.



I testified in front of the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on emerging threats and capabilities, we are living in an age of epidemics. And we also are living in a very disordered and chaotic world where threats could emerge from natural processes from terrorism before from accidents in this world, we must be more prepared for health security. I think the most important message is that with investment we can drive actions that are pragmatic that really can improve our overall biosecurity. The United States government has implemented some important policies relative to preparedness, but we don't really have an action agenda. So the Commission has put forward some very specific actions that we think will help drive progress in this area. These aren't nice to do things. These are national imperatives, we can appoint a national leader for biosecurity at the level of the National Security Council, we can improve the speed of our ability to respond early in the course of biosecurity threats. By investing in a global health security readiness force. This would be a team of non military experts with a variety of skills and capabilities necessary to lead a response, we need to have contingency funds so that CDC and USA ID can get to the action immediately and not have to wait for congressional disbursements.



Watch now, as we begin, the United States government's version of history of bioterrorism.



The idea of using disease as a weapon gained a new level of sophistication in the early 1930s. As nationally funded research programs on biological warfare were developed. The Japanese had a very active offensive bio warfare Research Program, which included a battalion known as 731. In their program, the Japanese conducted experiments on humans using 15 to 20 different disease causing agents with anthrax being one of their favorites. Allied prisoners of war and innocent Manchurian civilians in nearby villages provided an almost endless supply of experimental subjects. When word of unit 731 leaked to the west, Allied forces began their own programs concern that Japan and possibly Germany would gain a military advantage in bio warfare research. On the third day after exposure, the casualties begin death can be seen further down the line



is of course necessary to confirm that they've died of anthrax



in 1942. On granard island off the coast of Scotland, the British conducted their first scientifically controlled bio warfare field trials, scientists exploited anthrax bombs near immobilize sheep to determine if the spores would survive and explosion and retain the ability to infect anyone nearby. test results show that



anthrax could in fact be effectively dispersed by explosive devices and could also remain viable in the soil for decades. This brought home the realization that if an anthrax bomb were dropped on a city like London, the results could have been catastrophic. granard Island was declared off limits until it was decontaminated in the 1980s. It's now safe for both humans and animals.



Like our allies, the United States responded to the perceived threats from Germany and Japan. In 1943, we began an offensive biological program with a modest research and development facility at Camp Dietrich, which is now fort Dietrich, Maryland. By the end of the program, we had weaponized a total of seven incapacitating or lethal human agents, including anthrax.



Dr. Connell makes other nations including the Japanese appear evil for their human rights violations, using allied prisoners of war and Mongolians for biological weapons experiments.



But even a superficial review of history books and medical journals, shows America's entities did the same or even worse. Funding for the health century has been provided by these partners in discovery, who have joined together to mark the centennial of the National Institutes of Health and America's unique partnership of government, academia and industry for the advancement of biomedical research.



Are these angle American corporations any less criminal than the Japanese military organizations? Dr. Cano recalls, few people ever heard about the Rockefeller Institute's Puerto Rican cancer experiment of 1932 that killed at least 13 innocent people by injecting them with cancer viruses. The Tuskegee experiment, victims remained untreated, as part of their study until 1972, after which many more died of diseases associated with their infections.



Yet, even these damaging experiments, pale by comparison to the deaths and disease caused by Merck pharmaceutical company's recent release of Vioxx. This harmed millions of people worldwide prior to the company pulling it from the market.



So America was by no means lagging behind the Nazis, the Japanese or even the Russians in administering atrocities, as Dr. Cano leads you to believe.



Dr. Cano contends that the dietrick operation was, quote, a modest research and development facility and quote, in fact Dietrich's all history, we call it being a large, sophisticated biological warfare Testing Center. The facility employs some 300 scientists, including 240 microbiologist 40 of whom had PhDs, 250 specialists and other disciplines ranging from Plant Pathology from Mathematical Statistics, and between 701,000 supporting staff. The operations occupied some 12 130 acres of federally owned land upon which 450 structures were maintained. It produced annually some 900,000 mice, 50,000 guinea pigs, 2500 rabbits and 4000 monkeys. There was also a large corral area for holding larger animals such as horses, cattle and sheep. The cost of running Dietrich's biological weapons research alone was reported at $21.9 million in 1969.



In the Vietnam War, the US government sprayed 20 million gallons of the Monsanto herbicide Agent Orange, a deadly chemical harming millions of Vietnamese as well as the US military, ranging from death to birth defects, rashes, severe psychological and neurological problems.



Because of the public's criticism of bio weapons in 1969, Nixon supposedly ended the bioweapons program, but he made the provision that bio weapons could be pursued in the form of research and defensive operations. So nothing really changed.



There was a long list of declassified human experiments conducted by the US government's bio weapons lab, and so many more that are still classified. This article notes a confidential government report written in 1951 Special Report number 142 biological warfare trials at San Francisco, California 20 to 27th September 1950, maps out the details of the city's top secret bacteria bombing. Through the tests, officials sought to accomplish three objectives to study the offensive possibilities of attacking a seaport



city with a biological warfare aerosol to highlight the vulnerability of the country's defense against such attacks, and to gain data on how bacteria affected a population.



Today we have the toxic chemical spraying populations by the military through chem trails.



Air Force veteran Kristen Meghan is a whistleblower on the topic. This is a reality of we are changing at Oregon. I'm here with Kristin Megan, who's actually a US military whistleblower. She has an amazing, fascinating story that we will share with you here today. Now, Kristin, can you tell us what branch of the military you were in and what you want covered? Sure. I was in the Air Force on active duty for nine years, and I worked in bio environmental engineering. And now I know the issue came up with chem trails. I know that's an extremely controversial issue. A lot of people are extremely divided on this issue. But you actually saw things from your experiences that kind of give it a little bit more of validity, validity than I actually saw ever before. Can you go into the details of exactly what you saw? Yeah, basically, to summarize it, part of my job was to know everything that was going on in the military, and what that might, what type of impact that might have on human health. And then the environmental aspects and impacts what chemicals are we using? How are we disposing of it kind of cradle to grave? So we were the internal compliance people for following OSHA and EPA standards. One part of that process was to approve chemicals, hazardous materials, you know, what you're using? Why do you need it? Where's it being used and tracking that disposal?



After it'd been brought to my attention about chemtrails or geoengineering? I used to think it was crazy. It actually was disrespectful to my line of work, because here we are trying to prevent environmental aspects and impacts and not have anybody get sick from our operations. But in in an attempt to debunk. I changed my life. I started noticing things I started noticing large quantities on the system where I would approve chemicals that did not have a manufacturer name wasn't tied to a building. And that was normal protocol. When it started asking questions. I slowly became demonized.



A couple years past after that, when I asked again, and people realized I was kind of being more vocal about it on social media, I was starting to be thrown into a mental institution and have my daughter taken away, well, that changed my life, I no longer view the military the same way. And I feel like after nine years of trying to uphold an oath, I'm able to do that now. So you uncovered a lot of these hidden chemicals. Where's the connection with the contrast, or the connection is at first, when I saw these large quantities of aluminum, barium, strontium oxides and sulfates. I thought, well, this could be for an industrialized process for something called shot painting or, you know, be blasting things that you've seen in kind of the automotive industry. Except those were already accounted for. I already knew how much was used for those processes. It was a little type of different constituent. And the first thing I did part of my job was to sample air, soil and water. So that's what I did. I air sampled the soil, the air and the water. And do you know my profession, I know at which levels are limits of detection, you need to check that out in the amount of pollution that was in my area. This is tests I did in Oklahoma, you know, in Georgia in Chicago, where I'm now



but then taking those samples, I knew the background because a lot of these things are naturally occurring an elemental, but not in this form and not in this quantity. So how did it get there? So just to clarify, you see these huge storage containers of these chemicals, then you do the test on the air and soil and you see the same chemicals in the air and soil now. And that's pretty pretty much been the main evidence. I've seen people who are for chemicals, use the same look at the soil. Look at the water. Look at all the chemicals in there. And now you're finally the person who's like, wait, I worked in the modes here. I saw a bunch of these chemicals there.



That's crazy. It is crazy. I used to think it was crazy. And everyone asked Why are there no pictures? Yeah. Well, I'd like to see you tried to take a picture inside of a restricted air hangar because you'll have an M 16 in your back. And the hardest part for people to realize is you know, where are the pilots? Like there's there's people who have come forward, but these people are scared. You look at what's happened to whistleblowers. Look at Snowden, look at Manning. People are scared. And I think because this topic is already labeled a conspiracy theory. I don't think the government necessarily views me as a threat yet. And I mean, I know it's not the most safe thing to do, but it's the right thing to do. It's laughed at it. It's it's made obscure.



Just two decades after the report from Iron Mountain was released, and its policies enacted a policy transition known as the revolution in military affairs occurred.



This transition is formally credited to the United States Army's War College that issued a report on this revolution in 1994. But many of its strategies for population control began years earlier. As you can see in this publication for the 1960s.



How important is this revolution.



The military equated this content to the discovery of gunpowder and the atomic bomb that revolutionized warfare globally. This new type of military action emphasizes warfare mistakenly called non lethal the weapons deployed in this revolution, like cancer viruses are deadly, but they kill slowly and most extensively through medical management.



These non lethal armaments include the use of toxic biological, chemical, and electromagnetic technologies, including genetically modified micro organisms, called GMOs used to slowly but surely make people sick.



Here is where the use of the media and especially Hollywood comes in.



critical for the success of these weapons of mass destruction. And these secret military operations is what's called command and control warfare, abbreviated C to W.



Officials at the War College we're very concerned that these new systems of control may run contrary to American values, and that their introduction might be opposed by quote, unconditioned individuals.



So the media has been used to change American values and conditioned everyone to accept new wars and methods of conducting war.



In fusion of psychiatric teachings into American government, academic institutions, schools and companies applied propaganda methods intensively.



A specialized part of this revolution in military affairs involve chemical as well as biological weapons. This warfare provides a key for criminal cover, which is called plausible deniability.



Experts say the CIA uses this all the time to get away with assassinations and other crimes.



Worst of all, no effective cures can be found while the scientific community debates for decades about what is actually causing the many contemporary sicknesses and diseases. Experts increasingly say are related to this one two punch chemical biological intoxication.