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Tyranny and eugenics through public health, bioterrorism and vaccines,


Part Four.


Welcome back to part four. The purpose of this series is to compile research that is difficult to find to save you time to be of reference to introduce you to conspiracy research in the natural law paradigm. Right now more than ever, we need people to begin to understand the big picture. It is recommended that you watch this series from the beginning as a story is unfolding, interwoven with the many aspects of bioterrorism. While this is a depressing topic, I hope you will choose to watch the entire series as there will be solutions on how to handle these issues. Ultimately, the message here is one of positivity that recognizing that knowledge is power, and that it is important to not only understand how to improve our lives and the lives of others, but understand why we are in our current condition by understanding natural law. To recap from part three, we looked at the flawed science of germ theory, germ theory sees a part of our body such as cell fragments and endogenous retroviruses, which genetic material as nano invaders seeking to hijack ourselves and take over.


When being taught about these supposedly dangerous pathogens, we are often shown the picture of bacteria phages, which look like scary spidery micro organisms, the bacteria phages are not the viruses they are talking about. retroviruses like aids Corona viruses and other viruses of viral pandemics do not look like this, but are spherical objects with receptor sites. For example, look at a slide like this in an educational presentation where the virus and retrovirus are depicted as these creepy guys. But the down here it shows you the actual structure which is circular. Right after this slide. It goes into how retroviruses can cause some cancers like aids, we're going to get to the bottom of this. mainstream science claims they attack and kill bacteria but we cannot trust mainstream science. It is more than likely bacteria. phages were modified to kill bacteria as there was evidence for these studies after its discovery in 1917. To help with colera relatedly. Using micro organisms to kill micro organisms is the theory behind antibiotics. The major product of Big Pharma antibiotics means against life and kills bacteria. While antibiotics can give a short term solution, they work against the body not with it, suppressing the original issue and creating negative side effects, particularly killing the very needed healthy bacteria in the gut.


We will see how I mean part of bioterrorism is to attack healthy gut bacteria. Since our immune system is very connected to the health of our digestive tract. Under natural law, even in the microscale nature is very supportive when we understand how it operates. Bacteria never really die they just morph when they are not needed to recycle up death as described in the pleomorphic cycle. Once we recognize that what appears as unhealthy bacteria is the effect of manmade environmental toxins. We can understand the cause. Medicine aligned to natural law should not cause harm or be against life. With germ theory Big Pharma creates drugs designed to kill viruses and related pathogens as well as killing cancer cells. This attacks a person's own body, which is why some medications and chemotherapy can kill and can never be blamed. plausible deniability. These experiments coming from Louis pasture and Robert Koch in the early 20th century are based on the premise that natural pathogens can be isolated from disease. cancerous tissue, or the blood of a chronically ill person, and then shown to be infectious through injection. This is what underlies vaccine theory. There's a partial truth here and a partial lie, but much needs to be explained first. In 1892, Russian scientists Dimitri Ivan hausky, who is considered one of the first virologists performed a similar experiment, to Francis Payton rousse, who we discussed in part three rusi used chickens while Ivan outski used tobacco plants. Ivan now ski took the liquid of a sick tobacco plant and passed it through a filter find enough where bacteria are too big to pass through. Then he sprayed that solution onto the leaves of a healthy plant, which contracted the illness of the first plant. The conclusion was that an entity called the tobacco mosaic virus is an infectious disease. Remember this experiment as we will come back to it soon and offer explanations. The point is that when looking at diseased or cancerous tissue, or liquid in both plants and animals, we are more often than not looking at the effects and immune responses not the cause. And these effects can be harmful when matched with healthy plants and animals even though not harmful to the host. When we see so called diseased plants shouldn't our first suspect be problems with water, soil and air recall terrain theory and how disease occurs because of unhealthy conditions. Commonly what is being analyzed under the electron microscope. Our cellular waste and debris is not pathogens that reveal an energetic issue. But the CDC wants us to believe that this is viral or genetic. In 1923, Otto Warburg found that the underlying cause of cancer was chronic oxygen deficiency at the cellular level, which negatively affects the mitochondria. The sub cellular structure is responsible for converting oxygen into ATP energy. The body destroys its own cancer cells through our pop ptosis but loses this ability when there is not enough mitochondrial power. It has been reported that 90% of our energy comes from oxygen, and the mitochondria need oxygen along with glucose to function. This is cellular respiration. Without it there is oxidative stress. warbucks findings were also confirmed by Dr. Paul Gearhart seeker in 1938, who saw that the mitochondria dysfunction was due to the reduction of the enzyme called cytochrome oxidase, what destroys mitochondria and oxygen uptake. This article states that the actual cause is without question due to the vast number of poisonous chemical substances that we find in our civilization. synthetic chemicals provide an inexhaustible supply of poisonous and cancer producing substances. All of these airborne waterborne and foodborne toxins and poisons adversely affect the mitochondria. Additionally, a very imbalanced and disturbed gastro intestinal tract prevails in a large portion of civilized people, there exists an imbalance of the vital bacteria flora. These incorrect pathogenic bacteria in foreign matter have numerous different chemical compositions, obstruct, inhibit or completely destroy the oxido reductive system. Let's pause on this subject for a second here. These environmental toxins are profitable for chemical companies and productive to the eugenicists, the corporate structure is intrinsically bonded to the status structure. The most profitable chemical company from 2017 to 2009, was BASF. Recall a subsidiary of Igy Farben, Nazi Germany,


the EPA and FDA, the two agencies that are supposed to regulate environmental toxins really encourage their corporate and political use. The FDA works directly with chemical companies like Monsanto. According to this article in 2015, the EPA has 84,000 chemicals in its inventory, but only 1% have been tested for safety. Another article in 2016 claims the EPA has only banned nine chemicals. More than 200 chemical contaminants have been detected in the umbilical cord blood of newborns. The poison papers.org is a site where activist Carol von Strom has compiled over 20,000 documents directly from the EPA, FDA Department of Defense and other regulatory agencies and big companies, revealing the deception surrounding many pesticides and synthetic chemicals.


the corruption of the FDA is explored in Samuel Epstein's book criminal indifference of the FDA to cancer prevention. While the corruption of the EPA is explored in the book poisoned spring, The Secret History of pollution and the EPA, by eg valia NATOs, who worked at the EPA for 25 years, he calls it the polluters Protection Agency. He writes, by 1979, America already had 7500 manufacturers producing 47,000 industrial chemicals in amounts totaling more than 500 billion pounds per year. A great many of those substances have the potential for trouble. Among the most well known a Bastos threatened not merely a quarter million workers and its mining and manufacturer, but also endangered some 5 million children because their schools had a Bastos, in their classrooms. Benson expose 110 million urban Americans to chronic levels of poisoning and 30,000 workers to far more intense hazard. The list of industrial chemicals and their historical effects on people is very long indeed. In the 1970s, William Karl Henrik Hooper, a renowned scientist at the National Institutes of Health, described the world's industrial chemicals as a global disaster. He stated, it is in the best interest of mankind that industry makes the proper adaptations for eliminating and reducing environmental and occupational cancer hazards. Hooper wrote in 1976 human beings lack the ability to make the appropriate biologic adaptations for effectively combating the growth wave of toxic and carcinogenic risks propagated by modern industry, which represents biologic death bombs, with a delayed time fuse, and which may prove to be in the long run as dangerous to the existence of mankind has the arsenal of atomic bombs. Not only are the products of these chemical companies toxic, but also their hazardous byproducts produced by the manufacturer of chemicals like pesticides, dyes, gases, petrochemicals, paints, and synthetic materials like plastics. These toxic byproducts are emitted into the air and run downstream into water sources. Some of these toxins include arsenic, cadmium, cyanide, mercury, chromium, and lead which contaminate everything. Thus it is not only about becoming a better consumer, as these chemicals affect everyone. Instead of giving any attention to this, the mainstream media only cares about global warming and co2. When geo engineering chemical spraying has played a part in this and other weather changes. Curiously, the EPA was created in 1970, around the same time of institutionalizing the war on cancer. The new methods of warfare during the Cold War would involve dropping cancer bombs, as well as this information bombs about cancer during the Nixon Kissinger era. What is also a cause of disease besides environmental toxins deficiency, as the two causes of disease or deficiency and toxicity, which can obviously be related. This can be a deficiency of elements, vitamins, minerals, water, plant proteins and carbohydrates. Cellular dysfunction due to deficiency is certainly not going to be seen under a microscope. g Edward Griffin, author of the creature on Jekyll Island, a book about the international bankers seizing the American banking system through the Federal Reserve in 1913. Wrote world without cancer, the story of vitamin B 17. Discussing the care of lightrail its success stories and suppression for the same oligarchy of the banking system. Griffin discusses how cancer is a deficiency disease rather than caused by a virus. malnutrition causes disease especially in the third world. Since the Bretton Woods agreement in the 1940s. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund have literally raped and plundered the third world for their resources through debt slavery, resulting in extreme poverty for their inhabitants a main causal factor in disease. The aids agenda conceal this by blaming 29 diseases on an elusive pathogen. In looking at various alternative theories on viruses, we saw how they could be pleomorphic entities and cell fragments like exosomes assisting in genetic communication regarding cleaning up the terrain of dead cellular matter. Our genetic code is not static, but constantly changing according to our environment in our consciousness. Our understanding of this exchange and communication of genetic information is simply archaic due to our financially motivated and state controlled pseudoscience. Dr. Lynn Margulis, who wrote the symbiotic planet in 1998, reveals how there is also genetic material in the mitochondria in cytoplasm of the cell. Well, we have looked at the mechanical physical movements of genetic activity, sending and receiving information. Let's go deeper on the subject of interest. cellular communication.


Research outside the failed medical paradigm has revealed that the DNA double helix of spiral is a superconductor of electricity, electromagnetic transmissions, bio acoustic reception and sacred geometry of Pythagorean mathematics and musical harmonics.


The many scientists who have investigated this are presented in this really informative book, DNA Pirates of the sacred spiral by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. The DNA molecule is based on the golden section measuring 34 angstroms long and 21 angstroms wide these numbers are in the Fibonacci series, and the ratio is close to the fire ratio.


The DNA molecule is shaped as a dodecahedron, a 12 sided polyhedron corresponding to the 12 astrological science in 12. musical notes


Do you need functions go way beyond protein synthesis into morphogenesis cellular tissue differentiation, healing and regeneration involving Love and Light. In 1787, German musician and physicist Ernest kolodny wrote discoveries concerning the theory of sound, showing how sound waves could generate visible geometric shapes from particles like dust on a plate. Hans Jenny took the study further calling it cymatics. In his book, The structure and dynamics of waves and vibrations, he concluded after many tests of sound and vibration on fluid powders and liquid pastes that quote, this is not an unregulated chaos. It is a dynamic but ordered pattern, and quote,


the work of Dr. Masaru emoto. In the hidden messages of water 2004 showed how water is a blueprint for reality, and that emotional energies, words intentions and vibrations can change the molecular structure of water. This becomes very important in recognizing how our emotions can affect our bodies, and each other. Ultimately, DNA and cellular components can receive transduce transmit electrical, acoustic, magnetic, mechanical and thermal vibrations through nanostructured water crystals. Bio electrical signaling takes place within cells through its liquid cytoplasmic gel composed of water crystals and across extracellular matrices of fiber optics, for instantaneous communication, also involving musical frequencies.


Dancing with water by MJ pan man and Melanie Evans discusses the liquid crystalline state of water and how cell membranes and collagen are also liquid crystals, creating a cytoplasmic matrix that reaches every cell DNA surrounded by structured water structured water being similar to the molecular geometry of quartz crystals. biophotons the light emissions of cells was discovered by Russian embryologist, Alexander Gersh, which, in the 1920s, who was convinced that middle genic radiation was an expression of morphogenetic fields. Dr. Franco Pistole fee, author of bio structures and radiation for her disorder is a bio electric expert who theorized that intercellular communications instantaneously effects cells throughout the body, occurring by means of peezy Electric interactions and photon photon transduction of electromagnetic signals are both endogenous and exogenous origin. He saw that coherent communications were performed by cytoskeleton structures, carotene filaments of demos, ohms and collagen fibers of the extracellular matrix serving as structures for morphological expressions of a unified system. His vision of hydrogen bonds were like strings in a heart correlating to molecular vibrational frequencies with the song of life.


Recall I've announced he's experiment with the tobacco plant. Researchers Sofia small storm has brought to our attention how the tobacco mosaic virus has electrical properties as described on the Wikipedia page where it states due to its cylindrical shape, high aspect ratio, self assembling nature and ability to incorporate metal coatings, nickel and cobalt into its shell to The tobacco mosaic virus is an ideal candidate to be incorporated into battery electrodes. Addition of tmb battery electrode increases the reactive surface area by an order of magnitude, resulting in an increase in the battery's capacity by up to six times compared to a planar electrode geometry.


In 1903, Ivan outski published a paper describing abnormal Crystal intercellular inclusions in the host cells of affected tobacco plants. Whether it was known then or not, these crystalline structures conduct electricity, small storms theory about viruses is that they contain a piece of electric energy needed by the body when the cell's energetic level is too low and is suffering from oxidative stress. Recall to the lack of mitochondrial power, which is analogous to a nano battery power is the main cause of disease and cancer when the rate of death and injury is stronger than the rate of repair. Her theory is that when bacteria cannot clean up the terrain, viruses come to re energize the cell's cytoplasm when entering the cell with its electric charge. This energy can help the cell produce exosomes, which again have viral like properties.


While the shape of the tobacco mosaic virus fits the purpose of manmade battery power, spherical shapes like viruses can conduct electricity to today they are using genetically modified tobacco mosaic viruses and nanotechnology technology at the nanometre level as to be a template to structure synthetic atoms.


Let's briefly get deep into cosmic science. According to scientific genius, Walter Russell Nutter is the effect of energy not the cause. The book remembered for love a biography and they are Russell Walter Russell's wife claims that according to Leo, Albert Einstein told his close friend Ben norvik, who told her that he regretted not studying Russell's work, and that he intuitively knew that Russell possessed the scientific knowledge the world desperately needed. The materialist view is always on the hunt for the particle that will explain how the universe works. Failing to understand that the cause and structure of the universe is mental and cannot be perceived with the senses. Russell designed models of physical reality that incorporate these physically invisible aspects or purely mental aspects like infinite spirit, as the center balancing magnetic point for all electric motion that creates matter through polarity within an invisible geometric structure, the cubic wave field consisting of planes of stillness that cannot be perceived as visible particle or invisible Ray, it can only be perceived with Universal Mind. This information takes my breath away. And there is a lot to grasp here, and requires years of study, so I merely invite you to check out Russell's work available on the internet. This work reveals the many flaws of mainstream atomic science and particle physics that see matter as the beginning and end of all things when it is not. Russell recognized that energy which is electric is not within matter, but within the creator spirit the all and that our dark age atheistic science tries to find the invisible cause in the visible effect, thus manipulating reality backwards, like creating energy by colliding matter with matter. Not realizing that all energy is electric physics grapples with an incomplete and contradictory theory and mathematics of gravity, electromagnetism, and nuclear strong and weak forces lacking unity. This is why we don't have free energy. Free Energy is technology align it to natural law, while the combustion of energy from fossil fuels is not in alignment, and thus unsustainable. Both Walter Russell and Nikola Tesla's free energy inventions have been suppressed, as this opposes the corporate status paradigm. In the hermetic laws, there is no law of particle or law of matter, but the laws of mind correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, causality and gender, which are the laws of the physical world as well as mental. A deep hermetic truth is that all matters energized comes to be by Universal Mind and electric motion. As Nikola Tesla said, to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Western philosophy Eastern metaphysics and quantum mechanics have all realized that matter is an illusion. Although this isn't me Don't take life seriously as our experiences are real, with real consequences, even within a universal mental construct. There was amazing holistic insights Russell organized the periodic chart into a spiral in which each element corresponds to a face in the polar electric cycle. Each element also corresponding to whole numbers, color, and musical notes.


The language of the all regards a holistic expression of light number of mathematics, sacred geometry and sound. Sound consists of music and word word contains meaning emanating from Cosmic Mind. Philosophy explores word for evolutionary expansion, our mental frequency must be tuned into truth and morality, and our emotional frequency to love and joy. It is important to begin to understand how big the discrepancy is between our current scientific paradigm and a natural law one, realizing the incredible nature of our bodies, the temples for our souls at the cellular level, and the nature of reality at the atomic level brings extreme contrast to the darkness of empire founded on control, greed and power that seeks to occult true knowledge and manipulate biological processes on flawed scientific understanding, merely to degrade the human species. Understanding the Electric Universe, we can see why there is a strong correlation between illness and manmade electromagnetic radiation. electric fields radio waves have profound biological effects from electronics to home appliances, power lines to cell phone towers, Wi Fi to 5g, this is invisible, although detectable toxicity.


experiments were performed by Vp kasma triumph and his team showing that death could be transmitted through bouncing off the frequency of one toxic substance to another. To cell cultures and quartz containers were placed on each side of a window and one cell culture was subjected to a deadly mechanism, poison or electromagnetic. When the window that separated the two cell cultures was made of glass, the second sample remained healthy. But when the window was made of quartz, the second sample sickened and died. Quartz transmits both infrared and ultraviolet. While glass prohibits this. The conclusions were that each cell as a dyes emits a UV photon containing the exact virtual pattern of its stuff that can be transferred through conductive material. disease can be transmitted through electromagnetism. It should be no surprise that kasma chives experiments are being used as biological weapons for governments to use against the population. Why did the viral crystals from the first plant give the second plant the same illness containing electrical force the viral crystals could have given the leaves of the second too much electricity, literally frying the leaves. The characteristics of the illness could have been shared because the viral crystals store that information from the first and transmitted it being in contact in a certain way. This in addition to probable toxic waste being shared, it is possible for a sick person to trigger sickness and another when we consider frequency transmission. But the trigger requires other factors as well. We will go into contagion later as we must address another topic first. Even thoughts and feelings energetically affect others in the environment whether we are conscious of it or not. independent researcher Lena who has studied 5g with a background working for the government in science, she has put together information revealing how 5g was first created as a bio weapon. She has performed her own experiments showing the harmful effects of micro radiation on blood at certain frequencies coagulate the blood. Her website is mean as healing frequencies calm. By seeing how cymatics influences sand and other small particles, we can just imagine how the blood and water in our bodies are affected by certain vibrations. In 2016, the Federal Communications Commission the FCC announced the unleashing of the entire spectrum of microwaves for commercial purposes, consisting of 3000 frequencies, considered Zener waves. These frequencies do not naturally occur on Earth, as the only frequencies that we need to sustain life are from the sun. While military documents revealed the government knows what is harmful or not for bio weapon purposes, the FCC has never done any safety studies on any frequencies. Herman P. Schwann mentioned in part two, a scientists from project paperclip set the safe limit for human exposure to microwave energy of 100 watts per square meter, or 10 million micro watts per square meter in 1953, which is the set limit for today but the bio niche Report claims that the safe level limit is really only six to 10 microwatts. That's millions less than what is allowed.


I have never met an electromagnetic radiation frequency that is life giving. Have you ever read a study that says, oh, by the way, microwave radiation made this person think better made this person healthier made this person's heart beat rhythm, you know, stronger? And it's a nice sustain? Of course not. No, because it doesn't belong on Earth. So what did FCC Tom wheeler announced he announced the entire bandwidth of entire frequencies. So what does that mean? So if there's 3000 frequencies, and each generation they introduced by 10, so, you know, just I'm just kind of giving you an idea of really the Quantum Leap of what 5g really means. It's 297 G. Okay. And people are so sick from being exposed to the combination of 5g on top of 4g. People are already getting sick from 4g, and 3g. But you are adding 5g which is an unlimited numbers of frequencies because the FCC says we're going to increase, you know, the world's opportunities by Okay, here we go. Alright, so here we go. So 5g, I know there's a lot of misconception people say always only millimeter ways. Well, because as I said before, FCC said this entire spectrum of microwaves is the low band, mid band high band, the entire spectrum of 300 megahertz to 300 gigahertz. You're basically you know, it's it's, it's the full range, so 2g, 3g, 4g had a limit, okay? The the highest bandwidth, they started going higher and higher in frequency 4g 2.1. That's about what's coming off cell towers, 5g. Now they're, you know, FCC is allowing all kinds of bandwidth to be auctioned off, which is horrific. And it's being done right now. While they're rolling out 5g. So here, microwaves fall within the radio waves. And the millimeter waves is that small bandwidth within the microwaves, the 30 to 300 gigahertz. And then 60 I don't know if you guys are aware that they've also introduced 60. They're not even finished rolling out the 5g but people are already getting sick with 5g. Six g is the terahertz. terahertz is it rips apart your DNA, it's known to do that there's scientific proof that it does. And they're using that for health products and devices, electronic equipments, that's where they're hoping to put the terahertz. That's what the whole thing.


Let's take a step back for a moment. In the 1940s nuclear radiation was unleashed on the planet. And I want to make note that this didn't just affect Japan. It is estimated that 340,000 to 690,000 Americans died from the radioactive fallout of nuclear testing 1951 to 1973. We have to also consider the amount of people who were harmed from the non lethal effects and genetic damage. In 1944, the medical team of the Manhattan Project injected human species with radioactive plutonium in Rochester, New York, these experiments were carried out across the country at Manhattan Project affiliated hospitals.


In the 1970s, cancer chemical bombs were dropped on our food and later on all the environment through geo engineering, and aircraft chemical bombs. If this wasn't bad enough, now we are really entering the next Cold War of microwave radiation and unseen war. The frequency of 5g precisely absorbs oxygen at 60 gigahertz. This causes oxygen to spin, which makes oxygen uptake by the hemoglobin in the blood difficult. In part two, we discussed how the symptoms of the C word overlap the symptoms of 5g It seems probable that this sentence was picked up in an algorithm on YouTube banning the video since this topic has been targeted for censorship. Strangely, on July 16 2020, the NIH National Institute of Health published an article titled 5g technology and induction of Coronavirus in skin cells. The editor from the magazine it was published in demanded a retraction or lack of peer review, but you can still download the article from our website. In the abstract, it says in this research we show that 5g millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing coronaviruses and biological cells. To produce these viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size of the cell. Thus 5g millimeter waves could be a good candidate for applying in constructing virus like structures such as coronaviruses COVID-19 within cells. Why would the mainstream media mock that can spirit of 5g and the C word when there have been scientific studies on it. It is not by accident that respiratory illness is occurring during the silent war on oxygen. Even the war on cancer is a war on mitochondrial oxygen uptake. To add insult to injury, we are forced to wear face masks to prohibit more oxygen intake. In this 2008 report entitled preliminary report on surgical mask induction deoxygenation. during major surgery it claims there has been no controlled study concerning with the effects of surgical masks on the level of blood oxygenation. why this is such a simple thing to test and it's so common sensical to test. Continuing the report, in this study, we have measured the oxygen saturation of arterial pulsations SPO, two by pulse examiner and found a statistically significant decrease in the blood otu saturation level of the surgeon post operationally, which is not due to prolonged standing or stress. considering our findings, this is the first Clinical Investigation reporting a decrease in blood otu saturation and an increase in pulse rates of the surgeons after the operations due to surgical mask usage. A person crashed his car from wearing a face mask. On the OSHA fact sheet. It claims that wall respirators are designed to reduce a workers exposure to airborne contaminants. surgical masks are not designed or certified to prevent the inhalation of small airborne contaminants.


You besides just being idiots and being lies, you've already compromised your integrity, how do you sleep at night, okay, it just takes an hour you don't have to be adopted. This takes an average person put on a freaking mask and put on an oximeter pulse oximeter and you'll see your oxygen levels drop, especially if you have some type of a restrictive airway issue going on, you'll see it drop within a minute or two, how the laws work, but I would suggest that you get a letter from your doctor or healthcare provider, but at least be armed with this information so that nobody can make you wear face masks because remember this, if you wear a face mask, you are restricting your oxygen, you are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide that you're breathing back, the face masks themselves, they've already done studies on the face mask and you breathing in the same stuff in and out. So there's actually an increased amount of bacteria that accumulates on what you're breathing, the condensation from your breath is breaking down the polypropylene components of the face mask. And then you breathing in those toxic components and creating a hysto toxic or toxic hypoxic injury. You're obviously becoming hypoxic from just breathing in the not being able to get in fresh oxygen, but then you're also increasing your cortisol levels. And that drives you into the flight fight response was just sympathomimetic overdrive, and then that suppresses your immune system. And these are all common things that all easily proven published things. You don't have to be rocket science to understand it. I've even had people try to challenge me on that, like, how do you know that I'm like, seriously, you know, it's like saying, Well, if I walk out in the rain without an umbrella, you're gonna get wetter? How do you know that? How can you prove it to get wet? Well, okay, if you don't know that water on top, you only do wet and that's, you know, everybody knows that steroids and cortisol suppresses immune system, it's a fundamental aspect of life is a fundamental aspect of physiology, just like how do you know that you need more oxygen, because without oxygen, we die, okay. So put anything that restricts your oxygen flow is going to cause a problem. And again, all the things that I'm talking about, you know, like the polypropylene components of the mask, and all these different things I'm giving you tend to empower you with information. So you know what's really happening. That's all assuming that it was actually a benefit conferred by the mask. It's not the pores are so big compared to the particles that they're trying to keep out. You know, as I've said before, it's like building a chain link fence and trying to keep dust particles out. It doesn't work, it doesn't work. It just simply doesn't work. And then the people trying to say, Well, you know, for the particulate matter and from breathing aspect, guys, you're increasing your own susceptibility. When you wear a mask to every pathogen that's out there virus, bacteria, sparkies, mycoplasma, yeast, fungi, parasites, whatever, you are increasing your own susceptibility. When you wear a mask, you're stressing your body out, you're making your body weaker, you're making yourself hypoxic, you're more susceptible, more vulnerable to any pathogen, okay? And any person, any person who challenges that they've already compromised the integrity. This is like telling you that the sky is not blue, okay? I'm telling you, this guy's good no matter what you wanna call it, it's blue. And anybody who says the sky is not blue, and they want to challenge my credentials or they want to challenge my information or my resources or put it they want to challenge they can label whatever they want. Guess what doesn't change the fact the sky is still blue. Okay, you can make yourself to be any type of authority that the sky that you are authority on the sky and is not blue and don't believe anything that anybody's saying, but the sky still blue. And and the number of


a side note about OSHA which Nixon also established in 19. Somebody, Darrell Whitman, who worked at the federal OSHA whistleblowing Protection Program blew the whistle on OSHA and other agencies, claiming that there was, quote, a systemic cover up of corruption by firing and retaliating against federal whistleblowers and many government departments including DLL, God, FAA, NASA, he states that this is a threat to the health and safety of workers and the public of the United States. The FAA and other agencies have put the safety of the public in danger by the capture of them by the company. That they are supposed to regulate. Basically all the alphabet names that dictate our public health are all corrupt. And if you bring up any ethical issue, you will be attacked. Justice we can be harmed with frequencies, we can also be healed by them. Royal rights technology showed this as he could cure cancer with frequency. We will go into healing frequencies towards the end but a great way to combat all this microwave radiation is to get a lot of sunlight. The most healing vibration in our solar system. take frequent breaks from electronics, and seek to spend quality time in nature. Our technology digital and electronic attempts to mimic what happens not only at the cellular level, but atomic level, as all energy comes from electricity. Because of ill intention to control and rule and a false understanding of reality, our current technology is inadequate, we would be more evolutionary without it. Our potential is to create technology aligned with nature based on metaphysical laws that would not only uplift our physical health to higher vibrations, but allow us to achieve so much more, it would be near infinitely better than what we have today. Controlled science only cares to know how to create a certain outcome, that which monitors controls, harms and is profitable, all other knowledge is considered superfluous. While all matter is motion, modern science and its reductionism only cares about manipulating one solid piece against another as seen with a particle accelerator. Similarly, in genetic engineering, genes which compromise a sequence of nucleotides in the genome are simply moved through cut and paste mechanical means lacking the understanding of elegant natural laws both physical electricity, light acoustics, number, color, and spiritual spirit, morality and discernment. The whole field of genetic engineering and biotechnology was instigated by eugenics institutions and Nazi supporters connected with the financial political oligarchy. For molecular visions. The cognitive instructional reconfigurations of molecular biology were greatly facilitated through the powerful resource base of the Rockefeller Foundation. During the years 1932 to 1959, the foundation poured about 25 million into the molecular biology program in the United States, more than 1/4 of the foundation's total spending for the biological sciences outside of medicine, including from the early 1940s on enormous sums for agriculture. The Cold Spring Harbor laboratory established in New York in 1890, was involved in the research of cancer neuroscience, plant genetics and human genomics. This laboratory has close ties with the Rockefeller syndicate. In 1904, Charles Davenport became director of Cold Spring Harbor and was the main leader in the American eugenics movement. After publishing heredity in relation to eugenics, Davenport was elected to the National Academy of Sciences, and he supported Hitler's rise to power in their plan to eliminate the inferior races of Germany. According to Wikipedia, Davenport, quote, maintain connections with various Nazi institutions and publications both before and during World War Two and quote, in 1988, Cold Spring Harbor laboratory established the DNA Learning Center, which is entirely devoted to public genetics education.


In f William angles article, genetics are the new eugenics, how GMOs reduce the human population, he states, the real agenda of GMO, which I've documented in great detail in my book, seeds of destruction come from the Rockefeller Foundation, who financed the Nazis eugenics experiments of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin and in Munich. Their goal was the elimination of what they called undesirable eaters, that is called population reduction. After the war, the head of the American eugenics society who was a good friend of john D. Rockefeller, at the annual conference of the American eugenics society said, From today,


eugenics is genetics.


In this book, altered genes twisted truth how the venture to genetically engineer our food has subverted science, corrupted government and systematically deceived the public. Stephen trucker exposes how the creation of GMOs is one of the biggest scientific frauds of our time, revealing intent to deliberately harm the public.


In fact, just another example, in 2001, the expert panel, an expert panel of the Royal Society of Canada, that nation's premier scientific body, issued an extensive report, among other things, declaring that it is, quote, scientifically unjustifiable, unquote, to presume that genetically engineered foods are safe, and that the default presumption and that's their term default. presumption for every GE food, food should be that the genetic alteration is induced unintended and potentially harmful side effects. Now based on extensive analysis, the Public Health Association of Australia also expressed concerns about the risks of genetically engineered foods. And the eminent medical journal, the Lancet has also criticized the notion that these foods are no riskier than conventional ones. And its editors have stated that there are, quote, good reasons to believe that specific risks may exist, unquote. And the British Medical Association has likewise sounded a similar theme.


Also, just most recently, in January of this year, a statement signed by over 300 experts was published in a peer reviewed scientific journal, stating that there was they didn't recognize the experts, they didn't recognize that genetically engineered foods had been demonstrated safe, and that there was no consensus about their safety within the scientific community. Let's move on to another claim. We hear it many times. And it's supposed to give us comfort that these foods are well regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. That is not true at all. For one thing, the administrators of the Food and Drug Administration faced with all that input for their scientists, what do they do about it, they covered it up, they ignored it, they covered it up and they pretended it didn't exist. And the the policy statement they released in May of 1992 claims that the agency was not aware of any information showing that foods derived through genetic engineering differ in any uniform or meaningful way from other foods. It's very difficult, I think, to read the extensive input from the FDA scientists, and then read that statement and say, You say you're not aware of any information. You know, if they've said we're not aware of any proof, they're dangerous, they could have been within the bounds of of you know, truthfulness, but to say no information, I don't know, they just must have a very strange definition of information. The they also claimed that there was an overwhelming consensus of the scientific community, these foods were safe, that they were generally recognized as safe and didn't need to be tested. And of course, their own files show that they knew there was not general recognition of safety in the scientific community at that point, nor has there been at any point since then. Also, and so the FDA in May of 1992, declared that they weren't going to require any safety testing at all. And that is still the policy in the United States. The FDA essentially has zero regulation on genetically engineered foods, any regulation coming from a governmental agency is not coming from the FDA. There's some regulation coming from the USDA, and some regulation from the EPA, but there is none from the FDA. Now, by stating what it has stated and taking the policy it has taken. The FDA is not only violated ethical standards, it has violated us food safety law, because by law, foods containing new additives and genetically engineered foods are under the purview of the statute and the accompanying FDA regulations, foods, foods containing new additives, the additives don't have a history of safe use prior to 1958. These foods are by law presumed unsafe, and the manufacturer has the burden of demonstrating they're safe, proving they're safe according to standard scientific procedures. And the standard of proof is high, they have to prove they're safe to a reasonable certainty of no harm, not absolute safety, because nothing is absolutely safe, but reasonable certainty of no harm. And the FDA has basically not only turned his back on the law, it has evaded the law and violated that law in allowing genetically engineered foods to come to market without the requirement of a smidgen of safety testing. In fact, the FDA does not even require manufacturers to give it notice before they marketed genetically engineered food. So an unscrupulous manufacturer could have dumped any number of GMOs that had been in test plots and hadn't turned out well on our market without having to tell the FDA at all. That's that's basically the situation. Now, many of you have heard about some kind of review process that the FDA is conducting. That's actually not a scientific review. It was set up by the FDA to give the illusion that there is actually some review going on. And there's a memo on the file that discusses that they're going to have this voluntary review process to avoid the impression that they've given the industry complete self regulation, but they have given the industry complete self regulation. And so this volunteer, it's a purely voluntary consultation product process. And the FDA doesn't even ask for or get original data, any data from any tests. And even the FDA biotechnology coordinator has admitted in a rare moment of candor, that this voluntary consultation process does not amount to a scientific review. And there's at least one other occasion in which the FDA officially has also acknowledged that this program is not a scientific review. And yet in public, the FDA often tries to purport that it is and most proponents of genetically engineered foods will tell you that genetically engineered foods are undergoing rigorous scientific review from the FDA. And I know there are several members of Congress who have been deeply confused on that. And I've talked to Congress representative for my district who was shocked when he learned the truth because he thought the FDA was seriously rigorously regulating these foods, testing them reviewing them. So that's that That's part of the disinformation that has been permeated. Now.


Just briefly, why would the FDA do this? Why would the FDA adopt not only a lacks policy but an illegal policy? Well, in 1986, a directive to federal administrative agencies was issued by the reagan White House, establishing a policy to foster the biotech industry. And this policy has remained enforced throughout all successive presidential administrations, including the current one. Now, how about the claim that genetically engineered foods have been carefully tested and been proven safe? And you may be wondering, well, even if the FDA doesn't require testing, surely we know that the European Union and other nations do require testing? Well, there is some testing required elsewhere. But it certainly doesn't meet the standard of rigorous testing. In fact, that report by the Royal Society of Canada that I referred to earlier, not only lamented the lack of adequate testing of genetically engineered foods at that point in time, it noted that there weren't even in any validated test protocols to assess their safety and what is termed a biologically and statistically meaningful manner. Thus, all of the many claims of safety up to them and we're talking about GE foods haven't been on the market for over five years at that point. All of those claims that they've been demonstrated safe according to the expert panel of the Royal Society of Canada didn't hold water at all, because there weren't even any validated test protocols at that point. Now, the European Union didn't even start requiring toxicological feeding studies employing the whole food until 2013. Up until that point, they the requirements were extremely lacks, and certainly did not meet the kind of, of safety testing that the FDA is experts had said would be necessary, or the experts on the at the Royal Society of Canada that issued their reports, they stated that rigorous testing with the whole food was needed. That wasn't even required for the first time by the European Union until 2013. And even then, the requirement was only for medium term testing, no more than 90 days was required. But 90 days is too short, many experts have recognized that and there's actually evidence to that fact, because there, there's a two year study that was conducted a few years ago, very rigorous one that took a genetically engineered roundup resistant variety of genetically engineered corn or maize, the way it's referred to in the rest of the world that Monsanto had produced. Monsanto had subjected that, that genetically engineered corn variety to a 90 day test. There were some differences that were detected there. Monsanto dismissed them as not biologically meaningful and the European Union regulators led agreed with Monsanto, and they approved it. Well, that same GE genetically engineered corn. A few years later, a team in Europe have independent university researchers took that and they put it through a very rigorous two year study, which is a long term study, and they detected several problems. And this study was published in a peer reviewed journal in 2012. The, the results were highly damaging to the image of the roundup resistant crop that went in other ones because of the way the study was designed, because they just demonstrated a high degree of damage to the rats that ate that that crop. The studies revealed that roundup not only the roundup herbicide, but that the genetically engineered maize each independently cause serious injury to the livers and the kidneys, abnormal onset of large tumors and increased mortality. And such problems had not been seen in Monsanto's study, because many of them took longer than 90 days to develop. For instance, the first tumors didn't even form in the male rats until the study had gone a month longer than Monsanto's, and the first tumors in the females didn't appear until the seventh month, four months after Monsanto's study had ended. And most of the tumors weren't even apparent until 18 months have elapsed. Further, the kidneys and livers weren't the only organs adversely impacted. statistically significant significant damage was also detected to pituitary glands and memory tissues. And all the negative effects were observed for the three basic categories of experimental rats, those that ate the G maize sprayed with Roundup, those the eight unsprayed g maize and those that ate no g maize at all. And instead, were just given a small amount of roundup in their drinking water. And that was an amount similar to the amount that would have been ingested in a dose of the sprayed maize. Now, because regulators have often not required any toxicological feeding studies, and none, as I said longer than 90 days, that study was very dangerous to the image of genetic engineering. So it was vehemently and I would say, viciously attacked by many proponents, and repeatedly attacked so strenuously that eventually they were able to, to pressure the journal that had published it into retracting it. And one of the factors that may have contributed to that retraction was that the editorial board of the journal made an addition of a former Monsanto executive to that editorial board that happened prior to the decision to retract, retract to the study. Now my book examines that very carefully and shows the retraction did not follow The standard protocol for retracting, it was really legitimate. The reasons given were wrong. And the attacks on that study were wrong. But it did get republished in another peer reviewed journal, because it had gone through peer review a couple times already. And it was recognized that was quite unjust that it had been retracted. Now even the shorter term studies have often detected problems, but all too often the regulators have failed to notice it. For instance, a team of university scientists examined the data from 19 of the feeding studies on soy and corn varieties that had already gained regulatory approval products containing and I'm talking about the EU, and other countries because the FDA gives no formal approval, they already just presume they're all safe.


Now, these products comprise 83% of the genetically engineered foods that people have been regularly eating. They found that 9% of the measured parameters, including blood and urine, biochemistry, and organ waves, were significantly disrupted to the animals that ate the genetically engineered feed. Moreover, this is important, the greatest disturbances which are the kidneys of the males, and the livers of the females. And the scientists emphasize that because livers and kidneys are the major reactive organs in cases of chronic food toxicity, these results should be viewed as dangerous signs, something that regulators had failed to do. Now, many experts have stated who have reviewed the evidence stayed on top of it, have stated that not even one genetically engineered food has been demonstrated to be safe, let alone all of them. For instance, David Schubert professor at the prestigious Salk Institute for biological studies, has recently written quote, as a medical research scientist who published a comprehensive peer review critique of genetically modified food safety testing, I can state confidently that it is false to say such foods are extensively tested and proved safe.


In a world stricken by death, war, disease, poverty, economic oppression, destruction of freedom. In a world of slave labor, debt, slavery, and human trafficking and child sex trafficking is the most profitable businesses in a world of ever escalating darkness. How could we believe that genetic engineering is a great idea? genetic bioterrorism started with GMO foods in the early 1980s with Monsanto, which developed soybean, corn, cotton and other crops genetically resistant to the herbicide roundup and its toxic chemical glyphosate. glyphosate mimics the essential amino acid glycine, thereby disrupting the function of genes and protein synthesis. This chemical is everywhere, even sprayed in public parks and sidewalks. Recall Monsanto's nefarious past with Agent Orange and its union with Bayer, the company that produced zyklon B to murder millions of Jews and others in the concentration camps. What have we gotten from GMO foods but sickness cancer disease, no concentration camps needed while profits can be made from the sick and dying new models of warfare indeed. I just want to make a side note for women that Dr. Damian Marino from the University of La Plata in Argentina tested glyphosate and tampons and found a present in 85% of the samples. And he presented this evidence to the third National Congress of peoples this would be a good way to make women in fertile. Cotton is a spray to GMO crop so glyphosate contaminates almost all cotton products. The basis for the genetic modification of humans is the false theory that each disease is caused by a particular gene, the similar flawed thinking of germ theory to obfuscate environmental factors malnutrition and consciousness. However, there is a half truth here as toxic chemicals can alter genes for the worse and modified pathogenic germs can be injected into someone to cause disease. The PR campaign for a genetic engineering institutions is that disease will be cured on the genetic level by the advancement of these technologies. But even mainstream science is having to state that cancerous diseases are only 10%. Genetic attributing 90% to lifestyle, which is simply a cover up for environmental toxins from poison spring. It is only in this context, a country bathed in manmade chemicals that one can understand why the United States is in the midst of a cancer epidemic. The cancer establishment made up of the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, trade associations, like the chemical Manufacturers Association, and the chemical industry has fundamentally misled the American people into searching for a miraculous cure. Rather than vigorously examining the myriad poisons we are forced to encounter every day. These groups have warned people to be careful about their lifestyle. blamed for cancer falls on consumers not on the poisons that cause illness. From the perspective of the industries that make these chemicals. It's a brilliant strategy. These poisons along with genetically modified food, radiation and microwaves changes our genetics at the genetics, and yet biotech still desires to manipulate our DNA more directly with another false solution to our problems. That creates more problems. Genetic engineering is simply another form of bioterrorism. There's nothing good about it. You can't mix banking with science business with science, military with science or politics with science and expect anything good to come from it. real science is the agenda of truth in aligning to evolutionary laws. The flawed science behind genetic engineering eliminates many aspects of reality like the sacred geometry of frequency by seeking to merely alter the position of genetic parts from synthetic biology a primer by Jeff Baldwin. Many synthetic biology practitioners draw a parallel between the sequences of DNA bases that they work with, and the source code of software. This analogy works nicely insofar as it allows synthetic biologists to explain how ideally the function design in a biological machine is set within an alphabet actg of encoded instructions. Just as software programs are run by a set of numbers, letters and symbols crafted by those first in making this language translate meaningful in electronics.


Here it takes the components of the DNA spiral and relates them to computer code, revealing the extreme reductionism taking place that fails to holistically understand like sound harmonics and infinity. Imagine how simply manipulating the actg nucleotides affects the water like crystals, the harmonics and sacred geometries of living structures, because there is no holistic understanding of these things. Genetic engineering is based on the idea that the human body is a machine that can be built by assembling its components. It is a soulless science that leads to artificial intelligence. Man merging with machine is the destructive engineering of all levels of man, biological, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Genetic engineering became a public pursuit in the 1970s after the discovery of DNA in the early 1950s. Although we should keep in mind that the military is always ahead of the public. This book an introduction to genetic engineering in 2008 states, the first recombinant DNA molecules were generated at Stanford University in 1972, utilizing the cleavage properties of restriction enzymes, scissors, and the ability of DNA ligase to join DNA strands together, glue the importance of these first tentative experiments cannot be overestimated. Scientists can now join different DNA molecules together and could link the DNA of one organism to that of a completely different organism. The methodology was extended in 1973. By joining DNA fragments to the plasmid Pc 101, which is an extra chromosomal element isolated from bacterium eco live, these recombinant molecules behaved as replicons that is, they could replicate when introduced into E. coli cells. Thus, by creating recombinant molecules in vitro, which means outside the organism. In placing the construct in a bacterial cell, work could replicate in vivo, which means inside the organism, specific fragments of DNA can be isolated from bacterial colonies that formed clones, colonies formed from a single cell in which all cells are identical when grown on agar plates. This development marked the emergence of the technology that became known as gene cloning. Because on to say that this was a great discovery although dampened by the realization that this technology could give rise to harmful organisms exhibiting undesirable characteristics. To summarize the highlights of the onset of genetic engineering, in 1970, David Baltimore and Howard teman, independently isolated reverse transcriptase from the marine leukemia virus in the Rose sarcoma virus, both retroviruses in 1972, Paul Berg used a restriction enzyme and DNA ligase to create recombinant DNA molecules joining the DNA from monkeys sb 40 virus with Landa virus for bacterial fashio. And growing it in monkey kidney cells. Remember sb 40, as that endogenous virus for monkeys is known to be oncogenic to other animals, causing tumors in rodents. Let me emphasize viruses were the first things to be genetically engineered. In 1972, a transgenic organism was made by Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer by inserting antibiotic resistant genes into the bacterial plasmid of equal life. In 1974, the first transgenic mouse was created by inserting a DNA virus into an early state mouse embryo. Also in 1974, Noreen Moray and Kenneth Moray published a report on genetically modified virus that could replicate and infect cells. Let me repeat that one of the first genetic engineering experiments was creating a genetically modified virus that could replicate and infect cells. Curiously, this paper appears to have been scrubbed off the internet, and is not even cited on norine Murrays Wikipedia page. That year 1974, the NIH established an advisory panel later named the recombinant DNA Advisory Committee, which would direct policy to allow these experiments to yield eugenics effects upon the population. The framework for these experiments is to essentially genetically combine viral genomes into a cloning vector that is usually a bacterial plasmid. a plasmid is a circular genetic structure inside the bacterium, but not the full genetic code of the chromosomes found in the nucleus. This is similar to the cell genes found in the cytoplasm of human cells.


The plasmid is made from in vitro, the outside and mixed with the bacteria E. coli, and put inside through an electric shock called electroporation to open the cell walls and allow the plasmid virus inside the equalize cells. A portion of the cells receive the viral vector in order to tell which a marker gene is inserted at the same time as the synthetic gene. And this is usually resistant to antibiotics, or fluorescent under UV light. The eagleeye then produces proteins and enzymes from the genetic modifications that can be analyzed. Where does the bacteria E. coli come from? That these genetic experiments are based on eagleeye comes from our healthy gut bacteria living in the lowest parts of our digestive tract, we can instantly see how this could be made a bioweapon and turned it to bad bacteria to destroy our digestive system, which is very connected to our immune system. Through genetic engineering, many strains of eagleeye were created. Not coincidentally, the first E. coli outbreak was 1982 of a harmful stream. Since then, there have been many outbreaks causing gastrointestinal issues and even death from contaminated food products. Of course, the media claims these pathogenic strains are a novel creation of nature, but evidence reveals otherwise. This article goes into how the genome of a particular E. coli outbreak was synthetic. According to geneticists. It is also possible that E. coli could be contaminating GMO crops, since it is the cloning vector for gene insertion.