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tyranny and eugenics through public health, bioterrorism and vaccines, part two.



It's a need for new world order. Yes.



But it has different characteristics in different parts.



To recap from part one, we discussed the report from Iron Mountain. This government document was not supposed to reach the public, so when it did, there was a propaganda campaign to make it appear as a hoax. However, the title remains on the CIA website, and many people have come forward about its authenticity. And the government hasn't denied it.



And most convincingly, our world today has manifested the vision in the report in terms of implementing eugenics policies, and using new types of wars against new enemies, like global warming and viral pandemics to keep government in power.



This report could have been a chapter in Sun Tzu's Art of War. The Art of War remains the art of war and nothing in that document deviated from business as usual. People only believe the government works for the people because of mind control. But all governments operate from a purely Machiavellian doctrine.



You can find the report from Iron Mountain on my website, along with other books and documents, a very important read.



In part one, we discussed some aspects of bioterrorism, specifically non lethal bioterrorism, meaning methods that don't instantly kill the kill over time so that there is plausible deniability, and no accountability. These methods exist on a scale from over to covert, overt bioterrorism regards putting toxic chemicals like petrochemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and genetically modified organisms into our food, water and air. The biggest companies involved today used to slave labor in Nazi Germany and created the deadly chemicals used to slaughter millions in the name of public health.



A more covert form of bioterrorism. That is a particular concern right now is microwave radiation from electronics, wireless internet, the Internet of Things and currently 5g.



The 1986 book angels don't play this HAARP, which stands for high frequency active auroral research program is an Air Force and Navy program that is about using microwave frequencies and electromagnetic pulses to harm people.



In the book, it says another interesting issue to contemplate is the Defense Department's new policy on non lethal weapon systems where adversaries and enemies have been more broadly defined, as here the use of such systems against American citizens. Herman Schwann mentioned in the book is recognized as the founding father of biomedical engineering, and he has served the Nazis Third Reich at the Max Planck Institute, studying the effects of electricity and non ionizing electromagnetic fields on cellular processes and their health hazards. Through project paperclip, Schwann came to the US to work at the bio warfare laboratory at Fort Dietrich. We're living in the Fourth Reich as the major players in the Nazis. Third Reich like the Rockefellers and IBM are a big part of this current pandemic.



The master race is simply the ruling class and extermination is geared towards those who are ruled the 2020 article adverse health effects of 5g Mobile networking technology under real life conditions claims that RF radiation can result in carcinogenicity brain tumors breast cancer, leukemia



genotoxicity DNA damage DNA repair inhibition mutagenicity teratogenicity neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, neuro behavioral problems, autism, reproductive problems, Pregnancy outcomes, excessive reactive oxygen species oxidative stress, inflammation, apoptosis proptosis blood brain barrier disruption, penal gland melatonin production, sleep disturbance headache, irritability, fatigue concentration difficulties, depression dizziness, burning and flushed skin, digestive disturbance, tremor cardiac irregularities adverse impacts on the neuro circulatory system, immune, endocrine and skeletal systems. On this site, you can find the 5g towers near you



1000s of towers have been rolled out across America since last year in 2019 and are continually going up this year. David Ike was one of the first researchers to link the symptoms of Coronavirus with 5g, none of which is outlandish, and his entire YouTube channel was deleted by YouTube.



The fact of the matter is that all forms of toxicity manifest similar symptoms as this is holistic warfare. But in our dogmatic authoritarian pseudo scientific paradigm, you are not allowed to say that there are other causes for particular illnesses.



The immune system is the key your body the toxicity is a key Joe, if I can just say one little thing, this isn't a plug but I just want to in my book, the nine steps to keep the doctor away I talk about the nine steps but I also have this philosophy about seven toxicities and if you can eliminate these seven toxicities by definition chronic disease cannot exist cancer can't exist autism, stroke, diabetes, arthritis any it cannot exist. Now the key word is it effectively detoxify the body. What are the seven toxicities one, heavy metals, heavy metals are everywhere. We're breeding it in combustion of fossil fuels, they're injecting into our bodies. It's out gassing for my teeth at five to nine nanograms per deciliter per tooth per day and every amalgam filling, and it goes on. That's just mercury. I'm talking about the cadmium and the nickels in the 10s. Alright, second toxicity, persistent organic pollutants. These are the chlorinated hydrocarbons, the organophosphates, the chemicals, preservatives, insecticides, pesticides, the glyphosate, constantly being introduced into our bodies. And this has been going on for decades upon decades, right of the Dirty Dozen that are out there that they identify as being toxic substances that now are banned from international commerce. Those Dirty Dozen, every one of them was used for a minimum of 50 years before they banned them, some of them up to 75 years. So they've been prepping this for, you know, for almost three quarters of a century, introducing this crap into us. Third, toxicity, opportunistic opportunistic. So what bacteria viruses bark is mycoplasma, yeast parasites. What they can't these things naturally weren't vertical enough to cause enough sickness. So what do they do? They start doing ganna function studies, they start taking talented people like Dr. Mankiewicz and many of those out there and saying, look, we got to do these different things. Okay, so that's the third thing opportunities. That's what COVID-19 is right. Now. Fourth thing, energetics. These are the electromagnetic radiations the ambient cell phone radiation. What is 5g? It's a microwave technology, right? It's going to change the voltage gated calcium channels manipulate the the transport membrane, the ability for the substances to transfer get across the cell membranes, it's going to cause the the hemoglobin iron, this association, all these other aspects, that's just part of it. Fifth, if there's one thing that's more important than anyone else, I say none of these toxicities are more important than the other toxicities, but if there is one, you're going to single out it's going to be the fifth toxicity. That's the emotional psychological one. And that's what they're doing right now. They're separated distressing is that scaring stay inside your home, dogs are barking at that they're gonna get you this rabid dog out there and pack of dogs called the COVID-19 is gonna bite you and tear you apart. If you walk outside. I'm telling you open the damn door walk out you're gonna find there's not even a poodle or Chihuahua out there. It's a tape recording of a dog barking Okay, so that's a that's a six. That's the fifth one. The emotional psychological one. The fear mongering is all part of that. The sixth one is foods, not what we're taking into our mouths. But what we do to our foods, the irradiation, the pasteurization genetic modification that marginalisation, they've been doing this for years. The last one is spiritual. They can't hit a spiritual unless we allow them to hit us spiritually. So of the seven toxicities, they have orchestrated the first six of them and they're trying to take out a lot of the population. And if we understand this and are aware of it, you empower yourself with this knowledge, then the one thing is they can't use you as a victim anymore. Because what knowledge comes power, with power comes autonomy, you're no longer a victim. So from a spiritual standpoint, this is the spiritual awakening that I've learned. This is part and parcel of the next evolutionary process for mankind. I'm thrilled to



Be alive right now. And I appreciate the other people like Dr. Markowitz and some of these people that are speaking up. And if you're a doctor and your healthcare provider, your scientists and you've kept your mouth shut, you are part of the damn problem, open your mouth and tell the truth because if you don't, you're complicit. And if you're not part of the solution, by definition, you're part of the problem.



The most covert method of bioterrorism is weaponizing micro organisms. While micro organisms that are naturally produced by the body have never been proven to cause disease, foreign micro organisms that have been modified, genetically engineered, or come from cross species can be a trigger for disease as we shall see. So making the virus the enemy of man is nearly a half truth, as there are novel viruses created by man that are dangerous.



Because most people are in the dark about weaponized viruses. They have false beliefs about nature and our bodies and the function of natural viruses in healthy immunity. This is another tool to turn man against himself and the ignorance of his physical form, as well as have man believe that nature is the enemy.



The worst potential bioterrorist is nature itself. If you look historically at what's happened with epidemics and influenza pandemic in 1918, the threat of SARS the HIV epidemic, so nature does a pretty good job of terrorizing the human civilization. So if you utilize the resources that you can apply to developing specific countermeasures, the agents have high probability of bioterror but make that be fungible as it were to increasing your capacity to respond to any agent, even those that naturally occur. So yes, it's a threat, you can never quantitate how great a threat it is. So why not spend the money not only protecting against the threat of deliberate terror, but also the threat of naturally occurring terror? All types of bioterrorism work synergistically to harm man, as the cause of illness is usually from multiple factors.



One of the greatest factors causing illness is our emotional and mental state. And the industry that infects this aspect of man so to speak is the mainstream media. This politically funded industry simulates a pandemic of epic proportions to become a self fulfilling prophecy.



At the same time, we have been living in a cancer and disease epidemic for quite some time. But the mainstream media never addresses this, such as the rise of autism, the rise of chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases and various cancers.



So in the end, we must begin to understand the real aspects of pandemics as state sponsored bioterrorism is being used against us. And we must understand the false aspects of pandemics that are socially engineered, as the media's intention is to make you sick through the art of suggestion and generating a climate of fear.



Let us first discuss aspects of flawed science. In part one, we looked at how our current scientific paradigm is based on war, and is essentially weaponized to science, which is the wrong intention and spirit. Why? Because it is not based in the natural law principles of morality or goodness. Now we turn to the wrong ideas behind flawed science. flawed science is corrupted by the state by corporations, banking, institutions and money. If money is the incentive, the institution that creates all money from nothing has the power to direct science in any direction. And that direction is to keep man under oppression by his rulers, so that the control system can continue. Money comes from the top down so the agendas and attentions of the ruling class are what get manifested in reality. Our current flawed scientific paradigm is based in a militarized hierarchy and quote, indoctrination, where you're put under financial and social pressure to mindlessly believe in certain premises to never question authority, the official narrative or even discussed taboo topics. In order to get paid, you must follow orders. Obedience is conflated with honor. The tactics of fear, shame, threats of group rejection, and psychological coercion, are used to manipulate people. It's a cult. The tactics used in the scientific community are exactly the same as the tactics used in military mind control. Even public schools use these tactics to perpetuate falsehoods.



flawed science is based on the religion of collectivism, where individual sovereignty and independent thought is suppressed by consensus type thinking. The socially agreed upon values are considered the standard by which to judge everything, a proxy for metaphysical truth.



The reason why there is consensus on flawed science is because the scientists or for authoritarian institutions, they are bought by



Their research is biased and their careers are based on funding.



appeal to consensus and authority are logical fallacies. flawed science is based on scientific materialism that divorces rationality from holistic reason, getting lost in left brain maze of complexification. This imbalanced worldview believes that the natural world has no divine order in it. And that human reason is beyond the intelligence of our Creator and creation, and is thus the arbiter of truth. There is no understanding of objective reality, the patterns of nature and natural laws, and how nature is intrinsically oriented towards evolution as an intelligent design.



Until humans seek to understand the natural intelligence of the objective world, we will not scientifically evolve. People falsely believe we are technologically advanced when our technology is killing us, on top of being designed for surveillance and electronic control.



This channel is primarily about philosophy and the trivium method or understanding grammar, logic and rhetoric. It is important for us to ask the simplest of questions to pull back the curtain of deception in order to create a solid philosophical foundation for thought needed to arrive at objective truth requires examining our most basic underlying assumptions. The way flawed science works is that it tries to make illogical assumptions and uncritical theories bedrock principles when they are not. Even on top of a bad foundation much can be built. The dark magicians that use illusion to oppress humanity want you to get lost in the details of what is built so that you will not see the corrupt structural foundation that would shatter the entire illusion. All that comes from a bad foundation is corrupt and can be meaningless. This is why the context of our understanding must rest and first principles that are rock solid. These are the principles of divine origin, mentalism correspondence, vibration, polarity, gender, rhythm, and causality. At the closing of part one, I mentioned how I will be covering a topic not widely discussed, and that is something regarding the AIDS pandemic. This ended up being in part three since there is much to cover about the AIDS pandemic first, and we can draw parallels to the current coronavirus pandemic. All pandemics and epidemics relate to government public health programs and follow the same blueprint in patterns.



The initial outbreak of AIDS was said to have claimed millions of lives from the African continent and a small percentage of the homosexual population in selected US cities. aids, which stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was the disease labeled for the symptoms of prolonged flu that could develop into tuberculosis pneumocystis pneumonia, opportunistic infections, and tumors associated with the cancers of kaposi sarcoma, skin cancer and non Hodgkins lymphoma, blood cancer, but couldn't the symptoms have multiple causes from inventing the AIDS virus 1996. AIDS is a syndrome of about 30 diseases and not a disease that displays no unique combination of diseases and the patient. Clinically, it is identified by the diagnosis of specific diseases known to medical science for decades or centuries.



Now common sense tells us that it would be unwise to place particular symptoms of illness into a single category of disease, as well as state that there was only one cause to such a range of problems and that the cause is usually natural. But these are the two flawed axioms that our current eugenic medical paradigm is based on, which fits perfectly with the political structure of pandemics that reduces diversity and uniformity, and the individual into collectivism.



The creation of public health started in 1946, with the CDC based in Georgia, now called the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and has control over the nation's health care system connected with Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and public health.



The CDC is primarily focused on quarantine measures and mass immunizations, nicknamed the medical CIA, because it was about quote, like indoctrination to form and informal surveillance network from inventing the AIDS virus. As Alexander Lang Mir of the US Army, an associate of Johns Hopkins himself described in 1952. Quote, one of the primary purposes of the Epidemic Intelligence Services of the CDC is to recruit and train such a core of epidemiologists. As a result of their experience many of these officers they will remain in full time epidemiology or other public health pursuits at federal, state or local levels. Some no doubt will return to civilian, academic or clinical practice.



This, but in the event of war, they could be returned to active duty with the Public Health Service and assigned to strategic areas to fulfill the functions for which they were trained. The CDC has nevertheless continued to exploit public trust by transforming seasonal flus and other minor epidemics into monsterous crises, and by manufacturing contagious plagues out of non infectious medical conditions.



Before long, experts begin to find in contagious epidemics on the basis of disease clusters. Almost any coincidence of two or more closely spaced persons contracting the same disease could qualify as an incipient epidemic, even if they occurred weeks or months apart. The most recent examples include the premature panics generated by an eminent hantavirus epidemic in the United States in 1994. They had a virus presumably had jumped species from mice to American Navajo Indians, but after killing just a few, the virus made peace with the Indians and apparently retired to its mouse reservoir, the epidemic failed to materialize. Both the CDC and the NIH representing the public health and biomedical research establishments needed a new war to revitalize themselves. contagious epidemics had proven the most effective at mobilizing public interest, and the medical and health establishments had spent vast sums of money establishing themselves on microbe hunting foundations. Yet, microbe chasers had exhausted their opportunities with virtually every major disease, from hepatitis to cancer and more. Now, they had no clear direction in which to march no significant diseases to conquer. The virus hunters were heavily armed soldiers without a war to fight, stated Red Cross official Paul coming in 1983 said the CDC increasingly needs a major epidemic to justify its existence.



the AIDS epidemic became their salvation



really benefits from the billions upon billions of dollars spent each year on AIDS research.



Those that control and maintain the HIV hypothesis of aids are two basic institutions, the Centers for Disease Control the CDC, and the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Both of these institutions were probably come as a surprise to the public to learn that they are military organizations, it was certainly a surprise to me to learn this. The leaders of the National Institutes of Health and the CDC, have uniforms to have military ranks. And as everybody who's ever been in the military knows, there's an information flow from top to bottom. Military structures are incompatible with free and open discourse and debate, which is supposed to be what science is about. When you have these military structures in the CDC and the National Institutes of Health, you can control the debate, you can control the information flow. Not only that, since the National Institutes of Health are the primary source of funding for all academic medical scientific research, they can control who gets funding to do what research and in that fashion, they can control, what gets published, and more importantly, what you exclude. The first aids case was reported in 1981. After five homosexual men showed symptoms of pneumonia that compromised the immune system. It was declared a national pandemic and a highly organized aids public health campaign rolled out. The agenda was all about creating a specialized illness a pandemic with a specialized cause blamed on a virus and it's specialized antiviral treatments created by Big Pharma. Billions of dollars poured into AIDS research as it had earlier poured into cancer, and not a single life was saved by the establishment. Helpful treatments were denied to people when not approved by the FDA. And Big Pharma is deadly treatments like ATC, the protease inhibitor and chemotherapy murdered many lives. And today, billions of tax dollars continue to fund an AIDS vaccine that is nowhere in sight. Justice Samuel Epstein recognized that the cancer epidemic increased in tandem with the increased funding of the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society. The same thing goes for all other epidemics. With increased aids funding, we saw more and more people being diagnosed with the alleged HIV virus.



We must discover the true satanic intention and agenda behind all this. The medical industry has made enormous profits and the controllers could carry on their eugenics plan concealed behind public health.



there's every reason to think that AZT will kill you faster



from an AIDS related disease than if you were taking AZT because it's a DNA change a chain Terminator, it will kill every cell in your body that's making DNA I have looked at many dozens of studies used to claim benefits for AC T, and there's not a single one of them that I would regard as being scientifically credible. Now there are lots of studies of maybe a few people



Merely observed by somebody without a control. These are more or less than the level of anecdotes. But of the studies used to claim benefits for AZT. All of them without exception, were financed by Burroughs wellcome, the manufacturer of azt, and were controlled by them. And I would say therefore, they are open to



questions simply on this basis alone. The few studies over which Burroughs wellcome had no control, one of them being a study conducted in Paris by adorno, and colleagues found no benefits for AZT. And the Concord study of which took place between Britain and France are giving AZT to people who were asymptomatic, also found that there were no benefits to azt, and perhaps not coincidentally, are welcomed did not control this particular step. Phase two trials were the basis of the drugs being approved by the FDA for marketing in the United States, and also the basis for the drug being approved in 31. Other countries, there were all sorts of irregularities. Actual cheating took place in at least one of the centers. And on top of that are the investigators of the people working for the FDA use data which they knew were bad, and yet this study is still being used to claim that aact extends life the original research for AZT said that it that it killed infected cells at a rate 1000 times greater than healthy cells. But there are now four papers after that original one which has also got a bug in AZ paper, this one that shows that in fact, AZT is quite democratic, it kills all cells equally, at the same rate, and in fact, that means it kills healthy cells at a rate 1000 times greater than they said it did Rudolph an array of was healthy before he started taking aact he was HIV positive he was in a state of extreme anxiety and he got tested and he was positive. But at the time, he was in great physical condition. It took something like about two years before the AC t finally killed him. They attributed to a type of heart condition which allegedly was caused by an opportunistic infection. But my opinion Rudolf the re have died of AC t poisoning. So you feel Brian White's death was due to Eazy E he was taking AZT and had hemophilia a combination of the two we helped him die when people first take azt, there's the their white cells do seem to fight back. As a natural reaction to azt, we will see the the T cells, which is the kind of white cell selectively affected by the AIDS virus, we will see the T cells start to rise. But then in about four to six months, they go right back down again.



To help infrastructure throughout our whole country security agenda is protecting lives. Many Americans may not realize that 25 years of unlimited money being spent on AIDS, and yet there was nothing serious to show for it. It's too dangerous for the government to fund basic research. Because with government funds comes politics. Politics only permits one views to prevail, rather than competing views all this money Spain, this millions of dollars, is not preventing aids don't kill aids, but making the problem bigger times nowadays. It's no science anymore. It's more about



public relations, power, business, industrial, the whole thing might have been based on bogus science. In 1985, Dr. Robert Gallo in the French montane air discovered the genome for HIV human immunodeficiency virus and claimed it was the cause of AIDS. Both the American and French labs have connections to the National Cancer Institute and the Center for Disease Control. HIV was a novel retrovirus in a class of novel retroviruses called human t lymphotropic. viruses. retroviruses are the entities we call retroviruses are viruses that contain an RNA strand, a single strand of DNA that can reproduce itself with an enzyme called reverse transcriptase, and then integrate into the DNA of the host cell with the integrase enzyme, the host cell that treats the viral DNA as part of its own genome. DNA is a molecule shaped as a double helix containing the biological blueprint and the code to carry out all the cellular functions of living organisms. retroviruses contain RNA information that is transferred between cells. More on this soon. The so called scientific findings of Gallo and monton yay that HIV causes AIDS was denied peer review and confirmation within the community. And all mainstream science put forth since then builds upon this unquestioned dogma. In this article, it claims that the virus was detected by the presence of reverse transcriptase. But that enzyme exists in all human cells, other viruses and exosomes.



Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who is today a lead member of the Coronavirus Task Force played a major role in spreading the HIV AIDS hypothesis.



Historically, we first recognize this disease actually



As a new disease in 1981, the cases were first brought to the attention of the Centers for Disease Control of the CDC in 1979. In the summer of 1981, there were reports of unusual infections and or tumors in otherwise healthy homosexual men. Now, again, if I were giving you this lecture when we started working on AIDS A few years ago, I would be spending the first 10 minutes or so trying to convince the audience that we were dealing with a new disease. In fact, we don't need to waste any time on that. This is a new disease at least in the United States.



Many scientists have come out against the unsubstantiated claims.



According to Dr. Heinz Ludwig zinger, Emmert is professor of molecular biology and neurology, there was no convincing evidence for the existence of HIV, not even one such a retrovirus has been isolated and purified by the methods of classical virology.



The book science fiction's a scientific mystery, a massive cover up in the dark legacy of Robert Gallo goes into the fact that Gallo never detected and isolated a retrovirus in the samples tested. Even Kary mullis Nobel laureate, an inventor of the polymerase chain reaction PCR, a critical technology for studying genetic code fragments, claims that he could not find one scientific paper that proved HIV virus caused AIDS. He claimed that the PCR test does not diagnose a virus. And yet we are using this test today to diagnose Coronavirus.



He has said scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it, I don't mind attacking my own fraternity because I am ashamed of it.



In science, certain rules must be followed for any agent to be considered a causative factor in disease. The first rule is that an agent that is going to be blamed for a disease should be able to be isolated from each and every case of the disease. That is not true in HIV and AIDS.



In my judgment, and to the best of my reviewing of the current literature on that subject, I've never seen a clear demonstration. I mean, it have a direct isolation of HIV from patients. I've seen some evidence of virus particles observed on occasionally in very complex the culture systems. But This to me is no evidence for direct isolation from the patients. It's been isolated by 1000s of laboratories throughout the world, it's probably the best studied virus of any viral pathogen in the history of human diseases. So to say that it doesn't exist and it hasn't been isolated is is beyond preposterous. What aids researchers call virus isolation, or HIV isolation in this case, consists of two things. They will get their tissue culture where this HIV is supposed to be growing. And they'll check it for reverse transcriptase, which is an enzyme that was supposed to be specific, or only exclusively found in retroviruses. And if they find reverse transcriptase in the tissue culture, they say, Aha, we've now isolated HIV. Another thing they'll do is they'll check the tissue culture for a p 24. antigen, which is one of the proteins that supposedly belongs to HIV.



Both of these things reverse transcriptase and the P 24. Protein are about as nonspecific as you can get. In fact, reverse transcriptase can be found in any number of different places. normal cells contain reverse transcriptase. And under certain conditions, they will reverse transcribed RNA into DNA. The Hepatitis B virus also contains reverse transcriptase. And most importantly, of all, the cells of people with leukemia have also been shown to have reverse transcriptase activity. And why this is important is that every HIV culture starting with Robert Gallo were co cultured with leukemia tissue. You couldn't just take the blood from somebody with AIDS and culture it in the tissue culture all by itself because nothing would grow. They couldn't find any HIV that way. So they had to coculture it with cancer cells or tissue from people with leukemia. We know what is reverse transcription. That's the repair of mechanism of the ends of the chromosomes. And therefore we have high activity in cancer cells or montagny, embryonic cells, but modern he never said that he found the device of he said this could be a probably in effect and to be carefully studied. Now of all the years and the decades that have gone by where people have studied retroviruses, researchers have concluded that they all



share certain common characteristics. First of all, they have a certain density, which causes them to band at the 1.16 grams per milliliter density gradient, their morphological characteristics have to fulfill certain requirements. First of all, they have to be round, they can have a diameter of between 100 and 120 nanometers, no more, no less, they have to have dense cores, and they have to have spikes or knobs on the surface. Well, in terms of AIDS, we didn't even find any retroviruses there in the density gradient. In fact, 80% of the material that ends up there is cellular material, just garbage really from the cells of the tissue culture. And the remaining 20% may or may not be a retrovirus, just because it ends up there doesn't mean you've proved it's a retrovirus. If you take any material of cellular origin and put it on the sequel's reagent, you also will get a band aid to density of 1.16. But you better make sure you don't declare that these bands is pure virus unless you do a careful control of what's in that band by electron microscopy. And I believe that for some reason, is that control which is essential. In Vitro viral research has been neglected for about 15 years, and that has had disastrous effects. If you want you can spend a large fortune and take electron microscopy pictures which we did at the beginning, and which other labs at the beginning which are hundreds of Oh, yeah, of course,



I would say by now, 1000s, of pictures of HIV, we have dorsal stacks was this high electron micrographs, I got pictures of the layers. So once you picture once, you know, you can look at banded material, it's obvious retrovirus, you know what retrovirus looks like, I have a picture



showing what identity grading of pure virus should should look like, in the way that you determine if something as pure is to stare at one object, taking its appearance, and then look at every other object around it and make sure that they're the same and you can see that mostly This is pure particles, there are some where these are arrowed, which is slightly different. And this is not unusual. However,



imagine it 97 in in virology, and published by a good chunk of from from France, the first pictures of purified virus were revealed to the world. You can see from this that this material is anything but pure. In fact, the authors of this paper concede that this so called pure virus is predominantly cellular material, the particles that were found and these 290 97 studies did not fit the characteristics of retroviruses. They had no knobs on them, and they were the wrong size. In fact, the volumes of the particles in these studies were either anywhere from 50% greater to 750% greater than the volume that a normal retrovirus particle really ought to be. Now it seems hard to believe. But this this material that read overall, just including Montagnier and Gallo were isolated from their cultures, labeling pure HIV, and producing by the 1000s of gallons, in order to make proteins for the HIV antibody test and for other research purposes, was never examined under electron microscope, in order to determine that this material contained pure retroviral particles. Now, I say it was never examined under a microscope, I assume that some scientists must have examined under an electron microscope, but no photographs at this examination were ever published in the scientific literature. And one can only guess why they weren't. Now I'm you won your Nobel Prize for the discovery of the HIV virus? Could you explain how your HIV virus was purified in the sense of separating whole virus particles from all other organic materials? And what scientific document papers was published in ottaviano, the HIV virus has been DNA sequence, we know all the genes of HIV so those zeros, there is no doubt and they propose that issue attacks this virus specific inhibitors, you improve the patient acquisition show that is causing it, you can not cure but you can maintain the life and good condition people with specific individuals with the virus. So I think this will be the final quote that



Peter Duesberg, PhD author of inventing the AIDS virus and leading experts in the field of retroviruses, who confirmed the existence of retroviruses worked in the same facility as Gallo and criticized the AIDS hypothesis, which can be found in his 1987 paper. In 2009, he along with other reputable scientists published a paper titled aids since 1984. No evidence for a new viral epidemic, not even in Africa, and it was withdrawn, but then republished, passing peer review.



You have a self fulfilling prophecy. The more people are treated against AIDS, the more people will eventually develop aids from it, and then the perfect excuse is delivered. With the medication. You can say, Jesus, if I hadn't medicated you, you would have been sick even sooner and would have died sooner. But thanks to my medication you



We're only getting sick now. And we're giving you even more medication we need more money to develop further medications that have yet to kill the first eight patients.



The old paradigm in sciences, first you find the cause and then you treat the cause. Well with eight we have violated both, we have assumed the cause of never proved it. We have assumed it was infectious. We have assumed among all infectious agent, this virus does it. We have been unable to prove it. We have cured and cured cured against this virus was the result of 600,000 patients 350,000 death and not a single queue inside. We are claiming more and more money to continue the same vicious cycle.



Dr. Bernard Forster, former editor of the US Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims the HIV hypothesis is a hoax that became a scam. Many who tested positive for HIV didn't even show signs of sickness, like we see happening with the Coronavirus. They call it being an asymptomatic carrier.



In addition to the PCR test being flawed, so too are the other tests, the western blot test, the antibody serology test, and T cell count test don't detect a specific HIV viral genome. These tests merely reveal immune and protein activity.



Little wonder the public is confused about the subject of HIV testing. For on the one hand, we're told to take the AIDS test, the AIDS test is to determine will we get AIDS Do we have the HIV virus, which will then mean we will eventually have AIDS and die. The HIV antibody test is a very bad test. I believe that it is one of the worst frauds committed on the American public in this century. Well, just about everybody believes that if you get one of these tests, it will actually tell you whether or not you are infected with HIV. And if it's positive, that that's some kind of a prediction of whether or not you'll get AIDS. And that is absolutely not true. First of all, a positive result on that test doesn't mean that you're infected with HIV. And there is no way that it can mean that there's a basic scientific principle that most people are totally ignoring. And right now I'm talking about the scientists and the doctors who are advocating these tests. The people that say these tests are 100% accurate, I would say more that they're 0% accurate. And the reason for that is, is this test can contains what you call antigens, they are proteins from the HIV, the virus. And the principle of it is is that the HIV proteins in the test kit are supposed to react with any kind of HIV antibodies that may be present in the person's blood sample. So the HIV antigens would react with HLA antibodies. And theoretically, only HIV antibodies react with HIV antigens. Now, in reality, what really happens with antigens and antibodies is that they're not exclusive with each other, they're more promiscuous. In other words, antibodies will react with antigens that they don't belong to. In other words, let's say I have tuberculosis, and I have antibodies to the tuberculosis organism in my body, and I go out and take an HIV antibody test, what might happen is that my tuberculosis antibodies will cross react with the antigens to HIV in the test kit, thereby giving a false positive. And these kind of cross reactions are very, very common, and very, very predictable. As far as HIV antibody tests go, we get a lot of cross reacting. For instance, if you've recently had a flu jab, you're told not to have an antibody test because you might come up positive 41% of patients with multiple sclerosis in one study tested positive for HIV 12% of people with generalized warts. If you live in an area where tuberculosis or leprosy or or



malaria are endemic, you could come up positive for HIV, even though you don't have HIV. There's so many factors that can even cause a false positive from flu vaccine to herpes or venereal disease, alcoholism, and you can be told that you're positive and not even be positive, whatever that means. I have friends who've been through this friend who went through years of being told he was positive till he went to another doctor who said, we're not finding anything, we're using all of our tests, and now he's confused and goes back and forth. There's no oversight and any of this but they're terrorizing and ripping people's lives apart with unsupportable data, nobody can find free infectious HIV virus any human being, that is why they have to resort to looking for antibodies to HIV in a person. That is one of the biggest flaws in the HIV hypothesis that antibodies which are a sign of immunity, you should be happy that you have antibodies it means that you're now immune and yet with with AIDS, we have antibodies as a predictor or an indicator of AIDS and future death. It doesn't make any sense to me. But all one has to do is open the test kit, look at the literature inside the test kit and clearly it says that this should not be used as interpreting a person has AIDS or HIV virus will therefore



If the test is not testing for the presence of a disease state or even an antibody that could precipitate disease state, then what is its value?



There are two tests in common use one's called the Eliza The other is called the western blot the only difference between them that in the Eliza test all the so called HIV proteins, about 10 of them are all mixed up together in a solution and in the western blot prior to reacting the proteins have been separated out into into a nitrocellulose strip at the test that really matters and all this is the western blot. So we really need to discuss the Eliza test that used as a screening test and it is admitted by experts that it is not sufficiently specific denying those HIV infection whereas the western blot if positive is considered synonymous with HIV infection. The standard screening test is an Eliza occasionally you get a false positive. Under those circumstances, a Western blot can absolutely confirm western blots are also important when you have people for example, who have been vaccinated in vaccine trials and making antibody against one protein. The only way you're going to tell if they're infected serologically is by looking at a Western blot showing them make antibodies to the other protein so it has a lot of value. It's fundamentally a confirmatory diagnostic test.



This is representing a Western blot strip. The Western blot strip is a thin strip, like the strip that your doctor uses statistical test your urine on a stripper placed several proteins 10 of them in the case of HIV separated by their molecular weights. And in the test, plasma is added to the strip. And if there are any bodies in the plasma which react with any of these proteins and the strip turns dark. So a Western blot test appears as a series of horizontal dark horizontal veins. One of the problems in the western blot test is that it is not reproducible. This is a test of a positive positive serum with only 19 reference laboratories, all on the same specimen of blood. As you can see, by this note, no two are alike.



The proteins used on that Western blot strip, the scientists claim are HIV proteins may not necessarily be HIV proteins. There's no proof that they are and there's plenty of evidence that these are normal human cellular proteins that have been mis identified. This conclusion seems hardly debatable in the case of P 32, one of these purportedly HD proteins that's been shown to be identical in amino acid sequence to a normal human protein associated with human T cell function. Another one of these proteins, p 41. has been considered by montanhas group montagny, the original discoverer of HIV to be a contaminant, the ubiquitous cellular protein actin. Yet it's right there on your Western blot test masquerading as an HIV protein.



It's nearly impossible to determine the rate of false positives, because there is no gold standard to independently verify test result.



People with non aids diseases have antibodies that can register a positive result on the HIV antibody test. md people with multiple sclerosis, T cell lymphoma, generalized boards and other diseases have the P 24. antigen.



Starting in 1993, in addition to an HIV antibody test, a T cell count below 200 would now be used to diagnose someone is having AIDS.



According to the CDC, statistics, 65% of patients who've been diagnosed with AIDS in the calendar year of 1997, were diagnosed solely on the basis of having a positive HIV test. And low T cell counts. Certainly key for the crease cannot be considered the whole macro phase, because it appears in many patients who never develop AIDS. In fact, all you have to do to have a decrease the for cell is to go on the beach and live there for a few hours. And if you measure your tea for sales, more than likely, they will be very low. The general probably don't understand the idea of a gold standard here. Neither neither do doctors, physicians. So you know, you can just pull the average physician away from as if it's convention someplace in Cincinnati or something and sit down, have dinner with him and talk to him about this kind of a situation and see how much he really knows, like, does he know what a Western does? Does he know what a Western blot actually does? I mean, it does it. How's it different from this Eliza test? Does he understand how an Eliza test is operated? Does he understand anything about the statistics associated with the times when they've been tried? No, he doesn't. And he doesn't give a damn either. What he knows about is that when he has a patient, he charges a certain amount of money for every treatment that he does for every little prescription that he writes. And he likes to have a lot of patients. And the county health department also knows that you do the Ryan White act for every single person who is diagnosed as having aids in the county 20 $500 a year from the federal government. So the county health department is actually pressuring doctors, by their little subtle ways. They're not going to repeat them. But don't miss an ace case you reported to us if it's if it's if it's a positive test on HIV, you report it to us because it's 20 $500 in our pocket every year.



Additionally, it was proven that HIV is not sexually transmitted.



What better eugenics operation than to make this false claim?



By 1997 Nancy parian



has proven that aids cannot be heterosexually transmitted. They had couples there who either one or the other was positive and they were fought up for more than six years. In also, nearly 25 25% of the campus, we're not using condoms, still now one of the negative couples ever circumvented. So there is ample evidence that HIV cannot be sexually transmitted. The instant you are diagnosed with HIV, you are told that you are going to die as aids was really a pandemic of fear. And fear is an immune killer. Fear of the invisible how scared should we be viruses and vaccines HIV and AIDS brings up how fear causes death. Fear is the preferred tool of those in positions of power of those who would control and manipulate humans. In the case of AIDS fears employed by the pharmaceutical companies, the World Health Organization, un aids, the CDC and the NIH, and used to promote toxic and unnecessary antiviral medications. The media echoes this message they all uncritically proclaim. If you are HIV positive and do not ingest the antiviral cocktails, you will get AIDS and die of it. Fear serves only the enemies of our species, we must think wish fear.



aids fails all epidemiological criteria for an infectious disease, as well as failing to meet Koch's postulates the criteria for a virus causing disease predictions made by the epidemiologists of how the virus would spread killing people from AIDS have been false.



Yes, people are dying, but for various reasons, like the real pandemics due to toxicity that we have been discussing. Africans are more susceptible to get malaria and tuberculosis because of their unsanitary living conditions. But these illnesses and deaths get labeled as aids and AIDS treatments makes the illness worse. by claiming that AIDS is deadly. The failure of all treatments is expected so that the NIH and CDC have greater plausible deniability.



If all the funding for AIDS testing deadly aids treatments, deadly vaccines and abortion clinics, given to Africans under the humanitarian label went to improving the living conditions of this country, these sicknesses would be eradicated. It's so terribly tragic. The money in Africa is writing on a large number of people being diagnosed with HIV and AIDS. All of the organizations in Africa that have money are associated with AIDS. If someone came along and told them, there is no aids, all there is at the same diseases that Africans have been dying of all along, then all of a sudden millions of dollars of funding would dry up.



In 1988, Dr. Phil Kline and his wife trained in tropical medicine, before moving to Africa to help aids orphans, that were told that this was an epicenter of AIDS in Africa, where more than 50% of people had HIV and AIDS. But upon arrival, they did pulmonary testing, and found that only 13% of the population tested positive, not 50%. Shortly thereafter, they did more definitive testing and found that the number fell below 5%.



For the first time in Africa, the village has volunteered as a whole to be tested for a dead for disease, that everybody has got his results in that the truth has been five times lower than the figures given by the World Health Organization or the age control program. When a person had tested HIV positive, he would give them support nutritional supports help with housing, help with drugs for the illnesses that they actually suffered, like it might be TB, or intestinal infections, he will give them direct help for what might otherwise have been caused called AIDS. But he would give them the medicines appropriate to their actual diseases, and he would give them nutritional support. And he found that these people after a period of support like this had lower death rates, this is the people who tested positive and who is charity was set up to help because of AIDS with diseases which are called aids here, which are similar to the symptoms of AIDS. They are less and less since now, two years, he ended up by saying, you know never after five years, we've concluded that there's no way to know aids orphans. And since that time, he's had a policy that his charity and the regions that it serves, have completely renounced the HIV AIDS story altogether. They just have nothing more to do with it because they think it does such harm. How can you



this has become a calling. This has become a kind of endeavor fighting aids, which in which people who believe



In what they're doing cannot, in good conscience hold a contrary thought. It's what psychologists call the mentality of taboo, holding a critical thought. If you are in the age Orthodoxy is against the rules. It's a taboo, because it means word suggests to mean that you are turning your back on the people that you're supposed to be helping. The cure for AIDS in Africa, is as near at hand as an alternative hypothesis as to what is making Africans sick in the first place. And that is what I strongly recommend people do before giving any more money to these age organizations.



If you ask me, are people sicker today than they were 30 years ago? I have an answer for you based upon my knowledge of what is taking place in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, the massive civil wars that have occurred, the starvation, the enormous refugee camps from malaria and tuberculosis that goes virtually untreated. Yes, there is no doubt in my mind that people are sicker in Africa and living shorter lifespans. When people get an AIDS diagnosis based on clinical testing, they've returned to their villages to die, they basically give up all hope they lose their will, the left will become outcast. They're rejected by their extended family, forced to live in a secluded segregated little hut, where they are given only meager amounts of food and water and prepare themselves for death.



What people don't realize about Africa is that life expectancy there has never been particularly long to think that the arrival, shall we say, of HIV or AIDS in Africa suddenly started shortening life expectancy in African countries is really contradicted by the evidence. The media reports that 1000 people a day die of AIDS in South Africa, it is a number with no statistical grounding, no evidentiary basis whatsoever. It is simply something repeated in the media. But if one goes and checks that number against the actual official statistics of South Africa, what you will discover is in 2004, in South Africa, country of 46 million people, the total number of deaths that were attributable to HIV diseases was about 13,000. That's about 36 a day. There's been a lot of death and disease and AIDS in Africa for many centuries. And, again, our clinical tools and Western medicine penetrating some of these more remote corners of the world has allowed us to define a phenomenon that may well have been there for a very, very long time.



The infrastructure, social, and medical is non existent. Post clearly over all these 20 to 30 years now. 40 v services have disappeared malaria control, TB control.



in areas like the wreck I in Uganda, there isn't a water that's clean, the pathogenic assault this toxic assault of filthy water malaria 11 times before you're seven years old. That was seven times before you're one year old, makes your immune system very, very at risk and depressed. And if you test people with a severely challenged immune system, it is likely according to the work of professor has begun Alain eliopoulos. Now in that you will show antibodies that come up from the stress and these antibodies are being called specific to HIV and are being called infected by HIV. I don't believe that. I believe they are auto antibodies that are developed as a result of your body's immune stress. Today we are seeing similar trends with the Coronavirus such as exaggerated hype, false claims, false testing and diagnosis and the creation of a false treatment. The Coronavirus vaccine.



The same people and institutions behind the AIDS campaign are behind the Coronavirus campaign.



It's hard to ignore the death tolls, people have been dying, they are dying from this in in quite alarming numbers. How do you reconcile that?



It's pretty easy when you see for me when you see what the government has done, and that is that they took quoting Dr. Burks, we've taken a very liberal approach to mortality if my husband were to die, who has COPD, his lungs have fibrosis, his lungs would look exactly like somebody with COVID 19, theoretically, but he has no evidence of infection. So if you're not testing, and you don't have evidence of infection, and if you walked in there today, they'd call it COVID-19. And we hear this from the doctors and nurses who are upset. I've seen so many doctors online that have made their own webcam videos just perplexed by the protocol that the CDC had given them. Well, last Friday, I received a seven page document that sort of told me that if I had an 86 year old patient that had pneumonia, but was never tested for COVID-19 but



And after she came down with pneumonia, we learned that she had been exposed to her son who had no symptoms, but later on was identified with COVID-19 that it would be appropriate to diagnose on the death certificate COVID-19. When I'm writing up my death Report, I'm being pressured to add COVID Why is that? Why are we being pressured to add COVID to maybe increase the numbers and make it look a little bit worse than it is? I think so why would they want to skew the number of deaths due to COVID-19?






fear is a great way to control people. And sometimes people's ability to think for themselves is paralyzed if they're frightened enough. And that's not where I want people to be. I want people to say, we're going to get through this, I'm going to use my head, I'm going to go to different sources. I'm going to listen to different sources. And I'm going to think for myself, because that's what America is about. If someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death. You don't die with an infection, you die from an infection. I've talked with doctors who have admitted that they are being incentivized to list patients that are sick or have died with COVID-19. Yeah, $13,000 for Medicare, if you call it COVID-19. Right now, Medicare has determined that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital, you'll get paid $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000.03 times as much and you've killed them with the ventilator because you gave them the wrong treatment. All the things that just don't make sense. The patients I'm seeing in front of me, the lungs I'm trying to improve, have led me to believe that we are operating under a medical paradigm that is untrue. And I fear that this misguided treatment will lead to a tremendous amount of harm to a great number of people in a very short time matters. I wanted to get your take on this current Coronavirus situation in general. At the beginning of this, we were told the projections were going to be very bad with a high mortality rate, which justified the lockdowns and we're all based on computer models, which just so happened to be funded by none other than Bill Gates. But now we have actual data to work with. So what is the data tell us and should people be concerned?



Well, that's a very good question. And the data is very difficult to interpret because there are a lot of purposeful errors in the data. Like for example, with all the instructions to put COVID-19 is the cause of death on death certificates, even when, in many conditions that it is not related to the cause of death in this conference, you know, directly from the CDC and other health agencies. So what I've done is in order to take this error out of the consideration is just to look at the overall mortality from all causes. And compare that to previous years. And actually, the CDC has a page on their website where they've done this, they've compiled the average weekly mortality from the prior three years. And compare that to the current year to date mortality on a weekly basis. And I've been following that it's updated on a daily basis. And every week a week is added. And essentially what it's shown is that there is roughly the same amount of people dying this year, slightly less, according to their statistics currently 2% less than last three years on average. So what this tells me is that there's actually no indication of a new illness causing any excess mortality, despite howev0:19  

tyranny and eugenics through public health,



bioterrorism and vaccines,



part two.



It's a need for new world order. Yes. But it has different characteristics in different parts.



To recap from part one, we discussed the report from Iron Mountain. This government document was not supposed to reach the public, so when it did, there was a propaganda campaign to make it appear as a hoax. However, the title remains on the CIA website, and many people have come forward about its authenticity. And the government hasn't denied it. And most convincingly, our world today has manifested the vision in the report in terms of implementing eugenics policies, and using new types of wars against new enemies, like global warming and viral pandemics to keep government in power.