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tyranny and eugenics through public health, bioterrorism and vaccines, part three.



In part one, we looked at human experimentation by our government. This should be expected because government is based on the immoral premise that some men should rule other men, which implies that some men should exploit, oppress and harm other men to maintain the power differential.



Our assumption that government is an ethical institution or could ever be is the height of human ignorance to our very destruction.



In the 1930s, Rockefeller University financed cancer experiments in Puerto Rico by Dr. Cornelius Rhodes, in which he infected subjects with cancer cells. In a letter he said that what the island needs is not public health work but a tidal wave to totally exterminate the population, also saying I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off eight and transplanting cancer into several more.



Later he was given awards and helped establish the US Army biological warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah and Panama.



In the 1940s, a US government experiment infected over 5000 Guatemalans with Syphilis and Gonorrhea against their will and without their knowledge, participants included the Rockefeller Foundation, Bristol Myers, and Johns Hopkins, who were given a $1 billion lawsuit from 800 victims after the discovery of the experiment in 2011.



It was dismissed in 2012. Under the claim that the US government cannot be held liable for actions committed outside of the US nearly 800 names with the same story, watermelon research subjects in the 1940s and 50s poked and prodded as human guinea pigs in the US government and infected with syphilis and other STDs without their knowledge. This newly filed lawsuit alleges Johns Hopkins created and designed to Guatemala experiments, approved and recommended them for funding oversaw, monitored and concealed the nature in which they were carried out why now, Paul Beckman is one of the attorneys representing the victims and their families in Guatemala, a country in Central America where the experiments were conducted kept a lid on it, making sure that nobody knew about it, and they actively deceive these people. There was no consent obtained for it. And from any body. The suit says tests were carried out on women, orphans and soldiers some details too graphic to report.



video shows some victims still bear the scores.



Henry Kissinger Rockefeller collaborator and member of the Bilderberg Group, bohemian club and Council of Foreign Relations, was the secretary of state and national security advisor in the Nixon and Ford administration's. Before that he helped to find the right Nazis that would be of service to America in the army counter intelligence as he was the translator and assistant to General Alexander bowling revealed in the book Kissinger. Bowling was described as the Godfather to the Joint Intelligence objectives agency that ran project paperclip, as told in Linda Hans book secret agenda. Kissinger's former Harvard colleague, Stanley Hoffman depicted Kissinger as a Machiavellian who believes that the preservation of the state requires both ruthlessness and deceit at the expense of foreign and internal adversaries.



The book Kissinger describes Nelson Rockefellers close association with Kissinger. Rockefeller was Eisenhower's assistant for international affairs. According to the book, Kissinger made military proposals to Eisenhower who turned them down, which resulted in Rockefeller sending Eisenhower his resignation. Eisenhower then blew the whistle on the government takeover by the military industrial complex, and the council's of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. This complex has taken over medicine.



After Eisenhower's resignation, Kissinger and Rockefeller developed the special studies project that were compiled in the 1956 book prospect for America that laid out the plans for the transition of post World War Two Old World Order of 13 empires into the new world order that the United Nations would represent.



September 11, symbolizes the destruction of the old world order, and the coronavirus pandemic is the official global launch of the new world order.



Kissinger played a big part in the cold war between the so called superpowers Russia and the United States. He was the director of deployment of tactical and strategic nuclear weapons. Also using nuclear threat as part of national security. Kissinger was behind operation menus the bombing campaign in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.



Before Kissinger, the Manhattan Project initiated the military industrial complex post World War Two as the creation of nuclear warfare. In 1945, two bombs were dropped in Japan, killing 130,000 people instantly, leaving 10s of 1000s to suffer from radiation exposure. While nuclear threat played a big part in creating the tensions of Cold War. Soon a new weapon would be deployed a weapon that could be blamed on nature and hide the real attackers.



The coronavirus pandemic is the continuation of the Cold War, using national tensions between China and the US to bring about globalism as the resolution.



In his recent article, Kissinger claims that the political and economic upheaval of the COVID crisis could last for generations, claiming that we need to develop technologies for infection control, and commensurate vaccines across large populations in order to overcome this. He even described the effort as relating to the Manhattan Project, because this is all an extension of the military industrial complex.



And as we learned in the Iron Mountain report, this is how to maintain war in times of peace, since government cannot exist without the state of war.



Both the terms Kissinger and vaccination add up to 666 in the geometry a calculator. That's no coincidence as the ruling class practice the dark religion.



This goes way beyond politics and money.



Another program developed by the CIA after world war two was called Operation Paperclip, it's been depicted in many movies, including Disney's Marvel series.



Its Operation Paperclip, after world war two shield recruited German scientists with strategic value cause



Operation Paperclip and this is something people need to know because it has been so covered up and mocked and be rated and claimed to be a conspiracy theory. And by the way, the term labeling people as conspiracy theorists was invented by the CIA to deflect any attention over the JFK assassination. They invented that word as as a way to shut down any scrutiny or dis critical, critical investigation of what they were doing. So they started that whole ball rolling. In terms of Operation Paperclip, there's absolute is documented, there's absolutely no question about it. Allen Dulles, CIA director was associate of Heinrich Himmler, of the Third Reich. So what Dulles proceeded to do when the Third Reich was brought down was he secretly brought all of the top Nazi scientists into the US, he falsified their files that he gave to Harry Truman making them look like there were no war crimes.



They brought these Nazi scientists into the CIA to work for the CIA, and that includes the human experiments they conducted on Jewish men, women and children. And the psychological studies that these Nazi scientists had done, the CIA was using their expertise for these programs through Operation Paperclip. And this was not seen much of an occult beliefs that the CIA adopted and actually put these people on their payroll. One of the programs that came out of Operation Paperclip was MK Ultra. Now, MK Ultra was a very complex program that dealt with human experiments and mind manipulation as this 1952 CIA memo says the aim is controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding



against his will, and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self preservation. In the Church Committee, MK Ultra came out as an actual program of mind control using mental, physical and sexual abuse and psychotropic drugs.



lysergic acid diethylamide LSD. It was one of the first times that anybody had run into a powerful drug that was different than anything else that they knew anything about. But a decision was made at the highest levels of the CIA to do testing on unwitting Americans.



At Ravenscraig, Dr. Cameron went further with drugs and electric shock treatments that any researchers in the MK Ultra project dare. His aim was to wipe the mind clean. Then he would implant new messages by forcing the patient to listen to a hypnotic repetition, as many as a quarter of a million times. This was called psychic driving. It would give the patient intensive electric treatment, he would attempt to implant new ideas in the mind of a patient out to a layman it would appear that Dr. Cameron was trying to take the slate and wipe it clean the slate being the mind. In other words, brainwashing. Exactly. That's a really good combination of brainwashing. Yes.






You're doing fine, just tied to this guy.



Company explained it to me, nobody ever asked me if I was willing to do it or anything.



Put me on slippery land.



They kept you asleep for 23 days.



And while I was asleep, they were shocking the heck out of me with electric shocks and playing tapes.



That was



really like a concentration camp.



To look up with nothing for you to watch here, but you're going to talk to me as we go along. They couldn't go any further because CIA director Richard Helms destroyed all the CIA's Mkl for documents and they had to rely on coached witnesses so they were never able to dig even deeper. What they got was bad enough.



It was never terminate. There's no evidence that it was ever terminated no documents no nothing, not even admission by the CIA that has been terminated.



How do you feel?



Better than feeling better? Are you sleeping



better now?



Good, disable old city by putting a very small amount on a water supply. after all of these years of us, those of us who involved in looking for this secret drug this was the only thing that began to look for the first time like it might be something like that. So MK Ultra was one of the hardest programs for me to wrap my head around because it's it's it's a lot of subset programs. And I was really surprised that Brad Martin knew about MK Ultra. In this documentary, Kevin Shipp, former CIA operative talks about the CIA's mind control programs, and how even certain words are propagandized to create prejudice against them, like conspiracy theorists.



Recently, a paper came out called medical conspiracy theories, cognitive science and implication for ethics saying on the basis of that knowledge, the article makes normative proposals for public health officials and health workers as a whole to deal with conspiracy theories, in order to preserve some of the fundamental principles of medical ethics isn't the ethical thing finding the truth.



At the end, he recommends certain things to combat conspiracy theory, like increased use of Twitter among doctors and cultural diversity training. cultural diversity training relates to nonviolent communication and NLP previous topics I've covered. I plan to go more into depth on these topics and the postmodern collectivist ideologies coming out of the Tavistock Institute, like the book 1984. These ideologies turn speaking the truth into terrorism to maintain cultural hegemony.



While our focus here is bioterrorism, we must keep a holistic approach seeing mental terrorism and emotional terrorism at play. Throughout the 20th century, under the guise of mental health, psychiatry and psychology. The ruling class has nearly perfected mental and emotional control to keep the slave class the slave class. Now in the 21st century, under the guise of public health, using germ theory and flawed science, they will hit the final nail in the coffin of the trinity of self to control man at the molecular level with technology but we are getting ahead of ourselves.



To recap from previous parts of the series in 1969, there was a supposed ban on bio weapons. Take, for example, who Sam read a bio weapons laboratory. That was the Army Medical Unit at Fort Dietrich in the 1950s. In 1969, it became the US Army Medical Research Institute of infectious diseases. Here it claims the institute's mission did not really change and it received additional funding and personnel authorizations to hire biomedical and laboratory scientists who were losing their jobs as a result of the termination of the United States is offensive bw bio warfare studies.



In this article, it discusses a scandal in 2006, where there was a cluster of cancer fatalities near the facility of Usama red from alleged chemical weapons. 2500 people died from a rare form of cancer



in the early 1970s, during the Nixon Kissinger era came the war on cancer. The Army's chemical and biological warfare laboratories also at Fort Dietrich became the National Cancer Institute. In the 1980s, the NCI turned to AIDS research, billions of dollars were given to this military institution that not only were no cures found for cancer or AIDS, but these pandemics became worse.



From virus mania.



Whenever we tried to understand how some highly questionable therapeutic policies have been recommended at the highest levels of public health authorities, like the who CDC rk II, we frequently discover either embarrassing conflicts of interests or the lack of a central control experiments, and always the strict rejection of any open debate with authoritative scientists presenting dissident views of the pathological processes, manipulations of statistics falsifications of clinical trials, dodging of drug toxicity tests have all been repeatedly documented.



In part two, we discussed the AIDS hypothesis that the HIV virus causes AIDS and how it remains scientifically unproven, yet this became false dogma in which government gained more power, Big Pharma made billions false science was propagated to intellectually hinder the masses. And people died from fear from false diagnosis and from false treatments. There was another game that we will address more towards the end of the series.



For people that are age researchers and are getting neurotic, if you ask them any questions, there was a time when I first started asking questions that always was, where are the papers, just tell me the papers that you read that convinced you that HIV was a cause of age because I need to reference those papers. In some of the I was working on a test for HIV with PCR. And I needed to write a little report to the NIH to say, here's the progress we've made. And the first line of it was HIV is the probable cause of AIDS. And I thought that was true before I got into involved. And I said, What's the reference for that quote, and I looked forward for about two or three years, and I never could find it. And by the end of two years, I'd asked everybody at every meeting and I'd gone to that talked about AIDS, I'd ask, you know, I'd look through every computer database, there is no reference, there is nobody who should get credit for that statement. And that's a pretty weird situation in science we're getting credit for discovery is the most important thing in your life as a scientist, Dr. Robert willner, publicly instructs himself with the blood of an HIV positive individual to debunk the AIDS narrative. Now, it's interesting, a lot of questions are asked of me whenever I appear before the cameras and do what some people have called a stunt to sell books. I'm from the planet Earth. I honestly believe honestly believe that these individuals are from the planet eeriness.



how anyone could suggest



that I would stick myself with a virus that is supposedly deadly for the purpose of selling a book that's complete insanity.



And I will put the light to the individuals of the NIH, particularly Gallo and Fousey. And Hazeltine and Essex, and the rest of these scoundrels have the worst order. Criminals guilty of genocide. Without a doubt, I invite them to take me to court. I wish Burroughs wellcome would take me to court because they have been putting out a killer drug knowingly.



You can tell I don't like doing this never had.



Okay. And we want to get a lot of blood. There we go. Okay. There we go. I'm wiping this needle thoroughly in this blood. And I say to my friends phousi, Gottlieb, Galpin,



and Gallo and all the rest of those criminals. All right, that this is for the sake of humanity and no other reason.



From second thoughts about viruses, vaccines and the HIV AIDS hypothesis.



In addition to chemical toxicity, however, what is the impact of the fear emotional toxicity that the word virus brings to mind and heart? It has been said



That fear is the most deadly of disease conditions. If a disease kills one person, the fear of it may kill 20. General prejudice concerning the danger of viruses is fundamental biological error based on Lewis pastures germ theory, and is itself a perpetrator of auto suggested illness. For example, in Africa, doctors attribute some aids sickness to Voodoo death, who were symptomatically AIDS patients. They were dying of AIDS, but when they were tested and found out that they were negative, they suddenly rebounded and are now perfectly healthy. Ironically, if the germ theory were founded on facts, it would be correct if your viruses except there would be few, if any humans living to discuss the issues. these so called pathogenic entities are to researchers, medical practitioners in the press, what criminals are the detectives, the focus and justification of their existence?



The book Foushee the Bernie Madoff of AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome by Charles or lab argues that the billionaire Fauci aids Empire was an is a criminal enterprise based on a medical and scientific Ponzi scheme, containing fraud on all levels from New psychological fraud, epidemiological fraud, virological, fraud, treatment, fraud, public health policy, fraud, concealment of data, and the censorship of whistleblowers.



There are a number of HIV people positive people who have survived many years over a decade. Yeah, we understand that now they have genetic, we understand the genetics of that. And for you to bring it up, I would hope that you would understand the genetics equally as we do. When people have variable genetics that can contribute to control of HIV, the P 57. HLA gene, for example, the modification of the CCR five, for example, the polymorphism of the genes that control the making of some of the beta chemokine, for example, and they're about 15 to 20. more examples, some people are born with those, we understand the mechanism that fits perfectly with HIV. And unfortunately, such people form a small minority, as untreated people, certainly more than 90% will go on to develop aids and die. How do we know that? What proof is there? How do you know? Because we have experienced if you've been in a clinic, have you been to Africa? I have been in clinics I have spoken with?



Sir, I didn't invite you on to be insulted nor what is the nature of your questions are insulting to the rationale of most people who are thinking people.



Wait, I have not brought you on to insult you or decorate you in any way. I brought my bass legitimate question. Now I have over 2000 statements made by highly credible people, including Nobel Prize winners, who question many aspects of the science? Are you are you going to dismiss all the statements made by people who have responsibly looked at the science who are in the science like you?



Would it not be better in a democracy to open a discussion of dialogue instead of attacking people? No, my view is, you're not worth my time wherever to talk. And I'm sorry, I answered the phone. You're one of the HIV denialists you know who the Nobel Prize winner is. One is Kary mullis. I wouldn't put him as a biologist, let alone a solution or an epidemiologist. He is somebody who made PCR great contribution. He's a chemist, and that's where it lives. And then let us put it simply the National Academy of Sciences, that's their Institute, the National Institutes of Health, every single Institute in it, the Institute of Medicine, who una have all concluded that this is the cause of eight. So please, stop this nonsense. You harm public health. It's a disgrace to National Public Radio.



I would hope that you would be



well, they hung up. Okay. They have a right to do that, and we have a right to offer legitimate challenge to them.



Robert Gallo uses a fallacious appeal to authority and authoritative institutions to defend his aids hypothesis. Because all of these institutions are hierarchical. The idea that they could be driven by an elite group for nefarious purposes should not be far fetched. Human beings are brainwashed into believing that these institutions are intrinsically good. Failing to recognize that authority is power, and the agenda of power is destruction of freedom, and the implementation of eugenics and genocide. Populations must be weakened in order to be controlled. Until we understand the nature of government and authority, we will become victimized to it.



Soon we will talk more about Judy mikovits. And I apologize for the Misspelling of her last name in part two. She is the co author of plague of corruption, who worked directly with these institutions for decades, she discovered that they were creating a product that was causing illness and death. After bringing this to their attention thinking these institutions were good and would take right action. They instead threw her in jail destroyed her reputation and career over lies, put her in bankruptcy and attempted to take her life.



The two agendas at play were mentioned earlier at the top there was a psychopathic or sociopathic agenda perpetrate



By the death cult, the ruling class who feed off of human suffering, and in the middle and bottom there is simply the selfish agenda to maintain or increase one's financial and social standing. This pyramid represents all institutions connected through authority like government, corporations, NGOs, philanthropies, secret societies and think tanks.



The basis for the control of human energy is the monetary system and its fictional creation.



In regards to the AIDS topic, the question we need to answer is, was there a specific cause for the particular cluster of symptoms, mainly kaposi sarcoma that we call aids, because it happened with certain types of individuals, homosexual men, in particular US cities, and the general population in Central Africa. Now, we're actually not going to have enough time to answer that question in this part, but we will be laying the important groundwork to answering it. In 1984. Robert Gallo comes along gets a press conference and says, Hey, all of these diseases are caused by a virus. Here's his theory, HIV kills T cells decimates the T cell population, causing Acquired Immune Deficiency, which is opens the gateway to infection with any number of opportunistic infections 30 at this point, this is what we call the syndrome of AIDS defining diseases. Problem is, if all these diseases among these populations were caused by a virus, one would think that these, you know, this constellation of diseases this syndrome would spread from the original risk populations into the general population. That's what infectious diseases do they spread out of the original risk populations. Problem is through 1992. This simply wasn't the case. After 10 years of the so called raging AIDS epidemic, over 90% of AIDS patients cumulatively



remain within those original risk groups.



Before we get back into the eighth topic, we need to discuss theories about viruses and retroviruses, the basis of Big Pharma and Rockefellers allopathic medicine is germ theory, which supports viral pandemics and vaccinations.



While Coronavirus is not considered a retrovirus, it contains RNA that could still be inserted into a DNA genome, we should ask ourselves, what is the purpose of this transfer of genetic material?



We use the term viruses and retroviruses loosely because public health theories rests on flawed science that contains many contradictions in their descriptions of these cellular fragments that reveal a lack of understanding. Better theories more aligned to natural law have been marginalized and rejected that deserve our time and attention.



In the eugenics context, we understand that false knowledge is deliberate as they serve specific power agendas. We live in the scientific Dark Ages, keeping us afraid of nature and ignorant of our own biological processes. What does mainstream science have to say about viruses? Let's take a look at something a bit simpler, a virus. Contrary to popular belief, viruses are not alive. They are much smaller and simpler than single celled organisms like bacteria. And they do not meet most of the criteria that biologists agree are required to call something alive, they can be considered biologically inert. So viruses exist in a kind of gray area in between simple molecules and living organisms. So what's inside a virus exactly? In truth, a virus is pretty much just genetic material in a protein casing. There is no membrane, no organelles, not much of anything we are used to seeing in living creatures. Nevertheless, viruses reproduce by injecting their genetic material into a host cell, thereby hijacking the cellular machinery of the cell and forcing it to make copies of the virus instead of what the cell would normally be doing. Sort of like pirates on the high seas, capturing a large vessel and taking command.



How did we get from a nonliving entity which authentic material to a genetic parasite that makes copies of itself in order to destroy the host organism, there is no logical bridge or provided evidence for this assertion, as this activity has never been observed under a microscope. Another problem in this video is that it depicts the virus replicating itself to infect the host. But the virus is not capable of reproduction, and is not an organism at all. Viral genetic information is only replicated when cells replicate. After integrating this viral information into their genome. When the cell dies, the virus ceases to exist.



Another contradiction is found in this article saying that viruses cannot function outside of a host cell, but then saying that viruses lie around our environment all the time just waiting for a host cell to come along. Written by person with a PhD, goes to show how our education is about memorizing rhetoric.



In throwing logic out the window.



At the end of the 19th century, the field of microbiology created the dogma called germ theory that micro organisms were the single cause of disease and cancer, going by the formula that every disease has one specific germ that caused it. This is the theory that underlies the pharmaceutical industry, so that they can give you a false cure or vaccine for each germ.



Later, we will be looking at how this theory underlies nanotechnology and medicine, discussing the transhumanist agenda.



In the early 1900s, microbiologists attempted to make bacteria the cause of illness. Lewis pest chair, the father of germ theory falsely believed that healthy tissues inside the body exist in a sterile germ free environment. But any experiments putting animals in a sterile environment killed them, sterilize mice would still produce bacteria, pasture and Robert Koch could not prove that bacteria was the cause of illness and mainstream science was forced to admit the importance of bacteria within our bodies, especially in our digestive tract.



ecosystems depend on bacteria and bacteria does not decompose the living or attack healthy cells. But it's nature's recyclers, as bacteria breaks down dead matter. In the natural law context, it is an important part of the life cycle. Is Antwan boo shop said nothing is the prey of death. All things are the prey of life.



When bacteria as the micro enemy failed, Rockefeller funded science turn to viruses. While bacterium is a unicellular micro organism that can reproduce, usually rod shaped and typically a few micro meters long. A virus is not necessarily a micro organism as it cannot reproduce, and is often spiracle and five to 300 nanometers. Let's look at the experiments that so called proved retroviruses were bad, as this agenda was driven by surprise, surprise, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.



At the Rockefeller Institute, the first retrovirus was supposedly discovered in 1911 by Peyton roofs, who studied at Johns Hopkins.



In the experiment, Bruce took a tissue sample from the sarcoma tumor of a chicken with leukemia, filtered out tumor cells and bacteria and then injected the solution into healthy chickens, who then got a sarcoma tumor. The conclusion was that the invisible avian leukosis virus was in the injected solution and caused the disease, we can see what a jump in thinking this is, what was exactly filtered out and what remained in the solution we do not know.



Many scientists of rousses era argued that the filtrate was not cell free. Due to the rejection of his experiments, ruse terminated his research, as it never went any further and he did not isolate any virus. But after 55 years, all of a sudden, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his discovery. Within 10 years other novel retroviruses like the family of AIDS would appear on the scene, and we shall see that this is not coincidental.



Let's assume Bruce's experiment is repeatable, giving it the benefit of the doubt, even though it lacked peer review. This is the most common experiment in germ theory, injecting the diseased tissue of one animal and to another animal to cause disease, and then saying that the bacterial or viral content of that injection is the cause of disease the first animal



we have no clue what was in the sample post filtration as particles the size of 200 nanometers would not only be viruses, but smaller cell particles, cellular wastes and dead cellular debris. real scientists found that viruses are attempting to eliminate that tissue and waste caused by environmental toxicity. injecting dead cell waste of one animal into another animal would be carcinogenic for obvious reasons, and could contain toxic material by virtue that it is waste.



Even if we inject healthy cell debris of one animal into another, that would still potentially cause illness. Because it is a foreign substance that would activate the immune system, and attempts to remove the substance from the body a tumor could form. Because an injection into the bloodstream, it doesn't happen in nature, the animal is more vulnerable. Putting biological material where it doesn't belong, does not prove that certain biological material is harmful to its source.



Why do the animals in the experiment get the same illness? While left brain science can only perceive one type of particle causing an illness holistically we should consider morphic resonance at play, and the empathetic resonating physical symptoms between living beings that could potentially share an illness through injection as a holographic response of shared resonance.



What these experiments showed was how to inflict illness, not discover the cause.



Have the original illness. Oh, and don't worry, I'm going to address the animal issue soon as that immorality alone is enough to end this pseudo scientific pursuit. The false axiom, the ends justify the means will never lead us to true scientific knowledge. We will explore more about these unethical and irrational experiments as well as Koch's flawed postulates in the following parts of the series. funded to be what he calls a microbe chaser Duisburg, discovered a cancer gene in a retrovirus and became a praised retro virologist, but then realized that this oncogene was harmless to the animal host. His career and reputation were harmed when he didn't buy into the AIDS narrative.



In the book, he states virtually all retroviruses proved to be benign passenger viruses in animals outside the laboratory. Even the very few oncogenic retroviruses, those endowed with cancer genes hardly play a role as carcinogens for two reasons. First, viral cancer genes accidentally acquired or never kept by retroviruses after they are generated, because they are entirely useless to the virus, just like a genetic cuckoo's egg. Second, even if a rare oncogenic retrovirus infects an immuno competent animal, a small tumor will appear within days after the infection, only to disappear again. As the animal develops antiviral immunity. antiviral immunity kills both the virus and all virus infected cells. As a result. retroviral cancers are extremely rare and very survivable tumors in wild animals. Their statistical relevance as carcinogens is negligible.



According to Duisburg, the belief that tumors are caused by endogenous retroviruses as baseless, as some retroviruses were found near tumors because they were helping to eliminate the tumor, which is why we find them on tumors tissue. There's no reason to assume that particular cellular activity and micro particles caused something merely due to their presence in an infection. Duisburg has said that finding a microbe is not enough to convicted of a disease



from fear of the invisible. I had earlier learned that viruses invade cells in order to reproduce that that cells are the victims of this process. I also learned that HIV was a retrovirus that hijacked cells. But I now realized that there was an entirely different way to see the process. biology is science that underlies virology has no focus on illness has taught me that no virus exists that is not made by cell, that these are produced by all healthy cells, whether of plants, fungi, bird fish, or animals. And that cells apparently consider retroviruses so harmless, that they will trustingly incorporate codes brought by them into their very genomes, into the protected centers of their being, you'll be working with the test cells in the test tube and say, Look, we have a higher activity of reverse transcription. Therefore, a virus must be inside and the virus is the cause of cancer. But the nature of cancer, it's much different than when they found reverse transcription everywhere. They gave up the idea that retroviruses would cause cancer, and they were not speaking about it anymore, but wasted billions of dollars into this and developed chemotherapy, based on this idea that the multiplication of genetic material and they were thinking of the viruses should be blocked. So they developed molecules, which were incorporated in a growing chain of newly to build up genetic material, and which would kill the build up or prevent the build up of this genetic molecule, and the cell eventually has to die. The idea of retroviruses in cancer is long over, but the chemotherapy still is there because it's sold. And they have no idea why no rational explanation why they are using chemotherapy. The flawed scientific establishment assumes that certain particles like viruses found in diseased tissue or the blood are the culprit for disease. But how do we know the difference between the immune response cellular waste and the original toxic element? How do we differentiate cause from effect the perpetrator from the symptom attempting to heal?



complex theories are explored when we cannot see these movements play out. As sampling procedures kill the specimen.



We may not be able to extract the causal element from diseased tissue as we are looking at a chain of events such as chemical reactions and bodily processes responding to toxins. This can obfuscate cause to some degree. Also, non lethal causes require multiple causes, including microwave radiation, which cannot be detected as a particle invader. causation also includes mind and emotions.



When we see a person blowing their nose from a sickness, we do not see the mucus as the cause of sickness but its symptom



Could viruses actually be a response from the body to eliminate waste? Many researchers and holistic practitioners think so.



The idea that viruses are invading agents that cause disease was created by Lewis Pasadena in the 1800s. His theory known as the germ theory of disease is the catalyst for all theories existing in the medical profession. germ theory is responsible for the use of pasteurisation, vaccines, and medical treatments.



At the same time that Louis Pasteur was developing his germ theory, there was another French scientist by the name of Antoine Belgium, Belgium came up with his own theory of disease and documented and proved it in his book, The third element of blood, his theory was radically different. It was called the terrain theory. The terrain theory proposes that all living microorganisms and viruses originate within the body, not from without, he discovered the processes of fermentation. And he observed that bacteria and viruses are pleomorphic mutating based upon the terrain which they reside. This is the exact opposite of what Louis Pasteur proposed, which states that viruses occur in nature by themselves and create disease. This is I will explain is impossible.



Viruses originate only in the presence of a living cell. However, science also says that viruses can occur in nature. So which is it? viruses must have a cell in order to replicate. Science has admitted This, however, they are manipulating the people into believing only partial truths. The truth is that viruses are created in their whole form within the cell. They do not come from outside the body, they come from within the body. Viruses occur in the body as a result of systemic toxicity, not because the body has been invaded by an external threat. This is the big lie that the medical profession relies upon to justify the use of vaccines and dangerous medications. Without the false germ theory to rely upon and the contagious myth that is so brainwashed into people, the medical profession would have nothing to stand on, and would topple like a house of cards. So what are viruses and what are their main purpose in the human body and in the bodies of animals, viruses dissolve toxic matter when tissue is too toxic for living microbes to feed upon, without being poisoned to death. Without viruses, the human body would not be able to sustain itself in the face of systemic toxicity. Since viruses are not alive, they do not know how to infect a cell on their own. They do not have a nucleus, they do not have respiration or a digestive tract, they are not alive. Therefore, viruses must have an assisting and guiding agent to accommodate their behavior. These are called antibodies. Importantly, it must be understood that viruses do not infect cells to invade the cell and replicate.



viral infection is necessary in order so that the body may reverse its toxic condition. But in people that have a suppressed immune system, their body cannot deal rationally with large amounts of virus breaking down toxic waste products, and therefore they may become sick and die. But this is rare. More likely, and 99% of the people who have viral activity will overcome yet that is the function of the body. The body knows very well what to do. It is smart and has innate abilities, we should nurture and learn to love the body. When someone dies due to viral or bacterial infection. It is almost always because of medical treatment. The medical industry seeks an enemy so that it can justify the use of dangerous medical procedures and treatments.



erecting a wall between you and your body will result in the fear of your body and those around you. That is the primary purpose of the contagious myth. brainwashing people into believing that they may catch a disease from someone around them allows the medical profession to keep people in fear. When people are in fear, they are easily controlled and manipulated. As a people asked for a solution and they provide it to them. Not



Knowing that they have now enslaved themselves to their very own mind and body. When the mind becomes internally focused on its own problems, the focus is no longer on the surroundings of that person, but is focused internally on his own problems. When the body is unhealthy, this focus will magnify greatly. When a population is too concerned with their own elements, they will have no concern for the exterior problems. Those in power take the opportunity to exploit this nature of man, slowly taking the rights away from the individual. They know how the human mind works, and they exploit it to their favor. Okay, so Oh, wait a minute. Let's go to the very first guy to create a historical timeline. Hippocrates, there's a long time ago. So Greek physician credited with synthesizing prior medical knowledge as his systematic study of clinical medicine. he asserted that disease was determined by environmental factors, diet and heredity. And what we're doing here, of course, is setting up the understanding that it's about the terrain, not about an illness, or a microbe. So a biological life is microbe dependent. So Hippocrates proposed that all disease begins in the gut. Now the gut is really the soil of your body. And there's a lot of talk about gut health these days, and very appropriately, because the gut is where all, you know, an inordinate amount of these microbes live. It's where 70 80% of our immune system lives, and they live within all the lymphatic networks, just you know, one micron beat.



Beneath the surface, you know, the test on mucosa is very thin, and all these guys live in that area. So it's all microbe dependent, and they do so many functions for us. Next point, the intestinal tract is the soil of the body, dependent on abundant and balanced microbe colonies no different than the soil, the earth life would not be possible in the absence of microbes. So why are we so afraid of these guys? Let's go on to the next guy. Okay. The great conspiracy known as the germ theory of disease and it is the grandest conspiracy it's conspiracy facts, not conspiracy theory, was seeded by the political forces that were backing the now infamous con artists, Louis pasturing, there's no other way to describe the guy was the guy was a snake oil salesman. Okay, so Antwan blue shop, his contemporary, was the real guy that did the real research had the you know, the authentic understanding, he was a real scientist that we passed. Sure, even during his time, his contemporaries recognized him as being kind of a second rate plagiarist. So who shops cellular theory advocated treat the patient, not the infection, we could go again, much deeper in this, but let's just get some ideas across. microbes are opportunistic. And we'll talk more about that. That means if the environment is such, then they will pleomorphic Li, change in ways to meet the demands of the ecosystem, and these microbes originate from within, we'll see that he then concluded that micro zymosan, it's just his languaging, rather than proteins, so methods and so forth, were more basic to life than cells. Now, when I look under a microscope, as I've done 1000s of times for many years, when I see these micro zymosan roadmap, sorry, micro simas or approaches are so Matiz and you see an abundance of them in a certain form, you know that that person is very vital and healthy, when you see scant numbers of them, and other changes, you know, in the blood, then you know that, you know, the ecosystem is not going in the right direction. Now, Louis pasture plagiarize the researcher, boot shop and Miss characterize his findings, to foster the germ theory of disease. And, of course, he had the full backing of the predator class. Because this, you know, the medical system was,



by design, a major method of social engineering and control. And to this day, we see in current events that we're getting our chains pulled more than ever, because many generations have been thoroughly brainwashed, especially us doctors, and there was a time and I've shared the story, you know, where I got red pilled will say, and I was about to vaccinate my kids and got exposed to some different information, did a lot of research went through a lot of emotional turmoil. And you know, still wasn't completely sure what to do, you know, with the situation and then just followed my intuition lived in a lot of fear because of it. And now I look back and say, thank God, but I understand how the engrams get deeply implanted in our consciousness, and it's hard to get rid of them because people and institutions that we have been taught to trust, tell us this is the way it is and they have very impressive facilities and all the money in the world behind them. And we have been taught that doctors are gods and no different than when you're in a voodoo culture. And the Voodoo practitioner shakes some bones at you. If that is your belief system, you will get sick and you will possibly die because that is the power of our psyche and



Now when a person in a white coat says you have oh my god Coronavirus or cancer. Well, is it any doubt that, you know, maybe our health declines from that point on? So pasture allegedly recanted his theory at the edge of at the end of his life, stating the microbe is nothing. The train is everything.



Definitely check out Dr. Barry Lando and the alpha Vedic podcast.



But we are not finished with Pastor because in 1995



there was this interesting Professor gela giesen. He was professor at a time at Princeton University and Professor giesen he published the book The private science of Louis Pasteur. And based on pesters lab notes, gel, Kishan discovered that pasta had in fact published fraudulent data.



So he published fundament data and so with his publication, gel giesen revealed basically to the public and to the world, that pastor had committed scientific fraud. And Professor Kishan In fact, was not the first who had exposed or did expose posture as a liar. There was also the publication already back in 1923 by Sal Hume in titled pasture exposed in 1940. There was RB Pearson And he published the book pasture, plagiarize, and imposter. So, in spite of the fact that it is clearly established that Fuster theory is wrong, conventional medicine and medical science still propagates the false theory. And with the mass spec of mass production of antimicrobial drugs and vaccines, the pharmaceutical company is making billions of dollars per year based on a scientific hoax. And all this in collaboration with the FDA, with the United Nations with the World Health Organization, with governments all around the globe basically, and with the media.



In this article the origins of integrative medicine, it states germ theory and conventional medicine at the turn of the 20th century as Howard Berliner in 1985 has documented straight germ theory germ X causes disease why became established as the core of scientific medicine in American allopathic medical education. At the time, the major rivalry in American medicine was between our paths, approximately 60% of medical practitioners and homeopaths approximately 30%, the balance being eclectics in physio medical lists.



Once the substantial resources at the Rockefeller philanthropies were put behind scientific medical education based on germ theory, with the full consent of the AMA, American medicine became synonymous with germ theory. This the flexner report 1910 and medical research devoted to finding pharmaceuticals to defeat germs to cure disease were all funded by Rockefeller philanthropies, and led to what is considered to be the dominant paradigm in American medicine.



As Berliner documents, this was largely the result of a determination to put the Rockefeller philanthropic resources behind this concept of scientific medicine, not at the same time, and he clear clinical superiority on the part of the allopathic philosophy. As of the period in which this took place, largely 1900 to 1920, there was no clinical validation for scientific medicine in terms of the discovery of scientific pharmaceuticals have demonstrated efficacy. To summarize, according to boosh arms terrain theory, the alternative to past years germ theory, the environmental toxicity without within the body, the terrain is what causes sickness and micro organisms or the immune response of the body to clean up the terrain.



Duchamp found that germs bacteria viruses and microbes do not attack the body from without, but produced by the body from within as the effect not the cause of toxicity.



These microbes which he called micro seabass other smallest units of life and are part of our internal ecosystem coming from our red blood cells.



In the blood in its third anatomical element, who shops states, the micro Sema is at the beginning and at the end of all organization, it is the fundamental anatomical element whereby the cellulous the tissues, the organs, the whole of an organism are constituted living in the state of health. The magazine was act harmoniously in our life is an everyday



meaning of the word a regular fermentation. In the condition of disease The microsim has do not act harmoniously, the fermentation is disturbed, the microsim has have either changed their function or are placed in an abnormal situation by some modification of the medium.



While germ theory is based on mono morphism, the belief that all species are fixed boosh shops saw that pleomorphism was more true to reality, and that bacteria and viruses are different phases of the same micro organisms changing as a response to a changing terrain. This makes sense with natural law and the concept of equilibrium. Some scientists call this homeostasis in the state of disequilibrium. For example, too much acidity, there would be a bodily response and attempt to reverse the condition and return it to equilibrium. developmental stages are essential to understand when examining the human body, because the body is never not in a state of change.



cycles of micro organisms it makes sense as nature's recyclers must have a variety of forms, to deal with a variety of conditions.



The pleomorphic view of Beauchamp was evidenced by other scientists like the dark field microscopy work of Gunther enderlin, and the work of royal rife and his universal microscope. In the 1930s. Rive created this microscope using a series of prisms and monochromatic light beam with a magnification of 60,000 times that could show the specimen by resonating at its frequency, without killing or interfering with it. The pleomorphic cycle was also confirmed by God's omniscience and his high resolution, somewhat to scope nascence went very in depth in describing the cycle, in which the first three stages are found and the healthy blood of all humans



nascence called the basic micro organisms summited which enderlin called protrude and butia micro zema. These are different names for the fundamental microbe that is always present in the body. Under the classification of all endogenous micro organisms, it is possible that what some believe to be a virus is actually one of these types of microbes. Our corrupt medical institution uses the term virus which in Latin means poison, thus using language to propagate in negative bias on this particular micro organism.



Today, these microscopes mentioned aren't used in the suppression of true science, the electron microscope is used instead. And while it has a higher magnification, it kills and changes the sample with fixing and staining creating artifacts.



All three of these scientists were destroyed by the state sponsored medical establishment, and the cure for cancer that rife discovered was also suppressed.



An article from the International Journal of vaccines and vaccination by Robert O young, entitled second thoughts about viruses and vaccines. The HIV AIDS hypothesis states,



there is a common biological basis for the pleomorphic cycle and it's increasing complexity of organization, more complex forms evolve inherently Upon the death of an organism for the purpose of recycling its anatomical and chemical structures in the carbon cycle. The process of rapid evolution, which is reversible is an essential life process, which beyond the repair stage is necessary to return a dead organism to the earth. The second and third stage microforms de generate the body's vital substances and tissues via eutrophication, bacteria and fermentation, yeast and fungus. fermentation results in acid waste products, which further breaks down the tissue. disease symptoms then, especially the degenerative type are not produced by viruses, but manifest as chemical decomposition, or attempted recycling via fermentation and acid toxins. But with host survival processes still operable. Obviously certain other factors may play an important role in producing symptoms, such as heavy metal toxicity or state of mind. For example, some of the body's survival methods also produce symptoms commonly called diseases. An example is eczema and emergency explosion of acid toxins via the skin.



The a forementioned causal alarming situation or modification of the medium is chronic acid ification pH balance in oxygen deprivation in the blood and tissues due to acid forming foods, adverse lifestyle, emotional stress and environmental stress. This is not oversimplification, acid ification hypoxia biochemically signals a dead host to the micro zimas while creating collapsed areas dead zones of the kaleido system in the intracellular fluid, and it is the primary physiological disease condition out of which the symptoms commonly called specific diseases arise. Thus, we distinguish between this disease condition and its consequences symptoms, which include both morbidly evolved micro schemas and the physiological science commonly



thought of as specific diseases as they develop microforms bacteria, yeast fungus and mold are actually scavenging forms of the micro zema. Developed when disease in the cell life requires tissue to be broken up. These upper development forms are the ones easily visible in the blood before physical symptoms arise. They disappeared evolve when the recycling task is complete, once again becoming micro zimas of the earth, and or air.



In the better theory of viruses viruses are a phase of micro organism that becomes necessary to dissolve dead and dying tissue that has become so toxic that the earlier phase of micro organisms such as bacteria cannot feed and eliminate the tissue wastes and cellular debris without being poisoned to death. micro organisms are opportunistic because they manifest only when the opportunity IE faulty terrain presents itself.



A cold is usually bacterial while the flu viral because the flu virus is cleansing what couldn't be cleansed with bacteria Coronavirus, as a respiratory virus manufactured by cells in the lungs and respiratory areas to cleanse themselves of systemic toxicity. This toxicity comes from the pollution in the environment, like factory petroleum wastes, burning plastics and heavy metals and chem trails.



The Coronavirus epidemic allegedly began in Wuhan, China, and we should keep in mind that China has had toxicity issues and burning its garbage, using incineration plants in residential and commercial living areas. Just last year, 1000s protested to stop the construction of a plant being built near Wu Han.



Also, the biggest 5g network rolled out in Wuhan, China at the end of last year, something of viruses as solvents for toxic cells. Dr. Barry Lando perceives viruses as cell fragments interacting with DNA and RNA initiating self correcting mechanisms like the release of surfactants to dissolve diseased tissue.



Let's look more at the genetic aspect of viruses.



Barbara McClintock, a PhD scientist who was marginalized from the scientific community for her holistic insights, but still managed to win the Nobel Prize saw that our cellular functions are extremely intelligent and create a network of communication between cells through genetic changes. She discovered transposons, which have been called jumping genes and molecular size engineers, in which DNA segments can move from one place to another through a cut and paste mechanism.



The transposon mechanism underlies retroviruses or genetic microbes and cell based particles like exosomes that can send and receive messages. nicklin talks research countered the belief that viruses attack a victim cell, seeing them as important for communication between cells. In response to environmental stress. She discovered that healing occurs in the restructuring of the genome and genetic repair. This article discusses the research of Nels LD PhD, who uncovered that viral elements from human DNA came from our ancestors 1000s of years ago, and are essential for our immune system.



The discovery of reverse transcriptase reinforced micklin talks findings that science tried to make this enzyme responsible for cancer, but reverse transcriptase is an important function in all cells. We used to only perceive cellular DNA as transcribing into RNA to make proteins but never going from RNA into DNA as an RNA sequence being inserted into a DNA sequence. However, living communication and biological systems requires the capacity to both send and receive messages, as there is an inherent bi directional mechanism to the living cosmos.



scientism only proceeds things in one way, and so Miss perceives this backwards process of reverse transcriptase as harmful. Just as some scientists have called viruses. exosomes, some are now calling retroviruses transposons. This article entitled the human genome is full of viruses discusses the rhythmic cycle of viruses that don't have a body during their dormant phase. The author describes it as these disembodied viruses are called transposable elements are transposons. True viruses have a body made up of proteins. But transposons are mobile genetic elements, sequences of DNA that physically move in and out of genomes a percent



The human genome is made up of endogenous retroviruses, but nearly 50% of the human genome is made up of transposons. Humans are basically just piles of viral like sequences. Now a pile of viral like sequences sound stole, but this biological network of communication is nothing less than magnificent.



visual artists attempt to capture aspects of biological beauty in an abstract and holistic way elucidating mathematical precision of movement, fields of morphic resonance, and the state of constant flux, the style of art called morphogenesis.



From second thoughts about viruses, it is known that normal cell activity includes genetic repair, both enzymes and proteins must be involved. What is the mechanism? viruses are organized around DNA or RNA not both. Thus, they are quite probably intended to repair genetic molecules or other structures and show up with disease symptoms because the body needs them. Since viruses require living cell host for reproduction, how do we know that the scenario is not set in motion for a purpose by the cell, ie its micro schemas, rather than being the result of invasion. Because disease disturbance of balance in the organism is so prevalent, especially that which has not yet become indicated by common symptoms, repair proteins may be frequently or constantly present, a toxified cell may easily suffer localized damage to the genome. Since most observers are not even aware of micro ximian principle, much less understand or even consider it. And since Mana morphism stresses invasion, these protein complexes are regarded as foreign and diseases attribute it to them.



from fear of the invisible when confronted by toxin such as from petrochemical fumes, cells work assiduously to protect themselves by adjusting their DNA. They first help us survive the many toxins we encounter in modern life.



Another biologist, Dr. matewan, whoa, the founder of the Institute of Science in society said, I see all nature developing and evolving with every organism participating, constantly creating and recreating itself, a new



Professor James H. Shapiro wrote, the expectation of its pioneers was that molecular biology would confirm the reductionist mechanical view of life. However, the actual result of molecular studies of heredity cell biology, and multicellular development has been to reveal a realm of sensitivity, communication, computation, and indescribable complexity. He also said, the conceptual changes in biology, since the work of McClintock was recognized are comparable in magnitude to the transition from classical physics to relativistic and quantum physics.