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Tyranny and eugenics through public health, bioterrorism and vaccines. Part Seven


Robert McNamara and architect of the cold war in Vietnam was Secretary of Defense who continued to approve the Department of Defense's fiscal years 1969 to 1973 after becoming president to the World Bank. This means he approved that 1970 appropriations to create synthetic biological agents within five to 10 years that destroyed natural immunity.


From the well being documents from 1979, Robert McNamara had said, there are only two possible ways in which a world of 10 billion people can be averted. Either the current birth rates must go down more quickly or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way. 


There are of course, many ways in which the death rates can go up in a thermonuclear age war can accomplish it very quickly and decisively. famine and disease are nature's ancient checks on population growth, and neither one has disappeared from the scene.


The World Bank estimates that some 12 million children under the age of five die of malnutrition or malnutrition related causes last year.


And this is another topic but the World Bank has used debt to bring more poverty to the third world.


I was able to find this document of public law from 1977 that states section 808 the Secretary of Defense shall supply the committee of armed services of the Senate and House of Representatives not later than October 1 of each year, a full accounting of all experiments and studies conducted by the Department of Defense in the preceding 12 month period, whether directly or under contract, which involves the use of human subjects for the testing of chemical or biological agents. 


We see this again in public law in 1996. The use of human subjects will be allowed for the testing of chemical and biological agents by the US Department of Defense. The laws of empire are not real laws and become more immoral over time. As St. Augustine said, an unjust law is no law at all. The only real laws are natural laws based in the absolute good and not the relative morality of oppression.


Now back to AIDS.




even looking at say let's throw aids out for a minute, you have to ask yourself, where did all these other viruses come from?


And my explanation as to where these other things have come from, along with the AIDS virus is the following. If you look at animals, particularly cattle and sheep, you'll discover the answers to an interesting phenomenon. 


In cattle there's a virus known as bovine leukemia virus, which has the exact same morphology which means shape, the exact same relative molecular weight, the same magnesium dependency and the ability to produce B and T cell leukemia of cattle and is proliferative in tissue culture.


If you look at bovine syncytial virus, you'll find another virus of cattle, which has the same shape, the same magnesium dependency, the same basic appearance and produces hairy cell leukemia and cattle. If you look back, you can discover a virus known as bovine visma virus, which has the same appearance as age, the same molecular weight, the same magnesium dependency, and in 1974, either one or three here, bovine leukemia or bovine visma virus was producing pneumocystis Carini pneumonia in chimpanzees. And if that isn't aids, I don't know what it is. 


Now we have HTLV four which may represent a recombination between Wizner and HTLV two or bovines and Susan virus here, which is a new AIDS virus growing just identified, which has this appearance. We have HTLV five, which I'm not sure in animals what it is, and we have HTLV one look alike.


You'll recall that Dr. Stryker has shown us that the AIDS virus selects and destroys T for cells.


These are the cells in our bodies that protect us against the development of cancers of persons infected with the AIDS virus, f t for cell destruction and subsequent development of specific types of cancer. These include kaposi sarcoma, and pneumocystis Carini pneumonia, which are fatal. Looking at the overall virus picture in a general way, Dr. Stryker has pointed out that there are several other deadly retroviruses besides the actual AIDS virus, which are infecting humans and causing cancers, including cancer of the blood leukemia. 


Dr. Stryker makes an interesting and startling correlation. These human cancer causing retroviruses, including aids, all have striking similarities to animal viruses, but not from the green monkey, from cattle and sheep, known as bovine and business viruses. The implications of these similarities between human and animal viruses is disturbing. How did animal viruses going into humans as we shall see this subject begins to reveal the true origins of the AIDS virus.


In Part Six, we discussed how the HIV virus is genetically structurally an anti genetically similar to cattle sheep virus called bovine bisnar different in that it is adapted to human cells as to be able to bind and infect them. We looked at the studies of adapting retroviruses to different mammalian species by growing them in tissue cultures. And in 1978, the bovine Vesna virus had been shown to infect human cells being adapted to them and tissue culturing processes. 


Prior to that, in 1976, there was a study in Brussels of infecting human brain tissue with bovine bisnar shown to be malignant, according to Robert Strucker, as the paper could not be found online. Although the name was changed to bovine immunodeficiency virus B IV, I prefer to use the original name bovine VISTA to signify that this is a recombinant of this nobody and bovine leukemia virus.


When it comes to the question of whether this was genetically engineered or cultured, my theory is that they use many culturing methods to adapt cells to first understand how to construct the genome to be infectious, and we will get more into these methods. But once models were developed experimentally, then genetic engineering could replace such methods. 


Today, many viruses can be created synthetically through engineering like polio and influenza. And nanotechnology makes this even more possible. Martin Van der mattone working for the USDA and discover of the bovine Vesna virus, along with Robert Gallo asserted that this genome was monkey related to push the narrative that aids came from the African green monkey, but they went up against genetic facts in the veterinary field that cannot be disputed as sheep and cattle retroviruses have been considerably studied.


Why are veterinarians part of this? Because the US Army veterinarian corps where Vander mountain comes from specifically deals with public health and agro terrorism, the spread of disease through animals. And we know that government institutions that parade as defensive in poor public health are really more offensive and for the public's detriment for simple eugenics reasons. 


This is why one is bound to learn more about AIDS by studying veterinary papers, along with a special virus cancer program. By the way, I found the 1971 progress report in its entirety that includes the contracts to Linton biogenetics and Merck.


This is something to be downloaded and shared with people to prove that cancer causing viruses to man were in fact being created through a well organized operation with many contracts and institutions.


On the topic of veterinarians, according to this article by William Campbell Douglas, author of AIDS and biological warfare,


the head of the human leukemia research group at Harvard is a veterinarian, Dr. O w. Jud International Agency for Research on Cancer. The agency that requested the production of the virus in the first place, is also a veterinarian, the virus he is referring to as the hepatitis B virus. And he goes on to talk about how $8.5 million was given to Judd by the government to study leukemia in a veterinarian college question mark as that is quite suspicious as to what's going on there. 


Until we realize that animal leukemia viruses are being studied to be able to create human leukemia viruses. In 1988, nature published an article titled human AIDS virus not for monkeys.


In this interview between Robert Stryker and Leonard Horowitz Strucker argues against the monkey virus theory, evidence against simians. Leonard asks, What about simian monkey viruses? Why do they have scientists throughout the world claiming HIV is a semia monkey type virus?


Robert says because they got money for that, you know, here send more money. Let me tell you about the simian AIDS virus. First off how does simian AIDS virus work? It produces a protein that causes AIDS in simians. And it's very easy to make a vaccine against a protein. And that's actually a derivative of the mason Pfizer monkey virus with


Another laboratory creation, another man made virus made in the lab, which was a simian virus that was being used for various things. It will cause aids and apes. But it doesn't do that like HIV. It does it by making a protein that wipes out their immune system. Leonard asks, Is it also a specific T cell destroyer? Robert says no, the virus produces a protein and the protein messes up the immune system. And it's very easy to make a vaccine against a protein. 


But it's works entirely differently. it wipes out the T cells and works inside of macrophages. It inhibits the processing plant. AIDS is really a problem of macrophages, not of lymphocytes. The virus makes the macrophage dysfunction. What really is supposed to happen is that the macrophage is supposed to chop up the virus and present it to T four cells, thymus derived cells for the production of delayed immunity, and then to the B bone marrow derived cells for antibodies. But what happens is that the macrophage can't process it. 


Leonard says, Okay, so what happens then? Robert responds, they run around the body and injected into other cells. That's how the virus gets into other cells. That's how the virus gets into cells that don't have receptors for it. Leonard asks, so the macrophage actually reproduces the virus and then distributes it. Robert says, Yes, that's exactly what happens. That's how it gets into the brain. 


It's carried across the blood brain barrier by macrophages that then inject it into brain cells. Leonard says, because T for lymphocytes don't cross the barrier. Robert says, Yeah, they do. But they don't inject it. They don't have sex with cells, whereas the macrophages do. And also the viruses are bigger than the pores of the membranes, so they can't get across directly. So something has to carry it. Looking into what striker has said, I found this video describing the HIV infection a similar interpretation. When HIV first enters the human bloodstream, the virus circulates throughout the body. The protective surface of HIV is studded with particular proteins called gp 120. And inside is a capsule that contains the viral RNA and viral enzymes.


Initially, the GP 120 protein on the virus is only able to bind to a cell surface protein on the macrophage called the CD four receptor. A second receptor protein CCR five must also be present on the macrophage for the virus to enter the cell by endocytosis.


Viral RNA and enzymes are released into the cell's cytoplasm.


reverse transcriptase uses the viral RNA to synthesize first a strand of viral DNA and then the complimentary DNA strand.


The viral DNA then moves to the nucleus of the cell where it integrates into the host cells DNA.


Transcription of the DNA within the nucleus now results in the production of viral RNA. This viral RNA can serve as the genome for new viruses, and can be used as messenger RNA to produce viral proteins during Translation by the ribosomes.


Complete viruses are assembled and released from the cell via exocytosis, which causes little harm to the macrophage. HIV cycles through macrophages over a period of years and continues to multiply while doing little apparent damage to the body. Eventually, the gene that codes with a GP 120 protein is altered by mutation.


The altered gp 120 protein changes its co receptor allegiance and now binds to a different co receptor, cx CR four, which is found on the surface of CD four plus T cells. The same processes occur within the T cells resulting in new virus particles. However, as these new viruses leave the T cell, they rupture the plasma membrane which kills the cell. As these newly released viruses invade and destroy other T cells, the body's immune responses weaken and this leads directly to the onset of AIDS.


Remember the glyco protein 120 of HIV. Fauci has many patents with this glyco protein.


And strangely, COVID-19 was found to have four inserts of gp 120, showing uncanny similarity to HIV. This is just a glimpse of what we will be talking about later.


Working backwards, a retrovirus contains three types of proteins in addition to the RNA strand, the N v, which stands for envelope and consists of the glycoproteins on the membrane, which we have just talked about, that are able to bind to a receptor protein on the host cell. The Jiejie gag proteins are the outer shell and matrix and the PLL pole proteins contain the enzymes reverse transcriptase and integrase and other enzymes that integrate its genome into the host DNA.


This article that came out in 2009 looks at how the virus crosses the blood brain barrier through the macrophages. This is the uninfected macrophage


And the infected macrophage.


Returning back to the Siv comparison to HIV, it is true strugar alluded that false science attempts to make correlation causation with financial funding, just like throwing money at the co2 global warming connection.


For example, in this article simian immunodeficiency virus infection of chimpanzees, it states, primates naturally infected with Siv including Siv cpz infected chimpanzees. And this is the strain of Siv that is thought to be the precursor to HIV one, appear not to develop immunodeficiency or AIDS. In contrast, HIV infection of humans is nearly always characterized by progressive loss of CD for positive T lymphocytes, chronic immune activation and gradual destruction of an array of immune functions. 


The basis for this difference in pathogenicity is not understood, but deciphering which viral and host factors are responsible for the non pathogenic course of natural Siv infections could well prove useful. Now for political reasons, the authors must try to see all information about Siv HIV connection in a positive light in finding a cure. But you can see the authors struggle to make the data fit the political narrative. Without pathogenesis Siv isn't really a viral infection like HIV.


The article goes on to describe the origin of HIV, saying, not all data supported the hypothesis that Siv cpz had given rise to HIV one first of 50 wild caught chimpanzees initially tested for Siv cpz infection only to harbored HIV one cross reactive antibodies indicating an unexpectedly low Siv cpz infection rate compared with that of other naturally occurring Siv infections.


This raises the possibility that chimpanzees and humans had acquired this virus from some still on identified monkey species representing the true virus reservoir. Well, our question is, is it a monkey species at all? It goes on to say this degree of sequence diversity had previously been seen only among Siv strains from different primate species. 


Thus, again, raising the possibility that an unknown reservoir was the source of both si VCP c infection in chimpanzees and HIV one infection in humans. So it's saying that there's a source for both of these infections, though over 43 other wild caught chimpanzees from the same study were all antibody negative, raising further doubts about chimpanzees as the natural Siv cpz Reservoir than later states. So it tries to explain evolutionary how it could have come about, but it's just not making a real case. It's really just ad hoc fallacies, but of HIV, one arose from cross species transmission of Siv cpz, where did Siv cpz originate? Until recently, there has been no indication as to what might have been the source of the chimpanzees newly acquired infection, because an evolutionary tree, Siv cpz, strains formed a lineage that was not particularly closely related to any other known si V's.


The theory that makes sense of this is that Siv was probably created in a similar way to HIV by adapting this now bovine leukemia viruses and other hybrids to monkey cells. Because monkeys and humans have a similar genome than the Siv genome and HIV genome can be related enough to fit the narrative siblings are closer genetically than parent child. So while mainstream narrative makes the case that Siv is more related to HIV than to Vista, or bovine leukemia virus, all you need is a 50% genetic match for one to be a parent, which these viruses fit.


In 1974, there was a study of this new virus induced fusion of continuous simian kidney cells. Also in 1969, Miller took bovine leukemia virus and injected it into chimpanzees according to Strucker.


This was done throughout the 70s. The mainstream narrative wants us to believe African monkeys started the AIDS pandemic. But even if it made sense evolutionarily at the molecular level, it is impossible for a simultaneous outbreak to have occurred in the United States, Africa and Brazil.


This 1992 patent regarding continuous production of bovine Mati Vesna, like viral antigens, in certain cells was assigned to Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada. Is this not odd that Queen Elizabeth the Second, a player in the global conspiracy owns the patent that is able to create bovine visible viral antigens. But then again, bioterrorism and imperialism go hand in hand.


This 2006 article discusses how bovine bisnar was injected into rabbits causing an AIDS like disease.


One must inquire on the origin of bovine vis


Which is not a dead end like Siv, although information is still hard to find. We should start with the VISTA virus, the first lentivirus that goes back into the 1930s and begins the real tree of the HIV virus. The VISTA virus, short for VISTA Mati was isolated from Icelandic sheep in 1957. The story goes in 1933 20 chemicals sheep were imported into Iceland from Germany and by 1935, two diseases respectively called MADI dyspnea. And these no wasting emerged that resulted ultimately in the deaths of over 100,000 sheep in the subsequent years, in an aggressive attempt to eliminate these diseases and additional 600,000 sheep were slaughtered in 1965, after which the diseases were declared eradicated.


Was it possible those initial 20 sheep were experimented on, and then were exploited to spread disease? agro terrorism is defined as the deliberate introduction of a disease agent, either against livestock or into the food chain. Let's look at some cases of this.


In 1942, during World War Two, the British military tested biological warfare on animals on gruinard Island. We're not Island lies in Grenada on the northwest coast of Scotland. In 1942, for the very first scientifically controlled VW field trials were carried out, a team had been set up at 40 in profit, to advise the government as to how serious the plight of VW was. Part of the work was necessarily the development of practical work, which had finally to be tested with actual infectious agents. There were no facilities anywhere for these tests, which were of course much more hazardous, uncomfortable chemical warfare trials, and so this island was picked isolation.


Some of the experiments were declassified in the late 1990s. In one trial involved dropping anthrax onto ad sheep, many who suffered and died and those who didn't were killed.


In 1968, the US biological warfare program tested bombs in Utah with bacteria that murdered 3000 sheep in skull Valley.


We call that the special virus cancer program was known to infect animals and release them back into the wild to spread disease.


In 1986, nature magazine reported that the Wistar Institute conducted secret field trials in Argentina with a recombinant rabies vaccine by inoculating cattle.


Animals are always being infected with viruses. Here are some of those studies.


In the 1990s, sheep and goats have been genetically modified in the germline as to be transgenic animals.


Returning back to our topic, even Martin Van der Mattson from the USDA who isolated bovine v SNA had a list of papers of infecting cows through inoculation, starting in 1975.


Let's go back into the origin of this stuff from the history of biological warfare from the 100 BCE to the present.


With the work of Louis past year 1822 to 1895 and Robert Koch 1843 to 1910. And the subsequent development of microbiology in the late 19th century, it was finally possible to isolate produce and weaponize biological agents.


Germany may be credited with opening of the modern biological warfare program during World War One covert operations in Romania infected sheep designed for export to Russia with anthrax. The German legation in Romania has laboratory vessels containing cultures compensated. Subsequently, the Bucharest Institute of bacteriology and pathology identified back sillas anthracis, anthrax, and bacillus smell I glanders, a respiratory tract infection of horses and mules. Meanwhile, German saboteurs in France infected horses and mules even before the American entry into the war, covert German bacteria warfare was attempt


In the United States, with a contamination of animal feed, and infection of horses intended for export.


Patricia Doyle PhD claims that she had been told that the VISTA had its origins in German biological warfare, although she has no information on it, as this information is very occulted from antichrist, Osiris the history of the Luciferian conspiracy. After World War Two, it was discovered that the Nazis had been experimenting with the visma virus. This is a disease that destroyed much of the sheep population of Iceland in the early 1930s. on his website, Horowitz writes, from 1920 to 1930, German research was started to work on offensive biological viral agents, using sheep as the biological hosts called the listener program, which research was conducted in Iceland. The genetic genesis of the subsequent early HIV viral strains some 30 years later, there's a direct correlation to these early German vistana viral agents. The genetic link tivitz neck clearly establishes the fingerprint of man's genetic sequencing of the AIDS virus. One of the first articles making the connection between HIV and vitznau was in Science Magazine 1985, volume 227, page 173. Robert Gallo was an author.


Here's a copied image from the article showing electron microscopy comparing HIV and Vesna found in the text titled aids, the man made plague.


One year later, the proceedings of National Academy of Sciences published this article with Robert Gallo as an author stating that HTLV three HIV has recently been shown to morphologically resemble and share sequence homology with this virus, a pathogenic lentivirus, and because of this came the classification of human lentiviruses.


It seems most probable that the diseased Icelandic sheep exported from Germany in 1933, was caused by the Vesna virus. This article claims that in fact, the VISTA virus was inadvertently introduced into the Icelandic sheep population, which was apparently free of the infection as a consequence of the importation of 20 chemical Rams from Germany. Now, it is possible that the disease was caused by other forms of bioterrorism, nonviral, etc, that we don't know about. But what is conclusive is that a virus was created out of this illness as exemplified in the Icelandic literature, starting in the 1950s, regarding the origin of the first lenti virus.


Fortunately, my research has led to an important discovery about the University of Iceland, where these viruses were being developed, experienced with VISTA virus in Iceland. For the first 15 years after the chemical import, there was no Research Institute for animal diseases in Iceland. Professor en dunkel was then the head of the Institute of pathology, which was primarily concerned with human pathology. Nevertheless, dugald took up the challenge presented by the serious chemical pests, and did pioneering work on these diseases. His co workers in this research included glis, leason, sigurdson, and palsson. And they later played key roles in the studies of the fight against the care called diseases. It soon became obvious that a new research institute for animal diseases was badly needed. And in 1948, the Institute for experimental pathology I killed her was established by the Icelandic government with generous support from the Rockefeller Foundation.


Here in 2009, is a 60 year anniversary of the Institute for experimental pathology, University of Iceland at kelder, recognizing the Rockefellers as the original financial supporter.


Now we can conclusively say that the Rockefellers were behind the HIV virus. We also know that the Rockefellers were involved with Germany's eugenics operations and bioweapons programs around the 1930s. by exploiting the virus in sick sheep, there would be a reason to start an institute on animal diseases that no one would suspect has political eugenics affiliations.


Today, the Rockefellers are behind the COVID pandemic measures that has been called the pandemic because of it being outlined in the 2010 document titled scenarios for the future of technology and international development. One of the scenarios is called a lockstep a world with tighter top down government control and more authoritarian leadership due to an influence a global pandemic.


And then I found this paper titled slow virus infections of the nervous system, your logical immunological and pathogenetic considerations from the University of lordsburg, Germany, with one of the authors from Rockefeller University New York.


It begins with during the last two decades after sigurdson introduction of a new concept of an infectious process, slow virus infection of the central nervous system have developed into novel and attractive disease models.


pathogenetic aspects the isolation of visit a virus from infected animals its propagation and tissue cultures and the induction of vishna and sheep with tissue culture grown virus made it possible to study the pathogenesis of the disease.


Interest cerebral inoculation of visit a virus in sheep leads to an infection of brain cells, mainly along the needle track the koroyd Plexus and up and diamond cells lining the ventricular system. As a consequence of this initial inoculation and local infection of the brain, a very Mia occurs, which also infects other organs, especially the lungs, lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, liver and kidney without the specific pathological changes attributable to visit infection. This article says, since the slaughtering of all sheep and Vista affected areas in order to eradicate Mati was accomplished in 1952. natural causes of this now have not been observed the disease has been maintained in the laboratory by sheep two sheep passage of brain material or tissue culture virus using fifth and sixth sheep passage virus again, to reiterate that natural causes have not been observed Mati was transmitted to experimental sheep by feeding drinking water contaminated with feces from diseased sheep and by injecting material from typical body lungs and mediastinal lymph nodes intravenously, intra pulmonary Lee and intra nasal Lee into healthy young sheep.


This paper from the University of Iceland montavista virus is a model for HIV claims that the similarity includes genomic organization mode virus replication, virus host interaction and latency. There are a plethora of papers on the virus and cross species experiments with it in the 1970s. The relationship of his nine Mati and RNA tumor viruses as studied by molecular hybridization


morphological transformation of human astrocytes by this new virus with complete virus production 1972 this new virus infection of sheep and human cells in vitro and ultrastructural study 1973 tumor incidence in VISTA virus inoculated mice 1976 this nobody virus infection in cell cultures and in laboratory animals 1976 they were studying business reaction with immune system, pathogenesis Avista to effect of immunosuppression upon release central nervous system lesions 1976 pathogenesis of bismuth three Do you mean responses to central nervous system antigens and experimental allergic encephalomyelitis and vista 1976.


The article slow virus replication the role of macrophages and the persistence and expression of this new viruses of sheep and goats discusses how the macrophages become persistently infected when inoculated in culture, which is the characteristic of HIV. It also shows that the Icelandic virus was in Maryland at the john hopkins university. My theory is that the many types of immunodeficiency viruses such as feline immunodeficiency virus, marine immunodeficiency virus, simian immunodeficiency virus and bovine immunodeficiency virus has its roots in bisnar, either biologically or as a model for genetic creation.


And the special virus cancer program government contracted scientists were creating viral hybrids mixing leukemia, lymphoma sarcoma and epstein barr virus particles to create a rescue new mutant strains of viruses. Let's go into depth on what this means by reading from the online article how to make an AIDS virus by Jerry Leonard pseudovirus construction during the course of the animal cancer virus transplantation research with chickens in mice, scientists discovered that sarcoma viruses were often more infectious when a leukemia virus from the same species was co injected with the tumor causing sarcoma virus. 16 says similar findings were made with feline leukemia and sarcoma viruses.


It was also discovered in this type of research that by growing sarcoma viruses and leukemia viruses in the same cell culture, a hybrid virus or combination of the two viruses with remarkable properties could be created. The combination virus formed in these types of experiments was called a pseudo type virus. And the leukemia virus, often called the replicant competent component was said to rescue the sarcoma virus, thus making it more infective.


Robert Hooper's article is reference to was mentioned in Part Six, he wrote the marine leukemia sarcoma virus complex. Huebner is referenced in the solid tumor virus program under the SVC EP. This discovery of hybrid viruses is explained on page 21.


By using techniques developed from animal tumor virus studies, every effort is being made to determine whether these viruses cause human malignancies. Some important new discoveries that have been made are one certain oncogenic viruses are unable to produce malignancies unless a helper virus is present, thus suggesting that an interplay exists between two viruses


to certain tumor inducing chemicals irradiation, carcinogens may act as cofactors in activating latent oncogenic viruses within cells. Three certain tumor viruses contain unique enzymes which are required in the replication of viruses and cells.


Certain of the chicken cat and mouse or coma viruses are defective in that they do not produce folk ICT in cell cultures or tumors in animals in the absence of a co infecting helper leukemia virus, returning to the AIDS virus article, by using this powerful process for manufacturing pseudo type viruses, so coma virus from one species could be made to infect and cause tumors in a different species by rescuing the mouse sarcoma virus with a leukemia virus derived from the different species.


In other words, the process allowed the foreign viral genetic material derived from species a, in place within a leukemia virus envelope of species B to infect species B, and cause tumors characteristic of those typically observed in species a. For example, the use of leukemia viruses from cats and primates to rescue mouse sarcoma viruses allowed host range of the mouse sarcoma virus to be extended to cats and monkeys.


The discovery of rescuing viruses and their role in the creation of pseudo type viruses was an important development in cancer research. The accidental or intentional creation of pseudo type viruses provided not only a mechanism by which defective or non replicating cancer viruses could become infectious within a given species, but a mechanism by which defective viruses from one species could be turned into infectious viruses and another species. Such a capability would also open up the possibility for unscrupulous researchers to infect human populations with a wide range of experimental animal viruses to test the theory that human cancers were in fact caused by animal cancer viruses, which had somehow naturally acquired the ability to cross species lines. Following such a development, researchers could then set out trying to create vaccines against such human cancer viruses, just as they did at animal research. Again, you have to create the virus that you're going to create the vaccine for. This is creating the problem to create the solution, a faulty solution at that, and this is how big pharma merges with the bio weapons industry.


Humans pseudovirus construction as early as 1964, some research was advocated using procedures similar to those just described to make infectious pseudo type cancer viruses capable of infecting human cells. Such experiments were designed to prove that a helper virus was involved in causing viral forms of cancer. These viruses would be created by using human leukemia virus instead of an animal leukemia virus as the rescuing agent. However, since there was no known human leukemia viruses with which to rescue an animal sarcoma virus and thereby produce a human cancer pseudo virus, the procedure described above was modified in various ways to produce animal cancer viruses capable of replicating in human cells.


In one successful attempt at getting mouse pseudo type viruses to infect human cultures a pure mouse or coma leukemia pseudo type virus, Kristen marine sarcoma virus was created in the manner described above and used to infect normal human cell culture lines. In fact, the ease with which human cells could be infected with the mouse pseudo type virus was so striking that researchers postulated that human genetic information from a latent virus in the human cell culture was picked up by the mouse pseudo type to form a new recombinant virus consisting of a combination of both human and marine genetic information.


This references Stuart aaronson, recall from Part Six as well. He was humors predecessor, adapting mouse viruses to human cells. In the SVC p report, he was tasked with making high virus yields of cell cultures on page 199.


Another experiment is described were writing baboons, viruses were combined to infect human cells that were also able to give tumors to a variety of animals. The problem of using baboons tissue culture for vaccines is addressed as baboon viruses that aren't originally cancerous could combine with non infectious viruses in the recipient of the vaccine to produce infectious cancerous viruses.


This is why even if there isn't malicious intent in vaccine creation, there will always be unintended viruses from cell cultures that when combined with other vaccine viruses, or viruses in the recipient, can become pathogenic. Lehner discusses how even though they were able to infect human cells with mouse hybrid viruses, that the drawback of doing an in vivo experiment on humans with this is that if mouse viruses were discovered inside of humans, it would be harder to explain why when monkey and bovine cultures are used to make vaccines and so there exists plausible deniability there.


While monkey cultures are no longer used today, bovine serum is what is readily used to grow live viruses which we will address later.


Then Leonard goes on to discuss how the HIV could have been in manufactured pseudo type virus. The mouse pseudo type virus experiments described above provide illustrations as to how this might have been done. One possibility would have been to adapt the bovine leukemia and the VISTA viruses separately for growth in human cells followed by growth of the combination virus in human cells. A process similar to this was used to obtain mouse pseudo type cancer viruses capable of growing efficiently in human cell cultures. Yet another way such a virus might have been created would have been to first create a hybrid Oban bovine virus. bovine means sheep related for growing this new sheet virus in cattle cell cultures or alternatively growing the bovine leukemia virus in sheep cell cultures. The host range of such a hybrid cattle sheep virus might then be expanded to human species by rescue of the virus with a human leukemia virus, which would provide the viral protein envelope by growth of the hybrid virus in the appropriate human cell cultures. For example, such a virus might have been adapted for human cell growth by rescuing the bovine Vesna virus with potential human leukemia viruses hidden in cell cultures from human cancer patients. Later he mentions how that experiment was done.


As described above, during the late 1970s, researchers meticulously searched such human cell cultures derived from human leukemia patients for human leukemia viruses. isolating human leukemia virus was the objective of Robert gallows experiments with the SB CP as expressed in his 1971 paper. Reverse transcript is of type C virus particles of human origin. Here Gallo was able to extract retroviral particles from human leukemia, which would be needed to mix with animal viruses to create hybrid viruses that are infectious to humans.


As a side note, recall that reverse transcriptase, which was found in human neurons and became a vehicle for changing DNA in the early 1970s was discovered by Howard teman and David Baltimore, who we mentioned in Part Four. They were also contracted in the SV CP, showing more evidence of how the inception of genetic engineering was motivated by militaristic weaponry. From the SV CP, new approaches to detection and control of Type C virus infections. increasing evidence has accumulated to substantiate that the genetic material of Type C already viruses can become integrated into the host cell DNA mammalian genetic material. A dramatic breakthrough in the investigation of the biochemical pathways of tumor virus infection and replication has been the demonstration that RNA viruses contain enzymes called polymerases, which can direct the synthesis of DNA by the host cell.


Let's discuss HTLV one, a human leukemia virus. In 1980, HTLV one was discovered by Bernie pois and Frank resetti. That Robert Gallo so we took credit for


from the Chicago Tribune in December of 1980, a paper reporting the isolation of a new human retrovirus from a patient identified only as CR appeared in the distinguished monthly Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The papers first author was Bertie points with Frank resetti second gallows name was lost. We gather what his first Lasker prize in November of 1982 for the discovery of HTLV. There wasn't any mention of Bertie poise or Frank resetti. When people talk about HTLV it's always Gallo Gallo Gallo, an NIH scientist says you don't hear Bertie poises name and you don't hear Frank's name. In the years immediately following that discovery, Frank resetti fared less well, Frank's relatively strong person and Bob's a pretty strong person. This is one man who knows both of them. There was a particular indemnity between them for some times, there was a pyramid and Bob Gallo was the boss before longer said he was not only out of gallows lab, but out of science altogether. It was nearly two years before he would find his way back in at the National Cancer Institute satellite facility in Frederick, Maryland, where he is still employed by battles with Galloway legendary rousset, he says, but I won't talk to you, I will just keep my mouth shut and try to do science.


In the late 1970s resetti pioneered a labor intensive cell culturing technique for hunting retroviruses, and had isolated the protein interleukin two which drives T cell multiplication. He had successfully transmitted the pathogen from patients T cells to uninfected T cells in the laboratory, revealing the efficacy of his technique. This would play a big role in developing viruses to attack the human immune system.


When Judy mikovits worked for the NCI at Fort Dietrich in the early 80s, she worked under Frank resetti, who from his discoveries was a leading retro virologist. He went from her mentor to her collaborator for 20 years resetti worked for the NCI for 40 years. Gallo is connected to the dark agenda regarding viral weapons in the SBC p he is contracted to infect monkeys with various viruses to use as a model for infection.


In man through vaccines. Here it discusses his isolation of reverse transcriptase and human leukemic cells. Here his wife brags about their meeting with the Pope, we must ask ourselves, what is Frank who studies intention and knowledge.


We will soon look into the controversial matter he was involved in with mikovits, as both refused to comply with a government cover up dealing with a different but related virus in 2011. Make of its lost her career and resetti was forced into retirement, both banished from the scientific community. Most likely resetti may now be rethinking the purpose of all that he previously worked on


rosseti they have been confirming the presence of particular viruses without being privy as to how they were made. It is better to have a confirmation team that is ignorant to the real origin of what they are studying as to eliminate bias. There are two steps to bio weapons and vaccine manufacturer creation and detection.


And detection is not only about confirming viral presence, but giving the government the ability to obfuscate such methods to the general public. mikovits and resetti worked extensively on detection, and so maybe unclear about the creation process. But in 2009, their high level skills of detection would actually go against the system they were once so loyal to.


And today mikovits is very aware of the dangers of viral creation and vaccines.


Most people in science have no clue what they are really working on, as all their projects are compartmentalised, hierarchically controlled and steered from the top down.


This doesn't excuse our actions as we are still responsible for finding truth and morality in what our professions are actually achieving in the world, rather than measuring value as simply financial gain. Later we will discuss how most professions are compromised by the new high tech global slavery system being put in place, the end game of these pandemics, abdicating our responsibility to stories freedom and freewill ushering in a world of greater suffering.


On a personal note, I worked as a lab technician for six years at a biotech company, genetic engineering plants. I never questioned my work and was quite happy getting paid double my previous work in retail.


Our company's main contractor was Monsanto.


JOHN D. Rockefeller once said, I don't want a nation of thinkers I want a nation of workers as he created the General Education Board in 1903. People are rewarded for following orders not for moral conduct.


Today, I'm a different person as I understand real value. Even though the work I do now has no financial reward, it is the most valuable thing I could be doing. I find that my drive to do this series is to redeem myself for the part I have played in our corrupt system.


Another strong drive is that in 1998, my father contracted a rare disease that brutally attacked his organs for three months, eventually killing him. He was an engineer in aerospace for Lockheed Martin, who went on many trips to Russia prior to his death, which remains a mystery to this day, I suspect he was a victim of bioterrorism.


And of course, the series is dedicated to our children and our children's children, and so on the future of this planet.


While both mikovits and resetti have challenged the establishment, they don't quite yet understand how what they regard as science is really a weaponize technical field and not true science.


Nevertheless, they think more scientifically than your average indoctrinated scientist as to be dedicated to discerning fact from fiction.


Back to the topic of HTLV, which can be considered the first attempted HIV virus, and it's described in this paper as inducing a persistent infection that remains generally asymptomatic a small portion of individuals, and after a long latency, HTLV one infection leads to leukemia or lymphoma.


With galahs previous isolation of human retroviral particles and Frank resetti is culturing methods, it would have been possible to combine these human particles with bovine leukemia virus to create HTLV one.


In this 1984 article, it states we have compared the sequences of the entire genomes of bovine leukemia virus and HTLV one. Both the gag and Pol genes show overall strong homologies, indicating the close evolutionary relationship of the two retroviruses. However, a surface glycoprotein portion of the M gene shows no appreciable homology, which probably reflects a difference in their host ranges. This relates to the aforementioned experiments where the viral envelope is human adapted, while the inner core animal related.


While it appears that resetti did not know he was working with hybrid viruses ignorant of the SVC p according to mikovits his book he did publish papers on bovine


leukemia virus


and hear his patent describes a viral invention related to HTLV one and bovine leukemia virus.


In this interview mikovits says she worked a lot with bovine leukemia virus and that it looked a lot like the first human disease causing retroviruses, HTLV one. She goes on to say that previously, it was thought that humans didn't have infectious and transmissible retroviruses, and that other animal retroviruses couldn't end didn't infect humans. Well, what changed? But the invention of pseudo typed hybrid viruses, which today is no secret and created under the banner of research and therapy.


Since her work in the early 80s mikovits commented in her book that teaching viruses how to thrive in cell culture has been her life since 1983.


mikovits attests that she has done viral isolation for years working for the NCI. HTLV one and two would not be as pathogenic as HTLV three the HIV virus, which has the additional vicinage genes and would be discovered in 1983 and 84 by Gallo and monton. Yay.


What does mikovits have to say about this, that she was working on the project to isolate HIV headed by Frank resetti. To confirm the results of monton yay. She claims that Gallo and Fauci stole their paper, sat on it for six months and then released the findings, giving Gallo all the credit. According to mikovits, stalling this publication allowed for HIV contaminated blood supplies to go unnoticed, causing the deaths of millions. Six months later, Fauci became director of the NIH ID, a position he still holds today.


I took a job at the National Cancer Institute, I was under the direction of Frank resetti. I isolated HIV from blood and saliva confirming Dr. Luke Mancini's earlier isolation and description of HIV as a possible causative agent of AIDS.


When Frank was said he was out of town, I received a call from Dr. Fauci and he demanded that I give him our manuscript on the isolation and confirmation of HIV. While it was still impressed I refuse to do that because it's unethical. These manuscripts are confidential and only authors can give him a copy.


He's threatened to fire me for insubordination, but still I refused. It's, it's unethical. When Frankfort resetti returned. A few weeks later, he gave the manuscript to Dr. Fauci and Dr. Fauci purposely delayed the publication of our manuscript. In order that his crony, Dr. Robert Gallo could copy our work and submit a competing manuscript and get it into press before ours.


This delayed the development of testing and spread the HIV epidemic through the world, killing millions.


We will talk about the second Fauci episode later. The likely scenario is that Gallo and Fauci did not want the paper on HIV isolation to be credited appropriately to have more control over the information and prevent scientists from uncovering the truth. The same goes for gala claiming credit for the discovery of HTLV one surely they're delayed publication reveals the intention to manifest the pandemic rather than contain it. They, like many others had much to gain from it.


Now we must address some issues in part two to have a noncontradictory story.


According to virologists, Peter Duisburg and Steven loncar, and biochemist and creator of the PCR method Kary mullis. There was no substantial evidence for the existence of the HIV virus, as Gallo and monton newspapers were non reproducible, according to them, as well as the antibody tests not testing for the virus specifically.


This shows that Fauci Gallo and others successfully obfuscated the findings increasing plausible deniability. For if laboratories could properly detect and isolate HIV like the MCI then the truth about the virus could eventually be exposed.


The confuse confusion about the results has created controlled opposition with what is called aids denialism. As those who think HIV is a myth or hoax will not look into its bio weapon origin.


Now, the scientists that challenged the existence of HIV are not challenging the existence of AIDS. And so the conflation of HIV with AIDS is a straw man attack. For example, Duisburg sees that retroviral drugs cause aids, which is a partial truth and something we will touch on later when looking at the big picture of AIDS.


Duisburg knows that natural retroviruses are harmless, which is why he negates the existence of HIV but if he knew about the genealogy of the VISTA virus, he would most likely think differently.


It is imperative to learn about the logical fallacies like the straw man as they are used in psyops, globalist agendas and state terrorism. For example, most so called Global Warming deniers do not deny that the temperature is raising but attributed to other causes seeing the political motivation rather than humanitarian motivation behind it. Politicians conflate temperature with co2 when nature is so much more complex than that, as co2 is a tiny fraction of greenhouse gases.


I must go on a quick tangent about this as it is very related to the topic as both global warming and the pandemic are critical events to bring about the digital technocratic slavery system. I also want to emphasize the problem of online searches. When you attempt to see how much manmade co2 makes up greenhouse gases, the first thing you see is 76%. But this is utterly misleading because it is about the percentage of all man made emissions, not the world's greenhouse gases as nature produces way more emissions than humans do. Even a more specific search brings up similar results. It says it if nature no longer exists in all greenhouse gases are manmade.


But when you finally find the information you are looking for, which takes time most people don't have you find that of all greenhouse gases, co2 makes up 3.7% according to one source, and out of that only 3% is manmade. This paints an entirely different picture. This graph shows that of all greenhouse gases, humans only make up 0.28%. Another source says that carbon dioxide makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere in manmade co2 makes up 0.0016%.


What is causing more harm to the world than co2 are the products and byproducts of chemical bio weapons, biotech and tech industries.


The ultimate straw man attack is the term science deniers. And this is used to categorize individuals who challenge authoritarian myths that poses real science, but really serve eugenics in tyranny.


In regards to viral pandemics, people believe there is no virus or that there is a virus when the answer is in the middle. Not only is an unnatural virus involved, but no virus as an order for a simulated pandemic to occur. Many people without the virus must be diagnosed as having it through false positives. Yet false positives can create real illness as a diagnosis can cause fear and the desire to take harmful antiviral drugs. Today, people who die of various causes are being classified inaccurately as COVID-19 deaths to exaggerate the pandemic.


Only the CDC has been authorized to supply the testing kits for COVID-19. What we see with the PCR testing is that you can be tested positive or negative, depending on the cycles of amplification, and who writes and changes the diagnostic parameters. But the NIH itself, let's hear more about this test that we have the virus does not tell us whether we have an active virus in a person. It's been called by the media a case in the UK has recorded almost 3000 new cases of Coronavirus. The rise in the number of cases that we've seen today is concerning a case is when someone gets sick from a disease that's completely different from a positive test. It's not the case at all. It's just that we can detect that at some time. In the past, perhaps there has been viral infection but it's probably been removed. Now, even if there is some asymptomatic transmission in all the history of respiratory borne viruses of any type. asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks, you must not you must not meet socially in groups of more than six. And if you do, you will be breaking the law, it has been calculated as an infection fatality rate. That is if you catch the infection, probability of you dying is point 3%. So that means 99.7% of people survive. 80% of people who catch this virus will be completely asymptomatic. Those people who do catch the virus, many of them the effect will be like a bad flu. Those people who are actually hospitalized then we do have very good treatments for these and anyone breaking the rules are risks being dispersed, find and possibly arrested. As your prime minister, I must do what is necessary to stop the spread of the virus. And to save lives. The government reaction is causing more deaths now and will cause far more deaths in the future than the virus itself. Positive tests do not equal cases. Very important to remember and I think that many would agree the response has been worse than the crisis itself. Now here is Dr. Thomas Cowen, breaking down the PCR test and how it can be used to manipulate the crisis. The test is called a RT PCR test. It's otherwise known as a viral load test. And the test is a surrogate test. It was it was developed by a guy named Kary mullis we


Given the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for essentially inventing the technique of this test, and he said very specifically, you cannot use this test to either prove infectious etiology, or to diagnose an infectious disease, which of course, is interesting, because if you can't use it to diagnose an infectious disease, that, of course, begs the question of what can you use it for? But let me back up here and describe what a surrogate test means. Because this is very important to understanding the situation we're currently in. a surrogate test means that in a situation where you're trying to prove causation, you have to have a gold standard test. And those postulates like with meningococcus, that is a gold standard test. It's reliable 100% of the time, you cannot use a surrogate test to prove anything. And that is what is happening with these tests. So what is the surrogate test? So remember that we don't have a gold standard, we don't have isolation purification, reinfection, we don't have viremia. We don't have millions of copies demonstrated on an electron microscope, we essentially have no idea who has this Coronavirus disease. So then they take a piece of one of the Coronavirus is the new one that they found, it has a new RNA sequence that hasn't been found before. They take one of the sequences, which they say is unique to that particular virus. And they do something called amplify it. And what that means is you take in your blood, you'll have one copy of this sequence, and it's too small, you can't find it. So you stimulate it. And this is what Carrie Mo's came up with, you stimulated and makes two copies, that's one cycle, you make four copies, that's two, you make two to the 20th copies, whatever number that is, that's 20 cycles. And what you find with this test, is that once you put it through approximately 36 cycles, then you start to see the color change that tells you it's positive. So if you do 35 cycles, it's still too small to see, if you do 36, you start to see it, but you get false negatives, even though you don't really know which is a false negative, because you don't have anything to compare it with. So then you do 37, and you see it, you know, 5% of the time of people with these symptoms, and you say that's the number. But here's where it gets interesting. If you do it 40 times, you start seeing a lot more positives. And then here's something else to know, if you do it 60 times. So if you amplify it over and over and over again, it becomes positive with 100% of the people. Let me say that, again, if you amplify it 60 times, it will be positive with everybody. That means that everybody has a piece of this RNA somewhere in their cells or in their genome or somewhere in their secretions, if you all you have to do is amplify it enough. And the problem is we don't know how many false positives or false false negatives there are, because we have nothing to compare to. And if you know all biological tests have false positives. So if you test 30 million people, and you have a 1% false positive rate, then 300,000 people by definition will test positive and then you have an epidemic.


And then if you want to demonstrate that the epidemic got better, all you have to do is lower the amplification cycles to 35. And then suddenly, you're you know, vitamin C or your vaccine or your chloroquine, or whatever you did worked, and now there's no more people testing positive, that is fraught with problems. And that is the problem. And unfortunately, with every country has their own standard of what kind of cycles they put it through the number. So you see very different numbers coming out of very different places, depending on on the number of amplification cycles that they're standardizing their test to


hear Dr. mercola adds to this PCR tests cannot detect infection. Perhaps most importantly of all the PCR tests cannot distinguish between inactive viruses and live or reproductive ones. What this means is that the PCR tests cannot detect infection period. It cannot tell whether you are currently ill whether you'll develop symptoms in the near future, or whether you're contagious. The tests may pick up dead debris or inactive viral particles that pose no risk whatsoever to the patient and others. What's more, the test can pick up the presence of other coronaviruses. So a positive result may simply indicate that you've recuperated from a common cold in the past.


We've also had the problem of COVID-19 tests contaminated with COVID-19 spreading the virus that way.


When we understand viruses according to a more natural law science, we would expect to find Coronavirus genomes in our DNA that are triggered when needed to flush out a cold and while we will get into COVID-19 being a bio weapon, it contains viral elements of human origin.


What seems to be taking place is that while accurate testing methods exist for government laboratories and vaccine manufactures


Other flawed methods are passed down to the general public and health institutions to occult knowledge and give the illusion that a pandemic is greater than it really is via problematic testing. In addition to false reporting,


the fact that mikovits and rosseti claimed that they really isolated and detected the HIV virus to individuals who have challenged the system lends more evidence of its actual existence. Even though the evidence we have covered has been sufficient.


just reading through the SVC P is sufficient enough to show that viruses were being created to harm animals in order to find candidate viruses to harm man, here's a list of viruses that were injected into monkeys.


If pandemic viruses were able to be properly isolated in any lab, then any lab would have the power to uncover what mikovits calls the plague of corruption, scientists would be able to trace the source of these viral contaminants found in blood products and vaccines, as well as really track who is infected and who is not. This is the last thing the government wants transparency.


So it is no surprise that the two individuals who are most qualified to perform viral isolation even developing its methods for the government would become the two individuals to isolate a particular virus found where it shouldn't have been found. And no one was more unhappy about this than Fauci. Stay tuned for this topic.


While we have talked about the origin of Vesna, what about bovine leukemia virus


regarding its origin on page 165 of the SBC progress report, a contract was initiated in 1965 to


the University of Pennsylvania titled research and experimental and natural transmission of bovine leukemia. In the objective it states to attempt experimental transmission of bovine leukemia through the use of cell free materials prepared from selected leukemic milk and solid tissue. Later it states


since there is a close association between cattle and their products and man, the ideology of bovine leukemia is of utmost importance, saying that for proposed course, virus isolation and concentration experiments will be extended.