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tyranny and eugenics through public health, bioterrorism and vaccines, Part Six


Welcome back to Part Six another video jam packed with factual content. The factual content of this part may be a bit exhausting. So let's begin on more of a philosophical note and asking how do we discern real science from false science. It requires intention and the desire to get to truth at all costs and the care and willpower to sustain the journey. In part two, we talked about how this requires understanding metaphysical principles and the trivium of critical thinking. 


Understanding principles can be helped with the Kabali on sharpening, critical thinking skills and learning methodology can be helped by the book The trivium by Miriam sister Joseph. It is important to emphasize that logical analysis is only part of holistic thinking, as one must be able to recognize the global patterns occurring, which cannot be granted simply through data and linear causality. 


There is no one piece of data that can reveal it all that is left to the big picture to context into principles. To understand principles requires first and doing cultural patrimony. In the study of sociology, it has been recognized that the ideas, ideologies and preferences of the ruling class are molded onto the people. This is nothing other than mind control, although commonly called the manufacturer of consent.


Edward Bernays known as the father of public relations went into the propaganda model used by the elites in the book propaganda in 1928. It states, the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country. 


We are governed our minds are molded, our tastes formed in our ideas suggested largely by men we have never heard of it is they who pull the wires that control the public mind. The book science of coercion documents how US military intelligence and propaganda agencies sought to apply the work of social scientists in the first decades of the Cold War, stating, at heart modern psychological warfare has been a tool for managing Empire not for settling conflicts in any fundamental sense. 


It has operated largely as a means to ensure that indigenous democratic initiatives in the third world in Europe did not go too far from the standpoint of us security agencies. Its primary utility has been its ability to suppress or distort unauthorized communication amongst subject peoples, including domestic us dissenters who challenged the wisdom or morality of Imperial policies. In practice, modern psychological warfare and propaganda have only rarely offered alternatives to violence over the medium to long term. 


Instead, they have been an integral part of a strategy and culture whose premise is the rule of the strong at the expense of the weak, where coercion and manipulation poses communication and close off opportunities for other more genuine forms of understanding. The problem with psychological warfare is not so much the content of individual messages. It is instead its consistent role as an instrument for maintaining grossly abusive social structures, notably in global north south relations. 


Other US Army and National Security Council documents from the same period which is from 1945 to 1960 stress three additional attributes of the US psychological warfare strategy of the day, the use of plausible deniability to permit the government to deny responsibility for black operations that were in truth originated by the United States, a conscious policy of polarizing neutral nations into either pro or anti us camps, and the clandestine targeting of the US population. In addition to that of foreign countries for psychological operations. 


The book states that the federal government spent as much as $1 billion annually on these activities during the early 1950s. People are indoctrinated into a false authoritarian worldview that believes some humans and institutions have authority and power over people to enforce it. 


Through a monopoly on violence and control over all institutions on Earth. authoritarianism is supported by false religion like the religion of statism, and money or politically corrupted Christianity that supports the rulership of the Emperor and Pope claiming God is behind them. What has changed today but the fact that the Emperor's hide behind the New World Order. 


But true spirituality rebukes the pursuit of power domination by confronting and refining the shadow. related to authoritarianism is moral relativism, which the majority of humans hold is their philosophy, believing that there is no right and wrong, that there is no good or evil that we live in a world devoid of principles in a world without divine origin? 


Where might makes right with humanity in a state of confusion, denying their capacity to think ethically, the rulers can easily invert opposites to make good things bad and bad things good. academia is constantly trying to convince us that the creation of bioweapons can be used for medicine. Those who seek to inform people of the dangers of vaccines are considered by the World Health Organization to be the biggest threat to public health. vaccination has turned into a religion. 


Another form of mind control is controlled opposition using the Hegelian dialectic of two mutually reinforcing opposites like the two party system, socialism versus capitalism and other dialectical paradigms. This polarizes the gender principle and reinforces an incorrect worldview on both sides, in which one side denies any partial truce of the opposing side. capitalists failed to see how the business model based on profits is destructive and socialists fail to see how bigger government is not the solution to this but greater corruption. 


Neither side can conceive of a world without money and government because neither side can deconstruct their own collectivist beliefs. But no other animal kingdom requires money and government to live revealing that these structures do not come from nature and are not necessary.


As economists Frederick Hayek said, the root and source of all monetary evil is the government's monopoly on money, and that in government, the scum rises to the top. In regards to the content in this series, people may argue that all I have provided is circumstantial evidence. And that is how the dark forces are successful through plausible deniability. 


But there is a threshold of evidence where circumstantial is absolute, but Reasonable Doubt can be transcended by developing the mind and right intention, understanding how to process data and developing holistic consciousness to see things globally and connect the dots. People generally have a poisoned worldview and easily believe that nature is attacking man, and that life is the punishment of man, when it is man attacking man and man enduring the consequences for his ignorance of right and wrong. 


This is why a natural law worldview, a worldview grounded in metaphysical laws is imperative to recognize that what is occurring could only be the intentional genocide of humanity is disease.


While the worldview of modern science is deeply flawed, this does not mean it does not contain facts, and in the following, we will be going through many mainstream scientific papers to see what has been achieved. achievement does not mean goodness, though. People who think that all modern science is false or totally imbalanced in their approach and easily fall into the Flat Earth Theory, which can be easily disproven by timezones.


If my midday is someone's midnight, then the earth is not flat. This is the same unbalanced thinking that states that there is no such thing as viruses. When we read the scientific literature knowing that the viruses being discussed our adulterated viruses, the facts of these studies can be valid, virology is still a science per se. Even though its core principles are false. It is easier to reject something in its entirety, but seeking the truth requires teasing apart many threads.


Things are worked to support certain agendas as a manifestation of certain intentions. Once you know those intentions and agendas, you can more easily discern the truth. It's about recognizing the bias of self interest, the enemy of objectivity. Some may say well, everyone is selfish at their core, when the truth is that selfishness is what we are meant to evolve out of. There is no true happiness without universal morality. And self love is actually antithesis to selfishness. 


Man has moral capacity, whether he recognizes it or not, and his lower proclivities are not absolutes. Evil is ignorance manifested in belief and choice and is not our true nature. The worldview behind modern science is pragmatic or utilitarian and militaristic, devoid of natural laws. A pragmatic axiom states inject x with y and produce z. But there are no ethical considerations in this. 


I've basically described Koch's postulates it's the interpretation that is flawed. Koch claims that x is a natural cause of z. The ability to accomplish a protocol with the intellect does not say anything about understanding nature with intelligence. And when we look behind these protocols, we see mostly bio warfare. The field of microbiology should render us in all over the sheer intelligence and beauty of life supporting structures. 


When instead the field is about making grotesque concoctions of diseased tissue, aborted fetuses animal brains blood in organ parts to inflame our immune systems. The book chain wars military control over the new genetic technology goes into how since World War Two, the military was contracting many US universities for conducting scientific studies. 


On page two of six it states that researchers from leading universities who received agency funds often had no knowledge of their true source, or of CIA goals for the work. funding comes from the top down and scientists are merely paid to perform certain tasks. As compartmentalization is the name of the game. None of that is towards a true understanding of physical reality, as that would defeat all militaristic purposes and reveal the unethical foundation. truth cannot be separated from morality. 


Our militaristic science parades under the banner of medicine and public health just in the way that the eugenics agendas of billionaires parade as philanthropic the militaristic science is nothing more than organized barbarianism and modern collectivism. While the military is about terrorism, military science is about bioterrorism. 


Getting people to fight to kill themselves and physical wars is losing grip. This new form of war sadly looks sustainable for the time being. We consider ourselves smarter than animals for we are the only species that takes our own biological materials and creates bio weapons out of it. This is utterly insane. Dog science wants to generate particular effects on reality through step by step processes to control and pervert it.


So when we think of science as merely a pragmatic how to it makes much more sense. Those in power use a minimum amount of energy and damage to fulfill an agenda as they don't want social chaos or people waking up to their evils. They want organized and efficient chaos, so that there is not too much to manage or that it gives the perpetrators away. It is just enough to maintain power over the people. 


These are not reckless psychopaths behind the scenes, but knowledgeable sorcerers. There was no reason to get lost in the complexity of things as we can look at the organizing principles of both good and evil to come to conclusions and understanding.


But the rational sophus will never arrive at truth because in order to see the interconnectedness of things he must rise above the left brain that is addicted to endless speculation. The endless speculation ultimately helps a person conceal the truth of his own evil and ego from himself, which is the psychological motivation behind it. 


Now in modern science besides flawed principles, there are flat out lies and data and interpretation. There are experiments with faulty results due to bias experimental design and faulty conclusions. This can be discerned by looking at the conflict of interest. As the marketer pharmaceutical products are also the tester of them. We will later be looking at the CDC is paper lying about the link between autism and vaccines. 


Once you understand that regulatory agencies serve the interests of Big Pharma, finding the truth becomes easier. These lies can be discerned when we take into consideration the corrupt commercial and political motivations and conflict of interest behind things. also aligned with statistics is a popular endeavor of big business and government. 


The World Health Organization's greatest funder Bill Gates endorsed the book titled How to lie with statistics and that is exactly what the who does. In this series, we will be debunking the false claims of vaccines. That one they save lives, too. They have cured many diseases like smallpox and polio, and three that those who refuse vaccines are responsible for millions of deaths and the spreading of diseases. 


We will also look at the fraudulent papers discrediting whistleblowers like Judy mikovits when there was controversy, ask who was gaining from immoral actions and who is losing for moral actions? Because we live in an immoral society immoral actions are more rewarded. Good then moral ones. Now let's get back into it. 


The war on cancer and the supposedly ending of the biological warfare program during the Nixon Kissinger era was the perfect cover up for the further deployment of biological weapons to cause cancer. In Part Five, we discussed how the principal method of viral transfer is vaccination, and how the hepatitis B vaccine trials in multiple cities on gay men from 1978 to 1981 by the CDC, are linked to the AIDS outbreak in 1981. 


First, I want to make a quick correction from part five I said that 13,000 homosexual men were in the New York City vaccine trial, but that was the number they pulled from as it ended up being 1083 participants. Now the San Francisco trial was a larger study with 6700 participants. Let's see what mainstream media has to say about it.


In 1987, The Washington Post published an article entitled map of AIDS deadly March evolves from hepatitis study, San Francisco, in the late 1970s 1000s of homosexual bisexual men came to San Francisco's public venereal disease clinic to participate in a government sponsored study of hepatitis B. They don't say it was vaccine trials right there, but they do mention that leader here they say that that it wasn't hepatitis vaccine tested on the San Francisco group, and in several other cities, returning back. 


As they gave blood for the project, they had no way of knowing that a time bomb was ticking on then unknown disease far more threatening than anyone could have imagined. And that the signs of the future epidemic aids lay hidden in the vials they filled by 1987, health authorities had learned that at least 600 of the 6700 patients had Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, about 375 of them were dead from it. And a sample survey taken shows that about 70% of the participants tested positive for the AIDS antibody, indicating that they likely were carrying the virus for them. 


And for all those involved in the study. The figures are tragic testimony to the speed and virulence of the epidemic, some experts predict could be the worst in modern history. And no one's making the connection that maybe the epidemic was started from the damn experiment. But their participation in this study has brought at least one priceless benefit. Oh, does the study of AIDS. The store frozen blood had offered an unexpected opportunity to track the path of AIDS virus over time in a large vulnerable group teaching researchers more about the progress of the disease than any other single study.


It is as well a harbinger of what can happen when AIDS virus goes unchecked. The study which evolved into one focusing on AIDS is showing among other things that the incubation period is much longer than many than many had earlier suspected, the chance of becoming sick increases with time among those infected with the likelihood of getting aids greater in the second five years after infection than the first, the study has been more than science. 


The history of this research project is the history of AIDS itself. It has been a very human studies staffed largely by gay men who have themselves been touched by the devastating disease they're studying. There was a potential goldmine of information so Paul M. O'Malley, who has coordinated the study for the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the federal CDC. 


Since its start in 1978, O'Malley has since watched nearly 20 of his friends come down with AIDS and come to know dozens more with AIDS in the study. It is the longest follow up study for any group of people in the United States or anywhere in the world for AIDS, said CDC official Dr. Harold W. Jeff. 


The study was done primarily because of the cooperation of the gay community, mainly by gay men. They are doing the study of scientists, but the findings are affecting them personally. It provided us with a picture window of what happened in the population before aids was known to exist. And what has happened since then, said CDC researcher Dr. William W. Daro, I think the value of the study and all research is convincing other people of the real emergency of the situation. 


At a may 1981 meeting in San Diego O'Malley heard of a mysterious new illness, one which had caused homosexual men in California in New York to die of rare forms of pneumonia and cancer, something was apparently attacking their immune systems. A few weeks later, the first five cases were cautiously announced to the world and the CDC is morbidity and mortality report. 


O'Malley got involved with a man in the hepatitis study called and said he had come down with Kaposi's sarcoma. So the first person to get this rare form of cancer was in the hepatitis B vaccine trial, a skin cancer associated with what would become known to be AIDS. His interest intensified when many of the first aids cases in San Francisco 11 of the first 24 in 1981, turned out to be participants in the hepatitis project.


Many of the hepatitis participants had filled out elaborate questionnaires about their lives from sexual habits to drug use. In 1983, the CDC and the City Health Department agreed Contact a sample of the participants and question them again to see if they could isolate special risk factors for AIDS. 


By the spring of 1984, researchers at the past year Institute in France and the National Cancer Institute had isolated the cause of AIDS. Bubble Bluff, so skipping down, using the test and samples of frozen blood, the research has tracked the footprints of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco men, they found that undetected the virus had spread rapidly among this group of sexually active men. 


With the consent of the participants. CDC randomly tested stored blood samples and found about 3% of the gay men in the hepatitis study showed antibodies to the then unknown AIDS virus in 1978, rising quickly to 12% in 1979 20%, in 1980, and 36% in 1981 by 1983 62%, or positive, although the rise has since slowed, preliminary results show that more than 70% of those tested in 1968 follow up studies were positive on the AIDS antibody blood test.


Okay, now get this. The government's oft quoted projections that more than 1.5 million Americans may have already been infected with the virus in addition to over 29,000 reported aids cases nationally, is based in part on what has happened to the San Francisco men. So they are modeling all aids projections and statistics from this hepatitis study.


Let's look at some of the literature showing aids studies. What they experimented on groups here the CDC gives an update of AIDS infections from the 1978 san francisco hepatitis B vaccine trial, they use the word cohorts. Here are the CDC is actual reports analyzing HIV infection for 10 years after the hepatitis B vaccine trial. One study includes New York City and Amsterdam with San Francisco. 


Here's an epidemiology study. In 1999, there was a report by the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and public health titled long term survival after infection with HIV among homosexual men in the vaccine trials. In this 1992 public health brief on impact of HIV infection and mortality and accuracy of AIDS reporting on death certificates, specifically uses the data from the San Francisco cohort. So from this health brief, we have the death certificates from the San Francisco City clinic cohort, and over 1000 men died from HIV. 


And this column is the percentage known that it was HIV that caused the death. For example, three people died from diseases of the nervous systems and they are saying that is 100% attributed to HIV. So all of these deaths here look related to HIV potentially, and that gives us the number of 1300 men who died. Also, we have to keep in mind through 1990, there were more deaths reported over 1500 deaths, but that they were only able to obtain the death certificates for around 1300. 


And also that the reporting of AIDS in the death certificates is most likely less than what it actually is gives various reasons of why aids may not have been listed on the death certificate, either deliberately or unintentionally. So we could estimate that probably 98% of these 1500 deaths were due to HIV. Because the participants in the cohort were all healthy young men in this was within 10 years. Out of the 6700 participants. That's over 20% casualties.


While some believe that the AIDS virus is a total lie, we now know that is a half truth, as the AIDS HIV virus is not a natural pathogen that emerged from nature, but an unnatural pathogen from the laboratories of the NIH. Natural viruses do not cause cancer and disease, but unnatural ones can. 


With non lethal weapons, it is usually a cofactor in illness, combined with bad choices and other forms of bioterrorism. Not every homosexual man who received the hepatitis B vaccine or African who received the smallpox vaccine developed AIDS. The answer to the question does the HIV virus cause AIDS is yes and no one can carry a virus without showing symptoms as a viral infection may have been thwarted by one's immune system although not fully eliminated. 


Those already in an unhealthy condition exposed to other dangerous pathogens and or in an unhealthy mental or emotional state may not be strong enough to fight off a viral infection. 


Some viral infections may be dormant or benign until trigger are activated by something else. The eugenicist must not bring too much attention to their evil deeds, and so they seek to merely weaken or kill off those of us who are already weak, as eugenics is in large part the war on the week. Prior to the AIDS epidemic, another cancer causing virus was spread through the polio vaccines in the late 1950s to 1960s. 


This was called sb 40, meaning simian monkey virus that came from monkey kidney cells. Recall Marie Salomon's confession to this, the book The virus in the vaccine, the true story of cancer causing monkey virus contaminated polio vaccine and the millions of Americans exposed goes into this in this clinical review entitled emergent human pathogen simian virus 40 and its role in cancer.


It states that this virus induces primary brain and bone cancers, malignant mesothelioma, and lymphomas in laboratory animals. Stating recently the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies concluded that the biological evidence is strong that sb 40 is a transforming virus, and that the biological evidence is of moderate strength that sb 40 exposure could lead to cancer humans under natural conditions. Then it goes on to discuss the contamination in the polio vaccines. 


The sb 40 Cancer Foundation was founded for the parents of a child who was given the oral polio vaccine in 1997 and was within a year diagnosed with pediatric brain tumor, leading to his death test done on his brain show the presence of SB 40. In 1954 virologists, Bernice Edie performed the safety tests on mercs vaccine and showed that rhesus monkey kidney cells using the polio vaccine cause tumors in newborn hamsters. 


This article states NIH officials regarded her discovery as a threat to a pivotal public health policy, namely mass vaccination, they tried to muzzle her but in 1960, she presented her findings to the New York cancer society where upon NIH blocked her from publishing her findings. We're going to see a similar situation occur with Judy mikovits.


Recall from part four that sb 40 was the first genetically engineered virus. This article is about recombinant DNA technology and vectors use in the million cells. A fourth major step in the field of recombinant DNA technology was the discovery of a vector for efficiently introducing genes into mammalian cells. 


Specifically, researchers learned that recombinant DNA could be introduced into the sb 40 virus, a pathogen that infects both monkeys and humans. Indeed, in 1972, Stanford University researcher Paul Berg and his colleagues integrated segments of lambda phage DNA, as well as a segment of eagleeye DNA containing the galactose operon, into the sb 40 genome. 


The significance of their achievement was its demonstration that recombinant DNA technologies could be applied to essentially any DNA sequences, no matter how distantly related their species of origin. We will soon talk about the experiments that actually introduced foreign DNA into mammalian cells. 


Here's another government document, the sb 40 viruses tainted polio vaccine caused an increase in cancer hearing before the Subcommittee on human rights and wellness. This was in 2003. US Government Printing Office. 


This is a situation where government policy overrides individual rights. with very few exceptions, immunization are mandatory. infants and young children have absolutely no choice in the matter and their parents really have a choice. government mandates require vaccination before admission to daycare school or college. 


Just last week here in Washington, nearly 10,000 children were turned away on the first day of school because their immunization records were not up to date. They couldn't go to class unless they got their shots. 


Those in the military service good another battery of shots. However, some parents in a growing number of scientists now believe that the government did not ensure the purity potency and safety of some of the polio vaccines and that a breach of public trust did in fact occur. 


There is no dispute that millions of Americans receive polio vaccines that were contaminated with the virus called Semyon sb 40. There is also no dispute that sb 40 is capable of causing cancer. But there is a major dispute as to how many Americans may have received the contaminated vaccine, with estimates ranging from 4 million to 100 million people. 


There is also a major dispute as to when the polio vaccine supply got cleaned up. In addition, nobody knows how many people got sick or died because of the contaminated vaccines. This subcommittee's efforts to give a full and fair hearing to this important issue today are somewhat impaired by the lack of participation by some key federal health agencies. 


The Food and Drug Administration informed our staff that they were having trouble locating FDA staff with sufficient knowledge to be of much help and that they needed some time to study it. They promised to submit a statement for the record within the next two weeks. 


Well, we'll anxiously watch for their statement and we will give the appropriate FDA Personnel the opportunity to appear before the subcommittee down the road when things have been located, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that they don't keep records on things that happened 40 or 50 years ago, and that they could not be very helpful. 


That in and of itself raises serious questions in my mind. We are not talking about the common cold here we are talking about polio the most devastating epidemic of the first half of the 20th century. We are talking about tainted vaccines that were given to millions of American children and young adults. And I think that the FDA and CDC need to look a little harder for their records. The CDC finally admitted the connection between cancer sb 40 and vaccines as well as claiming that 98 million people had been vaccinated. Then they quickly deleted the emission, which was fortunately archived, and now proclaim that there is no link between sb 40 and cancer. According to this article in 1996, Michael Carbone a molecular pathologist, at Loyola University Medical Center was able to detect sb 40 and 38% of patients with bone cancer and in 58% of those with mesothelioma, a deadly type of lung cancer. 


By April 2001 62. papers from 30 laboratories around the world had reported sb 40 in human tissues and tumors, including pituitary and thyroid cancers. Dr. helaman later admitted on tape that Merck knew that the vaccines were contaminated, but continued to dispense them to the public anyways. But we know Bernice Eddie warned the National Health Institute before the vaccines were administered. While the polio vaccine supposedly does not contain sb 40 any longer, it does have the cancer causing chemical formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients. Sally, the polio vaccines are required for most childcare and elementary schools. Vaccines didn't cure polio, by the way, but actually caused polio. More on that later.


It is possible that polio vaccine research and development led to the creation of the AIDS virus, a slow progressing virus that wouldn't show symptoms during animal vaccine trials for months or years after injection. This would make it the perfect bio weapon as cause and effect would be greatly obfuscated. After all, Merck supplied the polio vaccine and the hepatitis B vaccine that initially spread AIDS. Science journalist Edward Hooper former official of the United Nations investigated the connection between the polio vaccines and aids for over 10 years and compiled his work in the book, the river a journey back to the source of HIV and AIDS.


Tonight on witness did scientists inadvertently cause the AIDS epidemic and experimental polio vaccine that was prepared I believe in chimpanzee kidneys in chimpanzee blood, and which was fed to over a million Africans correlates so precisely with the first appearances of AIDS. Could it have been the polio vaccine? And why are scientists so ready to dismiss the possibility?


medical journals are exploring the connection between aids and the polio vaccine. Leonard Horwitz has attempted to connect many of the dots and the historical unfolding of the AIDS virus vaccine, starting with the polio vaccine and sub Sahara Africa to the hepatitis B vaccine experiments, that before the homosexual study were performed on mentally retarded children of Willowbrook state school from 1955 to 1970. The children were infected with a harmful infectious pathogen, some are made to drink chocolate milk with the feces from other infected children. 


While Sol Krugman the scientist in charge got consent forms from the parents to conduct these experiments. They made the experiments appear as if they were helping the children when they were not. Krugman worked for the Armed Forces epidemiology of New York University and was rewarded for his work and promoted to President of the American pediatric society. Saw Krugman worked closely with Maurice element on the hepatitis B vaccine. hepatitis is an inflammatory condition of the liver, either impairment or cancer. Where did the hepatitis B virus come from? Well, we know that those with the hepatitis condition will have a viral immune response to that condition. 


But when the viral blood of individuals with hepatitis condition is put into the blood of people without the condition, it has been shown that it can cause the condition and those people. So the better question is How was the virus spread? And this article on the virus in the vaccine, it discusses that during World War Two in the 1940s British dogs fo McCallum was the first to suggest that an infectious agent might cause hepatitis. He was assigned to produce a yellow fever vaccine for British soldiers. That was how he happened to notice that soldiers tended to come down with hepatitis A few months after receiving the yellow fever vaccine. It was fortunate that McCollum also knew of hepatitis cases and children who received inoculations of serum from patients convalescing from measles and mumps a means of protection against those viruses before vaccines were available, and of hepatitis cases in blood transfusion recipients, and of cases following treatments with unsterilized reused syringes. 


To explain these coincidences, McCollum hypothesized that hepatitis might be transmitted by factor and human blood. And since hepatitis could be transmitted by inoculation with serum that had been filtered, the column proposed that the hepatitis factor might be a virus. This article discusses the hepatitis B outbreak for the yellow fever vaccine given to 50,000 soldiers. The says the virus was long suspected to be the cause of illness, but this was not confirmed until doctors sampled the blood of veterans two years ago. The estimate and two years ago is 1985. They estimate that as many as 330,000 soldiers may have been infected with hepatitis B spread by tainted vaccines, making it the biggest such outbreak ever recorded. In this article on the brief history of the hepatitis milestones, it goes back further than World War Two. 


The most remarkable group of cases was published in 1885. By lurman, who studied a Bremen shipyard epidemic. He observed that only victims who had been vaccinated against smallpox developed hepatitis, but none of the employees who did not receive the vaccine, he concluded that the source of infection was probably human length administrated with a smallpox vaccine. Later in the 1960s, NIH employee Berge Bloomberg isolated the virus from the blood serum of patients with hepatitis and began the development of the vaccine for Merck. 


And as we shall see in this series, while viral epidemics are caused by vaccines by making a vaccine against that particular virus, it appears as if the vaccine is the treatment, not the cause of the epidemic, the perfect cover up and by giving a person a vaccine for one disease but causing another disease conceals the fact that the vaccine caused the other disease, as it would appear to have prevented the first disease thus being successful. Are you starting to see the game? Don't worry, we've barely gotten started.


We call from part four that Kenneth and Noreen Moray were one of the first to genetically modify a virus that could replicate and infect cells in 1974. Interestingly, the Murrays were also involved with creating a genetically engineered hepatitis B vaccine for the European company, Biogen, Biogen as well as other companies discovered that the business model of recombinant DNA involving profitable patents could be realized through the vaccine industry. 


This paper describes how the biotech industry was transformed by the commercialization of the hepatitis B vaccine. Okay, here's the section on Biogen. Using state of the art molecular biological techniques. He Kenneth Moray and his team not only cloned and expressed fragments of hepatitis B DNA in equal life, but also painstakingly sequenced large sections of the viral DNA. It goes on to discuss how the DNA sequences were patented. Biogen would later work with smithkline on the hepatitis B vaccine called energex. b. The two other companies that created a hepatitis B vaccine were, of course Merck and Institute past year. 


I want to make another correction here. In Part Five I said that the hepatitis B vaccine created by Merck tested in the 1978 homosexual trials was recombinant DNA that's partially true and partially false. The recombinant DNA vaccines came later along with the Murrays recombinant vaccine, but the first hepatitis B vaccine Merck made used in the trials was plasma derived not recombinant. Why this is partially true is that the HIV virus, which we will later examine is recombinant, meaning that it is a combination of multiple genomes. 


So after the Merck vaccine trials resulted in the spread of AIDS, they still approved the vaccine, but as we will see public opinion did not approve. The plasma derived vaccine means that the blood of individuals with the condition of hepatitis B was used. Because HIV is transmitted through blood. Plasma vaccines could easily spread aids since the blood of homosexuals during the AIDS outbreak was used to make the vaccine. 


According to this article, the risk of HIV transfusion through infected blood products exceed Have any other risk exposure 90% of recipients transfused with HIV antibody positive blood are found to be HIV infected in the follow up. A plasma vaccine is a blood product. Later we will discuss the other blood products that spread HIV to homophily acts. In this book, it states that the use of this plasma derived vaccine was limited because of theoretical concern that it could transmit HIV infection.


This paper on Hepatitis B talks about how after the hepatitis B trial, the study, the recommendation to vaccinate all kinds of high risk groups, including medical staff was adopted in many countries. However, this newly developed vaccine was not well accepted. 


Soon after the landmark study of smoothness, it became apparent that the part of the HB carrier plasma use for production of the Merck vaccine came from donors who later developed AIDS. Furthermore, any unspecific fears existed about oncogenicity or autoimmunity caused by the vaccine. In this article, it says rumors that vaccine could cause aids persisted until the development of a different hepatitis B vaccine made from recombinant DNA instead of plasma. 


In 1986. mercs 1981 plasma vaccine hepta Vax B was considered unsuccessful, and their new recombinant hepatitis B vaccine called ricambi. Vax. HB was approved in 1986. recombinant or synthetic DNA hepatitis B vaccine is what is used today, which has other negative effects. But from 1978 to 1986. Merck was using the plasma derived vaccine that gave its trial subjects HIV. 


The National Cancer Institute co discovered HIV and was working with Merck, while the Institute of pasture also made a plasma vaccine and was the other discover of the HIV virus. Recall that they too were accused of spreading AIDS. Returning back to the article about hepatitis B vaccine innovation, scrolling down to the impact of the vaccines. It states the unexpected commercial success of the recombinant Hepatitis B vaccines marked a turning point in the fortunes of the nascent biotechnology industry. From their creation in the mid to late 1970s. The first wave of biotech startups had survived largely on the promise that they would eventually deliver profitable products. conclusions. The development of the hepatitis B vaccines was instrumental in catalyzing a major reconfiguration of the vaccine innovation system, first in the US and Europe and subsequently in the low and middle income countries. 


That transformation was largely unanticipated, an accidental consequence of local initiatives and innovations that only came together in the 1990s to create a coherent system. seen in wider perspective, it was facilitated by a series of policy decisions that deliberately aimed to harness biological research to the commercial interests of the pharmaceutical industry. Our story is this one of opportunistic innovation within a broader enabling policy environment from the late 1960s, as we have seen, government funded medical researchers came under mounting pressure to demonstrate that their work led to public benefit. 


At the same time, the very idea of public benefit was increasingly articulated in terms of the appropriation and commercial exploitation of intellectual property, especially by the pharmaceutical industry. The development of the Bloomberg Merck plasma vaccine represented an early albeit ambivalent, and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to realize this idea in the realm of vaccine innovation. The new vision of pharmaceutical commercialization as a proxy for public benefit began to acquire greater solidity with the establishment of the biotechnology sector as an entrepreneurial intermediary between academic bio science and the pharmaceutical industry. In 2019, the vaccine market was at 54 point 2 billion growing six fold in the last two decades, with 85% of the market consolidated to four companies GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Merck and Pfizer.


In 2020, the government allocated at least 9 billion to these vaccine companies to make a Coronavirus vaccine. When will we learn we should never mix profits the business model with public health and criminal governments, in fact, very little good can ever come from a profits power structure in general. Since hepatitis is a rare condition and not everyone will have an adverse reaction to the vaccine. At best it is a placebo that makes people feel they are protected. The success of the vaccine cannot be measured when the risk is already low. immunity is only measured by the presence of antibodies which can be measuring the presence Have an infection that will be explained later. 


Now what are people's risks to viral hepatitis, that someone's bloodstream will be mixed with the blood of an infected individual a rare case. Even if vaccine theory were correct, a viral vaccine does not eliminate the non viral causes that bring about hepatitis or liver dysfunction, such as medications, environmental toxins, drugs and alcohol. Therefore, even if vaccine theory were true, it could never claim to make someone immune to the negative environmental conditions that bring about an illness. Because non viral causes to disease can only be prevented by cleaning up our food, products and environment, the terrain and later we will look at how the huge sanitation movement in the 1800s was the reason for the decline in many diseases such as smallpox. The train is vital.


95% of people recover from hepatitis and the illness usually last no longer than two weeks. The Hepatitis B virus that exists in those with the condition is only transmissible through inoculation, blood products transfusions, IV drug use, possibly sexually, and from the mother to child from pregnancy and nursing when the mother has an active symptomatic infection. 


And yet, we vaccinate almost all newborn babies around 90% in the United States, only 12 hours after birth, without first diagnosing the mother. Even if the child is infected by the mother a vaccine cannot reverse the infection as it is not a treatment. Originally, the hepatitis B vaccine was made for high risk groups. For some reason homosexual males made the list but in this brochure, it lists the more realistic risk groups in the medical community who are involved with blood. 


There is no category for newborns here. This paper gives its assessment of what happened. Even after the invention of a recombinant hepatitis B vaccine helped to address fear of AIDS transmission, immunization rates among gay men and intravenous drug users remained low. concluding that these groups were too difficult to reach in 1991, the AC IP radically revised its Hepatitis B vaccination policy. It shifted its focus to a vastly different population, and recommended that all infants be immunized in the hospital after birth when they were certain to have access to a doctor.


As they grew up, lasting immunity from the vaccine would guard against disease exposure in adolescence and adulthood. Eventually, the ACP hoped the entire US population could be protected against Hepatitis B. So after people lost faith in the vaccine, the powers that be decided to enforce immunizations on infants who have no choice in the matter. It is extremely rare for a baby and young child and even teenager to get liver cancer. buildup of toxicity in the liver takes time to develop and is therefore more common with older adults. 


It is completely illogical to be injecting potentially harmful substances and to those of us with the weakest immune systems. About the later recombinant hepatitis B vaccine, the book Faxon nation poisoning the population states. But why exactly is the hepatitis B vaccine so dangerous? 


The last place you will find an answer to the baffling question is the CDC and FDA is bears system. And side note, we're going to go into the various system later which stands for vaccine adverse event reporting system. According to various public records, there were only 19 cases of infant deaths linked to the hepatitis B vaccine reported in the last decade of the 20th century.


However, according to one independent researcher who obtained raw there's data, not normally in the public domain, there were actually 54 reports of infant deaths relating to the hepatitis B vaccine between January 1996 and may of 1997. alone. None of this was made public through theirs. And these were the only cases reported by doctors, nurses, parents, etc. 


There's the researcher also learned that reports of 17,000 adverse reactions to the vaccine had been logged by bears during this period, but none of these had been made public by the FDA and CDC. Later it states after its introduction in France, hundreds of people reported autoimmune and neurological symptoms and other d myelinating. Diseases, which include in multiple sclerosis. The hepatitis B vaccine was this pulled off the list of vaccines mandated for schoolchildren by the French government in October 1998. 


Okay, so here's a government document on the hepatitis B vaccine helping or hurting public health. It's a hearing before the Subcommittee on criminal justice, drug policy and human resources 1999. Here it states recent news reports have questioned the safety of the hepatitis B vaccine and have also suggested in association between the vaccine and multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders.


I would like to point out a report that I have seen from New Hampshire, the 48 reported adverse reactions to the vaccines in children aged one to 10 in recent years were 16 times greater than the cases of the disease. There were only three cases of the disease. It was reported that there were four times as many child deaths 11 as there were cases of the disease. If this is true, I find this information quite shocking. And the hearing goes on to report on many vaccine injured children. It's a pretty long report. In 2009, there was a study linking injuries hepatitis B vaccine with central nervous system inflammatory D myelination,


and important medical controversy. Serious new questions about vaccine most schoolchildren are forced to get one given every year to millions of babies.


He just thought it was like all immunization shots we were doing it to protect our child


gets the hepatitis B vaccine. These parents thought it would protect their child. No one told them there might be risks. I wish we'd known that before receiving the vaccine, an effective weapon against a life threatening illness. Vaccines are highly effective. And I think that vaccines are very safe. But these people claim it backfired.


within three weeks a third


shot, I lost my vision, visit smart preventative medicine or an unnecessary risk. Silvia chase asks, When it comes to Hepatitis B, who's calling the shots tonight, Friday, January 22 1999. after this brief message.


Two years ago, Ronnie Allen was the all American boy. It was a vibrant, healthy picture of health child, very happy, big and strong and about to start preschool in suburban St. Louis. First though he was required to have a vaccination against Hepatitis B. He got the shot the day before Halloween. And he nearly didn't make it to Christmas. 


He was diagnosed with a rare and life threatening form of arthritis. He's had chemotherapy 10 times. Ronnie is in constant pain. What made you sick? Do you know? Caddyshack? Ronnie's doctor thinks the vaccination could have triggered his illness. And some scientists believe that in certain people, the vaccine can be worse than the disease. Yet it's the law in most states that children cannot attend school without first having the three dose vaccination. 


When a vaccine was introduced in 1986, it was seen as a medical miracle Hepatitis B like polio and smallpox could be wiped out. The CDC adopted a broad vaccination policy first inoculating healthcare workers at risk from exposure to infected blood. But almost from the beginning, some people reported serious complaints. within three weeks of the third shot, I lost my vision. Dr. Deborah Eagles was a Navy flight surgeon one of the first vaccinated every time they test me it's abnormal. My brain scan is abnormal. My spinal fluid is abnormal. My blood is abnormal. My physical examination is abnormal. These medical workers say they were healthy, then they were vaccinated.


Within two months I was very ill I wasn't ill in bed.


Most of us have pretty much the same type of symptoms. We have joint pain, muscle pain, muscle fatigue,


I can't feed myself. I can't bathe myself.


many here have filed lawsuits against the vaccine makers and received settlements from them. Although the manufacturers don't believe there is a link between the vaccine in these illnesses. Package inserts now alert doctors that serious adverse experiences have been reported after vaccination, including multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Qian, baray syndrome, and lupus. Everything that was happening to me was listed on that insert as a very rare incident, but it all fit. 


These people were completely healthy. Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, a cellular biologist at Baylor College of Medicine believes that in certain people, a genetic component sets off an explosive chain of events. The only thing that happened is I took this vaccine, and within a month most these people have had completely debilitating lifestyle changes. But the CDC believed there was no proof the problems were caused by the vaccine, and the benefits outweigh the risks. So the agency next endorsed mandatory vaccination of newborns, even though the risk of hepatitis B infection is small in children,


about six to 7000 children who were being infected from their mother at birth and about another 20 20,000 children who were being infected in the first five years of lives.


How did this other 20,000 get Hepatitis B,


someone else in their family through close interpersonal contact, but


in other words, you're saying that because you couldn't reach the 26,000 children a year who you believe are getting Hepatitis B either from their mothers or from their families, you decided to vaccinate all the children in the United States?


That's correct. And in fact, that is a a well accepted public health approach and policy. But the


approach and policy to vaccinate so many children also led to increased reports of adverse events in children. Three day old Ben converses seizures began less than 24 hours after his first shot. Now two years old, Ben is developmentally disabled. 33 hours after his vaccination 13 day old Nicky Sexton's heart stopped The coroner said it was sudden infant death or SIDS, a broad category often used when a healthy baby dies. But a pathologist hired by the Sexton family concluded that Nikki Sexton's heart failure was brought on by the vaccine. She was an incredibly healthy baby Laila balcons death was also attributed to SIDS. She had received a first shot at six days old a second one a month later, she was at virtually no risk for the disease, as her parents later learned,


how is a baby possibly going to get Hepatitis B?


It's ridiculous to give this vaccine to a child. I wish we'd known that before receiving the vaccine. No one told us you did what the doctor told you to do.


I did what the doctor told me to do. Yeah, of course. And they didn't say that. There were any reported cases of deaths or serious reactions. Nope, nothing. On September 16 1998. Mrs. Belkin nurse Laila at 5:30am. Not long after she found her daughter pale and cold. 


She died early in the morning, about 16 hours after after the vaccination. The United States has the most vaccinations and yet we are a country with a very high infant mortality rate. newborns who die in the first few days of life post vaccination are included as infant mortality. In 2015, there was a report on infant death following Hepatitis B vaccinations in China. as we shall see in the following clip, independent vaccine studies of adverse reactions are prohibited by the CDC, as all studies are conducted by the pharmaceutical companies who make the vaccines. Well, this lady is somebody that everybody should know Dr. Bonnie Dunbar and she testified in the USA Senate in 1999. 


This lady was back worked in vaccine research, she had her own lab. She said she'd been honored by the National Institutes of Health as the first Margaret Pittman lecturer for her pioneering work in vaccine development. And one of the things she said I use in my infant immunity talks because this is something parents need to understand. And she says I would challenge any colleague, clinician or research scientist to claim that we have a basic understanding of the human newborn immune system. It is well established in studies and animal models that the newborn immune system is very distinct from the adolescent or adult. 


In fact, the immune system of newborns and animal models can easily be perturbed to ensure that it cannot respond properly later in life. She goes on to further say that any peptide, or full length of or truncated protein produced from a biological source are we using recombinant DNA technology, that's how Hepatitis B vaccines are made, when introduced into the body will be processed by the immune system. And depending on the nature of that protein could result in long term autoimmune reactions. It's well documented that committee members advising the CDC and members of organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization, obtain substantial funding from pharmaceutical companies. 


Okay, this is an insider this latest developing vaccines at Baylor College. Furthermore, it is well documented that investigators who have carried out clinical trials on this vaccine also benefit personally and obtain laboratory funding as consultants promoting the vaccine and as expert witness in legal conflicts. So she's basically saying, you know, I'm not coming at this from this point of view. I'm coming at this from a laboratory investigator who has a serious concern about this vaccine. And the reason we're not hearing this from other laboratory investigators is because they have conflicts of interest.


She goes on to say, it is also documented that lobbyists who consult for pharmaceutical companies are the same lobbyists for medical healthcare providers, I leave it up to this distinguished committee to investigate and evaluate the seriousness of these apparent conflicts of interest. However, it is also apparent to me that the lack of government funding specified for independent scientists to evaluate adverse vaccine reactions is a major reason for scientists to seek funding for experiments dictated by pharmaceutical companies. 


Adequate long term follow up information was not collected in clinical trials for this vaccine. She was upset about the hepatitis B vaccine. Why was she upset because her brother had a serious reaction to it. And two of her laboratory employees had a serious reaction to it, they developed autoimmune diseases. So she broke down the numbers as far as what the pre vaccine era risk was of developing fulminant hepatitis, cirrhosis, carcinoma or death. And what she said is the worst case scenario because she said that the information was so the data that you could find was so splayed that it ranged anywhere from 14,000 cases per year to 300,000 cases per year. Okay. She called it the broad range of estimated cases. 


And she says there are arguments on the internet and the internet attributed to morbidity and mortality weekly report, argue that the number of cases may be lower. In this reference, It is reported that in 1992, there were 358 reports of hepatitis B in New York City 400 in upstate New York, and only 13,857 cases nationwide. So where does this 300,000 per year come from? Probably Asia. That's what I'm guessing. So in the United States, so we can look at the best case column. I think that's a better picture of reality, according to Dr. Dunbar. And so she says these are the amount of cases it's either 300,000 or 14,000. The next line shows how many recovered 250,000 11,500 200 basically saying 83% of people infected were fully recovered. And this is actual data. 


This isn't projected or anything that says the data healthy carriers so she says would be 10% of these people would be walking around without disease and They would still be healthy and could spread it. And then the people who develop fulminant hepatitis cirrhosis carcinoma and death were point eight 3% or 116 people that year 0.000044% or worst case scenario is 0.0009%. Now let's compare that with the adverse reactions that they knew about this vaccine before they introduced it into the pediatric population. 


She said this private investigator has obtained from the FDA a list of adverse reactions reported from mercury combo Vax HB vaccine from 1993, part of 1996. Over 7000 adverse reactions were listed. My math says that's 1200 per year, it has been informally estimated that there may actually be upwards of 30,000 adverse reaction reports for both the mercury comp x and the smithkline and dericks vaccines, that's 5000 per year, because the FDA reports that these adverse reactions constitute only 10% of adverse reactions, it can be assumed that there may be 10s of 1000s, if not hundreds of 1000s of adverse reactions to these vaccines per day. 


And she goes on in this paper to describe the science that does exist regarding the autoimmunity and how we can actually identify these people before we give them a vaccine. Well, I'll tell you that Bonnie Dunbar is no longer doing the work that she did, I think she realized how dark and heavy of a force was upon her. And she doesn't even live in United States anymore. And I don't even think she's involved in science anymore. This is what happens when scientists go to the bench and try to do research, looking at the actual biology of what these vaccines do to people. And they're met with


new CDC studies that basically bury them that one of them, which is outlined in the Vax movie, I can tell you that Dr. v. k. Singh went to Congress asking for money to look at who was susceptible to developing brain damage before taking MMR vaccines not to stop the MMR vaccine. 


But let's find out who's more susceptible because we have the technology to do this. If you don't know. He's no longer doing that kind of research he didn't get funding. Before we get into the AIDS virus and the experiments behind it, let's look into human experimentation that happened prior to genetic engineering and prior to the biotech methods of viral manipulation and tissue culturing. Now clinical trials have always been happening for vaccines, but we are talking about human experimentation without informed consent.


In 1946, human subjects were injected with human leukemia, bone marrow to induce cancer. The results of the study claimed that human leukemia could not be transmitted with cellular sternal merel by the sternal merel route man to man. This study was published in 1958. investigations of host resistance and cancer patients in which a variety of malignant tumors were transplanted into humans, including malignant melanoma, Hodgkin's disease carcinomas of the breast, ovary, colon, stomach and urinary bladder. 


Chester South ham was an immunologist and oncologist who from the mid 1950s to mid 1960s, injected life cancer cells into human subjects, falsely labeling the subjects as volunteers, as they thought that they were being tested for cancer or being given medicine. Here's one of his studies homo transplantation of human cell lines, which is about inoculation of cancer cells into cancer patients in 1957. It states the growth of established human cell lines after subcutaneous homall transplantation and to healthy adult male volunteers and volunteers with advanced debilitating neoplastic disease has been studied. 


According to this article, South ham injected 600 people with cancer cells. South hams experiments were financed by the Sloan Kettering Institute, which is connected to the Rockefellers created by Alfred Sloan Jr. Chairman of General Motors, like the Rockefellers slunk collaborated with Hitler and the Third Reich. Cornelius Rhodes was a director of the Sloan Kettering Institute recall the man who injected cancer cells into Puerto Ricans. These unethical experiments were also financed by the United States Public Health Service and the American Cancer Society. Even though many people were against these experiments, South ham was promoted to President of the American Association for cancer research. 


This 2020 article in the online journal of health ethics goes into these experiments, saying that while it is widely believed that the Nuremberg Code has legal standing, in fact, this document has no legal force behind it. This is why those who commit unethical acts and science are promoted, and we will soon see how vaccination laws also go against the Nuremberg Code and carries forth Nazi experimentation. Despite the fact that Southam harmed people in some cancer patients he experimented on died, he was not able to infect people with cancer as successfully as he had probably hoped. And so they saw other methods as the article how to make aids it goes into it would be discovered that mixing biological material from cross species could be more infectious and harmful, and advanced methods were developed to achieve this. Now let's return to the AIDS HIV virus.