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tyranny and eugenics through public health, bioterrorism and vaccines, Part Five.


In part two to four, we laid the groundwork to be able to understand viral bioweapons. And now we can finally return to the AIDS topic. We have discussed the suspicious lack of evidence for the AIDS virus in mainstream science which is supposed to be a natural pathogen. However, there was no proof that it has been isolated, there is deliberate confusion. We looked at how germ theory is flawed, it comes from Rockefeller mind control and also how genetic engineering is based on a eugenics ideology. eugenics is about elitism and making one class of people superior to another class. By degrading the lower class and elevating the ruling class. We needed to discuss alternative scientific theories more aligned to natural law, to recognize that we are in the dark ages in respect to having true knowledge about the physical world, let alone the psychological and spiritual philosophical world. Dark science conducted to government tweaks things for a diabolical end to be used as a weapon. While true science seeks to understand nature as an intelligent, infinite fractal universe that is intrinsically bonded to morality, from DNA Pirates of the sacred spiral by Leonard Horowitz. The most valuable truths are rarely known by mere mortals. Do you exclude yourself from this company? You who incongruously aspire to learn life's freeing truths, while your corporal sovereignty in spiritual domiciles is used as fodder for corporate corruption and political profiteering to the Pirates of the sacred spiral, you are a vulnerable mortal enterprise. They have plundered your most precious treasure, and claimed vessel of your soul. They have buried humanity's most valuable truths with lies and omissions, savvy they are in swaying, sickening and conquering civilization. Flesh and blood have a slim chance to escape their reach the pirates now security, life's most empowering that it guarantees them your wealthiest inheritance DNA, the immortal code, the sacred spiral. Since 2000, the CIA oversees all public health institutions like the CDC, NCI, FDA, and NIH ID as well as oversees all eight science in Africa. The Dulles brothers were part of the legal banking community in the 1950s and were known for their legacy of perpetual war, the rise of secret government and the founding a globalist thing takes as prominent eugenicists they had extensive dealings with AIG Farben and Hitler's rise to power. Allen Dulles was the CIA director and oversaw project paperclip, while john Foster Dulles was Secretary of State for Eisenhower, a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and architect of the Cold War. According to an essay and a letter sent to his father in 1911. JOHN Foster Dulles wrote, with man as with every other form of life, there is the same tendency for the birth rate to far exceed the death rate with the inevitable results of an overcrowded population in which some must be eliminated, who those to be eliminated depends upon who are weakest and who are strongest in the competition, which necessarily ensues. Biology tells us that it is only by means of this competition and elimination, that progress is made for the tendency of a race to retrograde and it is only by eliminating the lower members that a higher is maintained. It is among the poor, that the process of elimination takes place. They are not to be killed outright, but they do perish indirectly. They do not have sufficient shelter, their food is insufficient and perhaps impure. Consequently, they and their children fallen easy prey to disease. Legislation may do somewhat to keep down in a more humane way the sector of population fully born to perish. In 1973, the CIA destroyed all records of biological weapons and experiments in the third world, but evidence remains in a congressional report and documents from the NIH which comprise the smoking gun. Since project Mockingbird in the 1960s, the CIA took over mainstream media.


since the invention of the printing press, has been a battle to control disseminated information. In the early 1900s, oil tycoon john D. Rockefeller took control of every newspaper and news editor of his era.


He became America's first billionaire, paving the way for the power hungry ever since. Thus began the gold rush for the modern world's most precious resource.


The narrative Do you have any people are being paid by the CIA who are contributing to a major circulation American Journal?


During a Senate committee investigation, it was revealed that the CIA had been conducting a covert operation to infiltrate and control US media.


They call it Operation Mockingbird. We do have people who submit thesis to American journalists, do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for television networks?


This I think gets into the kind of details Mr. Chairman that


I'd like to get into an executive session.


Over 3000 CIA contracted and trained operatives placed in key positions within taut media outlets, posing as editors and journalists. These well paid actors never dared to question the effect of their lies on the world beyond your cozy studio. How often does the CIA manipulate the media in this way, it goes beyond your wildest imagination, setting up student organizations so they can draw radical students in 5000 university professors co opted to help the CI manipulate people's mind. Journalists in the US, including big name, journalists, co opted to function routinely to help the CIA put out stories and biases to the world.


As this 1952 CIA memo says the aim is controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will. It's a great brainwashing process to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country.


Would you say that continues today? Well, I yeah, I would think probably for a reporter if we continue today, but because of all of the revelations, I think you've got to be much more careful about it.


So how do we know that Operation Mockingbird still isn't in effect?


Well, we don't.


It was the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that opened the door for predatory corporations, to monopolize the industries of print and broadcast.


This bill protects consumers against monopolies. that guarantees the diversity of voices.


Today, the handful of corporate empires own and control the vast majority of everything you read here and watch from the biggest movie studios, television and radio networks, newspapers and magazines, to the vast universe of internet news and entertainment sites.


Amazon has transformed its operations in response to


keep flowing


and keep healthy while still keeping millions of


Americans saying


and that is how it works. It's like a house of mirrors, where you're seeing the same thing over and over and over again,


except it's distorted.


It's an industry that is paid to go after and target journalists whistle blows and inundate our consciousness and the images we see to try to ruin destroy or smear the idea that they don't like


or the person who's delivering it.


Not very far from Edgewood, in historic Frederick, Maryland, are the biological warfare laboratories. Here men and women of science are doing basically the same type of work as in other government, university and industrial laboratories, a combination of medical and public health research. While I was at Fort Dietrich, I was able to follow partway through an experiment to determine the effectiveness of an agent. Volunteers are important to the testing picture. For many years information has been needed on the effect of a biological warfare attack on man so that we can have a better understanding of how to defend ourselves against it. The volunteers were picked group. They had received psychiatric interviews to determine their maturity and reliability, as well as mental outlook. medical histories and laboratory checks on the volunteers had been extremely stringent. Any history of a chronic disease and the allergic reaction or nervous disorder was acquired. For rejection, volunteers were given the opportunity to drop out drop out, drop out at any child at any time.


I was to watch the progress of the experiment from the control room. The volunteers had been positioned in cubicles on the outside of the test sphere, a hollow steel ball 40 feet in diameter, in which a cloud of biological warfare agent can be generated. Through a series of controllable bowels and a face mask. It was possible to expose the person in each cubicle to a measured volume of biological aerosols from the sphere. I said before I was able to follow partway through the experiment, the final part. As was expected, the volunteers were temporarily incapacitated, but within a short time, they were up and around completely recovered. They had the satisfaction of having played an important part in obtaining information, which would immediately be given to the Public Health Service to bolster our defenses against disease. Research has led to many scientific findings beneficial to mankind, such as a perfected vaccine for controlling industrial anthrax, usually fatal disease of cattle and sheep. Still another accomplishment protective devices for the safe handling of disease causing microorganisms and their harmful products. Just a few of the many byproducts of biological warfare research.


Kissinger, architect of the New World Order, who was the national security and foreign policy adviser, working on behalf of the global elites had the goal of global D population as seen in his own report that leaked the national security study memorandum. The UN population conference in 1974 discussed D population plans from john D. Rockefeller the third's population Council. It was also about the new economic order which we will be getting into later. One of Kissinger's strategies was manufacturing food shortages and crisises to use food as a biological weapon. The goal was to also drive small farmers into bankruptcy to empower eugenics, global corporate agribusiness, and later the GMO Empire. In his report, he says control oil and you control nations control food and you control the people. What other methods of depopulation were employed in seeds of destruction, and doorposts Kissinger's memo that asks, Can technological innovations or development reduce population growth? genetic engineering is a type of eugenics technology. In part one, the special virus cancer program from the National Cancer Institute was mentioned what Alan Cantwell calls the birthplace of genetic engineering, molecular biology and the Human Genome Project. We will talk more about kentwell, a researcher of this program soon. From the NIH his own document, it states that the special virus cancer program programs research on the viral etiology of human cancer started in 1964. With a special congressional appropriation of 10 million. Launching a special virus leukemia program was predicated upon this underlying belief that at least one virus is causally related to human leukemia and lymphoma, and persists in the diseased individual. Increased evidence of a relationship of viruses to the etiology of solid tumors led to additional funding and launching of the solid tumor virus program in 1967. Under the management of the viral carcinogenesis branch, the growth of both programs and their many common interfaces led to their merger in 1968 into this special virus cancer program. Make note that Rockefeller employee Peyton Reuss, discussed in part three, won the Nobel Prize in 1966, for supposedly discovering a chicken cancer virus in 1911. His award would parallel the time that labs were actively creating cancer causing viruses with new recombinant DNA technology. When we say that viruses cause cancer, we need to be specific in that man made viruses modified viruses can cause cancer. Recall that Roofscape cancer to a chicken by injecting it with dead cellular Tabriz of another chicken. This is modification because the biological material was isolated in put into another animal that it didn't originate in.


Essentially, rousse created a bio weapon, while using viruses as a weapon was occulted in the 1970s upon their origination, now it is openly discussed as occurring. Here is more about the SV CP from an article by Dr. Boyd he graves, author of World War aids, much more likely to have spread animal viruses to human beings is the largely forgotten special virus cancer program as VCP. This research program was responsible for the development, the seeding and the deployment of various animal viruses, which were capable of producing cancer and immune system damage when trans Between animal species and into human cells and tissue. The svcb began in 1964 as a government funded program of the National Cancer Institute in bistrita, Maryland. Originally designed to study Leukemia and Lymphoma forms of cancer. The program was soon enlarged to study all forms of cancer. An annual report of the accomplishments of the SV CP was published by the NCI National Cancer Institute. The 1971 sv CP report indicates a mouse leukemia virus had been adapted to grow in human cells, a hybrid virus a mixture of a mouse sarcoma, and a cat feline leukemia virus was engineered and grown in cat cells. Chicken and feline retroviruses produce cancer in monkeys, mouse cat virus hybrids and feline leukemia viruses were adapted to human cells and tissue culture. Thus, species jumping was a common occurrence in these experiments. The 1971 annual report noted that one of the primary tasks of the new jointly conducted National Cancer Institute, Frederick Cancer Research Center was the quote, large scale production of oncogenic, meaning cancer causing viruses and suspected oncogenic viruses to meet research needs on a continuing basis and, quote, special attention was given to primate viruses, the alleged African source of HIV, and quote, The successful propagation of significant amounts of human candidate viruses and, quote, candidate viruses were animal or human viruses that might be capable of initiating human cancers, and primate cancer causing viruses were adapted to normal human cells. By 1971, a total of 2274 primates had been inoculated at biogenetics Research Laboratories under contract to Fort Dietrich. Over 1000 of these monkeys had already died or had been transferred to other primate centers. Some animals were eventually released back into the wild. By this time, experiments had spread lymphoma producing viruses and to several species of monkeys, and had also isolated a monkey virus, herpes virus summary that would have a close genetic relationship to a new Kaposi's sarcoma virus that produced the gay cancer of AIDS A few years later. Let's discuss animal testing Before we continue, there is nothing different than cruelly torturing animals in animal testing in the name of science. If you have to test on animals as to conduct immoral actions to find truth, then you are not on the path of finding truth, but playing God by perverting nature and degrading the natural kingdom. harm is never on the path to evolution. No matter our rationalizations. The way we treat animals reflects the way we are treated as this is a holographic universe. It is no surprise that psychopathic men see humanity as a herd of animals to be abused and tested on the degradation of life leads to the degradation of life. What have we learned from injecting animals with all sorts of cancer causing materials? How do we infect humans Of course, knowledge never comes at the expense of violence, and violence in the name of medicine is medical sorcery. Under natural law, there are no immoral trade offs for scientific or technological evolution. Those trade offs merely reveal that the direction is wrong, as more action befits moral action. Well, action is not the compromise of immoral action. Sure, you will be able to create weapons with false science with certain empirical tests, but you will never be able to have science be the vehicle for real human progress. We must realize that war and violation are the basis for all of our manmade institutions, especially science, which is why our scientific paradigm is deeply flawed. Sadly, these experiments conducted by the special cancer virus program are the exact same experiments conducted for vaccine manufacturer.


According to Joseph, Paul Auster, with the labs had a virology was in charge of killing the chimpanzees.


He was able to see


number one example now. This seems to work.


Hey, c'mon.


Joseph describes what he did. By yellow what he witnessed. There are two accounts revealed that the Lindy staff systematically harvested Oregon's In the calves chips so that's how it was like this date and Lindy film by team member.


What Joseph in by yellow revealed was that some animals were dissected alive. And the main reason in those days for harvesting living organs was to make tissue cultures needed to make the polio vaccine.


Robert Gallo recall the CO discoverer of AIDS was the project officer for the special virus cancer program. Special mean secret, Gallo was working for Litton biogenetics, one of the leading biological weapon contractors for the US government that operated under the NIH and the National Cancer Institute at Fort Dietrich. According to Leonard Horowitz, Lytton biomedics work with the Navy's Biomedical Research Laboratory and the University of California to supply viruses and cell cultures around the world through the NCI. Their funding came from the Rockefeller and Sloan Foundation. The Navy's biomedical lab previously worked on atomic weapons, and recruited Nazi human experimenter Eric Trump, with Project paperclip. In the Third Reich, Trump specifically infected concentration camp victims with viral and bacterial diseases. Some claim he was part of the creation of Lyme disease a biological weapon made up Plum Island in the early 1950s, before the 1974 outbreak.


Returning back to Robert Gallo the objectives for gallos research in 1962 were the quote, evaluation of long term oncogenic effects of human and animal viral inocula in primates of various species, especially newborn macaques, to the maintenance of Monkey breeding colonies in laboratories necessary for inoculation, care and monitoring and monkeys, and three biochemical studies of transfer RNA under conditions of neoplastic transformation and studies on the significance of RNA dependent DNA polymerase in human leukemic tissues. Returning to the article on SB CP, Robert Gallo was a project officer of a primate study contracted by biogenetics that pumped cancerous human tissue as well as a variety of chicken and monkey viruses into newborn keeks. A small species of Monkey this 1971 s VCP report declared it as much as tests for the biological activity of candidate human viruses will not be tested in the human species. It is imperative that another system be developed for the determinations and subsequently for the evaluation of vaccines or other measures of control. The close Philo genic relationship of the lower primates of man justifies utilization of these animals for these purposes. Researchers at biogenetics evaluated the long term cancer effects of injecting human and animal cancer material into various species of monkeys. newborn monkeys irradiated monkeys and monkeys primed with cancer causing chemicals were injected with blood, using multiple sites and volumes as large as possible, taken from various forms of human leukemia. In other studies, tissue cultures infected with various animal viruses were inoculated into primates, many kinds of human cancer tissues were injected into the animals. How many new and emerging viruses were created and adapted by the SB CP is not known. And it is unlikely that complete records of the animal cancer virus experimentation will ever be examined. In this NIH document, it states characterization of nucleic acids and their role in the induction of animal and human cancers, particularly the detection of transforming sequences in cellular nucleic acids and molecular genetic studies with DNA from human tumor cells. The NIH document reveals Dr. Gallo has been in charge of transferring large scale viruses to the Soviet Union during the Cold War. In 1969, according to related congressional testimonies by CIA directors, Richard Helms, and William Colby, Kissinger selected the military option to develop immune system ravaging synthetic biological agents for germ warfare. Here is the US Department of Defense appropriations for 1970 that gave $10 million to bioweapons research, which included Robert gallows company by genetics to produce aids like viruses that would specifically attack the immune system. In 1969, discusses the creation of synthetic biological agents discusses that within a period of five to 10 years, it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist, and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired. Down here it discusses that it is possible to make a new infective micro organism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease. A research program to explore the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately five years at the total cost of $10 million. So what do we see happened? We see aids which essentially attacks the immune system. And it happened with you know, after 10 years in 1980, in the 1980s. We can see here on this government document that the defense appropriations for 1970 contracted Latin biogenetics. Notice that Stanford University and Pfizer, a major vaccine company are on the list.


Leonard Horowitz has done the most thorough investigative work exposing Gallo and the Rockefeller medical monopoly in connection to the AIDS virus. Horowitz was the chief professional advisor to the largest dental and medical catalog supply company who was assigned to develop education materials to help relieve the public sphere of AIDS after a Florida dentist had infected six of his patients. What Horowitz found was shocking. The dentist who formerly worked in the military claimed he was dying of a virus that the government made it out of rage and misplaced revenge he infected his patients. Later he died of car Posey sarcoma. Horwitz found evidence for this to be true, and his story is told in deadly innocence. The AIDS crisis in government cover up these other books by Horowitz are also recommended emerging viruses, AIDS and Ebola, nature accident or intentional and death in the air globalism, terrorism and toxic warfare.


Horowitz is one of the many top researchers who was in Vancouver for the International Conference on AIDS. He is Harvard educated, he has a doctorate in Dental Medicine from Tufts University in Massachusetts. He's an international authority and public health education. And he's also a prolific author. When Dr. hora was first heard the theory that the AIDS virus and other killer germs were deliberately cultured as biological weapons and deliberately targeted at unsuspecting victims. He thought the mere idea mad some wild conspiracy, perhaps, or at least good grist for a sci fi novel. Somewhere along the way, he's changed his mind. He's presenting his investigations at the AIDS conference in Vancouver on Wednesday. And Dr. Horowitz joins us in our studio. When did you go from thinking this was a mad idea to a




took me about eight months having a document sit on my desk, which was a 1970 appropriations request for $10 million for the development of AIDS like viruses, and a satellite desk and I realized I read it and said the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council and formed the Department of Defense that they could develop synthetic biological agents for germ warfare in 1970, over five years for the cost of $10 million. And that led me into investigate whether that document was accurate, whether it was real, and then I began to investigate what happened to the money and that's what ended up in me looking at finding the origin of AIDS and Ebola.


Since then, many scientists have come out about the lab origins of AIDS. Gallo wrote two papers in 1971, revealing his discoveries after the government appropriations, in uptake of transfer ribonucleic acid by normal and leukemic cells, he states, our observations open the possibility of testing the biological effects of various quarante RNAs in mammalian cells. RNA can be retroviruses, in his other paper reverse transcriptase of Type C virus particles of human origin. Gallo and others claimed to have isolated an antigen from lymphoma. According to Horowitz gala gave a speech to NATO in 1971. Explaining how combining synthetic feline viruses was a useful template for creating human type C viruses. AIDS is a type C virus related to both leukemia and lymphoma. While Gallo claims that he discovered the first illness causing retrovirus HTV one, his experiments, speeches and SVC reports revealed that he was actively creating synthetic agents to cause leukemia and lymphoma. As revealed in their own publications, the World Health Organization was coordinated with the US Department of Defense and the appropriations of 1970. In 1972, the World Health Organization posted an article entitled viruses associated immunopathology animal models and implications for human disease, one effects of viruses on the immune system immune complex diseases and antibody mediated immunologic injury. Part two is called Cell mediated immunity, autoimmune diseases, genetics and implications for clinical research. This reinforces the agenda set forth by the defense appropriations a couple years earlier to create a virus that suppresses immunity. We are told that the sexually transmitted HIV virus comes from African green monkeys that spontaneously infected the populations of Africa in the late 1970s. If we believe the story, then Africans had sex with monkeys, and then with homosexuals from New York, or homosexuals from New York had sex with African monkeys. This is absolutely preposterous. Now that we know that the harmful viruses were being created, how would these viruses be deployed? Let's answer this question that was proposed at the end of Part Three, how do exogenous retroviruses from another species get into a human being? So I


guess it's time to tell you the only way that you can actually catch a virus, I guess,


the only


way that you can catch a virus is by having it injected into your bloodstream. So remembering the virus is created cellularly as a response to your internal environment, which means yes, taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions and beliefs or beliefs being a form of ignorance. Because you know, if you have to believe something, it's because you don't know. So how can a human get a virus from a pig, or a bat or a bird or a monkey remembering the viruses used to be blamed on other races, such as Mexicans, and Spanish flu? Well, remember, the viruses cannot cross species. And you can't even catch it from within the same species, because it has to be created within animal tissue, remembering that we are human animals. So the way that you can create a virus, you can get sick and unhealthy animal tissue and put it in a petri dish, it will create a virus and you can incubate that virus, the only reason it can stay alive remembering it's not alive, the only reason that a virus can actually be there and be in play is it is taking care of toxicity within cells in animal tissue. So what happens with that incubated viruses as sterilized and put into a vaccine that straightaway you don't want that because that's bad news. But then when it's added to 70, or 80, chemicals, you definitely don't want that in your body. So when these viruses are loaded into vaccines, and flown all the way around the world, and people are getting their flu shots and all their other vaccines, that's the only way you can get animal tissue into your own bloodstream. It is so far beyond the realm of possibility to get animal tissue into your bloodstream by way of being around people or from surfaces or from the air or from any other way other than injection. So you really want to question was advice that's been given out about your toilet paper in your hand sanitizers and everything else, and the idea that this virus is killed upon contacted hate or anything else because of viruses and alive in the first place? So how can you kill something that is never alive. So there's only two things that you need to do? One, don't get a flu shot, actually don't get any shot. And two, don't stay in your house, you ought to be outside and getting sunlight and fresh air. If you want your body to run ultimately, and not need to undergo a viral detoxification, there is something else you can do, actually, and that is to turn off your TV and your social media. And I did make this video to help the brain some common sense and start relieving some of that fear and stress. So I want to go too far into what's really going on with this worldwide pandemic, by the way, who's verifying these deaths, like who's actually counting these deaths, and who's actually verifying that the deaths that do occur aren't from any standard flu, which, by the way, flus kill half million to a million people every year, every year, it only affects the way and if it's not a natural virus, it's happening within your own body. For beneficial purposes, the only way you can get that is to have an injection.


So instead of thinking you're doing the right thing by using all the correct words like COVID-19, and self isolating and social distancing, and instead of staying indoors, like a self indulgent cactus, washing your hands like it's going out of fashion and humping doorknobs, button and Baptists laughing Yes. Oh, and dictating to other people, what they should be doing with their lives, when perhaps they just need the media. So guys, if you're doing that, then you're not actually helping anything, what you're really doing is you're laying down, you're bending over, you're spreading your legs, and you're letting the long time and the system get itself shoulder deep inside of you. You don't know what's going on behind the scenes, most people have no idea about how the world works, I certainly don't have any idea about how the mind body works. And there are some things going on that you if this goes down the way people are letting it go down. You can say goodbye to what you have left of your rights and freedoms in this world. So if that's been you, pull your finger out, get outside, do normal things. Watch the streets and watch what's going on out there. Because if you sit in your house, count the number of days and your social isolation, counting death polls, like it's a fucking Olympic medal tally on the TV, you are literally paving the way to losing your rights and freedoms and you get to come out of your house with less than what you had when you went in. And I'm not just talking about baked beans and toilet paper.


You don't but sean penn who does one is a middle level retired, when only


I'll leave you with one bit of friendly advice and that is to start using your own mind because if you don't use your own mind, someone else is going to use it for you and it's not going to be to your benefit. So I hope that helps.


That's right, the main method of infecting somebody with an exotic virus is through vaccines. Before we continue to discuss vaccines, it is important to know that there are other methods of deployment as shown in this picture. Two important ones being aerosolization the other being insects. Yes, you heard me right, insects. But these methods use different types of biological agents such as modified bacteria that can survive without a host aerosolization can be through the dropping of aerial bombs. chem trails, land spraying liquid aerosol generators and drones.


volunteers have been positioned in cubicles on the outside of the sphere. The hollow steel ball 40 feet in diameter, in which a cloud of biological warfare agent can be generated through a series of controllable bowels and a face mask, it was possible to expose a person in each cubicle to a measured volume of biological aerosols from the sphere.


Today, DARPA is using insects as a method of dissemination. Lyme disease that came from Plum Island recall is passed through ticks. Here's a government document from 1959 that specifically discusses using text as a bio weapon. Bill Gates funded oxitec who created genetically modified mosquitoes linked to the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil 2016 Zika causes microcephaly being born with a small school and small brain and fertility and Boolean bear syndrome, a disease of the nerves. the Zika virus was created by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1947. Experimental


vaccines news bloods, The Guardian Nazi scientists plan to use mosquitoes as biological weapons and were ordered secret research into how malaria infected insects could be sent behind enemy lines research reveals look at the picture Himmler today look eerily familiar with always say this guy Bill Gates releases mosquitoes in the audience. Microsoft Chairman makes demonstration during discussion on malaria. Check it out over here on Fox News Bill Gates unleashes swarm of mosquitoes own crowd Microsoft founder turned philanthropist Bill Gates released a glass full of mosquitoes in an elite technical conference to make a point about the deadly disease malaria. Let's go back to those Nazis. Nazis researched used on mosquitoes for war at Dachau. Let's scroll down a little bit here on the BBC. German scientists at Dachau concentration camp researched the possibility of using malaria infected mosquitoes as weapons during World War Two, a researcher has claimed not to keep looking into it look into shiroishi he was imported into this country. Let me keep going here we got the Telegraph, genetically modified mosquitoes could be used to spread a vaccine for malaria, or they could be used just to spread a vaccine charge malaria driven biological weapon. Let's keep going here. We got the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Look our goal to control eliminate and ultimately eradicate humans. I know it says malaria there but you know it's true. Now, if you want to learn more about all this stuff come here experimental vaccines.


We call that vaccines were one of the main operations of the US bioweapons lab at Fort Dietrich in the 1940s. This should be alarming as vaccines weren't developed as the spontaneous discovery of well to do doctors in the healing profession. We will get into the history of vaccine soon. We have discussed how all sciences based warfare from report from Iron Mountain and this chapter from the fort Dietrich book is called the birth of science. vaccine makers take viral matter from some animals and grow or culture it on another animals tissue called a cell line. As these experiments are quite messy, we are told that the viral content is supposedly weakened, killed or modified. It is also important to know that animal tissue being grown synthetically will produce viruses of its own. vaccine viruses are modified by one being grown in a cell culture from a different animal called attenuated viruses to being chemically treated, ie dead viruses, or three straight up genetic engineering and recombinant synthetic DNA. But we should also know that viruses growing from diseased tissue or unhealthy cells in a culture is also a type of modification, since it is producing something unnaturally. This website about transgenic organisms states that all vaccines are genetically modified in a way. Recall that viruses aren't living organisms but small vesicles of genetic information. In order to exist they have to be isolated or created and added to an animal cell line are the products of cell lines, most of which are tumorigenic. tumors, sick or diseased cell lines are used to have an abundance of that cell life or manufacturer and to produce or replicate viruses. While healthy cells require a healthy living system, unhealthy cells can flourish in an artificial, unhealthy system.


This also helps propagate the virus which is in reality one way they make a benign virus pathogenic. The FDA blatantly admits these tumorigenic cell lines used in vaccines are unsafe, as they are part of the vaccine. No viruses isolated before being put in a vaccine, a fact that Judy mikovits helped uncover from her discovery of a dangerous cell line contamination and vaccines, which we will get into in Part Six.


It should be common sense that injecting people with tumors tissue is wrong but sadly the mind control of the vaccine campaign is so strong people will line up for it. When injected into a person not only is there tumorous tissue injected, but also toxic chemicals called adjuvants. Robert Gallo supposedly discovered AIDS is a virus made on leukemia cells. This essay claims that Gallo established the first myeloid leukemia cell line hL 60. Gallo created lymphoma and leukemia viruses, because that was the tissue they were grown on. We will discuss what the genetics are of the actual virus apart from the cell line later. This essay claims that Gallo learned how to grow HIV on immortalized cell lines, a cell line that has been mutated to undergo continuous division. More on this later. vaccine makers have to create synthetic viruses to patent their own products and sell them there's little division between capitalism and the military industrial complex. While our bodies produce natural viruses, the vaccine industry is the main producer of unnatural pathogenic patented viruses. The narrative they tell us in order to be able to inject us with x content is that it will build immunity to whatever nano terrorist nature throws at us. If someone was punched, does that mean that if he is punched later, he will heal faster? Is harm ever involved in health? Is the immune system really strengthened by attacking it? Does the immune system need practice to work? We will analyze immunity later. For now, it is important to know that vaccines are blatant bioweapons because we believe that attacking our immune system will make it stronger. Okay, this is from potential risks and benefits of gaining function research summary of the workshop. This was a workshop in 2015 by the NIH Dena function, research background and alternatives. During session three of the symposium Dr. Yoshihiro kawaoka from the University of Wisconsin Madison classified types of Gao f gain of function research depending on the outcome of the experiments, the first category which he called gaita function research of concern includes the generation of viruses with properties that do not exist in nature. the now famous example he gave is the production of H five in one influenza a viruses that are airborne transmissible among ferrets compared to the non airborne transmissible wild type. The second category deals with a generation of viruses that may be more pathogenic in or transmissible than the wild type viruses that are still comparable to or less problematic than those existing in nature. Calla oka argued that the majority of the strains studied have low pathogenicity, but mutations found in natural isolates will improve the replication in mammalian cells. Finally, the third category, which is somewhere in between the first two categories, includes the generation of highly pathogenic and or transmissible viruses in animal models that nevertheless do not appear to be a major public health concern. An example is the growth of APR. 834 influenza strain found to have increased pathogenicity in mice, but not in humans. During the discussion, Dr. Thomas breeze Columbia University further described gf research done to the laboratory as being proactive approach to understand what will eventually happen in nature. That's right The rationalizing gain of function research in that it will predict all of the pathogenic viruses that nature will create out applications of Gao f research. Ultimately, GLF studies which enhanced viral yield and immunogenicity are required for vaccine development.


gf research is defined by the US government. Many participants pointed out during the course of the meeting that the broad term gain of function needs some refinement, that will differentiate the types of experiments typically performed for basic physiological research from experiments that clearly raised concerns. When asked to define whether your logical research crosses the line into GLF research as defined by the US government sobrero and that's a guy from the NIH responded that the term gain of function is used by geneticists and is vague and unsatisfactory term for microbiologists. This statement was echoed by Imperial and many others during the discussion, Sbarro presented a list of experiments that encompass all influenza viruses, such as COVID and mairs COVID that can be reasonably anticipated to increase pathogenicity or transmissibility and the million species. So they're telling you right here that they are working to make these viruses SARS COVID. Hello, more pathogenic. Reflecting on the list, Dr. David Relman, Stanford University, and the panelists have session to express the view that GLF experiments generating viruses with increased virulence, transmissibility and pathogenicity would clearly define the line that would prompt the use of alternatives. Gain function studies seek to make viruses pathogenic, virulent and infectious so that they can supposedly mimic nature's pathogenicity. This is a half truth as Geena function studies do not mimic nature, but perverted in order to create vaccines. Let's look at a university discussion of gain of function.


Thanks, everyone, for


coming. We're delighted today to have Professor Marc lipsitch and Professor Derek Smith speaking. pandemics have been one of the biggest things to worry about for human species than the 20th century. In the 1918 flu virus killed more people than the first world war did so they're better at killing us than we are ourselves. In the last couple of years, there's been a very interesting debate happening over a particular set of experiments on the transmissibility of influenza. One of the things that makes flu particularly worrying is that there are new strains always emerging and an inflammation that we can get about what strains are likely to develop the characteristics to be transmissible in humans, is very useful in our response. However, some prominent voices within the scientific community have said that certain experiments that look at


in this 2015 lecture, Cambridge University openly tells you that a flu influenza virus, which is the same classification of virus as the Coronavirus, is being used in gain of function studies.


Developing characteristics like these in the laboratory setting in order to study them may carry inherent risks. For example, if there was an accidental release of an organism that people were working on, and Professor Marc lipsitch has been one of most prominent voices raising these concerns. He was one of the founding members of the Cambridge Working Group, which is a large body of scientists who have raised these concerns.


The pandemic is foreshadowed the real question we should be asking is why not take the pathogenic viruses directly from nature to be used in the vaccines, why such modification? It is impossible because we never get pathogenic viruses in nature.


So the class of experiments I'm going to talk about is the is what's known as gain of function by many. And the idea of gain of function is a common idea in microbiology. And in other Sciences, Biological Sciences, that it's experiments in which a particular organism or cell line gains the ability to perform some function. But the end and nobody has any question that that's an important technique that we all need to use in some biological experiments. So the concern is specifically on gain of function when the function being gained is pathogenicity in a transmissible organism or transmissibility in a pathogenic organism, in this case, a virus. So the paradigm or the kind of classic setup for one of these experiments, as has been published in the last few years, is to start with an influenza virus, to do some combination of direct genetic manipulation of that virus and, and selection in experimental animals in this case, in this case, ferrets are the most common experimental animal by which the viruses passage from one animal to the next, with the goal of facilitating the evolution of its ability to pass on its own without human intervention, simply by aerosol, aerosol Association, aerosol transmission, from one ferret to the next, ferrets are thought to be probably the best or one of the best models for human infection and disease with influenza. Those viruses, as their passage are then sequenced, and their phenotypes acid for example, their ability to bind to particular receptors on mammalian cells, and then that process is repeated so that the course of evolution and adaptation to the mammalian hosts can be can be monitored. And the two really, studies that got this whole discussion started. We're both funded by the United States government, which will become relevant in a minute but we're done. One in the Netherlands and one in Wisconsin. And we're done with h five m one influenza, the bird flu that we all heard about from the late 90s to the beginning, or the mid 2000s. It's still circulating in birds in many parts of the world, and occasionally infecting humans, but we hear less about it, partly because other fluids have emerged to take the spotlight. Those are not the only ones. There have been quite a number of other experiments published in various places by various groups and funded by various funders, both public and private. I will say that the Gates Foundation has explained that they are no longer in the business they funded the first of these experiments have stated that they don't intend to continue, but the other ones have have been funding this kind of work at various levels for some time.


Notice how this professor admits that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave money to the gain of function studies to make the influenza virus dangerous, and they supposedly ceased financial support years before the pandemic. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the primary funder of global vaccines, and they are one of the many to gain from global vaccinations. After the coronavirus outbreak, Bill Gates acting as the public health authority for the world, as the greatest donor to the World Health Organization declared that the entire world needed to be vaccinated just like Henry Kissinger normal seat


only returns when we largely vaccinated the entire global population and


in 2018 hybrid Institute was granted a patent for the Coronavirus. Vaccines use pathogenic biological materials so it is the perfect cover up for bio weapon production. Bio weapons are legal in that way, although not moral as legal and moral are not the same thing. According to their website, Bill and Melinda Gates funded the PI bright institute that holds the Coronavirus patent. So even the cell line for producing coronaviruses was patented in 2011. Looks like the process started in 2006. But on this report, it has other publications and you can see all of the journals that published information on Coronavirus, a novel Coronavirus, associated with severe acute Respiratory Syndrome published by the New England Journal of Medicine in 2003. We scroll down to the abstract the invention relates to the production of coronaviruses. In particular, the invention relates to methods for producing SARS COVID by using cells expressing a functional SARS COVID receptor. So, like we were saying before the cell line is as important as the virus because the virus cannot grow on its own it needs a particular cell line to replicate


by though fundamentally change the way universities approach technology transfer. And you can see that best in the statistics universities obtained 16 times as many patents today, as they did in 1980. Now everybody's getting more patents, but still, university share of all patents in the United States is more than five times greater than it was before by idle. The situation has gotten so bad that one Information Technology Industry official has publicly referred to universities as quote, crack addicts, unquote, driven by quotes small minded tech transfer offices addicted to patent royalties. That act gave government workers the right to patent their discoveries, so to to claim intellectual property for discoveries that the taxpayer paid for. Ever since that happened in the early 80s. It destroyed science, and this allowed the development of those conflicts of interests.


In 1974, Stanford and UC applied for a patent on the recombinant DNA process and the US Patent Office granted it in 1980. In 1987, Luke monton A Robert Gallo and others patented the HIV virus associated with AIDS along with a testing kit. In the summer of the invention of HIV, it discusses how a male homosexual sought medical consultation in December 1982 for cervical lymphadenitis, apathy, and Estonia, they claim that they isolated the HIV virus from this patient's throat, lymph nodes, and cultured it on human and monkey cells. This paper does not describe anything about the virus except to discuss its levels of reverse transcriptase is a nonspecific enzyme. No wonder Kary mullis confronted monton ea about the complete lack of scientific evidence for this discovery which ends up being an invention with no description. The problem is that because no other labs had access to the specific sample taken from this man, no other lab could isolate the virus, but the institute pasture and the National Cancer Institute. It would only be in later patents, that the characteristics the genome The means of creating the AIDS virus would be told. This is because in the suppose that efforts to make the HIV vaccine this information would appear to be good. According to Google patents. Robert Gallo has 77 patents relating to the AIDS virus. If aids were something natural, the no patent could be made in this patent in 1999, for the viral envelope it states this invention relates to a protein designated envelope aids, which is the viral envelope protein of the etiological agent, which means pathogen for the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The expression vector which encodes envelope aids the production of envelope aids using recombinant DNA technology. And in the summary, it says that the invention is suitable for providing protective immunity against AIDS when incorporated into a vaccine. When you enter virus into the patent search approximately 37,000 patents come up. Here we have the genetically engineered swine influenza virus. In short, vaccine theory is based on changing benign viruses into virulent and transmissible ones under the rationalization that we are just creating what nature would create anyways, and thus in that creation, we can have information and make vaccines. vaccine manufacturer is not about taking naturally pathogenic viruses and weakening them, but about making pathogenic viruses. Judy mikovits, a former employee of the National Cancer Institute discusses how one of her gain of function Jobs was to make Ebola more virulent.


In 1999, I was working in Fort Dietrich and you say I'm right there. And my job was to teach Ebola how to infect human cells without killing them. He bola couldn't infect human cells until we took it in the laboratories and talking


if we activate mandatory vaccines globally, I imagine these people stand to make hundreds of billions of dollars that own the vaccines,


and they'll kill millions has they already have with their vaccines. There is no vaccine currently on the schedule for any RNA virus that works.


Ebola is also an AIDS like virus that came from the Department of Defense. We'll get back to mikovits later, but let's continue to discuss vaccines. In this USDA report 2011 It states that yes, vaccines produced using genetically modified organisms are classified as synthetic, meeting the label of synthetic biological agents that were called for in the dodi's appropriations. We are finally starting to fit the pieces together. This 2001 d o t paper report on biological warfare defense vaccines research and development programs reveals how the vaccine industry continues to be totally connected to bio weapons programs. by acting is the vaccines are the defense they can easily be made the offense because modified cross species or foreign exogenous viruses cannot possibly get into one's bloodstream without being offensively put there. We should consider a pathogen a foreign invader comprised of biological material such as foreign DNA or RNA. This would be the true meaning of a virus, a xeno tropic element that infects a biological system from without cancer specialist Dr. Alan Cantwell has written several books on the subject of AIDS, including aids doctors of death, queer blood, the secret aids genocide plot in aids the mystery and solution. He claims that AIDS is of manmade origin, having deeply investigated the special cancer virus program, Cantwell debunked the patient zero story that claimed a promiscuous gay Canadian airline steward brought aids into America. Cantwell discovered that the autopsies of AIDS victims were the same as those who died of cancer, even though aids experts claim that aids was not linked to cancer. But leukemia, lymphoma and kaposi sarcoma are cancers. Today, we know for certain that there is a link and so AIDS is indeed a cancer virus, perhaps even a special cancer virus. According to Cantwell, in 1977, the SV CP came to an end and Dr. Gallo claimed that it failed and no one could supply clear evidence of the existence of any kind of human tumor virus. Yeah, right. Only two years later was HIV introduced to gay men, and suddenly gala becomes the star with revived retroviral research. This introduction was done through a hepatitis B vaccine experiment, tested specifically on 13,000 gay males starting in New York in 1979. The morbidity and mortality weekly report in 1981 stated that the first 26 aids cases were all homosexual men 20 from New York City and six from Los Angeles. This report comes from the US Department of Health and Human Services. This is one of the owners of the AIDS virus patent.


From queer blood. The hepatitis experiment was a costly one. Well, for smoothness didn't want any uncooperative or hard to find gays messing up his experiment, there was too much money at stake. The Centers for Disease Control the CDC and the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases. Were all involved in the study as well as big pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, sharp and dohme incorporated in Abbott Laboratories. In January of 1979. A few months after Wolff smoothness began his experiments, purple skin lesions began to appear on the bodies of the young white gay men in the village. The doctors were not sure exactly what was wrong with these men. During the next 30 months Manhattan physicians encountered dozens of cases of a new disease characterized by immunodeficiency, kaposi sarcoma, and a rapidly fatal lung disease known as pneumocystis Carini pneumonia. All the men were young and gay, promiscuous, almost all were white, all died horribly. In March 1980, the CDC supervised additional gay experiments in San Francisco Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis in Chicago. In the fall of 1980, the first West Coast case of AIDS appeared in a young man from San Francisco. Six months later in June 1981, the AIDS epidemic became official. The epidemiologists and health experts cannot understand why large numbers of young white previously healthy homosexual men were dying mysteriously in Manhattan, San Francisco and Los Angeles. There was a strange and ominous connection between cancer and AIDS between animal experimentation and genetic engineering viruses between biological warfare technology and drug companies, between gay experiments and AIDS between vaccine programs and the contamination of the nation's blood supply. Why else would all these people from diverse areas of science be attending this high level government conference? The more I studied the hepatitis B experiment, the more connections to biological warfare and genocide became apparent. The connections between Merck the military bio warfare establishment and the NIH are well known to medical conspiracy buffs. The Merck company is no stranger to bio warfare. George Merck, who directed the company during the Second World War, also directed America's germ weapon research program. As part of the war on cancer in the early 1970s. President Richard Nixon transferred part of the US Army Bioware for unit at Fort Detrick, Maryland, over to the National Cancer Institute, under the direction of the National Institutes of Health. As late as 1983. Several infectious disease specialists report that aids might be related to hepatitis vaccine because it was discovered that 93% of their AIDS patients tested positive for hepatitis B blood markers. Prior to the official discovery of AIDS virus in 1984. The CDC and the vaccine makers repeatedly assure the public that the new commercially available non experimental hepatitis B vaccine was safe. However, Abbott Laboratories, the manufacturer of the commercial hepatitis vaccine, was more cautious about it safety in their brochure urging gay men to take the commercial vaccine the company advise, quote, many people are concerned about the possible transmission of AIDS kaposi sarcoma. It is unknown whether these are conveyed by blood or blood products and quote, in 1986, cloud Stephens group did a second follow up study of 212 men who were infected with the experimental vaccine. Amazingly, 6.6% of the men had positive tests on blood samples taken during the period November 1978. And October 1979. By 1981, over 20% of the men were positive by 1984. The end of the study period, over 40% tested positive, most of the HIV positive men were immunodeficient.




I mean, to me, as you know, I have traced aids back in America, not to Africa. But I have traced aids back to government scientific studies using gay men in cities such as New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and several other cities.


And it traces back to experiments where gays were used as guinea pigs with their consent to be injected with the hepatitis B vaccine trial. And of course,


the vaccine trial started in 1978, in New York City, and by 1979,


within a few months of those vaccine trials, the first cases of aids were discovered. Now,


I know that that you know that the textbooks and the scientists tell you that aids came from Africa. Now, I don't believe that American aids came from Africa. Now, I'm not saying that I don't believe in African AIDS. Certainly I do. But aids in America does not trace back to Africa as they would have you believe. It traces back in my opinion, to the same year, the same geographic site, the same population that was exposed in 1978 to government experienced, namely gay man in New York City, young Healthy gay man.


Initially Cantwell got this vaccine hypothesis from Robert straker, a PhD in pharmacology and practitioner of Internal Medicine of gastroenterology. Cantwell was bent on proving him wrong, but ended up proving him right.


aids the most devastating biological catastrophe the world has ever known. This disease will kill more people this year than all other viral diseases combined. According to Dr. Robert Stryker AIDS is a man made genetically engineered virus that was either accidentally or deliberately introduced into the world's population. Age is not a homosexual disease. AIDS is not a venereal disease. aids did not originate from the green monkey. Age is not prevented by the use of condoms. And AIDS is not likely to ever be cured by a vaccine.


In this program, Dr. Robert Stryker will present documented evidence that refutes the official stance taken by so called aids experts, members of the research community and the government. And now, let's find out the truth about AIDS.


I'm Dr. Robert Stryker, a practicing internist and gastroenterologist in Los Angeles. I have a special interest in pharmacology, pathology, and now AIDS. I became interested in the AIDS question several years ago and doing a health maintenance proposal basically an insurance proposal for a security Pacific bank, a bank here in California. More and more members of the medical and research community such as Dr. Peter Duesberg, University of California at Berkeley, dr. john seal, a member of the Royal Society of medicine of London, Dr. Alan Cantwell, who has recently finished a third book on AIDS, this one on the origin of aids are questioning the validity of the popular view about AIDS, which has failed to scientifically explain the disease. So I've decided it's time that someone tells you the truth about AIDS. So in this program, I will show you how the AIDS virus was actually predicted, requested, produced, deployed and now threatens the very existence of mankind, because it works. If we address what Jay Clemmensen said,


Jay Clemmensen from the Danish cancer registry, in addressing an international assembly of leukemia experts said, We are in fact, establishing conditions for a possible pandemic of an oncogenic virus varied on the scale of influenza of 1918.