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tyranny and eugenics through public health bioterrorism and vaccines, Part Eight.


According to the CDC, six in 10 adults have chronic disease and foreign 10 adults have two or more. According to Yale, an estimated 15% of cancers may be attributed to viral causes. Why rebuilding America's defenses 2000 by the project of the New American Century called for a catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor to bring transformation to US national security strategies, military missions and defense budgets. One year later, the 911 attacks happened.


This document also called for advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes that may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool. Bio weapons expert Francis Boyle, author of the US bio warfare Act has claimed that America's $100 billion germ warfare industry beginning after September 11 2001 is a criminal enterprise. Boyle has also claimed that the Coronavirus is a biological warfare weapon.


Well, we have focused on bovine VISTA virus as the origin of HIV using octopus razor the simplest explanation. vaccine analysis can be complicated because of it being a viral cocktail. Multiple viruses create negative synergistic effects and this is besides the accidental passenger viruses and viral contaminants and even bacterial contaminants like Miko plasmas that can cause similar diseases, which we will get to later. Since AIDS is a single category for a variety of strange diseases, and may be the result of various viruses and not just what is classified as the HIV virus. Recall that in the 1970s, the w h o embarked on creating multiple immunosuppressive viruses that attack the T and B cell systems of man PSAs there are other immunosuppressive viruses in addition to the HIV virus that enhance or co manifest in AIDS or related infections. Recall that the first aids victim had kaposi sarcoma, a disease where cancer cells are found in the skin or mucous membranes, showing up as purple lesions on the skin and can spread to lymph nodes and lungs. These cancer cells can also lie in the gastrointestinal tract symptomatically kaposi sarcoma is not related to vishna or bovine leukemia virus, like pneumocystis Carini pneumonia is although some argue that it can be the result of immune cell destruction. A Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpes virus, ks HV for short was discovered in 1994, related to a monkey tumor virus herpes virus summary. This virus is natural to squirrel monkeys but pathogenic to other species of monkey and to humans. herpes, Sumerian herpes viruses in general are discussed in the 1971 progress report for the special virus cancer program. It states a type of virus associated with some forms of chronic leukemia, lymphoma and postnasal carcinoma is the herpes type virus. Unlike human type C particles HTV grows well in the laboratory. considerable interest has developed in the herpes group of viruses as cancer causing agents in animals and man herpes scenarios a DNA containing virus indigenous to the squirrel monkey Recent studies have shown that this virus will induce Acute Lymphocytic leukemias as well as lymphomas and reticulum cell sarcomas in our monkeys and Mermoz sets. This is the first demonstration that a virus produces the Kimi and lymphomas in primates in may serve as an important model for human leukemia and lymphoma. In this 1992 paper, there was stable growth trends. formation of human T lymphocytes by herpes virus smeary. Because of this, we cannot say that monkey viruses have nothing to do with AIDS related illnesses. Another virus in the same family of KSH V of gamma herpes viruses is epstein barr, which also immortalises human B lymphocytes and is another popular virus of the SVC p, saying several facts make EBV suspect as a prime if not sole factor in the induction of hematological disease in man. Thanks to the SV CP. epstein barr virus is an epidemic causing malignant disease. Oh, but don't worry. It's an ancient virus that evolved for millions of years. That's why it's named after its inventors. kaposi sarcoma herpesvirus was found in the blood from homosexuals in the 1978 hepatitis B vaccine trial, as this paper analyzes. This article states that the virus is consistently found in biopsy samples from patients with AIDS related in classical kaposi sarcoma. Guess were kaposi sarcoma is most common. Africa, where the biggest immunization campaigns are kaposi sarcoma herpes virus could work in tandem with bovine Vesna virus as a helper virus, and this would create the infectious combination of a sarcoma leukemia virus, as pertaining to the pseudotyped experiments of the SVP. Johns Hopkins says that HIV only leads to the development of kaposi sarcoma in patients who are also KS Hv infected. This article describes how the HIV and herpes virus smeary again related to KSH v. Enhanced HIV infection. Also in the family of herpes viruses is simplex virus to genital herpes known to increase risk of HIV. Human herpes virus six is also known as a cofactor in AIDS.


Other viruses in the HTLV family can be considered helper viruses to the HIV virus as well. Here's an article that states that HIV and HTLV one co infection is associated with accelerated progression to AIDS and worse outcomes. HTLV one causing T cell leukemia is an epidemic in Japan. The New York Times published an article titled Hepatitis B virus is linked to AIDS in 1985. stating, cooperative research by scientists and France in the United States found sequences of hepatitis B DNA the basic material of heredity inside the genetic material of the white blood cells, principally affected by the AIDS virus known as HTLV three, the AIDS virus induces different responses depending on the patient. This suggests that other viruses may have a role in the process that leads to immune suppression, or may enhance the likelihood of dormant HTLV three becoming activated in cells to trigger the disease. The scientists said, If this is true, it would make sense why HIV was spread through the hepatitis B vaccines. It is said that worldwide approximately 10% of all HIV infected people are co infected with HPV, and there is multiple studies showing that HPV infection adversely affects HIV infection in CO infected subjects, showing a higher risk of AIDS and death. Gerry Leonard's article how to make an AIDS virus discusses how simian viruses could have been made to cause aids in addition to bovine business. In the 1970s, the mason Pfizer monkey virus was shown to induce immunodeficiency and Asian mek keeks and then it was grown in human cells shown capable of infection. Yes, this virus is named after Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company listed in the biological weapons contractor list contracted to create synthetic biological agents that suppress natural immunity and the Department of Defense appropriations for 1970. Pfizer has recently come out with a COVID-19 experimental vaccine given to healthcare workers in which 3150 nurses according to the CDC suffered serious adverse reactions to the point where they were unable to perform daily activities requiring care. Six people died in the Pfizer's late stage trial of the vaccine, which didn't stop the rollout. And while the US media does not cover adverse reactions, news reports of death by the vaccine are still leaking out.


Later on, we will go into how the mRNA experimental vaccine actually gets your own cell parts to manufacture viral particles Yikes. Returning back to other aids like viruses in 1998, a simian immunodeficiency virus was mixed with Moloney murine leukemia virus making it capable of infecting humans see before positive cells just like HIV. In 2012, CBS News published an article mysterious aids like disease discovered, claiming that individuals in Taiwan and Thailand had Like symptoms without being infected with HIV. And in ay ay ay ay d scientist asked the question why did these sick individuals have a high count of antibodies? Well, this is a common response to viral infections and vaccinations. Other viruses associated with HIV infection besides hepatitis and herpes viruses are human cytomegalovirus varicella zoster virus, and human papilloma virus. Understanding that there are other aids like viruses and other viruses that when combined can create aids like diseases can explain why there are claims about AIDS occurring before the 1981 outbreak, and the claim that such diseases were spread with the polio vaccine in Africa in the 1960s. As we shall see, many viruses can bring about similar manifestations. With all the husband said, focusing on the diseases of AIDS, we can see the utter insanity of injecting many types of viruses into children even at one time, as recommended by the mandatory immunization schedule. While not all vaccines contain live viruses attenuated or weakened ones still contain viral proteins and fragments that can be just as dangerous according to Judy mikovits. Genetically modified viruses and vaccines contain new harmful gene sequences and unknown proteins, viruses, adaptive cells and other viruses because of the evolutionary principle of epigenetics, natural forces are being redirected towards a negative outcome with artificial methods and the violation of coerced injection.


From 1981 to 2019. statistics say that globally 75 point 7 million were infected with HIV and that 32 point 7 million have died from AIDS. In the US, 700,000 people have died from AIDS since the beginning of the pandemic. HIV mortality rates rose steadily through the 1980s and peaked in 1995. We have to keep in mind that what is considered aids diseases may not be caused by viruses at all. For example, tuberculosis is considered an AIDS disease and accounts for 1/3 of AIDS deaths, which can be caused by unsanitary living conditions in Africa and the third world when going through vaccine history, which we will look into tuberculosis is a common disease caused by vaccines. We also have to keep in mind that toxic industrial chemicals can be a causal factor in immunosuppressive diseases. In 1989, a New York Times article came out, titled concern raising over harm from pesticides in the third world. In 2001, an article titled The ticking time bomb stated that huge stocks of toxic pesticide waste are a serious problem in almost all developing countries, more than 500,000 tons of old and unused pesticides that have been banned or have expired threaten the environment and health of millions of people in these countries. However, for professionals to assert that there are other causes to AIDS has devastated their lives from the hidden agenda behind HIV. American scientists who questioned the official aids doctrine that HIV is the only cause of these diseases, face jail, exclusion from their specialties, revocation of their medical licenses, and termination of their research grants. These scientific dissenters are being persecuted in the same way that Andrea Saqqara was in the Soviet Union and alleged communists and their suspected sympathizers. Were during the notorious McCarthy 1950s. We see the same kind of communist style oppression today with doctors who say things that go against the w h o narrative.


fascism is not something we are moving into. We have been in a fascist state for quite some time under the illusion of freedom. This only becomes apparent when we don't go along with the agenda. We must recognize how false reporting bias computer models and overinflation of statistics was used to get AIDS funding and increase the powers of Big Pharma as discussed in part two. These powers will not create a solution for AIDS but perpetuated as good for business. In 1998, Duisburg and rasnic wrote about the total failure of AIDS funding, saying almost two decades of unprecedented efforts in research costing us taxpayers over 50 billion have failed to defeat Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and have failed to explain the chronology and epidemiology of AIDS in America and Europe. The same could be said of today. In addition to 10s of billions of US federal money, aka tax money poured into domestic aids projects is money poured into the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This Global Fund was created in 2000 To buy the United Nations set up in Switzerland at the World Bank. As a side note, the UN and World Bank formed a strategic partnership in 2018 to implement the 2030 agenda and improve data systems and capacities. We will see how pandemics and vaccines are related to their digitalized control system. Back to the topic, the Global Fund grew through PEPFAR, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief involving George W. Bush and later brock obama. The Global Fund comprised of $90 billion of tax money according to researcher Cory Lin, operates as a global slush fund for money laundering to a network of NGOs with tax exemptions, special privileges and corporate immunities. corrupt politicians, businessmen and Big Pharma are cashing in on the fun with no real remedies to AIDS exists but addictive toxic medications. In 2007, Rajat Gupta, former director of Goldman Sachs, convicted of insider trading and conspiracy and securities fraud, was elected chair to the Global Fund. A government committee has even discussed some of the misuses of these funds, including false reports and forged receipts. There is no philanthropic intent in Wall Street, corporate billionaires continue to profit wildly from poverty and disease. People who have sought an AIDS resolution through protest do not realize how their energy is being used to support corrupt institutions that claim to bring the solution. These corrupt institutions created the bio weapon deny non viral causes of the many aids related diseases, thus preventing correct treatment and will poison people with toxic drugs and deliberately suppress a real cure. These institutions use funding for profitable eugenics with the end goal of creating a tighter more powerful and more integrated network of authoritarian tyrannical institutions to push public health for population control. Again, this is false philanthropy. Remember that ultimately, money is no object to the individuals at the top and that they merely use our money in the form of taxes and labor in the form of employment to fund these destructive projects so that people spend their own energy making their own prison, increasing the power differential. It's not about money, but the control of energy. In the Information Age control means digital surveillance and medical records are extremely valuable for this. The third world is targeted because a major aspect of globalism is about poverty management. And this is not a humanitarian pursuit but the opposite. It is about getting the poor plugged into the digital matrix under the mask of public health and being able to manipulate their health for global markets. As we will later explore because health policies and measures can be implemented on every person under man's immoral law. They act as a vehicle to get every person plugged into the AI system of technological Empire. Our medical records will be used to restrict our freedom and movement and an x greater degrees of bioterrorism. I hope you will continue watching this series to the end, as we will cover these important topics.


Let's talk about AIDS medications. Dr. David rasnic writes, I spent two decades in the pharmaceutical industry designing drugs for cancer, arthritis, emphysema and parasitic diseases. I've studied the anti retrovirals since AZT was introduced in 1987. Based on my experience and half a century of literature on chemotherapy, it is absolutely clear that prescribing anti retroviral drugs to prevent or treat AIDS is not only irrational and wholly unjustified, but should be stopped immediately. The nucleoside analogs are the backbone of the anti retroviral cocktails, they were developed in the 1960s as chemotherapy for cancer. The nucleoside analogues were designed to kill dividing cells. That's why they are called cytotoxic, which means cell poison. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what he's talking about. The draconian principle behind chemotherapy is simple kill the cancer cells before you kill the patient. Since nucleoside, analogs are among the most toxic substances ever approved for human use. They're prescribed for only weeks to months. Any Doctor Who would prescribe these drugs to a cancer patient for life would be guilty of malpractice and probably lose his license. Nevertheless, prescribing nucleoside analogues for life is currently the standard of care for people who have antibodies to HIV. Anti retroviral drugs cause Acquired Immune Deficiency, the skull and crossbones on the bottle of easy to use for research purposes, warn scientists and clinicians that this anti retroviral drug is toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed. Most importantly, the warning says target organ is blood bone marrow if you feel unwell, seek medical advice. In 2004, the BBC created a documentary called guinea pig kids showing how foster cared in orphan HIV positive children, mainly blacks and Hispanics were being used as guinea pigs for toxic experimental aids drugs by the ECS administered For Child Services, Dr. rasnic has commented on the serious side effects of the drugs used in these abusive experiments, some of which are lethal. In addition to azt, also called the Duvall Dean is didanosine. One of these homes these tests were conducted was the Incarnation Children's Center in New York owned by the Catholic Church. According to one article, the ICC experiments were funded by federal grants in pharmaceutical companies. One nurse who worked there, Jacqueline whore girl had adopted two sisters from the clinical trials. The girls took the experimental drugs for years and continued to get worse. She was told they were getting worse because of the HIV infection. She learned that the drug cocktails were highly toxic. After listening to a doctor and critic of HIV medical practices. She took the girls off the medication and they got well, but social workers took the daughters away when she refused to put them back on the medication. corgo was branded a child abuser in court and loss rights to ever see the girls again. This is an incredibly heartbreaking story. And there are many others like it as documented by Jamie Dornan, the director of guinea pig kids. These drug trial abuses were taken to the House of Representatives after the documentary came out. But of course, no action was taken. A democracy allows people to voice their concerns, while nothing will be done about them. But now we don't even have the illusion of freedom. In the book aids, opium diamonds and Empire the deadly virus of international greed. Medical Dr. Nancy Turner banks writes, the leading cause of death today among HIV positive people is not one of AIDS defining diseases, but end stage liver cancer that is caused by the anti retroviral drugs. Dr. Banks explains how drugs like prednisolone and sulphonamides poison the cell's respiratory mechanism, negatively impacting cellular metabolism. We see a continued theme here with respiration. The slow death of the AIDS cancer paradigm and the Apocrypha of the eukaryotic cell is another book Dr. Banks has written and also goes into the mass poisoning of the immune stressors that have resulted from civilization, such as the long term use of chemotherapeutics and chemo antibiotics that inflict damage on the mitochondria. We call the warlike ideology behind antiviral drugs, which is to kill off viruses, but such drugs cannot tell the difference between your body and the virus. This is the true war on cancer. Studies have shown that aysa thigh print and trimethoprim have immune suppressing effects.


Of course Duisburg and others have gone into depth about the antiviral drug AZT that has led to AIDS diseases, like Duisburg bank sites with the argument that HIV is an invented virus in which no standardized test has proven its existence. In Part Seven, we went into how this is only one side of the story and how Judy mikovits and Frank resetti developed the testing methods to isolate HIV, a virus so the government had been working to create many years prior to its so called discovery. Their work was stolen by Robert Gallo to obfuscate the findings preventing the general public from being able to isolate HIV. Dr. Banks like Duisburg only sees how natural viruses couldn't create aids like diseases, as both don't realize that the funding towards discovering a viral cause of cancer was literally about creating cancer causing viruses, as seen with the US VCP. Besides missing the vaccine, bio weapons origin of HIV Dr. Banks his book remains an exceptional one and can complement that information going into the big picture of the international control system. Her story is a special one as she became awakened to the flaws of allopathic medicine, and then made a holistic leap to understand the world as a whole. In terms of the global conspiracy, she writes, it was not until I was to face my own health challenge unrelated to HIV that I began to look for alternative ways to heal myself, I began to examine the history and dynamics of the profession I had chosen. My studies brought me to the realization that the allopathic medical profession is controlled from the top by the same interests that control banking, oil, precious metals, the military, and associated intelligence agencies, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the various foundations and think tanks which frame and limit all levels of intellectual inquiry in the United States and throughout Empire. The thread of history and the families involved in these enterprises run back at least to the horrible story of the savagery of the British East India Company and its drive for global resource domination, which resulted in the deaths of millions in India, Africa, China and the United States, and ultimately led to the American Revolution. Turner correctly sees the drug companies as an extension of the opium trade and imperial takeover. Big Pharma is truly a drug cartel having great parallels with the British East India. A company from the 15th century, the British East India Company B. E IC was one of the first global corporations that turned colonialism, slave labor and poverty into transnational, big business for the British monarchy in India and China. The P IC became a blueprint for global corporate Empire. JOHN Coleman, a former intelligence officer, Mr. Six writes, the drug trade is controlled by the committee of 300. from the top down, the drug trade started with the British East India Company and was closely followed by the Dutch East India Company. Both were controlled by the Council of 300. More from Coleman's book, in order to get an idea of how vast and how all pervasive is this conspiracy, it would be appropriate at this point to name the goals set by the committee of 300. For the pending conquest and control of the world. There are at least 40 known branch offices of the committee of 300 and we shall be listing them all together with a description of their functions. Once this is studied, it becomes easy to understand how one central conspiratorial body is able to operate so successfully. And why does that no power on earth can withstand their onslaught against the very foundations of a civilized progressive world, based on freedom of the individual, especially as it is declared in the United States Constitution. While the US has been under British international control, at least since 1913, with the Federal Reserve Act, but more likely when the federal government took over, which can void or suspend the constitution at any time, especially in declared emergencies, and almost always are these emergencies deliberately planned and created false flags a mixture of fact and fiction. Later, we will examine the problems of a civilized and progressive worldview as opposed to a spiritual evolutionary one. The committee of 300 consisting of the ruling class bloodlines continues to rule the world today through an elaborate institutionalized network, secretive, private and public. In the 19th and 20th century, through the importation of opium by the British Empire, millions of Chinese people became opium addicts. This article estimates 40 million in 1890, saying never before or since has the world known a drug problem of this scale and intensity. The unrestricted trade by Western powers precipitated the Opium Wars with China. With problem reaction solution, the Hegelian dialectic came the global drug control system pretending to resolve conflict while strengthening global government under public health, obfuscating the illicit drug trade, making it more corrupt and promoting the Big Pharma drug trade. The system of evil creates corruption and then enlarges itself under the pretense of humanitarianism to pretend it will bring the solution.


Today the be E IC has turned into the globalization of Big Pharma. This article titled India's medical pharmaceutical inheritance from the colonial period makes the connection. It discusses how the medical network started as a military endeavor from occupation by the British. Today, India and China play a key roles in the global supply chain for the biggest pharmaceutical companies. This article states that both China and India are the source of 75% of active pharmaceutical ingredients imported to the United States, as in the colonial era 1600 to 1800. In modern times, drugs, particularly opium poppy derived still act as a type of currency, like oil, arms and war, being always in demand and easily traded. drug trade is a big part of the financial markets and is researched by Catherine Austin Fitz, who was former Assistant Secretary of Housing federal Commissioner in the first Bush administration with ties to Wall Street. She has exposed many status financial crimes, like the crimes of the Federal Reserve and its trillions of missing money. In her article, the real deal drugs this currency she states, if you trace back the history of the family and family networks of America's leaders and numerous other leaders around the world, what you will find is that narcotics and arms trafficking are a multi generational theme that has criss crossed through Asia, North America, Europe, Latin America and Eurasia and back through the city of London and Wall Street to the great pools of financial capital. Many a great American and British fortune got going in the Chinese opium trade.


Drugs cause two types of destruction. One the self destructive behavior of addiction, escapism and overindulgence, bringing about dissociation and disharmony in the spirit and to the encouragement of a psychopathic business attitude to play selfishness and greed at the expense of others. In order to control a society you must demoralize it to weaken populations to become more dependent on your control, and by strengthening the immorality of those who would exploit humanity's plight. At the systemic level drugs have been a modern tool of expansion and conquest feeling worldwide conflict. But at the psychological level drugs have been used to keep people ignorant of their psychology. As to seek a quick fix to their issues like self loathing, insecurity and depression, which is not a fix at all but masking of symptoms. Many drugs are antithesis to self knowledge and lead people away from truth, not towards it. Of course, certain drugs like marijuana and psychedelics can be used for healing and transformation. But addiction to even positive things can bring imbalances in one's life. And certainly addiction to destructive drugs helped destroy a person's sovereignty to lead him downward spiral. Addiction is a form of self imposed slavery and thus empowers our collective slavery system. At the turn of the 20th century, cocaine which comes from the coca plant was sold at corner pharmacy stores, even Merck pharmaceuticals sold cocaine products. And then in 1902, it was estimated that there were 200,000 addicts in America according to one source code, the beer company started the production of heroin in 1898 on a commercial scale, and quote, as discussed in this article on the history of heroin, beer even promoted heroin for children. Later bear would work on producing explosives and chemical weapons during World War Two and then with Igy Farben in Nazi Germany. its parent company built a plant at Auschwitz to use prisoners for slave labor. In 1914, Congress passed the Harrison act making cocaine and heroin able to be sold only as prescription medicine by licensed professionals. Still today, doctors can prescribe cocaine. Later more laws were created for greater restrictions. The main effects of making these drugs illegal is thought at one increase the economic takeover of a black market to enlarge shadow government. Three boosted the power of Big Pharma for development of medical bureaucracy so that people could be tracked and five criminalized drug users and addicts enlarging the prison system. amphetamines derived from the federal plant were developed in the 1930s and created an epidemic in 1969. The book blitzed goes into how the Third Reich was addicted to drugs, specifically over the counter meth to strengthen soldiers for war. In the US, there was a heroin epidemic in the 1960s and 70s, especially after the Vietnam War. Heroin is a synthetic substance that uses opium as its active ingredient. The book politics of heroin looks at how the CIA is complicit in the global drug trade. Other related books are dope Incorporated, and America war machine deep politics, the CIA's global drug connection and the road to Afghanistan. between 2001 and 2014, Operation Enduring Freedom helped the Afghan opium trade, as Afghanistan now supplies more than 90% of the global crop. The US invested billions of tax dollars trying to stop the trade, but supposedly couldn't instance their involvement opium production increased by 40 times what a joke.


The CIA has been involved with the heroin trade in France in the 1930s and Laos during Vietnam, and has been involved with the cocaine trade in Central and South America, like Venezuela, Honduras and Nicaragua in the 80s and Colombia in the 90s. In 2013, former federal agents revealed the CIA's involvement with the drug operations in Mexico. under the Freedom of Information Act, the National Security Archive has released information regarding the US participation in drug trafficking and the Contras in the 1980s. Allegations of the CIA's connection to crack cocaine epidemic in the 90s has even had a federal hearing. Psychology Today states that prescription drugs are far more deadly than street drugs. prescription opiates are derived from the opium poppy plant, while prescription opioids are synthetic versions, but are often categorized together as opioids. They became popular in the 1980s to treat pain even though they are not effective in treating long term pain. The healthcare system in the US contributed to the over prescription of opioids as the system is geared to treating pain. Rather than finding the causes and cures for illnesses. This addiction has led to many deaths. Mainstream doctors have become big farmers sales reps using sickness as a commodity. It is actually illegal for the medical profession to ever speak of any cure for any illness, as they are only to offer big farmers products for continual treatment. There have been additions of medical dictionaries that have left out the word here because YouTube is part of big tech an integral part of the control system. They are now counting videos that discuss any treatment or cures for COVID-19. That is not the vaccine. They require that all information must be who approved


this article and oxy cotton a prescription opioid states. When Purdue pharma introduced Oxycontin in 1996. It was aggressively marketed and highly promoted. Sales grew from 48 million in 1996 to almost 1.1 billion in 2000. The high availability of Oxycontin correlated with increased abuse, diversion and addiction, and by 2004, oxy cotton had become the leading drug of abuse in the United States. According to one article referencing the Washington Post, opioid painkillers are the majority of Big Pharma profits. But this has created secondary markets of billions of dollars to treat the issues that arise with using opioids. It's a never ending spiral of destruction. In this article tracing the US opioid crisis to its roots, it states more people in the United States died from overdoses involving opioids in 2017 than from HIV or AIDS related illnesses at the peak of the AIDS epidemic. Drug overdose deaths have been rising in 2018, it was estimated that more than 67 300 Americans died from drug overdose including illicit drugs and prescription opioids. This 2014 article the epidemic of sickness and death from prescription drugs estimates that 33,000 people in the United States and Europe die from prescription drugs yearly. In 2019, the US healthcare system has risen to 17.7% of the gross domestic product. Dr. Banks makes note of the acceleration costs of health care saying, quote, not only is the acceleration unsustainable, there is a growing inverse relationship between total healthcare expenditures and the general health status of the population. The more money we pay, the worse the health parameters are becoming. something is very wrong and quote, the war on drugs is like the war on cancer, the charade that government is providing the solution when it is feeding the problem. We have to understand the duplicity of government as to market exactly the opposite of what it is doing. After Nixon declared drug abuse public enemy number one in the United States in 1971, male incarceration rates increased by five times in the criminalization of drug use. Nixon's Council for domestic affairs john Ehrlichman revealed that the war on drugs was really a war on blacks and hippies, anti war protesters, and I would add men in general, the oppression of men in general in our society deserves more attention. But like every war, there are always multiple agendas going on. We have spent a trillion dollars on this cause while the drug crisis is greater than it has ever been. The international drug trade has turned entire nations productivity into narcotics dealings, called narco states fostering financial dependence to a mafia economy, on top of helping to destroy people's lives, as addiction is profitable. According to one report, the global drug trafficking market is worth half a trillion dollars. But I would imagine it's many trillions of dollars, as many of these reports are created by the governments involved in the trade who deliberately underestimate the values. While we cannot blame addiction on the government, as people do have agency in this matter, we can say that they are an evil force who pretends to help while reaping the benefits of a drug Empire and simultaneously imprisoning individuals who have committed no crimes. They are not imprisoning people for a good or moral cause, but to foster dependency on the collectivist machine. I have been personally affected by this and have gone to jail and put through the grinding legal system for extracting plant medicine, a psychedelic I've only tried once in my life. In the bigger picture, we are talking about cold wars, all the wars that aren't combat or overt violence. The report from Iron Mountain focuses on how to maintain war in times of peace. This keeps energy and funding going into the military and police state to maintain physical control over populations. Besides the cold wars of nationalistic tensions and the threat of nuclear war, or the Wars of illegal drugs, pharmaceutical drugs and sickness, enlarging the medical industrial complex, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars regards the onslaught of chemical and electrical weapons that destroy health.


The war on poverty began in the 1960s with Lyndon Johnson, but this is really about creating poverty and increasing government powers. The 2008 economic collapse and Wall Street bailout wiped out middle class homeowners. The global pandemic has also generated global poverty, while the corporate oligarchs like Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos made 13 billion to his personal fortune in one day. While the War on Terrorism took place after 911 today and in the future will be the war on bioterrorism. them in which nature and your body will be declared a bioterrorist threat, not laboratory creations. This is the reason why people are wearing masks to stop you from spreading the disease. All wars are on you your health and suffer. All wars to end war are designed to fail to perpetuate war in our attempts to break the human spirit and encourage a poisoned worldview on reality. Returning back to the AIDS topic, this article on natural treatments for AIDS, HIV, HPV and other viral diseases is written by medical doctors stating AIDS is a highly profitable disease for Big Pharma and the medical community. It is one of the diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes that is so profitable that there's absolutely no interest in orthodox medicine, finding a cure ever. In fact, there are several very well documented cures for AIDS that have been suppressed and even persecuted by the medical cartel and their cronies in government. If the charity you get information from strongly pushes prescription drug cocktails and says nothing good about Mother Nature or alternative medicine, you can rest assured that they are under the total control of Big Pharma. I highly recommend checking this site out for a description and list of cures, including colloidal silver and rife technology.


Now, Judy mikovits is a proponent of some anti retroviral therapies, having developed them herself like interferon alpha. We don't want to become too extreme to say that pharmaceutical medicines cannot be helpful at all in certain contexts, as even a broken clock is right two times a day, and some pharmaceuticals are based on natural products. What makes sense of the discrepancy of this information is the level of dosage as mikovits recommends a very low dosage and uniquely tailored application of these drugs, while Big Pharma has much to gain from overdosing patients in a one size fits all approach. This article in overprescription says that big pharma is a two pronged strategy to maximize its profits or to raise prices and increase consumption of medications. paracelsus stated 500 years ago that all drugs are poisons the benefit depends on the dosage. Furthermore, mikovits is a big proponent of cannabis as immunotherapy for AIDS and other retroviral chronic illnesses. In addition to immunodeficiency problems caused by HIV medication and how there are other causes to AIDS related diseases, such as malnutrition and chemical pollutants is the viral causes of HIV. The human adapted bovine visma virus created by the NIH explored in Part Seven, and also related viruses discussed in this part eight. An individual has to be infected with the virus. The media claims they are infected through cross contamination and sharing of drug needles, but they never focus on origin. Where did the virus initially come from? Recall that the hepatitis B vaccine trial on homosexual men infected them with the HIV virus. So much so that the CDC used the trial to study the epidemic. This clinical trial was approved so that the vaccine continued to spread aids until the rumors started to spread and people stopped getting the hepatitis B vaccine. We covered that in Part Six and how Merck had to change their formula. But keep in mind that being infected by HIV doesn't mean that you will develop aids as other cofactors must be present. Could other types of vaccines be spreading HIV? Certainly, certain vaccines give positive HIV results, which is automatically claimed to be false positives. But how do we know? Just because no symptoms show along with the positive test? Does it mean an internal infection hasn't occurred, as a slow virus takes years to manifest symptoms. Evidence shows that HIV passes through blood to blood contact, which means that under certain situations, it could hypothetically transfer through sexual contact that involves blood. However, there is debate to the theory of sexual transmission through genital fluids, which is most likely a eugenics live. Recall from Part Three that Robert willner infected himself publicly with an HIV positive person. But this was a mere prick of the blood and a virus must be shed in certain quantities to become infectious. Where and how the blood is transferred plays a role. We call the dentist with AIDS, who must have discovered the right amount of blood to pass on infection to successfully in fact six of his patients. In this new york times article discusses how he would have had to inject the patients, as passing drops of blood would not have been sufficient. Thus, besides vaccines, putting the virus into the population, it would spread through blood transfusions and contaminated blood products. While mikovits is not aware of vaccines passing HIV unaware of Gallo's connections to the SB CP, she speaks out about how the nation's blood supply was the source of spreading AIDS. The book HIV and the blood supply goes into this and how government and public institutions do little to nothing to stop it, creating general skepticism towards public health. The Arkansas prison blood scandals discussed in the documentary The factor eight what billion dollar drug companies the federal government and the state of Arkansas don't want you to see. And it was also discussed in the novel blood trail. Bill Clinton was central to the scandal as the year he became governor of Arkansas. He allowed the state to contract with health management associates operated by his close friends to mined blood from prisoners. Arkansas became the only state to have a private agency running its prison MediCal program. The prisoners were infected with hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV and their blood was sold to pharmaceutical companies shipped to Canada, Europe and Asia. The program started in the late 1970s and was shut down in 1983 for tainted blood. But then Clinton got the program going again and kept it running till 1994.


This article claims that Michael Galster who conducted orthopedic clinics in the Arkansas prison system during the period the blood was collected, charged HMA officials knew the blood was tainted as they sold it to Canada and half a dozen other foreign countries. He also alleged Clint knew of the scheme and likely benefited from it financially. Gloucester also claims that the prisoners were being given illegal narcotics for their plasma. According to another article, calling the entire program a crime against humanity. It goes on to talk about a man who contracted hepatitis C while in prison, saying that a dirty needle from the plasma program could have infected him. Some of these inmates sued HMA and the prison for contracting hepatitis C and AIDS. It is also likely that the prisoners were given the tainted hepatitis B vaccine, which had been previously tested on other inmates and developmentally challenged children in the early 70s. But all records of the prison had disappeared after the creator of the documentary factor eight started to enquire about them. Today, the hepatitis B vaccine is the most often given vaccine to prisoners, which could at any time be spiked with HIV. According to this book in 1989, New York prison had 17 to 20% HIV positive prisoners. vaccine testing on prisoners is historical. In 1906, Richard strong tested the cholera vaccine, which killed a dozen inmates. prisoners are the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine and this is not because our society cares about inmates but because it is an experimental vaccine being tested on population. We will get into that later. Returning back to the contaminated blood, it was sold to Baxter Bayer and several other pharmaceutical companies who sold the defective products as clotting agents to homophone iliacs. In the US, an estimated 6000 to 10,000 people were infected, and 3000 died, the FDA helped to keep the news out of the public eye. In 1997, the four companies offered 660 million to settle cases on more than 6000 haemophiliacs in the United States. They were sued all over the world for spreading aids in the 80s. In 2003, Asia and Latin America sued these companies, Canada was sued for allowing tainted blood to be sold. This article states, at least 42,000 Canadians have been infected with hepatitis C and 1000s. More with the HIV virus thanks to poorly screened plasma, some of it has been traced back to the commons prison in Arkansas. More than 7000 Canadians are expected to die as a result of the blood scandal. In 2005, British and Italian citizens filed a lawsuit against Baxter and the other pharmaceutical companies for the tainted factor eight concentrates, the British government issued an apology for failing to protect the blood supply in which 1000s of people were infected with HIV and hepatitis. Japan also sued Big Pharma, China investigated 12,000 blood plasma treatments found to be contaminated with HIV in 2019. The fact that this is recent just shows how HIV can continue to be spread today. In this 1994 article, the board chairman of the National Haemophilia foundation said that he knew the products were contaminated without the risk of the increased costs and the decreased supply was not worth the benefit of a recall. In the abstract of this blood money paper, it states that when bayers laboratory realized the blood was contaminated with HIV, they continued Sell it as a financial decision.


Mike, welcome to the show. We appreciate you being on tonight. Thanks for the invitation Jones. Okay, let's talk about the rat of the week. Why is bear Corporation the rat of the week, internal documents show that after this company positively absolutely knew that they had a medication that was infected with the AIDS virus. They took the product off the market in the US, and then they dumped it in France, Europe, Asia and Latin America, the medicines called factory it was an injected an injection medicine that was used for hemophiliacs mostly children, children had been born with a hold on, hold on. So you're telling me that bear knew that this drug was infected with the AIDS virus? They yanked it from the market in America, and then they dumped it in markets overseas, they had to figure out a way to to make a profit on a product that they could not sell in America. So they made a huge profit. They jumped they dropped the product in Japan, Spain and France. By the way, do government officials in France that allowed that to happen actually had to go to prison for in America, not one corporate executive for this company has been indicted or even criminally investigated by our justice department, not what you're telling me that these people that dump this aids tainted blood in foreign countries, you know, killed children have not been, have not been taken to task in the United States. It's worse than that the US government allowed it to happen. The FDA allowed this to happen, and now the government is completely looking the other way.


The same could be said about Baxter, who's evil doesn't end with contaminated blood. In 2009, Baxter released contaminated vaccines with the live avian flu virus to 18 countries. Baxter admitted it. It is virtually impossible to accidentally contaminate these vaccines as a researcher Paul Joseph Watson shows boxer had mixed the deadly h5 and one virus with the H three n one seasonal flu virus admixture that could have only been intentional in a BSL three laboratory.


Jane briefly is an Austrian journalist. she filed criminal charges against the World Health Organization, the United Nations and several high ranking government and corporate officials concerning what she's considered considering bioterrorism. I guess she was also fired for from her job.


And this is really the focus of my various criminal charges and they started in April in Austria. I filed charges at the state prosecutor here in Vienna and the police investigating Baxter because Baxter was involved in activities that clearly showed a criminal intent. They were caught contaminating scented two kilos of vaccine material, there's live bird flu virus, a virus that was incidentally supplied by who, and then distributing it with a false label to 16 laboratories in four countries. And if it had not been caught by a lab technician, in the tech Republic, it would have sparked a pandemic. So the criminal intent of Baxter is I think, quite clearly established by the facts indeed in the public domain, all I did was put them together. And that is why I think people are rightly concerned about this whole move by companies like Baxter, who have a huge influence on who and the World Health Organization to force all the entire populations around the world to take these very vaccinations.


Let's talk about the AIDS vaccine. Now. After the AIDS outbreak, there was a big push for the creation of an HIV vaccine. And this would abuse gate that vaccines had anything to do with the initial spread of the virus. Clinical Trials began in 1987. One of the first was aids facts created by vaccination, and was shown to infect volunteers with HIV resulting in the termination of the trials final phases. In 1998. A cbs news articles stated that HIV vaccines tested in monkeys caused the disease it was meant to prevent. In 2008 mercs HIV vaccine was shown to increase the rate of HIV infection. The Journal of science looked into how mercs HIV vaccine caused harm. Robert Gallo founded the Institute of human virology for HIV and other viruses in 2007. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated many millions along with the NIH to gallows vaccine development. Gallo also created the global virus network in 2011, with grants from the Gates Foundation, recently in December 2020 gala was awarded by China. This shows how us and Chinese neurologists are and have been working together. This network reinforces various myths of Neurology like germ theory and the effectiveness of vaccines, concealing the fact that vaccines are bioweapons one of the most recent clinical trials of an HIV vaccine that Gallo oversaw was in South Africa, with hvtn 702, involving over 5407 participants. 129 participants who received the vaccine became infected with HIV and 123, who received the placebo became infected with HIV. Other trials have had similar results, which conclude that the vaccine does not prevent HIV. It seems likely that HIV is being passed through both the placebo and non placebo vaccines for individuals to become infected post vaccination. Investigating vaccine trials will reveal that more likely than not, placebos are not true placebos as to bias the findings in favor of vaccines. For example, the United Kingdom trial of COVID-19 vaccine use the vaccine for meningitis as its placebo control. What is really revealing that HIV is being spread through these clinical trials is the study on clinical trials.gov website titled, a study of patients who develop HIV infection after enrolling in HIV vaccine trials or HIV vaccine preparedness trials. Of course, in the study, it is assumed that there is no causal link between the vaccine and HIV infection. But once we realize how HIV has spread, it is apparent that vaccines are a major mode of transmission. This article vaccine induced enhancement of viral infection says vaccine development for lenti virus infections in general and for HIV AIDS in particular has been little successful. Certain experimental antiviral vaccines even proved to be counterproductive. They rendered vaccinated subjects more susceptible to infection rather than protecting them. vaccine induced enhancement has been a major stumbling block in the development of certain flat by Corona, para Jaco and lentivirus vaccines. Let's emphasize that Coronavirus is listed here which is saying that Coronavirus infection can be caused by vaccines. Despite the AIDS vaccine being a total failure, the push to invent one is still strong, and world's aids vaccine day on May 18 is still celebrated. Could it be that the impossibility of an HIV vaccine allows for the continued growth of the vaccine industry while concealing it as a mode of transmission monton a recall the CO discoverer of HIV claimed in April 2020 that COVID-19 was the product of an HIV vaccine experiment gone wrong.


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monton yay validates the Indian scientists who found HIV genetic inserts inserts COVID to revealing that it is man made. This discovery was described in the retracted paper uncanny similarity of unique inserts and the 2019 and COVID spike protein to HIV published in January 2020. As a side note, monta Nia has become somewhat of a controversial figure because of studies and electromagnetic waves emitted by DNA and the benefits of papaya and AIDS or Parkinson's cures, which goes against allopathic medicine. Scientists are making all sorts of crazy viruses. Here's a pseudo type virus of murine leukemia with HIV inserts. Strangely, one Coronavirus vaccine from Australia supposedly produced false positive tests for HIV. But are these really false positives? Why are they never false positives when diagnosing But false positives when testing products. Another article discusses how researchers warn of heightened risk of HIV with certain COVID-19 vaccines. These being adenovirus type five vaccines that were used in HIV vaccine trials for Merck. We will be discussing more about COVID-19 in the vaccine later, but we will be finishing up with the AIDS topic and then getting to the story of Judy mikovits first, so that we are going in chronological order. Could STDs in general be eugenics bioterrorism. We are told that in the medieval times, Syphilis and Gonorrhea were the prevalent STDs in Europe, but there was very little information on the subject. We do know that eugenics has been part of the ancient past as inextricable to civilization itself, and that controlling and inhibiting sexual activity is part of population control. It seems more probable than not that bio warfare was used in ancient Greece, as depicted in the literature. Just as 19th century germ theory is about taking particulates of diseased tissue and injecting them into another, the Greeks would make poisonous concoctions with blood and decomposed bodies. The poison would contain bacteria and viruses and put on arrows to strike the enemy. In addition to knowing very little about the origin of venereal diseases, we are told that they are sexually contracted, but they must be contracted another way in order to spread a topic rarely discussed. One thing is for sure that these diseases are not the product of nature itself and are not natural microbes floating in the air, but the causes of human actions human made environment and human made toxins. Now there is healthy bacteria in a near genitalia required for health and this can be disturbed with antibiotics, hormonal therapies, impaired immunity, etc, causing fungal and yeast infections in both genders. But the more serious STDs may have more nefarious origins like HIV. The infectious agents bacteria that costs of less than gonorrhea were isolated in the late 1800s and early 1900s with germ theory, which raises the question whether these microbes were laboratory created. Sure, there can be other unknown causes, but this means that from that point on, they could be injected into the population, and for this reason can be considered bioweapons. Albert neiser discovered a causative agent for gonorrhea in 1879. In gonorrhea pus that would put in the urethra of healthy men caused the disease. Recall in our analysis of germ theory that diseases can be spread by taking a filtrate of diseased tissue in this case from the genitalia and then injecting it into another. Again, we do not know what the initial causes as toxic viruses and bacteria can be the effect. This document discusses how nice are conducted experiments on prostitutes injecting them with serum from patients with syphilis in Germany in 1898. It states most of the women contracted the disease, which are attributed to their prostitution rather than the injected serum. Sounds like a bio weapon to me. syphilis has been attributed to vaccination since the 1800s, from the book dissolving illusions. In 1863, Dr. Records spoke before the Academy at Paris. He says, first I rejected the idea that syphilis could be transplanted by vaccination, the facts accumulated more and more. And now I must concede the possibility of the transfer of syphilis by means of the vaccine. I do this very reluctantly. At present, I do not hesitate longer to acknowledge and proclaim the reality of the fact. This was from a New York Times article in 1869.


the Rockefellers and Warburg is involved in big business and big banking organize the 1913 American social hygiene Association as part of public health and eugenics to spread awareness of venereal diseases. While their intentions appear good they aren't as they always play good cop bad cop. venereal diseases have been used as a socio political tool to stigmatize sex and criminalized STDs as to keep the birth rates down and enlarge public health programs for medical surveillance. policies were implemented like requirements reporting individuals infected with STDs to the authorities, and individuals were threatened with trial and imprisonment for not seeking treatment if infected. Still, today, STD clinics must report your STDs to the CDC. We will talk about where this is all headed, which is contact tracing in the future. This article America's forgotten mass imprisonment of women believed to be sexually immoral tells of women being locked up without trials for having STDs, and then forced to undergo dangerous poisonous treatments. This article titled public power private matters, the American social hygiene Association and the policing of sexual health in the Progressive Era, discusses how police and state power was exerted over people's sexual health. It estimates that over 15,000 women were incarcerated to quarantine venereal diseases. With propaganda venereal diseases were associated with lower class filth and new Genesis promoted sterilization of prostitutes and those considered promiscuous. At one time promiscuity was perceived as a mental disorder in laws for compulsory chastity were attempted. Over 60,000 individuals were sterilized in the United States. While morality applies to sexual relations, no one has the right to control and other sexual choices. And the only agenda that you Genesis have is to control reproduction under the facade of public health. These pseudo philanthropic organizations will later develop birth control leading to Planned Parenthood and the legalization and commercialization of abortion. I've done a series on the topic. This came along with a social engineering of a negative worldview that the world is overpopulated with the virus of the human species and the toxic anti motherhood feminist worldview. With birth control abortion and feminism the Rockefellers and other globalist think tanks could demoralize society with the opposite sexual propaganda, going from early 1900s Victorian sexual restraint to the 1960s free love hippie movement that would help destroy the family unit and inflame the gender war. Returning back to the social hygiene movement. During World War Two, the American social hygiene Association partnered with the US to market prevention of venereal diseases to the military, as well as shaming a prostitution, Syphilis and Gonorrhea had become rapid in soldiers. It seems likely that the Rockefellers a social hygiene movement was a cover up using the dialectic to promote prevention of STDs for future goals of medical tyranny, while helping to spread these venereal diseases to the military. The global elites most use tactic is to create both the problem and the solution. We will later discuss how the 1918 Spanish Flu was attributed to vaccination by the Rockefellers and we have already discussed the Rockefellers involvement with the human syphilis experiments and how the Rockefellers yellow fever vaccine transmitted hepatitis during World War Two, which is considered an STD and these hepatitis outbreaks led to the creation of the vaccine that spread HIV and continues to adversely affect populations. The military is one of the primary groups for experimentation.