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Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism and Vaccines, part nine.

If you were at one of these Coronavirus briefings, as a reporter, and Dr. Fauci was there talking about what he does every day, what would you ask him? When you had your moments to ask him a question?

I would say how many how many of these viruses Have you created? And and what's the purpose? And how much money are you making on your your patent? So is the goal to, you know, scare everybody like they've done with the president since getting people staying home that we don't have immune systems? I'd say, you know, when when are you going to come clean and tell the truth?

And you're serious about this? These are pretty serious charges dirty?

Absolutely. And we made them in both books. In the foreword in the in the new material, I put in the front of plague of corruption, the paperback, it says, Tony Fauci on every other line. He in looking at the people that he's paying to do this Robert Redfield, the head of the CDC, Deborah Burks, they were caught, literally and should have been convicted A long time ago of crime of fraud. You know, this is this is commissioned fraud. It's just unbelievable, Judy, we're gonna we're gonna hit a break. I'm gonna bring Kent back as well. We'll talk a little bit more, but we'll take phone calls next. And welcome back to coast to coast. Dr. Judy, Mikovitz with us and kantech and widely. I'm in shock over the funding of the ruin lab with our taxpayers money.


Well, that's what that's why I talk about the scientific elite that I think


exists above governments, these scientists, you know, they stay in these positions for years and years, and they just amassed this incredible power and, you know, they're they're like our modern day priests, and we don't question them, and we need to question them much more aggressively.


Judy, I wanted to ask you about the flu vaccine. Are you saying that those who have gotten Coronavirus probably have the flu vaccine or that those who take the flu vaccine are more susceptible to getting the Coronavirus?


Both coronaviruses are in all animals and the vaccines can be contaminated with them. And yes, the papers show they are more susceptible depending on what kind of vaccine anywhere from 36% to 440% more susceptible?


Why doesn't the mainstream watching the mainstream media report on this stuff?


Well, this is the criminalist of the public health and Tony Fauci and the CDC and the FDA fire Fauci close the CDC and the FDA get rid of all the criminals to balance the budget. That's a lot of taxpayers money beyond just funding Rouhani. It's been funding these kinds of debacles, as I mentioned, with the literally the fraud and waste of millions of dollars and killing of millions, with these failed HIV vaccines. They know the flu vaccines drive these, you know, Corona viruses, they don't interfere, they actually make you more susceptible to what happened in Italy. You had a for you had a really dangerous flu vaccine this year in Italy.


You're correct. I saw you two video was done in 2017. I just saw it last week with Tony FOSS and Fauci. And he was talking about a pandemic would occur under this administration. And he was saying this three years ago. He was speaking to some organization.


I think it was the Gates Foundation and they actually the CDC put out a job request November 15 to may 15. For quarantine officers in every state in Puerto Rico. Yeah, crazy.


Some plague of corruption. It may terrify you to know that I worked with the Ebola virus from 1992 to 1994. At Fort Dietrich, in a biosafety level four lab the highest level of containment, the zero strain was being studied at the US Army Medical Research Institute of infectious diseases who stammered and oh It's my job to teach it how to infect human monocytes macrophages without killing them, because if you can't grow the virus, you can't study it. This is of course, the rationalization used by the scientists for making pathogens through gaina function studies. She goes on to talk about how suspicious it is that Ebola was never observed by Western medicine until the two outbreaks in 1976. In Africa and Sudan. the Ebola virus is another aids related virus requested by the Department of Defense in 1970. It is also called the Marburg virus coming from rhabdo virus simian originating in monkeys, the special virus cancer program as VCP experiments involved first injecting rodents with these types of rhabdo viruses, and then monkeys under john Landon working for Lytton biogenetics in 1967 as part of vaccine development for Merck. Here it shows that out of 18 monkeys inoculated with rhabdo virus, simian nine died. Recall that Robert Gallo co discoverer of AIDS was also part of these experiments.


You know, Colonel Daniels is not going to lie behind his back like this


will kill him.


We have no alternative. so goddamn sentimental. That's the trouble with this country.


Sir, the micro bras are ready.


They are ready.


Oh, my God. Sorry, African friend is back. We have to be very careful. Now. Billy wiped out a whole camp to keep this book sacred. Right. You know, but this I know matters. Nobody else gets your friend Daniels off the case. I don't want that nosy little bastard messing up 30 years of our work.


The mother of Ebola is the Marburg virus that first broke out in free vaccine production facilities in three different parts of the world simultaneously in 1967, killing seven people and injuring another 31. This grave risk came from the fact that the monkey supplier Litton biomedics, was also a leading biological weapons contractor for the military and the CIA by 1969. was with military and White House influence, no one would dare declare biogenetics as negligence and liability in any outbreak.


While Leonard Horwitz uncovers how the 1967 outbreaks are linked to vaccinations in his book, emerging viruses, AIDS and Ebola mikovits is able to connect some of the later outbreaks to vaccination programs as well. She criticizes how Christian missionaries were responsible for giving out these vaccinations thinking they are doing good when they are doing evil. In 2014, an article was written about UN agencies conducting nationwide vaccine campaigns in the former French colony of Guinea, and how they coincided with Ebola outbreaks. The book aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind goes into the human vaccine experiments in Africa between 1960 in 1973 with the polio and smallpox vaccines, guided by the w. h. o and Rockefeller Foundation. The evidence for these unethical experiments are found in the government document titled biological testing involving human subjects by the Department of Defense 1977. This is a hearing on examination of serious deficiencies in the Defense Department's efforts to protect the human subjects of drug research they're going to have to keep moving on is there's just too much to cover. But these documents are available online and on my website to read. This goes along with Edward Hooper's analysis of how aids was spread through the polio vaccines in these human experiments in the late 50s. And 60s, Nick admits agrees with his research.


There's my bathroom. This is my world. We live in a space of six foot by three, which is about the size of a coffee, which is the world of me magic.


My algae and cephalo my own Linus, people have tried


to tell us that we just need to think more positive and that it's psychological.


Oh, yeah, that disease that people think that they're sick.


They don't acknowledge me. It doesn't exist. Medical Science is just incredibly dismissive.


10 million Americans could be infected with this virus and that's more than 10 times the infection of HIV.


I've been fighting since I was 12 years old.


What we're about to talk about is world shattering news.


It's just amazement. It's It's an entire new field of medicine.


Of course,


it's also controversial.


Judy mikovits was the lead researcher before


she was fired in August. Getting back to chronic fatigue syndrome CFS, it has been declared a more debilitating disease than aids affecting millions, but there's virtually no media coverage. The symptoms of CFS are related to AIDS as the chronic activation of the immune system and has been linked to immunosuppressive viruses. The very type of virus that again, the who made a request for in the 1970s. In 1991, immunologist Elaine de fritas of Wistar Institute in Philadelphia had discovered retroviral gene sequences related to HTLV types one and two, which is HIV in CFS sufferers, but the CDC dismissed her data. HIV has been known to cause fatigue and fatigue is a symptom of viral infections in general because of the over activity of the immune system. What we have going on here are the expressions of similar diseases and similar causes. The book authors web by Hilary Johnson exposes the CDC is cover up of Alain de Freitas work in CFS as an illness, she compiles evidence revealing the criminal intent of the Biomedical Research Establishment during 1984 to 1994.


And the theory of ailment surface more than a decade ago, which some experts say has affected more than 2 million people across the country, you might assume the federal medical researchers have been actively investigating its cause and possible cure. But a new book also is where by Henry Johnson charges it for too long, the government dismissed the disease with devastating consequences.


There were no warning. No signs in the fall of 1984, that life would be any different in Lake Tahoe that I had been in all the months and years before that, for some a shadow began to fall over everything that was familiar. I was


totally disoriented, stepping out my front door literally into the street and not know where I was. We had a very bright individuals who had difficulty finding their way home from the grocery store getting lost in the small town. Things were shifting, I couldn't figure


out if I was sitting at an angle, or if the rest of the world was it seemed that many in the Tahoe area was suddenly coming down in the map, developing a weird kind of dementia and then almost total loss of energy. Dr. Paul cheney was mystified. He had never seen patients like this in all his years of practice or study. Neither had his partner.


This seemed to be like evolving before our eyes went through it on us into something else. My IQ had dropped to 85 which is borderline mental retardation signs.


Something serious was happening but trainee didn't know what it was. lab test after standard lab test showed nothing. And it seemed to be spreading to the local hotel and casino to area high schools, members of a girls basketball team.


That's when we want a whole nother we call somebody. This is really unusual. They call the


CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention government agency in charge of tracking epidemics. But instead of coming to the rescue, the CDC just kept putting them on. By September 1985, Cheney and Peterson had been calling the CDC for months, pleading with them to investigate the outbreak in the Tahoe area. Now they had 150 patients, many of whom had been disabled for months. their hopes the CDC was said investigators were fading when suddenly the CDC called finally they thought someone is coming to help. They were wrong.


This almost requires that you just stare at these people just listen for long periods of time. And that's exactly what they didn't do.


Instead, according to Cheney, the CDC investigators looked at charts and test results, took some blood samples and headed back to the CDC without a word.


It was so far they just sort of disappeared.


alone again, Cheney and his partner wouldn't give up as always, they had a theory that required anything over $200,000 of their own money to order MRI scans of their patient's head. That's when they got their first big break and discovered that their patients had lesions on their brain and took a stack of them to a more radiologist


and showed them to him. And it's very interesting. Let me show you these. And I said no, that's that looks just like mine. He says after


another read the similarity to AIDS might mean his patients had immune system problems. That's where trading decided to look next. Meanwhile, at the CDC, the mood was anything but urgent. Totally behind the scenes at the CDC was one of complete and utter ridicule. Reporter Hilary Johnson has tracked the story for 10 years employees of the CDC would make jokes about this disease. If anyone ever said something tired. They would be teased about having this fake bogus disease. In May 1986. The Centers for Disease Control released this report on the investigation of the Tahoe outbreak,


the overall message the tone of the paper was that this was this did not appear to be anything at all.


And it wasn't just in Lake Tahoe over 2000 miles away. In the small rural town of Linden, New York, Dr. David Bell was dealing with his own outbreak.


It appeared that this was some type of viral infection that was going through town.


With more than 50 patients ill and no answers. Dr. Bell reached out to the CDC for support, hoping he wouldn't have to battle the illness alone.


I was under the impression that this was the only place in the country where the silliness was occurring.


The CDC never helped and they never told him about Lake Tahoe. But in 1987, doctors from around the country met at a medical conference in Portland, Oregon to discuss the disease. It was there the Dr. Bill met Dr. Cheney, and they decided to join forces to look for the virus that they believe was attacking the patient's immune systems in the hopes of finally the CDC to believe them, but it was still an uphill battle. The National Institutes of Health lead researcher appeared on nightline.


From my own research. I know this disorder is so subjective, that patients will commonly feel better, no matter what you do.


Physicians everywhere follow the government's lead. And patients like 13 year old Skye Baylor in Rochester, New York, would go from doctor to doctor only to be told it was all in her head. Finally, her mother found David Bell. I can't even tell you how it was more crazy. Meanwhile, in 1988, cheney had another lead. Alain de Freitas, a bright young scientist setting the link between multiple sclerosis and an immune system virus. Because ms has some symptoms in common with chronic fatigue syndrome, the greatest degree to test some of David Bell's patients, including 13 year old Skye with the virus that she was working with. And to no surprise, a number of these patients were positive. They didn't know that. We felt that we had to pursue it further. And the data held up. We had a responsibility to tell the scientific community that what she found was the first evidence that the patients might be infected with a new immune system virus. Your latest findings were something to tell the world about. But on the night she bill and Cheney were leading for a meeting in Japan to announce their discovery. David Bell was paged in the airport was an emergency room doctor in Rochester New York was trying to resuscitate the sky daler David Bell listened over the phone as 14 year olds died died from an overdose of pills. She died. No one told us to suffer that way. It was too late to help Skye, but Cheney and Bill fought the CDC would be interested in the fray. This is major discovery. Once again, they were wrong. Even though this was in every major paper headlines all over the world. No comment from the federal government's absolute dead silence. Eventually the CDC wrote a paper dismissing the latest findings. But she pushed on finally isolating a new virus team here for the first time, which she believes may be one of the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome is a virus that attacks the immune system and can lay dormant for years. But de Freitas says the government has ignored her discovery. We also speak with the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health about chronic fatigue syndrome, but they refuse. Instead Dr. William Reeves, the man in charge of investigating chronic fatigue for the CDC told us over the phone, that one there is no viral cause for this problem. Two, there are no immune system abnormalities in patients with chronic fatigue and three there are no clusters. So when asked about the illness at Lake Tahoe, he said that was hysteria.


This will repeat in the story of Judy mikovits, whose team found a mouse retrovirus in 2009 called x MRV. also linked to CFS sufferers as explored in Part Eight. In 2011, paper titled recombinant origin of the retrovirus xmrv claims that x MRV originated as a recombination event for passaging human prostate tumor cells in vivo through nude mice. Recall that serial passaging and adopting animal viruses to human cells is part of vaccine development. It should be no surprise that mikovits and others concluded that the virus was getting inside of humans via vaccine contamination. In 2010, an article titled endogenous retroviruses as potential hazards for vaccines was published, discussing how live attenuated vaccines are manufactured from animal cell lines which are known to produce infectious endogenous retroviruses, and that this risk has been ignored. Just as there was a cover up with the free does work, so too would there be a massive government cover up to destroy any relationship between x MRV and CFS? Suddenly, Robert Silverman retracted his participation in the 2009 article claiming that his samples were contaminated rather than being positive for the presence of the virus. On top of the xmrv Drama mikovits had a falling out with the Whitmore's over another ethical issue. The Whitmore's were cashing in on selling an unvalidated x Mr. V test using misappropriated government funds that megabits refused to comply with. She was consequently fired in September 2011 for insubordination. The Whitmore's have been no stranger to financial and political crimes. According to mikovits in her co authored book when she returned to her original home in California for Reno, the journal Science was asking her to retract her 2009 paper and she refused. She claims that she was being followed and intimidated by government agents attempting to hide in her boat. weeks later, she was arrested for being a fugitive from justice and spent five days in jail without bail. Finally, she was charged for stealing lab notebooks by the Whitmore's under the direction of Anthony Fauci, who wanted the whole xmrv investigation to be shut down. mikovits denies taking the lab notebooks even though they were found in our California home that had been searched many times before finding them in a bag from her Reno home. She alleges that she was framed. Nevertheless the charges were dropped later in 2015 make of it sued the Whitmore's for false imprisonment and for 40 a whistleblower, but the lawsuit was dismissed on technical grounds. The story of the lab notebooks is not entirely clear. In a signed affidavit, Judy's lab assistant claimed to retrieve them for her giving them to her at a later date to take the California. In her book, Judy claims that the lab assistant had secured the notebooks because of the other scandal taking place at the institute using the notebook material to make an unvalidated x MRV test. My theory is that when Judy discovered her lab notebooks were going to be used to bring profits to the Whitmore's using nonprofit grant money neglecting true science, she could have informed her assistant of the criminal activity, who most likely agreed to take the notebooks. I don't think that she took the lab notebooks for herself or for being fired, and that she was in fact framed, given the suspicious way the notebooks were found. My reasoning is that while Judy would get angry at injustice, she's a statist who plays by the rules for good or bad. In her book, she discusses how when she worked for Upjohn pharmaceuticals, which later merged with Pfizer, she warned them up the dangers of bovine growth hormone for human use, which had negative effects on cell cultures, and they wanted her to ignore this and ultimately fired her for non compliance. her boss was asked for her notebook, making it seem like an ethical obligation as She hesitated, she says, was one of my notebook and I knew that to some extent, he was right up john paid my salary, the work I had done belong to them. But I wanted to make a statement. You want my notebook? Well here. in anger from this unjust situation, she threw the notebook like a frisbee over the boss's head. This reveals her anger at not being able to keep the notebooks but her belief that she could not take them. But let's discuss the ethics of taking lab notebooks not tied to man's law. man saw claims that lab notebooks are property of the institution. But when an institution is deliberately suppressing vital information that could save lives and help disease, one should seek to protect that information. It would be ethical to find some way to get those damn notebooks photocopy them and return them to avoid legal repercussions. Just imagine how many vaults of valuable lab notebook material has been suppressed by government.


The widmore Peterson Institute was largely controlled by the ni AI D and once Fauci was attempting to shut down the xmrv investigation. He demanded confiscation of these notebooks to destroy the evidence linking a viral cause to CFS. The arrest was not only about the widmore scandal, but about the legal intimidation of those who wouldn't back off the subject of x MRB as Judy's mug shot was used in Science Magazine to discredit her from playing of corruption. While Judy was in jail, Judy's former boss told her husband and Dr. resetti that if she just signed an apology, and many her paper was wrong, the police would release her from confinement, and she could salvage her science career. Judy refused. No prosecutor has ever filed charges against her but the pharmaceutical cartel and its captive scientific journals launched a campaign of vilification against her less than two years earlier, the journal Science had celebrated her. Now the same journal published her mugshot and retracted her paper. During this time, a study was released failure to confirm x MRV in the blood of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, a multi laboratory study. Because mikovits was not intimidated by the arrest, the government found a way to shut her and resetti down and this would be through the appeal to a greater authority. The government spent millions to conduct a final test on XM RV with Ian Lipkin as the head in involving everyone, including mikovits, but she would only participate over phone. Of course, the results came out negative as to declare to the entire scientific community that XM RV is not related to CFS, and is merely a laboratory contaminant.


The results of the genetic test which were chiefly PCR and people use whatever methods they wanted to use. found nowhere In sub x MRV or related viruses, in either the subjects with chronic fatigue syndrome, as you can see from myelitis, or controls,


I had great confidence we were going to find evidence of those strains of virus in the Lipkin study in the well controlled well powered study. And and of course, when we only came up with 3% in patients and 3% in controls, you know,


I was as surprised as anybody I thought we had something that if it didn't cause the disease was a human pathogen was looking at


this cause the retraction of the original 2009 paper with mikovits and resetti. a slew of other articles would be done to deny the link between the virus and the disease.


Mechanism resetti had initially complied with the Lipkin study and people use this to discredit them failing to recognize that they were being held under career duress by the entire government. So of course they admitted defeat.


Exactly I mean, we so rigorously excluded our initial findings that that these agents mLv x MRV is in blood and of course a lot from the lymph system pours into the blood we've looked at the plasma we've looked at the serum by deep sequencing technologies and and our original work cultured it at length, it's, it's simply not there. But now is the time to use these valuable materials and and move forward. And that's what science is all about.


Ultimately, the government has strategically involved mega bits and resetti in the final study to humiliate them force a retraction and their careers and create a pseudo scientific consensus that x MRV is not related to CFS. After all, this mikovits would co author several books and come out about how the government study was flawed in many ways. mikovits came to realize that not only were the scientific institutions corrupt, but the government itself and the entire legal system. In 2015, Annette Whitmore said in an interview that she regrets leaving the xmrv study to make of its accepting that there is no link, which must be her position if the institute were to continue to receive NIH grant money. Since this cover up mikovits has taken it upon herself to educate the public to how corrupt science has become speaking out against vaccines, suggesting that 25 to 30 million Americans are carriers of x MRV. She also talks about how the technology to remove viruses exists, and that it is being used on some of the blood supply. But how the medical establishment would never use it on


vaccines. The worst


I learned in this whole experience is how corrupt scientific journals are. In fact, Frank crosetti now called science that prestigious journal, the National Enquirer because I mean, they literally engineered that the the whole thing to destroy MECFS patients in any association that this virus had with these diseases, why aren't they using this decontamination procedure


for the vaccines and other biologicals?




if they decontaminate number one, they don't have to. That's true, there is no liability, there is no law. And if they inactivate, for instance, MMR is three RNA viruses. So you can't get the xmrv out of MMR is the most important Yeah, because you'll be contaminated. The whole vaccine won't work, you know, work, and I know data name. So when the government shut me down, and I never had a single hearing, and I lost all my constitutional rights, it was because my lawyers just laugh. They're like you got it. You know, they're not ever gonna let you testify. And that's it. That's how I ended up in bankruptcy. They say I said, I'm going to the hearing and I'm taking my 101 witnesses, which will say everything I did was right and true, and including john coffin and others. They're very interesting on the legal aspect of the story, but the scientific aspect of the story is the Cirrus method cleans up Ebola, it cleans up Zika it cleans up any essentially any RNA viruses, including HIV and all three human retroviruses. So this is the sera system is is extremely valuable to cleaning up the blood supply, but they cannot clean up the vaccines for another reason. If they do they prove Andy Wakefield, right, they prove me right. They they prove that they've got 25 million Americans who they have to support for the rest of their lives and pay damages. Probably not unlike the damages that that gentleman just got for glyphosate causing cancers. You know, you're getting you get the vaccine, you get the contaminants, you get the infections, chronic fatigue syndrome patients, as we said, In the beginning, they were considered crazy. So nobody ever stopped him from giving blood. If you have HIV, you don't give blood. And so one of the biggest horrors about all of this, when the government put that covered it up in 2011, when the problem got too big, it's not Oh, my God, how do we what do we do? How do we fix it? It was oh my god, we can't afford to fix it. There's no way we can fix this because we all go to jail because we know we reverse the laws on these contaminated vaccines. We know we ignored industry guidance that would prevent these things. We know we never did a single test in 2015. I'd lost my science job I've never permitted back in a lab. I think in 2016. It still said I was a felony fugitive from justice. And that's what Tony Fauci did to stop. from participating in replication studies and then tell the world I participated in the replication study, we can't do virus isolation by telephone. And all of that we did it and we would have, we would have validated our studies. And when we started getting the only center that was a legitimate center in the multi, the 2012, multicenter study LED, led by Ian Lipkin, when we got that that center, positive and 86%, positive, just like we saw that San Francisco cohort, it was a big gotcha be in Tony Fauci stopped, the study said no more wasting money, we were talking about $2.3 million look with this has cost us, you know, for what they've been doing with the COVID fraud $2.3 million, I think it was pretty well worth it. To find out things were really going through the blood supply and how much how big of a problem we have. But he stopped it said it's all fraud. We're tired of that Judy, Mike bid. She's just an idiot and a liar. And she's making herself famous. And that's all she cares about. I don't really think a five day stint in jail, your career ruined, being forced into bankruptcy be extorted into bankruptcy, because you couldn't get a hearing and your your attorney wouldn't defend you. And I've been told I have to stop saying his name because he sent me a legal threat because yeah, he's the one that refused his defense. He said, I won't go because he was going to lose all his business. So he forced me into bankruptcy saying that was the only way to save my career. And of course, the government and that used that as a, as a an admission of guilt. And then they tacked on, you know, 50 they fully crippled me and took away all my rights because of corruption in the bankruptcy court and corruption by lawyers who didn't do their job because they were threatened, you know, by the government, you know, and then when lawyers did do their job, they simply made sure the lawyers went away, and the judges were corrupt. So it's been, you know, so that's, that's what year was that? 2012 through to 2011 was when I was held in jail for five days with no lawyer, no constitutional rights, no due process, no legal warrant, and the only charge was something that was published in the journal Science, you know, November 19 2011. You could go right to the journal publication. I'm not making it up. It said felony charges of fugitive from justice. Well, how could you be a fugitive from justice if nobody issued a warrant? If there was no crime? And it says right there and so go go to science mag.org and search Cohen, co h. n. And Mike of its Michail VIPs and you will find the 23 articles where the journal Science science insider literally staged the destruction make x Mr. Fake science news in the number one journal in the world. And we see the same things playing out today with COVID with Nature and Science in the journal saying, Oh, no, it's not engineers, here's here will give you money and you go do these crappy studies. You'll make it fraud. And we saw we saw Tony Fauci change the wrist wrist remdesivir studies the drug to make it the standard of care, not hydroxychloroquine, which is anecdotal. So here, he changes the clinical trial to make it so that there is no that the drug actually works when adding more and more people and changing the study design so that you could say it has a benefit when clearly hydroxychloroquine has a benefit and actually prevents that. So does chlorine dioxide is somebody Dr. Andreas Pletcher just I forgot how to say his last name clocks were just published today or in the last few days and has been trying to get out so you could see how the government is twisting things to drive toward a vaccine.


I have a friend actually whose father is a heart surgeon whose patient ended up contracting COVID-19 and he treated them with arthritis medication.


That is hydroxychloroquine.


When mikovits was featured in the pandemic movie, it went viral and the mainstream media went wild debunking it.


Big tech censored it. While the series is good and comes from a humanitarian effort, it did not really present mikovits his story in a coherent way. I decided to present it more in detail here for people to understand why she has come to the conclusions she has regarding vaccines. In July 2020, the paper fake science x MRV COVID-19 and the toxic legacy of Judy mikovits was published. Still, to this day, articles continued to be published discussing chronic fatigue syndrome and vaccines. For example, this 2019 paper titled myalgic and chronic fatigue syndrome following immunization claims that aluminum containing vaccines may constitute a trigger to MECFS, which is multifactorial. In our co authored book mikovits rights. My greatest concern was that well meaning efforts to create weaken viruses for vaccines had created new problems had science properly considered the question of whether any mixing of human and animal tissue brought with it the inevitable risk of transferring animal viruses to humans, or that these animal viruses would combine with human viruses to create new pathogens. I was about to get an education as to how the pharmaceutical industry had intervene in our laws to make sure a strong case we should never be made against vaccines. Her findings suggest that x MRV is present in the MMR and polio vaccines. The MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella is mandatory for many public schools. plague and plague of corruption were co authored by Ken haggin lively and attorney and science teacher who has a vaccine injured child from the MMR vaccine. He has written the book, inoculated how science lost its soul in autism. His daughter Allegra suffers from both autism and CFS after taking the second MMR shot and has suffered for over 20 years. I don't have time to go over this article that his wife wrote about the condition of their daughter, but it's quite terrifying and sad. The first CFS outbreak occurred in 1934 at the Los Angeles County Hospital. It only infected the staff 198 employees and occurred after the staff was given the polio vaccine causing immediate polio like symptoms. The vaccine created by Maurice Brody was made with crushed spinal cords of monkeys with polio, and then passage through mouse brain tissue to weaken it. This work was supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. According to a doctor victims were paid by the Rockefeller Institute to not discuss the outbreak nor the vaccination that occurred before it. Regarding this Maurice Brody polio vaccine on the website, the history of vaccines it claims that the trials with the polio vaccine proved to be a disaster, and that several subjects died of polio, many were paralyzed, made ill or suffered allergic reactions to the vaccine. Before the terms MECFS were used, that condition was called a typical polio. This article can polio viruses cause chronic fatigue states something unexpected, frightening and totally unrecognized, happened after the injectable polio vaccine was distributed. The number of cases of CFS went through the roof. Throughout the world 32 MECFS outbreaks are recorded after the polio vaccine was distributed. So there is something about the polio vaccine that is related to chronic fatigue MECFS and polio both types of de myelinating diseases. They occur when the body's immune system damages its own myelin and efforts to get rid of pathogens. myelin is a protective coating around nerves in the brain and spinal cord that helps electricity flow and message signaling. Symptoms to D myelinating. Diseases include loss of cognitive function, fatigue, vision and speech loss, muscle weakness, stiffness and even paralysis in some cases. Other polio like CFS outbreaks occurred in Iceland in the 1940s and 50s. And recall that Rockefellers v SNA bioweapons. program started in Iceland in 1933, as we explored in Part Seven, Vista virus two causes de myelinating disease.


Also in this category is multiple sclerosis and gi Andre, which have been connected to vaccination.


hard time my core muscles were gone,


it was held. This man developed a rare condition after getting a flu shot and now he doesn't know if he can trust the COVID-19 vaccine. He has what's known as Qian baray syndrome. It's when the body's immune system damages nerve cells, and it can cause muscle weakness. And in some cases, like the story tonight, paralysis, I was lying in bed and start getting this tremendous pain in my shoulders and back. Joe


pass a local attorney developed what's called Guillain Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that's been linked to the flu shot.


I was paralyzed. I mean, the only thing I could hardly do is move my right arm couldn't walk. I had a hard time my core muscles were gone. And it was hell, if you will.


That was back in 2014. And thankfully, past recovered after six weeks in the hospital and months of rehab, did you think you were maybe going to die?


I sure did.


And with that said, pass doesn't feel comfortable getting the COVID-19 vaccine, especially after Dr. Anthony Fauci said this


now with regard to your point about someone who's had a GI on baray reaction, which is the rare neurological reaction to either influenza or the vaccine for influenza? You're absolutely correct. We recommend that those people do not get vaccinated because you might trigger a similar serious response.


That was in December and after that some doctor sent this open letter to Dr. Fauci taking issue with what he said. Then the CDC came out saying people who Had the syndrome may receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Finally, Dr. Fauci then told this medical journal he stood corrected.


We are seeing de myelinating symptoms from people who have received the COVID-19 vaccine. As Mike Adams reports on his website, natural news.com.


I got the COVID vaccine with Madonna, on January the fourth. On Tuesday I had mild flu like symptoms. I went to work, um, stomach pains and diarrhea. Some, you know, on Tuesday, normal flu like symptoms Wednesday, I wasn't feeling good. I wasn't able to go work, my tongue begin to spasm out of control. By Thursday morning, I was in full body convulsion, when I get upset, they get a lot worse. But for the most part, this is my typical day. This is right now. I've even taken two values. And this is how much my body just controls move. And I know I have a lot of support. A lot of you people on Facebook are really mean


for this.


There is also a link between COVID-19 and gamma ray syndrome. In India, patients recovering from COVID developed januray we need to see how all these diseases overlap and can turn into one another as pathogenic infections caused a host of related autoimmune disorders. Here is the link between multiple sclerosis and gowanbrae. This paper looks at the connection between CFS and multiple sclerosis. According to this article recovered, COVID patients are showing signs of CFS. This article looks at the connection between COVID-19 CFS and Qian Bray as the consequence of the inflammatory response of a pathological immune system. In 1953, the who created a report titled The problem of mass vaccination against yellow fever by Dr. g. Stewart, where he states that the first virus vaccines were used in 1934. The same year of the LA outbreak consisted of mouse brain virus on page two, and then on page six. Safety in this respect Smith burn 1951 observes the use of the neuro tropic virus which is known to be more pathogenic for man rhesus monkey and mouse than is the 17 D virus may be a potential hazard. Even though encephalitis has not been prevalent among persons vaccinated by this the car method, the possibility cannot be ignored that it may on occasion occur that it can occur has been recently exemplified by two serious outbreaks of encephalitis one in Costa Rica during 1951. The other Nigeria during 1952 were respectively 12 cases with three dots in 83. cases with 32 deaths were reported. The use of mouse brain virus seems according to Smith bird to be a more objectionable feature, there is always the possibility that the yellow fever virus may become contaminated with another virus that the mouse may be harboring. lymphocytic choriomeningitis, for example, will result in accidental infection and recipients of the vaccine. Lastly, there is also the potential hazard whenever mammalian tissue is employed in the vaccine of allergic demyelinating encephalomyelitis. There you go the who has known since the 1950s, at least, that vaccines can cause MECFS. Let us not forget Eric traube Nazis leading bioweapons expert who worked directly for Henrik Himmler and had a fellowship for the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, developing vaccines and viruses and then working in the United States through project paperclip. He isolated lymphocytic choriomeningitis viruses for mouse kidney cells in the 1930s that are still a cause of human neurological disease today. Also related to encephalitis and Qian baray syndrome. In the 21st century, biotechnology continues to adapt mouse viruses to human cells. In 2015, there was a report of murine leukemia viruses contaminating human cell lines, these cell lines are used for vaccine manufacturer. The journal from adverse events associated with childhood vaccines discusses how do myelinating complications occurred after the rabies vaccine was grown from animal brain or spinal cord? That past years first rabies vaccine of the 1800s was produced from desiccated infected rabbit spinal cord and occasional cases of acute encephalomyelitis were seen following multiple injections of the vaccine. Here is another article discussing the complications of the rabies vaccine. As with AIDS there are many viruses related to CFS me. Viral cocktails are more pathogenic than single type viruses. Earlier, we mentioned how Links to HIV and HTLV were made to CFS in the 90s. This 2018 article describes the CO infection of x MRV and HTLV one in Iranian patients. The book chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic cover up, links CFS to the herpes virus h h v six. In 2018, the University of Pittsburgh issued a statement confirming the harmful effects of hhv six, playing a role in several diseases like CFS, schizophrenia, bipolar and Alzheimers. This virus can remain dormant in sales for years. CFS expert Daniel Peterson had noticed unusually high levels of hhv six strain in his patients from incline village, Nevada when the outbreak occurred in the 80s. This article links MECFS to epstein barr virus cytomegalovirus human herpes six herpes seven herpes eight virus which is the kaposi sarcoma virus with human parvovirus, b 19, enteroviruses, lentiviruses and bacteria mycoplasma which we will get to as well as Lyme disease causing borrelia and other pathogens.


We talked about how x MRV is implicated in prostate cancer. Well, human papilloma virus, herpes virus, epstein barr virus and polyomavirus are also implicated. We have talked about how bovine leukemia virus is linked to breast cancer. Well, mouse mammary tumor virus, human papilloma virus and epstein barr virus are also linked.


Dr. W. JOHN Martin virologist and former FDA scientist backs the same claims of mikovits. He found stealthy viruses and patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, add autism and other neurological disorders. According to him, these stealth viruses bypass immune response and get into the brain causing brain damage. He talks about his results. In this video,


I would like to remove any doubt regarding the existence of stealth adaptive viruses. This is the first of a series of new videos about these viruses. This video will cover the beginning of the research in 1986 and extend through early 1990s.


Here are some of his studies. Dr. Martin claims that vaccines are contaminated with animal viruses that can cause cancer and other diseases as side effects when combined with human viruses. This is discussed in the article or mutant viruses manufactured during the vaccine production process responsible for vaccine side effects. It should not be a surprise that his medical license was revoked. Harvard University told who in a 2012 article that discussed the risks of using animal tissue for medical purposes. xenotransplantation is any procedure that involves the transplantation implantation or infusion into human recipient of live cells, tissues or organs from any animal source. This definition may include human bodily fluids, cells, tissues or organs that have had ex vivo contact with live non human animal cells, tissues, fluids or organs. In xenotransplantation, there is a unique potential risk for the transmission of both known and unknown zoonotic infectious agents of animal origin into human recipients and into the wider human population. While mikovits believes that animal viruses can still naturally infect humans, she does admit that many of the animal viral outbreaks are due to the cross species laboratory experiments. She writes, every vaccine has been grown in animal tissue, usually of several different species, including monkey, mouse, bird and cow. Each one of these cross species events has the potential to transfer a pathogen to humans or to create some new strength that can cause harm. We have fired several billion bullets of biological ammunition at the human species, and it is the height of arrogance to believe we have caused zero damage. If we are taking all the possible pathogens serious and mild that we might conceivably encounter over the course of a lifetime. We are being exposed to more pathogens that might otherwise be expected that exposure in most cases, bypassing critical immunities such as the skin and gut, each challenge to the immune system by vaccination has the potential to dis regulate the immune system. We have no idea what happens when multiple different pathogens are injected at the same time. This is what is meant by the phrase immunocompromised. mikovits continues. What you do with a vaccination is you temporarily cripple a part of the immune system as resources are diverted from protecting against other viruses to target the virus from the vaccine. Multiple vaccinations, you cripple several parts of the immune system at the same time and do nothing to restore the balance of the system. We don't know what diseases are spreading by rendering compromised immune system susceptible. The unlisted animal human viral contaminants are called adventitious viruses. Others contaminants include unnatural genes and foreign proteins from genetically engineered viruses and genetically engineered cell lines. Synthetic products are also made for vaccines, meaning that completely unnatural synthetic molecules can be contaminants. These types of contaminants are not found in the vaccine excipient summary by the CDC, the list of manufacturing contaminants not removed from the vaccine, however, the cell lines use are listed which would contain these advantageous viruses. Other excipients include preservatives like time aerosol mercury in formaldehyde, adjuvants like aluminum and emulsifiers, like polysorbate 80, all of which are known to have negative health effects. Other unlisted contaminants include bacteria like mycoplasma and borrelia, heavy metals like lead in stainless steel, glyphosate and nanoparticles. Let's talk about mycoplasma mycoplasma comes from brucellosis bacteria, and is the smallest size bacteria being 100 to 300 nanometers, close to the size of a virus and is characterized by the lack of a cell wall. of the 200 species of mycoplasma. Only four or five are pathogenic. According to this article by Donald Scott, a professor of the Institute of Molecular Medicine claims in an unclassified 1977 senate study by a weapons expert George Merck of Merck pharmaceuticals isolated a crystalline bacterial toxin from brucellosis bacteria that harms people and can cause AIDS.


Later pathogenic mycoplasma was developed by military researcher Shai Chang Lowe, who worked at the bioweapons program for fort Dietrich. He has many papers on the subject, such as this one showing how mycoplasma prevents apoptosis and induces malignant transformation of immune cells. shachi Lowe also has a 1991 patent on pathogenic mycoplasma. The patent claims the pathogen was isolated from individuals with AIDS. Those studies reveal that mycoplasma is a cause not only for AIDS, but CFS, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and more.


Unlike viruses, mycoplasma can self replicate mycoplasma. microplasma attack the body by interfering with the cells mitochondria, getting the mitochondria to produce its own antigens that damage the membrane of the cell. This not only causes mitochondrial dysfunction, but it confuses the immune system response. infected by mycoplasma, the mitochondria cannot create energy for the cell. biochemist Dr. Garth Nicholson exposes how mycoplasma has been weaponized and how they are connected to the new emerging diseases, neurodegenerative, autoimmune, respiratory, gastrointestinal, immunosuppressive disease disorders, chronic illnesses, and specifically CFS, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, Gulf War syndrome and Lyme disease.


So my hypothesis for this lecture is that the emergence of a new illnesses and the increase in incidence rates of those that have been described previously, are due to our increasing toxic environment. So there's also a role here of environment. And this has to do with our immune system and our endocrine system, and also the purposeful development and testing of new weapons of mass destruction, because some of the infections that we found, both in civilians and within the military have more to do with the development of new biologic agents than they have to do with the natural emergence of infectious diseases. So what kinds of things are we talking about? Well, you've all heard of bacteria and viruses, you might not even probably have heard of, in this context of this meeting, heard of small bacterial microorganisms called mycoplasmas. And I'm gonna talk more about them because they're, they're one of the emerging infections happened to be involved in a variety of different chronic illnesses. But they're not the only thing out there I just concentrating on that, because we've happened to have done a lot of research in that area. So chronic infections are often misdiagnosed or not even sought, and because of this infections are either untreated or inappropriately treated, the fact that your GP, your general practitioner, really doesn't know much about these infections. And the reason he doesn't know about these infections is really not discussed in medical school any longer. They were 25 years ago, but they're not even taught now. And I know this because I taught in medical schools at the University of California University of Texas for over 25 years, so I know the curriculum quite well. So what kind of diseases are we talking about? We now know the chronic infections play a very important role in a variety of different diseases. So if we just look at mycoplasma infections, a small, very tiny polymorphic bacteria that doesn't really have a cell wall and it gets inside ourselves and causes havoc with our metabolism and other aspects of the cell. If we just look at a number of diseases, we find this all over the place. For example, in chronic fatigue syndrome, 50 to 60% of patients have this infections probably much higher than that. The tests are not easy for this type of microorganism, autism spectrum disorders, different studies that we've done different parts of the country in the US 50 to 65%, of fibromyalgia syndrome, up to 65%, rheumatoid arthritis have a half the patients Lyme disease, up to 65% have this as a co infection with the Lyme relia, II come down to other diseases like ALS, for example, up to 90% of patients had this infection. So these fall in the category these slow acting chronic agents in the broad category of non lethal biological warfare agents, and why do we put them in a category? Well, we put them in a category because several nations including the US and other nations have developed these as chronic biological warfare agents. So not putting these on the list because we think they're agents that are developed for who we know they are. In other words, they were researched, developed, and in some cases stockpile as biologic agents.


Dr. Nicholson and his wife had put all this research on mycoplasma in the book project de Lily and American biological warfare tragedy. The Nicholson's book and other articles discuss how mycoplasma was tested on prisoners in Huntsville, Texas, through government, military and pharmaceutical contracts in the 1980s. Dr. Nicholson scientifically exposes how mycoplasma is linked to the Gulf War syndrome. The Gulf War syndrome is related to CFS and Fibromyalgia with the symptoms of fatigue, muscle pain, gastrointestinal issues, low grade fevers, short term memory loss, skin rashes, diarrhea, respiratory issues, and more. Over 16% of veterans in the 1991, Persian Gulf War contracted this illness.


Now, the Americans admitted that they've been developing germ warfare agents, but they really didn't find any of these agents in after the war. So they said, Actually, that's not true. They did find them. And the reason we heard contrary information about that is because some of these agents were fully deployed on the front lines, and they didn't want to talk about it so much. Because it really had to do more with the origin of these agents, rather than their use, where do they come from originally, and in fact, many of them came from the United States Arsenal's, supplied to the Iraqis during the iran iraq war to use against the Iranians. And guess what they got used against our forces during the war. But this wasn't the major source, we think of infections like the mycoplasma. When I testified to Congress, I've done that six times. Not that they really, really had an impact, but at least we were there and put it on the record. The number one source we felt for these illnesses were the microbes that they received as contaminants in the vaccines. Now, most military personnel that were deployed received between 20 and 30. Vaccines generally within two to three day period during deployment, which is very, very wrong to do this. It's a very immunosuppressive to give all those vaccinations within a short period of time. It just you know, suppresses the patient, or in this case, the subject, it makes him very susceptible to either super infection or even if there's a contaminant infection by the contaminant. And this is the link we feel with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, which we'll come back to the vaccines. And you've probably heard about camiseta, one of the biggest demolition sites immediately after the war, where literally 1000s of tons of munitions were blown up by our engineering units. Virtually everyone in those units came down with illness within months after that, and we have some of them now we know that a weapons biological weapons were in those bunkers. Why do we know that? Because some of the engineers had their own videotape. It took their own video cameras down to the bunkers and started filming the munitions. So this is one of the reasons why you haven't heard a lot about about this story is that it's a it's got a very bad origin. Now, the multiple vaccines were a real problem during the Gulf War, and this is why people weren't even in the near the conflict, what were deployed to the what was called the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations came down with illness. So we had sailors on ships that were in the Gulf that were nowhere near that conflict. We had other forces that were never sent ashore. We had Marines on ships in a fate to confuse the Iraqis that they were going to be deployed in landing operation. A lot of these people came down sick as well, and we have to trace it back to the multiple vaccines.


Here's a 2000 study linking vaccination to Gulf War syndrome. In 2006, the paper immunological dysfunction, vaccination and Gulf War illness also considers vaccines the candidate cause for the illness. Jerry Leonard, a Lyme disease victim who wrote how to make an AIDS virus, which we have previously discussed, also addresses Gulf War syndrome in his book aids the perfect disease, the common thread of government experimentation in the Acquired Immunodeficiency and Gulf War syndrome. The adjuvant squealing in vaccines has also been suspected of contributing to the illness. There are other articles of how mycoplasmas contaminate vaccines. Dr. Nicholson explains the methods of genetic engineering used to weaponize microbes and how they are made heat resistant with thermo resistant genes. Dry resistant was spore forming genes, given cellular entry with receptor genes made to cause cellular death with toxic genes made immune resistant with immunosuppressive genes and massively produced with growth genes. He shows how the HIV surface protein gp 120 has been genetically engineered in the mycoplasma to be able to get into cells. This is what we have seen with the Coronavirus.


What we stumbled across it was all by accident, by the way, was the fact that the military personnel were being given microorganisms that had a piece of the HIV genome. This is why some of the soldiers that came back for false positive for HIV virus, they didn't have the HIV virus, they had the part of the envelope gene that was inserted into the mycoplasma. And so there were a lot of false positives among military personnel. And families were really upset about this, but they didn't have AIDS, they were showing no signs and symptoms of AIDS. So we think that part of the HIV genome was placed in the mycoplasma to make up a pathogenic. Now, here's what we found. We had all this data for years, but we were kind of hesitant to publish it. In fact, we were threatened if we publish it, they kill us and so on. So I'm showing this publicly. For the first time that Gulf War illness patients, we found that 60% of the mycoplasma positive patients had the HIV one on top sequences, so they didn't find it in every every go for illness patient, it was positive for mycoplasma. And I don't know the reason for that, except that they were probably testing a number of different things with the vaccine. So there may have been some other sequences that we don't know about. To make HIV virus, you have to have all these genes dipole envelope revs on otherwise, you can't make a intact virus that defective. So we knew that they didn't have HIV. In fact, they had no evidence that they had HIV, he only had a small part of not even the complete humble of gene, but probably enough of it to to produce a part of the GP 120 complex. Now in Huntsville, mystery disease patients, it was called mystery disease at the time, because they didn't know what it was from the 1980s. Now, we found a completely different scenario, we found some that had the humble of gene, some that had another gene, the polje, and the polymerase gene, some that had the red gene, it looked like they're doing a lot of experiments in the prison system, putting in different genes, checking to see how pathogenic they were, and so on and the people in the prison system. So this is evidence showing that what was going on. In the 70s and 80s experiments were taking place where you're trying different types of weaponization procedures, trying different countermine measures against things like the mycoplasma making these different hybrids, when the Gulf War broke out, they'd settled on, at least mycoplasma fermentations is one of the microorganisms that they wanted to test in a full scale operation.


Dr. Nicholson explains that these illnesses are not the result of a single virus, which reflects the old paradigm, but a variety of pathogens, viruses, fungus, and bacteria, in conjunction with the state of one's immune system, multiple complex conditions can manifest that overlap various types of illnesses and can change into one another. And this


goes back to the whole versus new thinking about chronic illness, as I mentioned, that we're not dealing with just one event here, such as infection, a going to disease, a polio, polio virus causing polio, we're talking about a variety of these different infections, chronic infections together with different immune competency states have the patient's different genetic backgrounds, different toxic environments, different heavy metals, for example, getting together causing a complex situation, which we call syndrome. And the reason we call it syndrome is because it's not tightly knit signs and symptoms, they're very broad, very nonspecific, and so on and so on. And we have to call it a syndrome. They're really diseases but we call them syndromes.


It needs to be emphasized that multiple pathogens are what create the cytokine storm. mikovits talks about this as well. cytokines, our immune system, proteins responsible for cell signaling, like interferon, and interleukin that went over released into the blood can create a pathological immune response in which immune cells attack the body instead of the pathogen. We can imagine this happening when the body is fighting multiple infections at once. Some of these pathogens can go stealth and mimic the body and hijack the cellular mechanisms. Many experts see that the cytokine storm is what is feeling COVID deaths. Other bacterial particles like mycoplasma, or chlamydia borrelia, and Bruce Ella the causative agent for Lyme disease is borrelia burgdorferi, named after the bio weapons researcher Willie burgdorferi, who infected exhorted ticks with Borriello agents before the epidemic as Jerry Leonard exposes. Researchers have demonstrated extensive ties between the CDCs biodefense unit and the perpetuation of the Lyme disease epidemic.