#EliteHumanTrafficking, Vol. 3 - PATTERNS OF THE CABAL

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Mouthy Buddha continues his ponderings on the Elite, their bizarre use of symbols and predilection for Pizza, and a hidden language of codes, symbols and phrases entered into search engines unlocking pedophilic content in websites.


Running time: 17:01


“I’ve always been good at finding patterns. And the closer I get to this topic, the more receptive I become to a new kind of language. One that speaks to the darkest parts of my soul.”


Interviewer: “Like what would your last meal be?”


Hilary Clinton: “Oh, brother, probably a fully loaded deep dish pizza. I love all kinds of pizza. Yeah.”


That's when this feeling of delusion sinks into my bones. Surely this clip of Hillary Clinton saying she loves pizza. It's just that and nothing more. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that a part of me. Sometimes a large part of me begins to consider the notion that what the former Secretary of State is doing here is talking to us. 


Hilary: “I love all kinds of pizza. Yeah.”


And by us, I mean, those who fully grok the scale of this topic completely. 


Interviewer: “Hillary you are next. Name, the most mischievous thing Chelsea did as a teenager in the White House. “


Hilary: “My answer was was order pizza. And here's what I mean by that.”


Interviewer: “Chelsea, your mother often babysits for you? What does she do that you don't approve of.”


Chelsea: “Pizza for lunch and dinner every day?”


I think the ultra wealthy and the high class among us are infatuated with symbols. And since probing into this issue, I now see the world with new eyes. Because for better or worse, I've opened a doorway in my mind, which now notices their motifs. Q infamously said their symbolism will be their downfall. But this is still feel true for anyone. Is it possible, their symbology is more for us, than them--a vehicle of sorts, driving us to change the way we think, or to quote, reset into new paradigms. All I'm saying is, I didn't used to think this way. And I sometimes find it difficult to see how it's an improvement. I used to be able to watch a Disney movie, for example, without picking up on the endless Masonic emblems strewn throughout, or the blatant metaphors in the case of Pinocchio to a kind of Epstein Island.


Sometimes I wish I could close the door. But I know I can't. I've discovered something new. These are the patterns of the Cabal.