Create a Herbal Sanctuary : The Last Guide You NEED for Growing Herbs Cannabis Microgreens

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Almost 2 hours of pure knowledge and experience be ready to take down some notes this may be what you have been looking for Show more By Green Mountain Greenery .info Dive into the world of indoor gardening with an enlightening journey from setup to harvest. Watch as a barren space transforms into a thriving grow area illuminated by the science of light - red vs blue LED vs traditional understanding PPFD and lumens. Learn the essentials of power management from wattage needs to circuit safety and navigate the complexities of air flow and ventilation for optimal plant health. Delve into the nuances of water chemistry from pH balancing to the benefits of mycorrhizae and master the art of seed germination with insights on light exposure and moisture. Unlock the secrets of managing humidity choosing the right substrates and executing successful transplanting. Conclude with the craft of creating super soils and bespoke nutrient formulas that ensure a bountiful yield. This is more than just gardening it s an adventure in creating life within four walls and beyond. Timeline: 11:31 - Building an Indoor Grow area 14:03 - Lighting and timers Blue vs Red Lighting Led Vs Others Led Wattage vs Real Wattage PPFD vs Lumens 35:20 - Power Wattage Extension Cords Circuit Breakers and Outlets 37:55 - Air Flow and Ventilation Inline Fans Grow Room Pressure Condensation Vapor Pressure Barrier 44:39 - Water and Reservoir PH of the plants Microbes and reservoir health Chlorine and Chloramine Mycorrhizae and Fungus 01:14:18 - Seed Germination Best germination methods Light vs Dark Germinators 01:20:25 - Humidity Vapor Pressure Deficit How to increase humidity 01:23:10 - Substrates and Transplanting Different pots Root Prune Root Bound Pheno Hunting Special Techniques 01:38:00 - The Conclusion and Recipes Organic super soil recipes Low Cost Synthetic formula Secret Carb Sugar Recipes Compost tea Bokashi Making LABS for animals as well Link to PDF: Show less