Elon Marx the Spot: Ep1 Maye Musk

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First of all this is an absolute must see I found something that I guarantee everybody will be shocked at that you can fact check yourself and that nobody else has presented.Show more When creating this first episode of the series, I was digging for any information good or bad on Maye Musk and ended up finding more than I bargained for.
After touching base on some basics about Elon musk‘s mother Maye, we get into different photographers Instagram‘s and find some pedophilic images.
I also unturned some stones that would accidentally lead to Balenciaga / Reptilians / archons / demons / shape shifters / aliens / The royal bloodlines and more.
It also touches base on schizophrenia / energy parasites / freemasons and Enki / Satan / Lucifer / Jesus / AI and more.
Getting even more crazy but having reliable things to back everything up, after showing you how to detect lies, we show you “Shalom girl” who claims to have been Elon‘s nanny when she was 13 and speaks about a portal leading to Anubis. Also explaining why she seems so credible.
This is seriously mind blowing. I didn’t mean for 90% of this to come out the way it did but I think you’ll find it very valuable.
Also, Cern... and the Devil...
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