Commercial Pilot reveals the truth behind Chemtrails - Dr David Cartland - 2023

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Commercial Pilot reveals the truth behind Chemtrails - Dr David Cartland - 2023 . Mind blowing info. I fear the pilot will be easy to track. I pray he stays safe. I so commend all the very brave people who risk everything to get truth out there. This was the most detailed explanation to the chemtrails I ve heard. Two questions - why are the participating pilots not afraid of harming themselves or their families with whatever they are spraying Is the purpose for spraying to exacerbate the fake climate crisis Is that the end game I m amazed at how the powers that be have been able to keep this under wraps all these years. . . More Chemtrails documentaries: . Chemtrails - Mystery Lines In The Sky 2000 https: v1qzd5u-chemtrails-mystery-lines-in-the-sky-2000.html https: video AStMNxinFcu7 . Chemtrails - Clouds of death 2002 https: v1qzhdi-chemtrails-clouds-of-death-2002.html https: video RRy806bVXe3c . 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