Cutting off the Head of the Snake in Geneva

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Well, it's Pascal Manjardi, former investment banker and injured by three Pfizer injections
bioweapons and now engaging my last or first and last battle for humanity,
for the protection and defense. We have to start with the history.
There is a long history with the snake. The old Egyptian word pharaoh is not king,
in fact pharaoh means viper. Now in the old Egyptian history, the pyramids that you know
helps, for instance, which is 140 something meters tall, 6 million tons of stone, supposingly built
4000 years before Christ, I believe it's older. Never mind, let's say 4000 years,
MIT Boston, with their supercomputers, cannot come up with an engineering model
of our technology today to rebuild this monument. First, now pharaoh the snake,
they were bad people and the viper in the old ancient times is the symbol for evil or for,
if you want to say so, satan or devil. They migrated because the knowledge normally progresses linear
from generation to generation. So if you learn how to build a pyramid 4000 years before Christ,
you should be able at least to build it today in 2023 or bigger. But we know that's not the case.
In Cairo, they're building high-rise 50 floors and that's it. So there's a gap in evolution.
That means they vanished, they didn't die, they migrated, they left the place suddenly.
And I leave it up to, you know, imagination. Some people say they went off planet and all these
things. Let's stay with that what we know. They migrated. They didn't migrate to Israel or up
the Nile to Victoria Lakes or Uganda or they migrated to Geneva to Switzerland.
We have an old ancient, well, ski resort, Sam Moritz, very famous, very expensive,
has his own airport in the winter. You have all kinds of private jets there from New York and
all over the place. Sam Moritz was the name given for Moritz, which was a field marshal.
Switzerland called on Egyptian legions to liberate from the Romans and he was in the Roman league
and basically turned to get the job of Switzerland and he started to interject with the Romans
and they started battling in the San Bernardino, in the mountains not far from here.
We're here at 1500 meters, 4,500 feet right now, but it's across the valley.
And it was an Egyptian warrior officer who led an Egyptian brigade or regiments
in the valley of Andradin, which is Sam Moritz today. Sam Moritz, his name was Moritz.
Not many Swiss people know that. They also made a study. It's on You can check
50% of Swiss people, including me maybe. I haven't checked, have traces of Tutankhamu's
Romans chromosomes. And I just look at Geneva. I grew up there as a teenager with my father.
Geneva looks beautiful. It is beautiful. It has a lake, it has this shadow. It's very peaceful.
And it is also a venue for peace because Switzerland, through the neutrality that we have,
and we speak about that later, was an island of peace, still is in a way. But there is a dark
side to it. And as you know, light and darkness, there is a border where darkness, the obscurity
vanishes because light obliterates it or vice versa. So Geneva has two sides. It's a banking
center, which is good for Switzerland. We are benefiting from it. Let's be honest about that.
But we have, in my view, my personal opinion, everything evil related to wars, genocide,
shooting COVID, is from Geneva. You have WHO, in Geneva, a privately financed NGO
which has diplomatic immunity, founded mainly by Bill Gates, Germany, China, and big pharma
and big tech. You have GAVI, which has this Bill Gates Foundation in a way, for vaccine
developments, in Geneva having diplomatic immunity as well. Why does a medical company,
supposedly doing good for people, need immunity? I'll leave that question in the room.
Then you have the WEF, the World Economic Forum, which my father was a co-founder and
left cloud swab out of disgust in the early 80s. You have the WEF that has diplomatic immunity
as a business club. It's a private, which is good. Why not? Private business clubs. We are not against
private business entrepreneurship. This is important for Switzerland.
We should not turn away from people other than the WEF who come here to use Switzerland as a venue
to discuss economic progress. Why not? Why not? But the WEF in the last years
has switched its spirit. It used to be as a foundation, as a founding script. I mean,
the charter or the statute say to bring together international business, to foster international
business development, efficiency. That sounds all good. I as a Swiss citizen right here now
declare that the WEF is not eligible anymore for diplomatic immunity. Why? The Vienna Convention
says, if the spirit of the applicant, in this case it's the WEF, the spirit and purpose has
changed, notably shifted away from the original statutes, then it can be contested. The immunity
can be contested. I advise the Swiss government to lift that immunity. Why? Because cloud swab
and his goons, they're promoting hate speech. They're promoting depopulation.
I mean, the world alone is just unfathomable. They're promoting electronic control through
nanotech. They're promoting control, lockdowns. They're promoting to deprive, and we are a
capitalist society. Ask from private property, private cars. They're promoting that we should
eat bugs. They're promoting sexualization of children. LBGTQ plus A1, whatever. Vogue.
So, if I have in my country, and I speak about my country, and as a military man, I use, I
swore on the constitution. That's my job. Even if I'm no longer there, protect the borders,
protect the constitution, the people, the status quo that we have at birth, the rights on the
constitution. There's an article in the Penal Code of Swiss law, and I don't have it present
in my head. I think it's 267, I have to check, or 266. It says, a paraphrase, if an entity has the
ambition or manifests to disrupt or disturb the order of the Swiss constitution,
it's considered an enemy. Subversive has to be sent abroad. Now, if they still have these
diplomatic passports, in protocol, what the Switzerland would declare them is pesonanongrata,
and escort them to the airport to leave the country. That's what has to happen next,
because why the Vef doublecho, especially, and big pharma, big tech, Bill Gates, all advocated
a global humanity injection. We say now, scientifically evidenced by any labs on university around
the world, by a bioweapon, let's call it mRNA biotech weapon, injecting nano lipids
into 5.7 billion people. And I'm asking these people, and I'm asking our justice, and I'm asking
our military, I'm asking our police here on camera. If somebody tells you that the neighbors get
injected by force or by coercion, psychological pressure, QR code, wax mandates, waxed, unvaxed
or unconstitutional, injects them, promotes injecting them with a poison, I call on the Swiss authorities
and security to arrest those people immediately. The Vef has shown its spots, like the leopard
has shown its spots. It's become visible because the card of lies has collapsed. If you have a
house of cards where the children sometimes want to build, and this is a house of cards of a criminal,
a liar, you don't have to prove all the crimes altogether. That's not the purpose of prosecution.
You take the case that is the easiest to prove and you pull the card, it could be a card on the top
or on the bottom, it doesn't matter. One card pulled by justice and the whole card house collapses.
This now happens. The card houses collapsed. The
peculiarity of Geneva is that these people are criminals, in my personal view.
They have done greatest damage beyond biblical dimension to humanity and we Swiss are hosting them.
I don't think that is right. I don't think that is terrible. We cannot tolerate any entity
that promotes poison to be injected into humanity. Breaking the new and bad codes,
which are 10, all of them been violated. The informed consent has not been followed by all
the doctors because the Ministry of Health told them, just do it. It's illegal and many people,
unfortunately, have died already in direct calls with the mRNA biotech bioweapon injection.
Google that, please. The CDC in America has published a headline, I think it's five weeks ago,
saying that in the U.S. there is a record now, a statistic proving 146% explosive growth
of turbo cancer directly caused by the so-called COVID injections.
This is enough evidence to stop the whole machine. If buyer or son of fee or Smith
Klein beach them, bring out tomorrow a new headache pill. Call it anti headache too.
In the next week of the market launch, five people die from this tablet, five in London,
five or in New York. Guess what happens? License is withdrawn, product is immediately stopped,
taken out of the market and then legal consequences. With Pfizer Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson,
this hasn't happened. Therefore, it's a crime. And all these people who committed those crimes
and are still walking around know that I know, that they know, that I know what's next.
Just this system is dysfunctional at best, absent, and now poses a danger in Geneva and Zorick
in Lugano in all our cities, proves that the legal security that we all cherished so long
is actually in peril and is posing through that, through its failure, I call it non-viability,
a direct, clear and present danger to the Swiss population and all the people who work and live
in Switzerland. That is fact, it's the mechanics of law. If we cannot rely anymore on our constitutional
law, on our criminal law specifically, if we cannot rely on this as a society, then every even
foreign investment in the Switzerland is at risk. And as a banker, we always look first at the
countries, we call it legal transparency. If a legal transparency is high, the rating was higher
because the risk to fail was lowered. Hungary is a good example in the 90s. When Hungary, after the
Wall fail, became Western, many companies went to Hungary. Audi, GE, GM, Suzuki, you name it,
Longlist. And the open factor is why legal transparency was good, a foreigner would win in Budapest
against a local partner if he was right. The fact that Vef Garvey, WHO, specifically still
are walking free men and women is a crime and is a flagrant violation on its own, evidenced
in Switzerland and it should not be permissible. They should be arrested, all of them, cross-examined,
who knew what, when, why did you promote this, poison injection, mRNA biotech injection into
humanity, who gave you the order, et cetera, et cetera. Justice should do its job. This is a plea.
In any event, if you don't do it, I speak to Justice now here on the camera in Switzerland.
You know what is next. There's another coalition at work and I'm pretty confident that this
failures of Justice up to now and now it's October 23 will be corrected by events that I do not
control and I have no influence over, but I can tell you it will be corrected in the name of humanity.
So Geneva is a park, unfortunately, has become much more a park than in the 80s, but on certain
things always been a park and it's a shame, I repeat myself, I know that we Swiss citizens
are hosting criminal organizations in the lake of, at the lake of Geneva, which are private,
I repeat, double chose private, it's a private enterprise, NGO, Memphis private, private NGO,
Garvey is private, NGO. Question, why do they have diplomatic humanity immunity? Because they're
scared, right? Now, this is very dangerous for society and I am as a victim, I'm dying from
these shots, my mother also is now in decline, she's 82. There's a lot of rage, but you know what,
I'm not violent, it's not my style. Some of the people are and I caution people do not get violent
and I know, I cannot imagine what people are going through losing their mother, father, brother,
sister, worse, children, I have no children, we have no children, I cannot imagine how I would
react, can't, but I call everybody to apply the light because we are the guardians of humanity,
it's us, our spirit, and our light obliterates the darkness of evil, always, and it will happen,
it is happening already and your question about Geneva to finish, I believe personally, Geneva
has a better future, ahead of itself, Switzerland has a better future, will come out of this crisis
stronger and I can also guarantee you there will not be any, they're trying, we will not comply,
President Trump has said it about six weeks ago, to all the Covid psychopaths and tyrants,
we will not comply and the creator watches those people who are trying to push us into a second,
third wave of a pandemic, which is a WHO terminology, pandemic is an invention by WHO,
technically absolutely impossible, to manifest naturally, because those are not viruses,
those are gain of function, research, gain of function research, look it up in Google is
basically development of a bioweapon and they combine it with biotechnology, nanotechnology
and that makes it a weapon, now talking about acts of war, we have been attacked by a bioweapon
which unfortunately comes from the United States but it is not an act of war from the United States
as a nation, it is an act of war committed by criminal rogue elements of the US military,
Mr Biden, Dr Fauci, Bill Gates, Obama, Clinton and all those people, they've been taking care of now
because President Trump is the commander-in-chief, he's undoubtedly the case and he has pulled together
all the military under the US Space Force, he has put the US into war, active war, the US,
the United States, codes of court, Marshall are in force, military justice is in force,
the law of war manual 2015 revised in July 23 is in force and it is global and it is a coalition
of 34 nations that are now cooperating to bring down the cabal who's responsible for all that,
so the snake, they came from Egypt, they came to Switzerland, the snake had this one and it's
in Geneva and it will be severed and it is already happening because too many people have alternative
media, the mainstream media who are responsible for people to go and get vaccinated, injected,
they made uncollified statements, they said it's safe, it's good, they said any professor and
scientist like Dr Stuchenberger has been warning the world do not get injected, this is a biotechnology
weapon and Dr Stuchenberger and Dr Buck, the professor Bakhti, professor Hardidge,
professor Hockerts and many other professors like Professor Levy, let's say from MIT Boston,
it's also a friend of mine, they were crucified, they were put into a washing machine of slander
and defamation, but you know what, now we know, they were right and they are right and thanks to
those warnings of these people, these professors and scientists, thank God, some part of humanity
listened to them and just refused to get injected, some of them, many of them lost their jobs,
so to say that the now resigned, Alambersa did not apply force, it's not true, if you impose a
COVID mandate, a QR code to go out or not to fly a plane or not, that is coercion and coercion,
look it up in Google, is a force and it can also be argued in court, it is of course a psychological
force and people were forced psychologically to get injected, to do something they didn't really want
and the machine now has fallen apart and now many of them like me find out that we have
nano lipids which are artificial and toxic in our cells, our mitochondria have been destroyed,
mitochondria once they are destroyed, they don't grow back, cells do, they regenerate,
mitochondria are the life of the body, the heart is important, of course they will talk about the
heart, the heart is a pump, very important, blood pressure, circulation, very important,
yes yes yes, but with the chondria the billions of them we have have been attacked by the nano lipids
that came in with the injection point as the packaging of the mRNA biotech and the nano lipids
are toxins, on the box it says not for human and animal use, toxin, so how can Swiss medic
and other regulators in Australia, in America, in Germany, you, how can they argue that this is medicine
if it's written toxin, how could you and doctors, all of you are criminals, all of you that pushed
on this cylinder like me and injected me with this stuff and the nurses helped you all are
criminal and you'll be tried and you know what, you have no protection, you're not immune,
you're not like the Vef who's hiding behind you immunity, you will be charged for your crimes
and that's where we are now, we are now in the phase in my view where the war generals
coalition, this is a coalition of 200 active, active duty generals are at work, 34 nations,
I don't know the list, I just know it's happening, we published all the documents,
I'm linked to the space force, it's known on the, the blueprints,
the, the blueprints confirming to you to fact check as a disclosure site
and combine and collate and understand that President Trump is the commander-in-chief,
the space force is on top of all branches of military and the war generals alliance
is in force, is active in operation and the military justice of the US courts of Court Marshal
are in force to make it simpler for you to understand these are military tribunal procedures
and you need to know that in war, which America is, it has mobilized one million national guard
soldiers in active duty with weapons. Court Marshal, the courts of Court Marshal are clear,
a Court Marshal tribunal can be declared behind the tank, behind a barn on a highway cafe
in a city on the anywhere in the world, in the battlefield by the commanders themselves and
executed according to the Court Marshal articles, depending on the crime that has been committed,
high treason, genocide, war crimes and also lesser would say severe infractions of the law of war.
So, to Biden, to Mr. Biden and his people, they committed high treason against the US constitution
and the US military and abroad they committed a biotech, biotechnology, bioweapon terrorist
attack on over 194 nations around the globe, it is an act of war because
the biotech M&A injection of Moderna specifically and Pfizer are classified a bioweapon
and for that they attacked me, I'm a former member of the Swiss military, I rated it as an act of war.
Our foreign ministry should take action, our presidency which is slightly inefficient should
take action, should also make a report to the UN Security Council immediately, that's what should
be done and that's where I say my advice stops, I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow,
but I know that justice is on the way and it's beyond my control or beyond our control,
we are not in the military and we're not supposed to know what happens tomorrow
because the four star channels at war will certainly not make a press conference
and certainly not disclose what they're doing tomorrow. The snakehead is being cut off
and how it will play out, I don't know, we have recorded now 17.5 million people dead, globally,
verse, let's talk about statistics, verse is a government statistic in the US, North America,
they admit the statistics are online, 40,000 people so far directly linked to the Pfizer
Moderna injections, dead, killed, but that represents only 1% of reporting.
So multiply that by 100, then you get a North American Canadian space, 4 million humans,
including children died, sorry, killed, murdered and you still want to talk about COVID and
areas, you must be kidding me. So rest assured, the light is on the way and
you know the US Space Force is important because people don't know about the Space Force but
it's go to the website, it's really nice, it's quite modern. All members of the US Space Force
are called guardians, no matter if you're chief master surgeon, sergeant or a cadet or a soldier,
an officer, they're called guardians for a reason, that's why I always say we are the guardians of
humanity and our light obliterates at present time formulation the darkness of evil, not will it is
and with that I leave it really about the snake and Geneva, very sad for Switzerland but it's
part of Swiss history, not identity but history and we are tainted by it, yes, we have to make sure
and the young people who survive through this will be the garanters, hopefully, that this will never
happen again and that such institutions can never again, well be exposed and never arrested, never
again take foothold in our blessed country, never again, so I think it's the end of the snake
and nobody likes snakes, they're not good, also in politics, snakes are not good but in politics
they're too many snakes and they will be neutralized, to be fair, neutralized, yeah, look, Ukraine is
finished, I mean this whole Ukraine is a travesty, why people don't understand to read between the
lines of Putin and President Trump, the Maidan revolution was a rebellion, was against the
Ukrainian constitution, Ukrainian people do not want war, the population, Russia doesn't want war,
the population, but in 2014 the rebellion was financed and spearheaded by Victoria Newland
who is a dangerous neo-con and other traitors to the US constitution and they financed the rebellion
of Maidan 2014, then the Maidanists, I call them now Ukraine Nazis, the first thing they have done,
gone looking up in YouTube, they tore up the Ukrainian constitution, betraying their own people,
so you cancel the constitution, then there was a vacuum of governance because President
Yanukovych did not or the bear could the Alpha troops in Kiev to intervene because it was a chaos
and he would have created a bloodshed, he was threatened, his life was under threatened,
he and his family escaped to the Russian Federation, Rostov on Don,
Putin granted the asylum, which I think is noble and the Maidanists had no government in place,
so generally February, March, Kiev was without government and then we come to the Montevideo
declaration of 1933, which still is valid today, the definition, the duties and rights of a state
and definition of a sovereign state, it is land, people, a constitution, a leadership, a government,
could be monarchy, but the government and the ability, those are the core principles,
the ability to establish foreign relations, diplomatic, you know, relations with other countries,
if that is not fulfilled, because remember they tore up the constitution, not fulfilled,
no governance, not fulfilled, Ukraine was stateless, then Poroshenko came in, he was installed,
billionaire, chocolate manufacturer and the first thing he does, he attacked his own people with
Russian blood in the Donbas, that's what we call genocide or fascism, we had 14,000 children and
civilians killed in eight years until 22, when then Putin found out that there are 140 plus
bio weapon labs in Ukraine, financed by NATO, which Trump hates and WHO and Zelensky said
we're going to have nuclear weapons in Munich and the death toll was absolutely staggering,
he had to make a decision, if I make no action, a very tough decision, I will have, might have
a bio weapon attack on Russian population and or a nuclear attack on Russian population with
millions of people killed, logic, mechanics of war, toughest decision in his life I believe,
he and his experts decided we have to do something pre-empt, they to expected disaster and had to
go in and did it, didn't go to Kiev, didn't go to Odessa really, actually Russia liberated
the genocide territories and declared new borders after the referendum of the four
regions, 2014 Crimea was not an annexation, same thing, Ukraine was stateless, therefore he asked
the people do you want to be in Russian, yes or no, 96.12% said yes please, they became Russian,
Crimea became Russian, Donbas territory secured, that's all what they're actually doing there,
securing the border, putting out the Russians have no interest and of course morally and ethically
to destroy Ukraine, to kill Ukrainians, civilians, no, no, no, no and again no, Odessa will not be
taken by Russia because it would strangleate the country, Ukraine needs to function, needs a port
and a port is Odessa, if you take Odessa away the country has no shipping, important exports,
disaster. Zelensky has been uncovered, Biden is not the president, has been laundering money,
Hunter Biden has loaned the $20 million Congress has and the Senate have unveiled that this summer,
$20 million, now you say it's not much, there was over a hundred billion going,
upon Biden has sent to the Ukrainians, the money's gone, the weapons are now going to Hamas and
all these things, so we know that as well, but let's stick on the 20 million, if you're in America,
a foreigner on America and you want to make a lobby and that's what Hunter Biden has done,
given access of the Zelensky regime on Poroshenko earlier to his dad as a vice president under Obama
for that money, that makes you a foreign agent, that is high treason. I had to lobby, or I had to,
I was able to lobby 2005 for a Central European, Eastern European client, a nation, I had to
register at the FARA as a foreign agent, it's not painful, it's a foreign, you feel out why you're
going whom you're seeing, in my case it was George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice State Department,
so I had to say why, I'm paid to do this by a foreign client to negotiate XYZ agreements for
this nation in the East, 2005. I ended the states on that visa as a foreign agent,
identified, registered, did the PR lobbying work and exited the states, everything's fine,
it's not painful, it doesn't cost money, you've got to fill it out, declare, disclose. Well Hunter
Biden and his dad, vice president under Obama and then fake president Biden did not do that,
they committed high treason, in fact justice will take, military justice will take care of it,
neutrality Switzerland, thank you, neutrality Switzerland is another sad chapter,
the giving up of it, we enjoy neutrality since 1815, those are the so-called Paris accords,
in the same year of 1815, re-confirmed by the Vienna Congress, so it is valid and since then
Switzerland enjoys neutrality, huge benefits, it spared us from betting butchered by the Nazis,
we benefited from that neutrality aspect, our people, we grew up in the wealth created
for the people through neutrality, we had the Iraq wars which were illegal, we had other wars,
Vietnam, the Switzerland give up neutrality for that, the massacre in Vietnam, no,
but as soon as this war started, this special media operation by Russian Federation going into
Ukraine, greening the notifying Ukraine, Switzerland that was president Cassis,
he's looking at the program now, it's good for him, a doctor who never really had treated
patients, he was always an administrator, president Ignacio Cassis called a warring party on Zoom
in public, my friend Zelensky, you can't do that, Mr Cassis, we are a neutral country,
we cannot give up neutrality for a warring party, for no warring party, your duty should have been
and is now the current administration, you take that fancy government jet that we are paying for
you this Swiss Air Force plane, you got forsaken, take that aircraft under the Swiss neutrality
banner, you fly Flip the coin either first to Moscow and see president Putin and then Flip the coin
and see Mr Zelensky and offer humanitarian help, that is okay, that's fine, and then foster peace
for God's sakes, invite both parties with president Trump who is the command and chief
and you know it, Bern, you know it is the president, it's in his second term, you know it very well,
invite command and chief Trump to Geneva with Putin, don't even need Zelensky for that, but you
invite him because it's equal, put him on a table and foster peace, we have the expensive
mechanisms for that, we have the wonderful venue, wonderful Geneva for that, where security can
be provided for all parties, but Mr Cassis decided to promise Mr Zelensky, Switzerland will be your
consular office in the world in Moscow, before Mr Cassis, you should learn Mr Cassis, before you
promise this to Mr Zelensky or any other head of state, there's a protocol of the host nation
and you should know that, you should have called first Mr Putin or Mr Lavrov in your case or Putin
near your president fine and asked him, listen, I would like to be the consular operation for the
Ukrainians in the Swiss embassy, the Russians would have told you which they told you afterwards
that's egg on your face, excuse me Mr Cassis, we cannot do that because you're not neutral
and you know what the Russian position is clear, it's not an insult to us, it's a logic consequence
of your failure, we cannot give neutrality up for any nation, we cannot join NATO, NATO is a loose
object, corrupt, those NATO weapons, where are they now, Hamas has them now, go and check, the serial
numbers, the US base force knows everything, we send money to Kiev to a war criminal,
Zelensky going shopping in Cartier, New York for 1.1 million dollars, spending
US and EU taxpayers money, Swiss, you know, it has to stop, burn our government that plea to you,
restore neutrality, that's where we belong, an island of peace, to foster peace, not to take
sides, never take sides, how can we be fostering peace if we are with one exponent in the world
exposed, we are not credible anymore and the Minsk agreements proved that
Minsk too, Merkel and the French accepted to monitor and police the Minsk agreement,
Poroshenko promised the world, yeah yeah we will ratify them, Russia was not signatory, it was
Ukraine, France and Germany, to create peace in the Dombas, as you know Poroshenko admitted it and
Mrs Merkel admitted it, they just signed those agreements to gain time for NATO to arm Kiev against Russia,
this is, this is perverted and it's like giving a fox the job to guard the henhouse, okay,
how can two NATO members police a peace agreement, so that's a mistake, should have been Switzerland,
monitoring and then policing it, the Minsk 2 or Minsk 1 even, agreements as a neutral party,
it would have worked, but of course Germany and France and NATO partners had and have a vested
interest in this ongoing war against Russia, you all failed, all of you failed, all of you failed,
result over 500,000 Ukrainians and women, dead, we have blood donated by Ukrainian citizens,
Zelensky said please give blood for the wounded soldiers on the front, I published on Twitter
yesterday, the proof, the blood has been sold to Germany, UK, France, those grandmothers and
people were giving blood in Kiev, thinking it goes to help their own sons dying at the front was
loaded on USAID containers and sold in a piggyback money laundering scheme for Zelensky and these
people, can you imagine, it's all public news now, it's all coming out, um, Switzerland,
our country has to stop, I'm a Swiss citizen, my government serves me and my compatriots
and I order them to stop these nonsense, I really do, I'm on the right side, I'm dying from this
stuff that you promoted as safe, effective and tested, you were lying to me and the people of
Switzerland and the foreign is now country, you are liars and that's a crime in this instance
and you'll be judged, it's beyond my control, I'm not involved, I'm not violent, for that we
have military justice taking care, neutrality has to be restored, we have no future not being
neutral, we will become one of the poorest countries in Europe, we have no resources, the only thing
that we have and had is big Swiss bank secrecy in a way and Swiss banking and look what happens,
billions are flowing out of Switzerland to Singapore or even to the States, you know, um, there you go,
I don't say the word, it's an English word with F, but we screwed it up and this is very sad,
foremost, very sad, it's tragic, but it's never too late, burn and parliamentarians, all of your
journalists, of Jose Guzet de Con, but it's never too late to correct your mistakes, to come forward
and say, you know what, we arrest WHO, WF, Garvey, we investigate those crimes against humanity,
it's a demo side, not even a channel side, channel side against a race or religion, this is worse,
demographics, across the whole spectrum, children, to elderly people, it's new terminology, people
could not even imagine that this is possible, but you have done it, it's a demo side and you'll be
judged, look, that's my answer to neutrality, it's a mistake to give it up, we have to force
the peace, the only position that we are allowed to take and should morally ethically take is one,
it's peace, not any warring parties, that's very sad, I wish that all people around the world who
listen to this realize what happened, the facts are clear, it's not for me to be the missionary,
I'm the victim, I'm dying from it and my mother too, take note of this and I think represent the light
because we are the guardians of humanity and our light obliterates the darkness of evil, always,
have confidence in yourself, don't be violent, don't need to be violent, I think lots of love
and energy and light will obliterate the bad now, it's coming out, the snake heads is being cut off
and the governments around the world, the corrupt governments around the world should listen to
their inner soul and correct the mistakes, it's never too late, we will overcome this,
humanity is stronger, I am a positive thinker but from hope alone it is not done, everybody must
now change the spirit and all the vaccinated, the injected, knowing that they are poisoned,
who don't now do something are protecting a demo site, we are the masses, we are billions of people,
let's just stand up and say stop, we will not comply and in french ni ubi ni parabao
and I thank president trump, commander-in-chief trump the space force and I thank president Putin
for jointly taking out the cabal in Helsinki to finish this off, they had a press conference
2018 was summer and president Putin gave a football to his colleague in a very good ambiance by the
way the press was there and he said Mr president I give you this ball as a gift, the ball is now
in your court, for those who didn't understand what that means, read up the documents that info
that was the signal to the cabal from now on trump, president trump and commander-in-chief and
Putin up to now and going forward with 34 nations are doing their job to liberate humanity from
oppression and the lies that have been told for decades and I wish that the creator watches
over all human beings and that we are protected.