Sequel to Fall of the Cabal Part 29

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Video 29 was never produced.
It is with deep sadness that we must inform you that our good friend Janet Ossebaard has been missing for several weeks.
I share this with the approval of Cyntha Koeter, with whom we are in close contact. For quite some time Janet was not doing well, and she left a few weeks ago with the message that she was going to take her own life. Unfortunately Janet had been suffering from emotional exhaustion, and in recent months everything became too much for her. Especially after yet another forced move, she went into a downwards spiral.
Two weeks ago she left, without money, without any possessions, without her dog, saying she was going to end her life. Nobody has heard from her since.
This video is about child trafficking, Janet interviewing Cyntha and other clips of information on child trafficking. The last 10 minutes is Cyntha's part one of the Fall of The CABAL For Children