**MH370x Breaking Update** The Smoking Gun, Redeux

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Our previous smoking gun was the fact that the WSPR route, following the Inmarsat pings into the South Indian Ocean(SIO) matched with the potential southern location in the MH370 satellite video. 

The problem with this interpretation was that there's no minus sign in front of the North/South coordinate. /u/MRGWONK was able to prove logically that inversion or mirroring cannot change the way the coordinates increase or decrease away from the equator/hemisphere. This means that the correct location is the northern location near the Nicobar Islands.

We had already had suspected USA-229 of being the correct satellite by virtue of having the correct payload, mission, and orbital path that crossed both coordinate possibilties. Yesterday, Martin was able to prove that USA-229, with it's stereosopic sister was in the right location at the right time to take the video. This satellite timing has already been independently confirmed by Victor of the Investigative Group.

The NOSS satellites are admitted to have IR capabilities and there is evidence that the MH370 Satellite video is a false color IR. For example the black, cold 'zap' we see in thermal is white in the satellite video.

This explains how it is able to appear as day during the night. The illumination we see is likely the computer processed, relative illumination to the surroundings from an IR camera designed to capture such events.

To get to this location MH370 simply must do what it is already expected of doing, but not fly into the South Indian Ocean. The flightpath ends here, in the videos. We can only speculate where they go from there.

The Inmarsat pings released to the families and then the Investigative Group show anomalies starting at 18:40UTC not previously reported. The data after this time is sparse compared to the rest of the day and duration of the flight, despite the computers (and inflight entertainment/wifi) being off from 17:21 to 18:25UTC. 

What happened around 18:40UTC?

Not only do we know the assets; USA-229 and MQ-1C Gray Eagle, the time; ~18:40UTC, the location; near Nicobar Islands, we also have a Witness; Katherine 'Kate' Tee who saw the plane sometime around 18:50UTC and has never changed her story and still believes in finding the truth according to her Twitter in 2022. 

In addition to all of that there's also a Chinese media only report of an intercepted message from MH370 claiming to be going for an emergency landing due to the plane disintegrating rapidly, reportedly timed at '2:43,' which could be interpreted as 18:43 UTC.

Please keep in mind the following considerations;

* Satellite orbits are from 2 week amateur trajectories and may have some margin of error.
* These spy satellites can be operationalized, they may be able to temporarily adjust their orbits.
* Coordinates in the video are not likely to be the exact location of the plane. 
* The satellite view is larger than the window being recorded. 

In my next original piece, Intent, we'll go over the clues within the videos themselves. For example, we know that the MQ-1C Gray Eagle is cropped out, just out of frame. The thermal from this asset was released just weeks after the Satellite video, back in 2014.

Before that, I'll compile the pieces to date. Thanks for following this story as it develops.


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