Geoengineering is an undeniable, inarguable reality

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Geoengineering is an undeniable, inarguable reality, with multiple governments across the world cooperating in various programs to alter the weather and reflect sunlight. It's also used for warfare and geopolitical strategic interests. We've been accused of using weather weapons on Iran several times in the past few decades to cause draughts and starve them, along with creating monsoons in the Vietnam war.
If governments and militaries have these capabilities over the weather and environment, then that invalidates any climate change narrative in complete totality.
They're intentionally manufacturing climate change with these weather weapons to foment fear and the sense of lack of security, which is always their justification for more draconian measures like the suggested climate lockdowns, restriction of animal foods like beef for plant based diets where you eat bugs and drink disgusting nut milks, carbon credits to control what you do and how you use resources, ESG scores to deny credit to businesses that don't cooperate with the cult, and every other totalitarian wet dream scenario they have written down and desired for decades.
Wait until the impending war between Iran, Israel, and the US starts using weather weapons to try and destroy one another. Earthquake machines, hurricane generators, mass flooding from cloud seeding, etc. These weapons exist and have for a long time.