Dennis Meadows on Depopulation

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"We haven't invented new ways of raising the death rates. Famine, pestilence, and war... those are the ones we have"
-- Dennis Meadows, author of Limits to Growth, member of the Club of Rome, staunch advocate of depopulation agendas.
What if it's really all this simple? What if this is the entire underlying motivations from the masters of the world who are moving the chess pieces as we speak, trying to bring us to war, famine, and pestilence?
The COVID vaccine is doing great on the pestilence front, along with the toxic soup we are currently living under with pesticides, microplastics, heavy metals, forever chemicals, etc. Fertility and birthing rates collapsing rapidly.
Famine will come as they continue to screw with the environment via geoengineering and reflecting sunlight, monocrop agriculture destroying the soil quality, pollution, etc.
War is the last vector, which we are now seeing raise it's ugly head, and when looking at recent history in the context of present technologies, it will certainly be the most impactful in quickly achieving the urgent depopulation goals.
70-85 million people died in WW2, with 50-55 million being civilian deaths. We had 2.3 billion people on earth during this time, but we also had significantly less advanced technologies capable of causing death. Just bombs and guns largely.
Now the technologies and weapons we have today are so far beyond our comprehension that the amount of swift death that would come from WW3 is not possible to accurately estimate, because we haven't seen much of this new technology unveiled in war. Between nukes, directed energy weapons, kinetic weapons, weather warfare, earthquake machines, and only god knows what else, you cannot even begin to image how fast this would happen to each of the warring countries.
So all you crazy people out there eager for war with Iran in defense of Israel are completely out of your minds and have no idea what you're really asking for and where it will lead.
Unless something happens quickly and dramatically to collectively wake up humanity into stopping the escalation of the conflict in the middle east and finding peace, then I fear we're heading for some very dark days and civil unrest.
Really hope I'm wrong.