Netanyahu, a death cultist obsessed with depopulation

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When the bureaucrats pushed back on him, arguing for the safety of the people or against the exorbitant costs, he personally got involved and told them to "cut the crap", disregarding all care for their future wellbeing, doing exactly what the WEF/WHO death cult wanted from him. As soon as the vaccine rolled out in Israel, all cause mortality went up dramatically, especially for younger age groups.
We now know it was from the heart damage from the mRNA vaccines, and no one has still been held responsible for it. Netanyahu should be in prison, as should all the other leaders of every nation that used their people as lab rats for bioweapons from criminal pharmaceutical companies and the death cultists obsessed with depopulation.
The same influencers who were once rallying against the WEF, the experiment mRNA vaccines, criminal pharmaceutical companies, mandates, lockdowns, and everything in between, are now blindly believing the propaganda coming from his corrupt government, as well as many other captured governments, as bring the world onto the precipice of WW3.
Remember who those people were as we go into the future and things escalate, and try to remind them of these facts in hopes that they eventually find themselves on the right side of history again.