The life of a non-vaccinated person in Israel today

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"I want to describe to you the life of a non-vaccinated person in Israel today. Our life has been destroyed, and we woke up to a nightmare in which we have have been kidnapped by our own government, who sold us to be guinea pigs to an experimental vaccine. They want us to give up our bodies and our souls with no questions. We have become the biggest clinical trial of a vaccine in history in the scale of an entire country" Listen to this testimony from an Israeli citizen on what life was like for an unvaccinated person in Israel at the beginning of the insane vaccination campaign and mass experiment on the Israeli people. What's the difference between Israel experimenting on millions of their own citizens and killing thousands of them with forceful coercion techniques, and them bombing a hospital in Gaza killing 500? or letting Hamas kill their people as justification for the war and perpetuation of more death. If we just go by the numbers, shouldn't we all be far more outraged about the vaccine? That death toll is easily over a million globally now, perhaps even tens of millions. Why should I trust the government that did this to their own people? Why should I listen to any government that did this to their people? It's willful murder no matter how you spin it, and we should all know by now that the denial of such evils by all the authorities that people are still clinging to for the truth, or the ignorance/negligence excuse that they didn't know, is a complete and utter BS lie. They had a clear purpose with the vaccines and knew exactly what they were doing, just as they have a clear purpose now with war and propaganda that comes with it. Depopulation.