Brandon Fugal - Owner of the Mysterious Skinwalker Ranch Reveals UAP⧸UFO Encounters

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Our next guest Brandon Fugal is the owner and proprietor of Skinwalker Ranch. Initially, Brandon's intention was to dispel the rumors and mystique surrounding Skinwalker Ranch. However, a meeting with an Area 51 specialist on the property led to a series of unexplained and peculiar phenomena. This encounter profoundly impacted him and fueled his determination to pursue the truths concealed within the ranch.

During this episode, we learn about Brandon's upbringing, explore how he built a prosperous career in commercial real estate, and delve into his acquisition of the infamous Skinwalker Ranch from Aerospace billionaire, Robert Bigelow.

Brandon has allocated millions of dollars to support research endeavors at the ranch, unraveling anomalies along the way. True to his character, he has never personally profited from these exploits, opting instead to reinvest proceeds into the project and charitable causes.