Part 2 - Down the Rabbit Hole we go…

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Part 2
Down the Rabbit Hole we go…

Are we to believe that a man in a cave with a satellite phone on dialysis penetrated the strongest military defense on the planet and bring down 3 of the strongest built buildings in the world with 2 delicate aluminum planes?

Why was there no military intervention during an actual terrorist attack?

How did Larry Silverstein have a “sudden” dermatologist appointment on Sept,11 where his office was precisely where the “plane hit”?

How did common terrorists who can’t even operate a crop duster operate a commercial airliner?

Why did the two towers turn into dust before they hit the ground?

Why did building 7 fall at free fall speed into its own footprint like a controlled demolition when it wasn’t even hit by a plane?

How often does the media say “Today is quite, too quiet” ?

What would terrorists gain from this? If not terrorists, who would gain from this?

If American government had any involvement then someone would say something right? Either them, the military and media are all absolute imbeciles or, could they all be in on it…

Let’s dig shall we..

911 an Anatomy of a Deception
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