Part 6 - The Pentagon

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Part 6
The Pentagon

Narrative; AA Flight 77 struck the Pentagon as the impact and jet fuel caused it to vaporize…

Where is the wreckage? How did DPS get on site within seconds? Why does the damage not reflect the size of a 757 airliner? Why did the light poles the plane hit face away from the Pentagon? If jet fuel vaporized the plane why isn’t the ground charred? Where are the titanium engines? Why out of 86 videos showing the crash does the FBI release 1 that only has 5 frames? How did a untrained pilot maneuver an airliner at ground level?

None of these questions were answered using facts based on science, in fact the FBI and 911 commission report didn’t answer many of them at all

So this shows logically that it wasn’t a hijacked 757, so what hit the Pentagon? Since all video evidence was confiscated and the Pentagon air defense was down and considering the fact it could have only been a smaller unmanned aircraft or Drone, but then it would need to be Military authorized, but by who…

9/11 is the new Pearl Harbor full Documentary