Part 8 - Israeli Art Students

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Part 8
Israeli Art Students

Foreign Israeli Art Students were granted full access to both twin towers during early March 2001, they were also known as Gelatin or (aka B-Thing) and were allowed full access to the towers including the Maintenance elevators (which is strictly conserved for construction) were actually givin housing on the 91st floor if the south tower

DEA declassified documents show that foreign residents known as “Israeli Art Students” were allowed by WTC Security to full access of the twin towers for up to and including 9 months…

Now you gotta ask yourself, how are foreign “Art Students” allowed full access to the WTC Including areas that have vital access to main support structures of the Twin Towers?

How you ask? Let me enlighten you, the head of security during this duration was none other than Marvin Bush who was the director of the WTC electronic security program and the director of the WTC casualty Insurance Company called Huston Casualty, coincidence?

Port Authority owned the WTC until Jewish businessman Lewis Eisenberg took over and put the privatization into the hands of self proclaimed Zionist Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowry

Zim Israeli American shipping company moved out of WTC shortly before 9/11, the Israeli company was operating under Larry Silverstein new investment of his new insurance policy regarding the WTC under “terrorist attacks”

So who were the Israeli Art Students? A simple conspiracy to throw us off track or the ones who were actually hired by WTC Security to carry out this plan?

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