Part 15 - Asbestos

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Part 15

Another key aspect of the demolition of WTC that went unnoticed by many is… Asbestos

The twin towers were already becoming obsolete since it’s old technology capabilities that would take over 800 million dollars to upgrade in 2001, but there was something far more damaging to the existence of the towers, Asbestos

Before it was banned by construction regulations, asbestos was used as a common fire deterrent sprayed by its inner structure, both towers had about 400 tons of asbestos in their structure

The removal of asbestos in the twin towers was catastrophically expensive thus turning an American landmark into a liability in the eyes of the Port Authority at a cost of 1 billion dollars, which was more than what it would take to build a new tower

May 2001, the Port Authority lost their court battle with the insurance companies for the removal of asbestos, so they couldn’t be maintained which left the Port Authority with the only option of taking apart the towers, but the cost of an operation like that was unfathomable

The long term effects after the collapse