What's Really Coming: A Counterfeit Beast System and a Real Great Deception (FULL SERIES)

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Here is the entire What's Really Coming series together in one video. The background music has been reduced. For those unfamiliar with or new to my ministry, this is where the content of my book The False Apocalypse and my Road to Antichrist documentary series got started. I had done a few videos before this series, but by mid-2016 I started to see things radically different, and this series is when I presented it for the first time.Show more
To be clear, I have long dropped the "counterfeit nwo vs real NWO" terminology. New World Order has largely caught on as the term for global totalitarianism (formerly the "counterfeit nwo" in this video series), and that's how I've been using the term for years. This way, there is less confusion. I call the "real NWO" of this series "New Age" or "real beast of Revelation 13," etc.
My views of Bill Cooper have also radically changed since first publishing this series. He was so vehemently against the mystery schools, but yet professed some ideas that came directly from mystery school propagandists (such as Manly P. Hall and Alice Bailey). For this reason, I cannot call Cooper a fellow brother in Christ like I used to, and maybe he was vulnerable to Satanic attacks because he was not truly saved. I hope I'm wrong, though.
I've also come to a proper understanding of what "Mystery Babylon" is, which I discuss in a separate video on my channel. While this term is in a way appropriate to describe the spiritual foundation of the Antichrist kingdom (the mystery schools, New Age, etc.), the way the book of Revelation uses it is specifically in reference to Jerusalem/Israel, which lines up with conspiracy theory's focus on the so-called "Jew World Order," which conspiracy theorists like Jordan Maxwell often refer to as the modern Babylonian system. Conspiracy theory is essentially the beast exposing the harlot. Show less