Future Tech, Life Extension, DMT & ALIENS - Richard Dolan Show w/Paul Hynek

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Paul Hynek is the youngest son of the most famous UFO researcher in history, Dr J. Allen Hynek. Paul has had his own fascinating career in high tech and finance, and like his father, has a strong connection to the world of the leading edge and fringe. He is an exponent and practitioner of life extension, and has much to say about future tech and AI, as well as the benefits of DMT. He also has many thoughts about UFOs and aliens. On top of all this, he is extremely engaging and always interesting.

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Richard M. Dolan is one of the world's leading researchers and writers on UFOs. His knowledge of UFO history is second to none. He has spoken at events around the world and is the recipient of two “Lifetime Achievement” awards at major UAP conferences. His approach to the UFO subject has always focused on three basic pillars: the sightings themselves, the politics of the coverup, and the longstanding attempts by citizens to end UFO secrecy.

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