Spacegeist The Movie (2019)

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America's Secret Space Program is no longer a Secret. America, Russia, and China are not the only players with sights on creating a Military, Industrial foothold in Space and the stakes are higher than ever. The USA, Russia, China, India, Iran and North Korea have all added Space as a military, industrial domain to be concord. The Militarization of Space, The Corporatization of Space, The Weaponizing of Deep AI (Hybrid Artificial Intelligence), Public Surveillance, and the National Security State have reached unimaginable proportions and the cost of secrecy is beyond comprehension. UFO Disclosure and Extraterrestrial contact also has a place in the weaponizing and corporatization of Space now fully under way. This feature film is a wake up call about military, industrial space activities by governments and private companies around the world and now in orbit around our planet. The information presented in this film is shocking and raises serious concerns about how our future in Space and hear on Earth is already beginning to unfold at an Industrial level.