Mercury, Autism - Global Vaccine Agenda (2005) Dr. David Ayoub

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the story I'm going to talk about is an amazing story. And I can tell you that I don't want to take a lot of credit, because I'm telling you a story that's been told. And the information has been dug up by some very heroic people, parents, physicians, legislators. So I'm here to tell you, in a way, a lot of other people's stories, and I've just put it together. But I'm, I'm humbled to have the opportunity to tell you an amazing story.



This is a CD ROM and it's not audio, it's a computer desk, and they're available a Barbara has it at the desk. And it's got, you know, I don't know how many hundreds, hundreds of hours of research on it. Mike talks for this talk are on there in the full form. I've got about 800 slides for the talk, I have about 10 hours of lecture, and I'm not going to give it to you right now. But it's there for you. So I wouldn't advise don't take notes, because my presentations are more like a movie than they are a talk I use. As a radiologist. I'm very visual. So I'm using graphics to tell the story. And so I'd advise you just to sit back and take it in and you will have everything that I'm showing on the CD ROM, I just wanted to tell you the organization of this CD, Can you all see that from where you're at.



There's four folders in the CD ROM and, and the first folder is called autism resources. And that's a very organized file that was part of a kind of a commercial project I did a year ago. that's largely on the science and politics of mercury induced autism. The third folder here Radio Liberty has two PDF files, Adobe Acrobat files, and those will have everything in this talk. The fourth file, they're called World Politics is got all the documentation but 95% of the documentation I'm using today. So I try to document everything I say.



Well, the story begins really with five Marisol or mercury in vaccines that's been put in vaccines for decades. I want to introduce you to the villain in the story. This is by Marisol which is ethyl mercury. It's an organic mercury. It's used as a preservative in vaccines. It's an Eli Lilly trademark, they're still making money on this till 2010. They no longer manufacturer, they don't have a licensing agreement on this. What was in solution in the vaccines looked like a very small amount point oh 1%. And that really put a lot of a lot of regular regulators to sleep. They thought, well, it's just a small amount. It's been implicated in some just horrible diseases that we're seeing in our children, autism, which is a developmental disorder characterized by social and communication skills, usually lack of communication, social withdrawal, language disorders, including, you know, most typically delayed in onset of language, behavioral disorders, such as repetitive disorders. And you've probably know quite a bit of that. But it's also probably implicated in the whole spectrum of neurodevelopmental problems, including ATD, ADHD, and some lesser forms.



It is not a psychiatric disorder. 100% of these kids have multiple organ system abnormalities and the physicians in the mainstream physicians don't know it because they don't test for it, they don't look for it. And the some of the signs, for example, gi disease could be manifested by a child screaming and screaming or jumping on a couch, you know, jabbing a pillow into his stomach because he has so much pain, but they just can't speak. So those are just described by most mainstream physicians as well. That's just the behavioral disorder, when in fact, it's severe gastroenteritis, and they don't look. So a number of abnormalities, primarily the GI tract and the immune system.



The epidemic is just unquestionable, on average, since 1990, we've seen over 1,000% 15 100% increases in state by state, so there's just no question that we're facing an impressive epidemic. These are stats from Illinois just to get you an idea. And I made a list of Illinois statistics because they keep track of other disorders that really dwarf the autism numbers. And these are disorders, which could be due to Mercury, at least it is biologically plausible and look at some of these speech and learning problems, nonspecific developmental delays, emotional disturbances, even mental retardation. So if you look at the numbers in Illinois, we're close to 300,000 cases in 2003. And this is an under mess estimation, like as much as two thirds. So we're looking at Illinois, perhaps three quarters of million injured children.



Just how much mercury? It's hard to make make the argument if they really aren't talking about huge amounts. As I said, it's a point oh 1% solution. It looks tiny, right. It contains 25 micrograms of mercury. It still sounds like a



pretty small number. Let me give you a perspective. water contamination with mercury is defined in parts per billion, two parts per billion means that the water is not usable, toxic waste, if it has 200 parts per billion, it's defined as toxic waste.



Fish, about 1000 parts per billion EPA will allow over that is unedible.



Vaccines at 50,000 parts per billion. If a doctor dropped the vial on the floor, it would be toxic waste, but yet, they're comfortable injecting this into infants.



The numbers we're talking about, circled here in the far column, the overdose, just with one flu shot now they've taken out most of the shots except for influenza 25. Mike's in a flu shot, the six month old will get one shot his he will exceed he pays limits by 16 fold. At the bottom of this column, you see a fetus second trimester fetus, mother gets a flu shot, it's over 250 times EPA is limit if you got a shot today, average weight adult three and a half times EPA limit. So even though we've taken 80% out of out what's in it is still enormously overdosed. Here's how bad it was starting about the late 80s. On the routine vaccine schedule kids look at this at two months was getting 129 times average weight 129 times the EPA limit. So these numbers are absolutely mind boggling.



How did the FDA respond to this? I know this probably is too small to tell see this. But what they did is they published the paper is just a position paper and they said you know what the EPA is right. But you have to interpret it a certain way. What they did is they average how much mercury a kid got out over the first six months of life and divided it by 180 days. So the average and they go well, it's just barely over. That's like me taking you know you have you're taking a cardiac drug take your six months supply the drug today. As long as you average one pill a day, you're gonna be fine. And that's just preposterous yet. The American Academy of Pediatrics advocates since they support this interpretation. Controversy really starts early starts decades ago and honestly, but but what we see mostly is what the Institute of Medicine did the Institute of Medicine was asked to take a look at this. And they did this in two different sessions. In July oh one they studied this and released the report. And they looked at really the science wasn't that strong man. But they said you know what? It's biologically plus possible that mercury in vaccines cause autism. Let's do the right thing. Let's take it out and even consider pulling it out of shelves. That's a pretty decent recommendation. But in 2004, they came back with even more profound science that was available, and they reversed the decision. They said, You know what? There's no biological plausibility. In fact, you shouldn't even spend any more research dollars on looking at it. It's not worth it.



What happened? Well, these are the studies that they have accepted, they accepted during the two years. between the first and their second meeting. Five studies were published and I want this is very important. I don't want to and it was after lunch. I'm going to talk science a little bit but the level of deception you have to understand. Most physicians just don't understand this. Here's the level of deception. They accepted five epidemiology studies from mostly foreign countries, and one toxicological study here illustrates how flawed these papers are. The Denmark three of the five studies were based on a psychiatric database in Denmark, and Denmark, children were getting about half of the mercury that we got here, autism rates for 1/5.



So what's apples and oranges?



The papers that were published, the authors of the papers were tied to this company serum Stratton Institute, which is a profit for profit vaccine maker, and 80% of their money comes from selling vaccine containing mercury in United States. Why did they export it because it's illegal to use them in Denmark, Mercury was outlawed in Denmark.



The fatal flaw in this study came in their study design. They compared a block of years from 70 to 90 when they had mercury in vaccines, and they compare the autism rates for the following years. And they they saw that the rates went up after they took mercury out. So they concluded Hey, can't be mercury because rates still went up. What they did is they added they increase the pool of kids they were counting by 13 times. They threw it outpatients the first part of the studies on the inpatients which counts a very small amount of autistic diagnostic kids. So it's like me comparing cancer in Springfield, Illinois to cancer in Los Angeles in just counting cases and saying, Wow, there's a lot more cancer in Los Angeles, you have to do a percentage, right? They didn't essentially they didn't. They just, you know, kicked up how many kids they were looking for. That's a fatal flaw, a fatal flaw.



Here's what the data really showed when it's corrected for the oversampling autism in Denmark dropped by two thirds when they took mercury out of vaccines.



American Academy family practice adopted this as a great study and this was accepted by the AMA



In a fabulous study,



an American study a database done sponsored by the CDC. And I think it was an HMO in Northern California,



an HMO database and as a huge population of kids vaccine safety DataLink.



Here's the published data is in the far right, they found there was no relative risk. They looked at autism cases and how much mercury kids got. And they just decided that there was no association. There are five generations of that data, it went through five revisions not seen by public eyes, obtained through Freedom of Information Act, the first time they looked at this data, they found the risk of autism with as little as 25. Mike's one flu shot was seven to 11 times now we're getting close to the risk of this is just in proportion, we're getting close to tobacco and lung cancer risk range. They modified and pulled and twisted



the data until it became insignificant, and then they published it.



Since it would, was a meeting in Norcross, Georgia to discuss the early results of this and I have a transcript on the CD, in which illegally I might add, the CDC officials met with representatives from their academy of pediatrics, all government health agencies, private industry, drug companies are part of this conference. And it's very obvious that they knew what was going on. And just some quotes, one pediatrician with a conscious, a number of dose related relationships are linear, they're statistically significant. You could play with this all you want, they are linear, they are statistically significant in the argument of kind of frame of mind, the risk of frequent frequency of developmental disorders, whether it's ascertainment or real is much too graphic. We don't see this kind of genetic change in 30 years.



One authority from Michigan got left the room to call his son and say don't give our grandson a vaccine is not his daughter in law was about to deliver.



One of the CDC statistician says you can push and pull but there has been substantial movement from this very highly significant result down to a fairly marginal result. So they were manipulating the data, as they were meeting to figure out how they could water this down.



And in a bizarre twist, the primary author when he presented one of the middle phases of the data to the Institute of Medicine, announces I just got hired by GlaxoSmithKline. This morning.



The toxicological study, and this is the only study that they accept IOM accepted that it was not epidemiological and Epidemiology is good, but it really won't even hold up in court alone. And you have to have more beefy research with it. So epidemiology is, is weak in the grand scheme of things.



The pitcher cero from Rochester



did a study they just measured the blood mercury levels and kids that got vaccines, infants, and they had known thresholds and they go well, if the mercury level we measure in the blood is below the EPA threshold, it can't cause damage. It's it sounds logical set of bad study. These weren't autistic kids, they don't know they didn't follow they were just looking at normal kids to see the physiology. Essentially. Here's what they found, they found that based on their thresholds, none of these kids met the threshold. If you look in the first column, sorry that the first column third down the days, the blood was drawn post vaccine, average eight days.



The first time they drew blood after shot was three days. Now here's the analogy. I get pulled over for drunk driving. And I say officer, it's Monday. Could you come back Thursday and get my blood alcohol?



They only looked at 17 kids. I mean, this is garbage. Absolutely garbage. And this is what are the famous Institute of Medicine is accepted as definitive science. And there's I haven't met a pediatrician in my town that can comprehend that this paper is garbage. So they don't they read the summary and they read the press releases. They don't look at the data.



This author also in this paper had no financial disclosures. However, two years ago, he had another paper and he's basically connected to every drug vaccine manufacturer, everyone. There was an also another transcript from a secret meeting an institute of medicine had and they met before they even looked at the data. And they decided that they were going to wash this under the table that they CDC asked them not to find the link. And that's what they were going to do. They were never going to go to a cause at causation. That was their pre determined idea. And they met interesting who was on the Executive Council for the Institute of Medicine. Man and Gail castle, the Vice President of Eli Lilly. There's 20 Executive Council members of the Institute of Medicine. So I asked you, Eli Lilly is responsible for hundreds of billion dollars in liability. Don't you think he would walk down the hallway and say, huh, Murray McCormick house houses assessment knowing you're not really gonna find anything or you mean, is it possible that that's not a fatal conflict in the Institute of Medicine? Second Person, there's Helene Gayle, I'm going to talk about



A little bit later she works for an organization called GAVI.



There's just so many statements Mary McCormack saying we're not ever going to come down to the vaccines and autism as a true side effect. So this is available. It's on the it's in courtrooms right now, but it's on the CD ROM as well. Kathleen Stratton saying chances are when all said and done, we're still not going to be able to say that this is a causation.






Okay, what do we know about merch if I was trying to roll up my sleeves and say, well, let's figure out what's going on? I mean, is it possibly Mercury, the first thing I would look at is what the federal officials are telling me when we have agencies that regulate toxic drugs. So the first thing I would do is find out what they're saying. Here's what the FDA said, they said that there's work going back to 1931. And they give you a bibliography of safe and effective



studies. And here's a list and I got an email from a parent once he disagreed with me and said, here's the list and Mercury safe See, and I sent it back and go, did you read these papers? I mean, it's like saying, here's the proof. See, it's right here.



Well, these papers No, they have nothing to do with safety. This is do with eyedrops airdrops preserving urine specimens from bacteria. I mean, this isn't about injecting kids. I mean, this has nothing to do with autism and ethylmercury unchecked and especially in children. Here's one of the papers FDA vaunted as as proven any problems. They injected rabbits so I pulled the paper, over half the rabbits died of mercury poisoning. The rats there was very vague details about 150 were injected there were fatal cases. We don't know exactly how many mice and dogs very scarce discussion the guinea pigs came off the best they had severe peritoneal, you know, abdominal pain. That's it. I mean, that's a safety study. But the worse is the paper in 1930 by Casey Smith, and that needs to come up again, remember that?



This was the paper the grandfather gets used into health care products in 1931.



Casey Smith Byrne was working for Eli Lilly in Indianapolis.



It was an epidemic of meningitis. Some people got refiling. And that's ethyl mercury or thimerosal is called my refiling. And some got the standard gamma globulin, some got the gamma globulin with violate those that got the overall death rate was 65%. So it was you know, people weren't doing well. So weird population and study safety. If they didn't get my violate the 59%.



mortality rate was 59%. If they got refiling, they all died. So we're finally in the doses they were giving, we're just off the chart and you could have killed a horse with the doses they were given. So it's not surprising they killed everybody they gave this to



the other way is just look at what the manufacturer is saying manufacturers have regulations, they have to tell their workers in the in the in their labs manufacturing lab, that here's what happens. You know, here's the risks of being around this stuff. And I'll read some of the key points.



In animal studies, it causes animal studies, mental retardation and motor coordination difficulties. In human studies, exposure in utero can cause severe to mild mental retardation, disk coordination and so forth.



National toxicology program, state says it's a poison by ingestion, it's a carcinogen. teratogen experimental reproductive effects in children cause mental retardation, loss of coordination and speech writing gait, stupor, irritability, bad temper progressing the mania, isn't this autism?



California proposition 65. one phrase is biologically plausible if I'm aerosol can cause adverse developmental effects. And yet, Marie McCormack in the Institute of Medicine said, there's no biological possibility.



There are 1500 papers. You can't design a study that puts the Marisol into a petri dish with a cell and it doesn't destroy it. It is impossible, it does not exist. We know it crosses the blood brain barrier. We know it crosses the placental barrier to the fetus. It is soaked up in the brain, it's concentrated in tissue. So blood testing is useless unless it's an acute poisoning. You have to measure tissue.



It destroys down to the DNA level of any tissue with cease.



Why do we have it in I mean, there has to be a great reason because this is poison. It's preserving the vials so they don't get contaminated from repeat needle injections to pull multiple doses out in the doctor's office. But we've known for years that it doesn't work even as that 1985 use of aerosol can't be relied upon. These are all peer reviewed journals. 1991. It is a weak antibacterial agent. its role as a preservative is historical






the use of it should be heavily restricted and withdrawn. The fact that Mercury is highly toxic seems to have been forgotten.



The FDA 22 years ago said and over the over the counter products that's ear drops and it drops. It's not safe and it's not effective.



And they passed a law that should be removed and it would never was. There was no enforcement.



Other evidence initially antidotal is quite curious at the first person who first wrote up autism. Leo Kanner in 1943. The first child in his study was born in 1931, the same year, the first year, the Marisol was used in biological products. coincidence.



We have a database in an act of Congress called veirs vaccine adverse events reporting system. It is a passive database. So if a doctor sees the bad outcome in his office, he calls or writes the CDC and fills out a form and submits it. And it's a way that's been validated. It's a good way we found a lot of problems and other vaccines using the bears database, even though it's passive, it represents probably less than 1% of the true incidence for sure.



Here's an example of case of autism. After the two month shots dtb hip,



autism fever Sam was with the doctor writes somnolence speech disorder four days post bacc vaccination, running fever, gave



aspirin and no aspirin by the way of Tylenol, by the way is promotes toxicity of mercury. It's the worst thing to do. It depletes glue to fire on which protects the nerve cells from damage.



Children lost speech and then was diagnosed with autism shortly after. Here's a physician who reported 10 cases after DTP and MMR.



At let's see, we have historically we've been able to find problems with the rotavirus vaccine because it caused bowel obstruction in the vaers database showed 15 cases. neurological events after an older version of an MMR vaccine, there were 84 cases and Deon Bray, which we still see after the swine flu vaccine. There were 382 cases reported the bears. This started the investigation of pulled vaccines.



We have right now 800 cases of autism and it's being ignored.



I wouldn't say it's been ignored. They're they're producing research that says it's safe.



Okay, another antidotal, an investigative journalist from Washington, Dan Olmsted went to a community of Amish and Pennsylvania 22,000 Amish, he found three cases of autism. Two were vaccinated, and one was probably vaccinated because they were adopted from China.



So we're exporting something to China.



An interesting study done by a parent physician. And this makes sense if you want to know if mercury poisoning is autism, just study all the cases of mercury poisoning, and study all the cases of autism and compare the list. It's not real hard science, but it's it's practical. And it's a place to start. There were 181 papers reviewed of either autism or known mercury poisoning, organic Mercury, not ethyl, most of these were methyl which is very, very close chemically, the kind of fish for example.



I know you can't read this, then you need to read it. There's over 100 traits. This is physiological, biochemical, anatomical, you name it, that are common. I mean, we have some enormous similarities between mercury poisoning and autism. And these twins just for fun, I made a list through your left how many traits I can make make anyone believe that these twins were twins were the same thing. I came up with 18. I couldn't come up with any more traits. So over 100 common features it's not hard science, but it's it's a start.



Okay, so the path is is really have here we have an environmental disease model. And the fact is, everyone who gets I want to smoke doesn't get cancer, we know that. And not every case of cancer is from tobacco. So it's the same thing. Environmental disease model, there is a genetic predisposition. And they know precisely what that is. There's their biological predispositions, aspirin, or Tylenol makes it worse, milk allergies, and antibiotics will stop a child's ability to get rid of mercury. So these are things that are common in childhood. So that's why one kid might get it. And it's almost like he gave him 1000 times that, if he's on a milk diet is on antibiotics, ear infections and so forth. And what the mother gets also makes sense because it's environmental. So if you live in a district with height, and mercury in the environment, if the mom had amalgams in her mouth, if she had a lot of tuna in her diet, all those things add up. So he have a heterogeneous risk factors a heterogeneous expression of the disease. All of these set elbows have been proven in peer review. Mothers that get amalgams have much higher risk. There's a direct correlation to what district you live in and the amount of mercury in here so it's improving.



Let's, let's start with logic. And I bet you there have been painting up a lot of physicians here, but if I ask the question if a kid came into you as an as a physician, and the mom said, I think he's got heavy metal poisoning, what do you do? How do we test it? Would you give them a plane ticket to Denmark? To say, you know, as an epidemiology study going on,



I bet you guys know the answer. You can measure it. Is there something about these kids



They're holding on to mercury.



I don't even know I mean, ama aap they I'm not sure the CDC is even responded to this. They haven't thought about it.



It's been done and it's been



consistent in other studies. It's been reproducible. First study by Mark blaxill and Amy Holmes published in peer review. They looked at hair samples. And this is a paradox. The hair on autistic kids was tiny.



Here in kids now these are kids that got vaccines and didn't get autism and kids that got vaccines and did so. So basically the same, they were exposed to the same amount. Why did one kid get autism? One kid, not in the answers right here. Here manifest what your body can excrete. This is the same thing in Alzheimer's, the risk factor of Alzheimer's and amalgams in your mouth, autistic kids can't get rid of it. So it's not in their hair, their brain



to prove that you give them a healing agent, by the way, the lower their hair, mercury, the more autistic they were the more severe perfect correlation.



To prove that you give them a key later nation and which is a chemical that goes through the body scavenges up pulls mercury out of tissue and dumps in the urine and stool. So you can measure what the body burden is, you take those same kids that don't have it in their hair, give them a healing agent, and just six hours measure their urine



for fivefold higher. So they're retaining it.



Compared to the kids that are neurotypical they have a lot in their hair and none in their urine. Now, what's amazing is these kids generally don't even start excuse me screen it with an inhalation for several months. So if you did a six month study, which you wouldn't do, because you'd have to give normal kids this stuff, it's gonna be 1000s and 1000s times higher. There's just no question. This is profound science. I'm not going to talk about biochemistry, just to say, the biochemical pathways have been discovered. I said in a congressional hearing last year, two of the major papers being presented it proved. And this is it makes sense. He dropped mercury vaccine mercury in a petri dish and measure the biochemistry inside the cells. And then you do mercury. biochemistry is testing in the children and compare them. They're identical. What's happening biochemically is the same thing. And



so it is a literally a perfect match. Now, why didn't the CDC while they respond, they responded as FDA was there, too. They got up and they left the room before, before the data was presented. They refuse to hear. So they can say, you know, we've never seen any research that's changed your mind. I mean, so they're not like epidemiology, there are seven studies by the gyres that prove it. For different databases, including the VSD database



that was washed down, the more mercury kids get the higher risk for autism, speech disorders, and unfortunately, sudden death, cardiac death, Mercury is toxic to the autonomic nervous system. And these children are at much higher risk for cardiac events later in life.



The VSD database, they just got a hold of that the CDC said there was no link, they found a relative risk of 27 with only 75 mics difference between the low exposure in the high exposure risk, we don't know what the risk relative risk is. But in somebody who never got it, and somebody got the full dose, it's probably just off the chart.



And the good news is, it's reversible. I have seen him very, very many people. You know, it's strange for me to say that nobody believes this. But I've been to conferences now for three years, I've taken training courses myself, and I've talked to hundreds of parents, they can pull mercury out of the body with collation agents, they can do this nutritionally, they can turn on those biochemical pathways that are plugged up. This is a sample This is a doctor's son, who became autistic, when his wife there, they were going through a divorce proceeding, his wife wanted to vaccinate he didn't, he got shots became autistic. This is his first his hair analysis showed very low mercury.



He was treated and you can see that the first profile on the top, a little bit of mercury, a few weeks later, Mercury off the chart. And this went on for six months. When finally the mercury started coming down. He checked every few weeks, he started speaking. So it is reversible.



And there are a lot of ways to do it.



Well, what's going on? I mean, what why doesn't Americana pediatrics know this answer?



I can give you some enlightenment because I went to their meeting a few months ago. Actually, it was October



is what I discovered about the American pediatric PTO and I'm not picking just on them alone. I think I'm a radiologist, I'm sure that our societies are influenced by industry, no question, but this is just an example. I mean, really, in a dilemma, I just really want to know I can't even talk to pediatricians I've known in my hometown. They're so turned off by the concept. They just they're violent with me. They don't want to hear don't want to hear it. Now I've convinced a couple but not many.



This is a trade organism.



And their annual revenues and their last two annual statements $67 million.



One less than a quarter that is from dues. They did list, there are some evidence of corporate donors. One report in 97 said they got $2 million from vaccine manufacturers a million dollars for formula makers. And here's their top but donor list a charitable circle, and you can see, and it's like, I think to be in this club, you have to be $25,000 or above. So it could be millions. Now I've got account for you know, 6050 $60 million. That is not from fees from doctors, all the vaccine manufacturers are in the circle. And three of the companies that sell drugs for ATD, ADHD are in this. So it's it's big business for both of them.



Here's where they make their coin, special support projects, millions of dollars, endowments over 4 million grants and contributions, many corporations are in the circle. So they're really a small organization that can be corrupted when they represent the masses. And when there's when there's the opportunity to make bad decisions. for financial gain. I made a list of the speakers at this conference. And there were two tracks there were people talking on vaccine safety. And there are people talking about how to treat autism, ADHD. I was curious what these speakers backgrounds were. Here's the ones that spoke on vaccine safety. This is what they claimed is conflicts, the majority either had speaker speaker fees, were consultants, research support or grants from drug companies. Those that didn't most of them worked for the CDC. Two of them were in the simpson wood meeting that were that were trying to change the data.



So only one of them I couldn't find a conflict on and one who listed no conflict is a patent holder for the rotavirus vaccine. And he's been funded by Merck for over 12 years. But he listed No, so I'm walking in my impression is that this is the marketing limb of the drug companies wearing physician coat. That's what I'm seeing. They're not hearing any evidence I just showed you.



those spots spoke on ATD ADHD, we're even more conflicted. One guy



had 42 relationships with 14 companies. I mean, when is the practice. And this is unbelievable.



Example Margaret Reynolds who sits on the advisory committee at the CDC, it gets paid by every drug manufacturer and she's sitting there to give advice on how to set the vaccine schedule.



And this is not isolated to vaccines. This is this is pervasive in all part, all aspects of medicine and other fields. I'm sure the CDC spends a billion dollars to promote vaccines and $30 million to look at the safety and you can see that they are not really putting a lot of money in safety.



One study that was a congressional investigation of conflicts of interest in advanced vaccine manufacturers and this is on the desk. It was done in 2000 dan Burton's committee house Reform Committee, they found the four h CDC advisory committee members who voted to approve the rotavirus vaccine had financial taze ties to the pharmaceutical industry that were actually developing the vaccine, not just any pharmaceutical, the company that was making the vaccine or half of them, two of them had patents now,



it you know, it's just, why isn't this on the front page of the newspapers? It's, you can sit there and you can vote on something that's gonna reap millions of dollars for you. Even if you think you're honest, and you're an expert, you know, you don't think you'd be bias.



There contracts I had with the CDC, we're long term the conflicts are often not supported and the FDA, it's the same thing. This is a paper that occurred in USA Today. Half the experts hired by the FDA on the advisory committees had financial ties had over 800 waivers, FDA granted over 800 waivers on on this disclosing conflicts 92% of advisory committees had at least one member with a conflict of interest. So



it's not better in Washington, it's the number the drug lobby is the number one drug lobby even more than the drug, the insurance company. And these are old statistics $235 million in lobbying 34 million in campaign contributions almost 70% to Republican Party.



What do we know about the pharmaceutical industry they're not hurting



no matter what they want to show you on the news that they're they're struggling. They really need protection in Congress so they don't get sued. They are number one in fortune 500 huge profits and no question about it. This is the best single statement that really summarizes what we're facing



article by Shannon Brownlee Washington Monthly when industry has penetrated every level of medicine from the lab bench to the FDA advisory panels from the pages of the medical journals to your doctor's prescription pad, how are physicians to make decisions about treating their patients? And that is so true. That is perfect.






the failure of American healthcare was spelled out by Gary No, Dr. Stan has, I think



His book here, number one cause of death, United States isn't heart disease or cancer, it's medicine.



In more truth, we spent $1.6 trillion in 2002. It's more even per cheating GDP than any other nation on the face of the planet. What do we get? We're 21st in life expectancy. We're 22nd and infant mortality. Now infant mortality. This is old statistics. last two years, it rose for the first time in over 40 years.



The CIA keeps separate statistics, we rank in the 40s of both of these, we don't rank as high because they added more nations. So this makes us look good. They threw out some of the smaller nations that had better health care. I don't know. I mean, I'm a physician. And I was very proud to go to medical school and help people but I'll tell you what, we used to make fun of people that couldn't get into American healthcare. You know, we'd laugh in school. We say you got to go to some foreign country get their education.



I'm thinking you know what the joke's on us? It really is on us. Because you don't get in my you know, we're so used to judging healthcare success by, you know, how many how fast is your hospital growing in our hospitals have been in construction since the day I took the job.



physicians are making a lot of money, our salaries are I'm working part time and I don't even you know, it's enormous. What we're what we're doing our volume is enormous. But we're overpaid. I'd rather work. You know, wouldn't you rather live in a world where doctors are broke? I mean, that's how we should judge health care. We want our libraries to expand that our hospitals, and we don't want our special ed classes to expand. And that's what we're getting. And we're yet we were sold on the fact that medicine America is second to none. And that's just it's a deception. Well, let's investigate. And that's what I did. I'm not a treating doctor.



And I did lobby in Illinois, and we got a really strict bill passed most strict in the nation, California, vetus, in time and hours is much strict, and they're not compliant with that, by the way, so we're still trying to figure out why they haven't ordered the thimerosal free vaccines for January. But because I'm not treating, and I just, you know, when I learned about Dr. Stan, he taught me a lot, I decided that, you know, there's probably more to this than meets the eye. And so I guess I think I think inside I'm an investigative journalist, I mean, I hate writing. But But, uh,



so that's my approach. And let's look at the theories. Theory number one. And this is the answering the question, why is there mercury in vaccines? Why it's mind boggling? Why are we injecting this in our kids? Well, number one, it's safe. You know, the science is really, the garbage science is really not garbage instead of medicine is correct. It's safe and effective. That's a terrible theory. That's just not true. any legitimate science would look at these mountains of data and know what's going on. It's the mercury.



Okay, the ellipse theory.



And this is why they believe in my circles, and I'm kind of in a fringe group. And I'm sort of fringe of this fringe. So



this is like really the only audience I could I feel comfortable with. Because I spoke I gave him a small version of this talk in Chicago in the spring. And it was to mothers, mostly parents of autistic children. And afterwards, mom came up to me and she said, Well, that was really great. I think you did a wonderful job is very insightful. I'm gonna go home now and throw myself in front of a bus. And I thought, Man, I got to be careful about who I is. So I know that you're savvy group and you've, you've probably passed that point, you know that things are so gloomy. And I think you guys are mature enough to take this. I hope anyway.



My attorney just left so I



so the UPS theory is that healthcare agencies didn't really mean to harm anybody. But they figured it out to go whoops. We know it is we got to cover it up. Because we want to protect our profits. We want to reduce liability. We've got to protect our livelihood. And this has been, you know, the gyres have confirmed this and then they spoke in Chicago this spring and David Mark guy are researchers, former CDC researchers still try to pry into their databases.



You can't convince the CDC This was right. Do you know why? They already know it? They told me they know what they told me. They know it. That's what they said. They told me they know it. You can't give it to somebody knows the truth. That is the truth. Right.



Einstein I think said something like the same entity that created a problem can't solve the problem. And I think that's this is what we're faced with. Dave, Congressman Dave Weldon from Florida said this in a meeting in Chicago last year. The litigation would be gigantic. The sediments will be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, hundreds, perhaps 1000s of careers will be solid. I don't know what solid means, but I think it's bad.



Some careers will be ruined, destroyed, never recovered.



Here's the key, in my opinion.



Here's the key statement. The ama just fell over themselves with his IOM paper. They thought this was the greatest research in the world. And this is just one of their quotes, but it's it's I think, very relevant. Quote, the IOM report released today provides reassurance to patients and physicians and will



Allow them to focus on other medical needs, safe in the knowledge that vaccines they received are indeed safe, and that the mechanisms to monitor continued safety in the US are working.



Now that means if the IOM said that it was the vaccines, it was the mercury in vaccines with what the AMA is telling you,



guess what, if we may have been wrong, and you can't be assured and the mechanisms in United States are not working?



Do you think they would ever admit that?






There's problems with this theory anyway. And most people, like I said, believe that this is just a cover your behind type of approach. Problem number one, the CDC,



with support from the American pediatrics has now increased exposure to kids. After taking it out from 99 to oh three, and oh four, they go, you know what we have to give, we have to mandate flu vaccines now to six to 23 month olds, before it was elected only high risk kids. You know, two steps forward, one step back. The American Academy or the



OB GYN Association, a cog, also is really pushing the flu vaccine and pregnancy.



And now they're saying not only pregnancy, but we're giving it in any trimester, first trimester. They're promoting it big time, I've talked to ob gyn.



And again, remember the fetus second trimester is getting at 250 times at a dose. Now I'm writing a paper and this is like the first really proprietary contribution to the field. I'm submitting it for publication in two weeks. I know everything about the science into the flu vaccine and pregnancy. And it's it's an amazing story. But it's less to say that the safety studies are absent. And I'll show you one of those a little bit later. The other problem with this theory is that kyron, who makes flu vaccines last year, their whole factory in Europe got contaminated and it had mercury in it as a preservative.



Now this is this cost the company millions of dollars. And wouldn't you think that as a CEO, you're going well, next year, let's put mercury back in it.



Now, if they ever need an excuse to get mercury out, and you were thinking a lot of people thought if they just had an excuse to take it out, they would wouldn't say it wouldn't look like they're taken out because of autism. Oh, we're taking that because it didn't work.



And they didn't. So that's odd that that there there was no legislative regulatory response to this other than Well, let's use it again.



Another thing that blows that theory is a statement that was actually just found out a hacker broke into their their website. But they they're actually they're sort of official on this anyway, the World Health Organization made a statement in otu that they were going to develop a strong advocacy campaign to for the ongoing use of thimerosal exporting overseas, they're going to lobby ministers of health and senior regulators. And it was very integral part of their plan their marketing plan.



So it brings me to like intent.



It seems like that there may be some intent here. So let's just, you know, it's unbelievable to think but let's just think one of the possibilities.



Number one, is it for profit, and a lot of people buy that it's Machiavellianism. Right. Eli Lilly made make an O for 666. Interesting number, isn't it to see a lot of these numbers $666 million on Strattera, which is the drug that cheat treat ADHD. They make money when they sell the cause for the illness, they make money when they treat the illness, Machiavellianism.



Len Horowitz in his book definitely I really kind of sum this up, creating a problem prompts the economic opportunity for solution in today's global health arena. There's great incentive to manufacture health and environmental problems have mainstream media Herald them, thereby inducing anxiety even hysteria which leads to mass consumption of expensive chemical or pharmaceutical solutions.



That sounds like the bird poop. I mean, bird flu,



doesn't it?



And remember, the clinical practice guidelines recommend 18 different drugs that can be used for ADHD, no biomedical therapy.



85% of the physicians that write clinical practice guidelines are have contracts with drug companies. And these are the most important papers, peer reviewed papers in medicine. Actually, they're not peer reviewed. They're just summary papers.



Okay, so couldn't be for profit, and I can't really prove it. I mean, the system is in place that would benefit them to create disease. It's unthinkable. But there's still one other area we have to consider and that's population control or genocide.



And what evidence do we have now? It's a huge topic, Dr. Stan has written a great short treatment of that population control agenda. I'm included on the desk the paper called inherent racism, population control, not sure Dr. Stan is he met paper it's a short paper also, but excellent.



This is maybe a case of Hello pi.



This is cattle. This is what the United Nation considers genocide, killing of members of a group causing serious bodily harm. Also, though imposing measures intended to prevent birth within that group.



This is article two of well, these numbers are small here in resolution 96.



Okay, well, it's the Marisol a candidate to be a population control agent would have to theory here's what we need, it would have to we know it reduces the likelihood of, you know, consummation, that children are affected by social problems that obviously would less likely be married and have children's. But is it does it reduce fertility or worse is in an abort effect.



This is a study by Gearhart in 1998.



They looked at basically women who couldn't get pregnant, had repeated repeated miscarriages. And they found those that were in the hormonal category had over twice the average amount of mercury in their urine than those in other categories. So there was a suggestion here, that Mercury, higher Mercury, the higher rates of miscarriage



was related to amalgams. The more amalgams they got, the more mercury was showing up in their post provocative urines when they gave him that key elation challenge.



It's the same for males, Hong Kong, subfertile males, they found a direct correlation between



the number of sperm and the amount of mercury that was measured in seminal vesicle fluid, not only with the number down, but the activity, the motion was down. They weren't functioning as well and they had more abnormalities. So it is potential.



The best way to answer that question is look at other generations that got exposed to mercury and this is a good group and that sounds but Pink's disease was mercury poisoning occurred mostly in in United Kingdom and Australia in southern Canada from mercury containing feeding powder in the 20s 30s 40s. And this is an article I read and kind of fell off the floor when I read it and Dalio society for society for social history of medicine, an article about Pink's disease victims, saying, meanwhile, the cause haven't been identified and accepted, Pink's disease disappeared, but its consequences emerge much later in an unexpected quarter as a cause of male infertility.



I got a survey from a woman who runs the largest pink disease support group in Australia and found that miscarriages infertility in male and females and stillbirth were between one and a half and three and a half times more likely, in people that had mercury poisoning. Pink's disease.



One disease completely disappeared after the calamine lotion that TV lotion was removed, and that's Young's disease. And this is a triad of sinusitis,



airway infections, and obstruction of the small tubules in the seminal vesicles, infertile males. That thing just that entity uncommon as it was just disappeared from the records after they took this out. So scientists and physicians finally had to admit that Yeah, you know, this was due to mercury poisoning. We call this this unknown syndrome for years. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?



All the regulatory agencies consider Mercury, a potential genocide agent, population control agent. This is two statements I showed earlier mental retardation developmental toxin, intrauterine deaths, perinatal deaths, other congenital malformations.



Now this is the level of deception that is just everywhere. This is a list I showed you earlier, these eight papers that have nothing to do with injecting mercury into kids. I looked at it again. And there are two papers that are interesting. And now this is the list of papers that the FDA is saying, here's the proof of safety. That's important. This isn't just a list of floating, this is their evidence that Mercury is safe. Let's look at these two papers, Journal of pharmacology 1990, scientists put a little Marisol on the trachea, sheep, the trachea, these little hairs called cilia. They're very important for Reproductive function after 40 to 100 million minutes the cilia died.



Here's one place it's silly our male sperm.



Here's another place the fallopian tubes in the female reproductive system.



So we have a biological mechanism going. The other paper interesting this was published in 1975.



They looked at the effect of mercury in pregnant animals, which you would think that any regulatory agency should should do. And by the way, the flu vaccine if you pull the manufacturers sheet, they'll say has not been tested in pregnant animals or humans. We don't know. But we're recommending injecting it into pregnant humans. But that's what the that's what the manufacturing sheet says the inserts.



Here's what they found when they concluded sort of funny, they said there's no birth defects. And if you read just a summary, that's all you would know, it doesn't cause birth defects. But the reason it doesn't because the animals died, the infants died before they were born. There was a 14 to 36 times higher death rate in



rabbits. I guess that's not really what they meant when the rabbit died. I don't think they had that in mind.



And three full deaths. The rats just dropping it in the peritoneal cavity. This wasn't even injecting it. And I have to tell you that this is time aerosol, Mercury and a vaccine is worse, because it contains adjuncts like aluminum. And aluminum makes mercury much more deadly. So most of these clinical studies are just the preservative. And that's an underestimate of the of the toxicity. Look at the various database which we've relied on in the past and abortion. Nobody's published the data on this and I haven't searched this myself for the for the my paper I'm writing. Here's a case of the flu shot was given to a 19 year old she had an abortion in two days after the you know, it could be a coincidence, of course, you don't make much conclusion over one paper. Here's another one. hepatitis B vaccine given a pregnancy caused an abortion.



So what I did find I didn't put here, but I did find were 11 cases of abortions with the flu vaccine. Now you have to understand this is an underestimation because the coverage rate for pregnant women is less than 1%. I mean, it's it's way smaller, and reporting is less than 1%. So the virus was set up for complications of childhood vaccine problems when 7080 90% of kids get the vaccines. So 11 cases in pregnant women who are hardly getting vaccines is an enormous number. If you look at the other vide other vaccines given I found over 200 cases of abortions given in pregnancy. So it's unthinkable that that any obstetrician could give



any kind of vaccine to pregnant women when it hasn't been tested. And we've got some evidence that that causes abortions.



Okay, the next step in this discovery is Yeah, I think five Marisol is a candidate. But you know, what's the US policy? Do you have a policy on population control? This is where our story gets really, really strange. Okay, this is the Rockefeller commission report. Some of you may know this stuff. Rockefeller in March of 72, concluded the two year study and he was asked by Nixon committee was formed I think was called the population or zero population growth committee population count. He was president population Council, Nixon appointed them head of this committee, and he said, study the population issues in the us and let us know what our future is going to be economically with regards to overpopulation or population growth. Here's what Rockefeller said to Nixon. After two years of concentrated effort, we have concluded that in the long run, no substantial benefits will result from further growth of the nation's population.



Blah, blah, blah. Key statement by its very nature population is continuing concern and should receive continuing attention later generations and later Commission's will be able to see the right path further into the future.



key phrase, in any case, no generation needs to know the ultimate goal, the final means only the direction in which they will be found.



So if a pretty high level document in America saying that, you know what, you got population problems, we need to do something about it, and no, you don't have to tell the American people.



Key document number two, and this is probably I still shake my head at this. This may be the most notorious document in the history of United States. And I'll show you why. It's the national security study memorandum 200. Kissinger report, who was the director of the NSC, Secretary of State, submitted this document to Nixon in 74, I think just a couple of years after the Rockefeller commission report. Now it's interesting, Kissinger was a protege of Rockefeller, he came up through the ranks and, and was assisted a great deal. So I'm told



it was declassified in 89. So it was top secret for several years, the focus is again, population growth and on the international scene, and mostly economic, not social, their conclusions were this and you can guess the conclusions. growth rates are unprecedented. The Lesser developed countries are growing much faster than our nations.



This will threaten the US imports that will threaten our national stability. And we have to do something immediately the tone of the document is 200 pages plus was urgent, we have to do something now it's critical, the sky is falling. their goals were to have a replacement fertility in developed countries and developing countries in 1985. In replacement fertility in the lesser developed countries by 2000, they're actually going to take their program to develop countries first and then export it to the lesser developed countries. It doesn't make sense because they're more concerned. But I think my interpretation now, knowing what I'm going to tell you next is I think they needed to be a home base workout, this place where they had control rather than go to foreign land and try to work out how they're going to you know, it is to instill propaganda to reduce population. Let's work in our home territory. We control the media, we control the healthcare system, that was probably what they were thinking. They identified target nations. They were going to use. They wanted to list multinational organizations. Legalize abortion was key finding



antral incentives, propaganda and even coercion we're going to be used.



The activities must not appear coercive, however, we must emphasize individual rights. So they don't know what they're getting reproductive health was piggybacked to other general health issues. So they can take that pill of poison, and it looked from some angles, not like poison. But look at this, they were gonna emphasize sex education, women, equality, daycare, improving Social Security, so you won't need as many kids to help you when you retire. These are kind of the social issues that we face for the last 50 years that come out of this document. I mean, these aren't really social issues. These were government issues under the guise of social movements. Seems like that's possible.



This is a great quote, from the not so great man final Castro and I think this summarizes, I think what the United States frame of mind was, then the solutions put forth by imperialism are the quick quintus quintessence of simplicity. When they speak of the problems of population and birth, they are no way move, but concepts related to the interest of family or society. Just when science and technology are making incredible advances in all fields, they resort to technology, to suppress revolutions, and to ask the help us science to prevent population growth. In short, the peoples are not to make revolutions, and women are not to give birth. This sums up the philosophy philosophy of imperialism. That's an amazing quote.



Well, we have another obvious question.



Yeah, there's national and global population control policies, no question. Have they been implemented?



The first I heard about this organization is this article by Lisa Regan. And I talked her on the phone and she wrote this. She just, she's talking about vaccines, politics and Mercury's and she just tripped into the global scene by mentioning that one of these committee members exactly the IOM committee members was a member of GAVI, this something called an organization called the Global Alliance for vaccines, vaccines and immunization. She told me she had black helicopters flying over house for three weeks after that hit her her article was a great article, but it wasn't that much different than you know, Dave Kirby's book or other good scattered journalistic pieces across the country. But she really triggered something when she stepped into this international arena.