The True Evil Behind America's Mass School Shootings

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The evil, murderous, Satanic governments are behind the shootings. More videos you might wan to see:
Drink Starbucks? You need to watch this - Big time scam. You won't believe they are doing this.
NBC & CNN Interview Two Different Crisis Actor "fathers" of the Same Girl in Uvalde, Texas
This lady's booster injection site is quickly eating her arm away. Huge black hole injury.
Lady drops dead while shopping. Was it the vax or the rising store prices? Another Coincideath.
Do not refuse the jab but rather "conditionally" accept it upon proof of claim. Say what?
Safe? No. Effective? Yes. People in China are dropping all over the place from heart attacks.
Father learns the hard way. Son collapses at the Vax Center and dies on the way to the hospital.
Pastor Admits To Congregation of Infidelity 20 yrs ago-Lady in the audience says he raped her at 16!
BEST CHILD PREDATOR STING I have ever seen. Methhead, car wreck, gets chased, tackled and arrested.
Graphic: Idiot doesn't realize his foot is dead and needs to be amputated. Asks for some Motrin.
Apparently...Luis was absent on cannon safety training day. 3 fingers gone! Ouch!
Antarctica - Sorry We're Closed!
They keep taking this down so I thought I would put it up. Alexa -Questions about Bill Gates.
(Graphic) - Horrific AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Injury: Breast Thrombosis
Reptilian? If this is not in some way satanic or evil what is it?
Here are some of the things they teach a 33rd degree mason...
Oldies but Goodies...clones malfunctioning? Something is wrong here
ADRENOCHROME: THE REAL TRUTH (one of the best videos I have ever seen on this subject)
40% Excess Deaths in Late 2021? Now the deaths have shifted to the millennials. Age 25-44 are dying.
150 feet below Kansas City Missouri - A hidden metropolis
Elite Gender Inversion - This is how you can learn to tell who is and is not. ;amp;randomize=false
Bluetooth signals from beyond the grave. Covid19 shot Bluetooth signals in the graveyard!
"Organoids "Jab victim discharging biological creatures woman reports horror after Moderna shot
PURE BLOODED THE UNVAXED ANTHEM (Hot Blooded Parody) – You will like this one
Ass crack KARMA. Some are compelled to act out - some are compelled to action!