Atlantis, Inner Earth, Ancient Occult Mysteries - ROBERT SEP...

Atlantis, Inner Earth, Ancient Occult Mysteries - ROBERT SEPEHR  

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Part One of a Compilation (3+ hours) of episodes not uploaded yet to this channel: The Emerald Tablet of Thoth/Hermes, Forbidden Kingdoms of Inner Earth, Atlantis and Antediluvian Anthropology, Ancient Race of Giants, Ancient Giants of the California Coast, Lost Continents of the Ancient World, Ancient Tomb of Extinct Civilization Discovered, European Pre-History and the Oera Linda Book, Ancient Egyptian Underground Mysteries, Germanic Myth Legend and Unsolved Mystery, Prehistoric Hobbit Village Discovered, Mystery of the Green Children of Woolpit, Houska Castle Guards a Pit to Hell, Mystery of the Moon Eyed people, A Titanic Story About the Federal Reserve, Eastern European Culture and Mythology.

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